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  1. sssolum

    i miss smosh

  2. Younoob Menoob


  3. Younoob Menoob


  4. Younoob Menoob


  5. Charlotte Du Preez

    Every covid 19 ever

  6. NeroXx7w7

    Yo no nacia y este wey haciendo videos xd

  7. golden iraqi



    6:22 like if you see Ralph blink!

  9. Robert Nikolovski

    U ar nut gud eat gromer

  10. snoapa games

    I have no idea what i just watched... oh wait its just a smosh video

  11. swiswi luv

    Feel bad for tom

  12. Younoob Menoob


  13. Logan Brown

    2:58 you've just offended every Australian viewer XD

  14. B7each

    is that brown paint

  15. Awesomegamer392 Awesome

    Where is Ryuk

  16. Alexandros Mavrogenis

    Kinda funny because I live in Cyprus and there's an IKEA Shop next to the mall of Cyprus

  17. Huuko AM


  18. Deadly7241

    1:41 yeah that lady ordering the same ice coffee is probably dead now

  19. Goldy The skater

    I don’t find this funny Ian makes Anthony shave and somehow that’s a prank even tho Anthony would do that anyways:also it’s obvious that Ian is there also he ruined a life

  20. Getsy Amor


  21. TsunamiAwakened

    Broo… He was like "you said what" then a bit later he was like, "oh yeah that makes sense" Then she like Nyga, nyga, nyga AND HE LIKE "YEAH NUH UH NOPE"

  22. Parinplayz

    In world where lan wasn't an asshole

  23. CefiEli :3

    Smosh already existed before i was even born.

  24. FaZe NO idea

    7 years ago

  25. Sammy Logan


  26. karthik madhu

    3:06 Remember this tone everyone

  27. GekkePerp

    Does anyone know the song between the skits?

  28. Chamodd C

    Lukas Canon🌚🌚🌚

  29. Osvan Tejeda

    🤣🤣🤣so fuuny the reflecsion in 2:40

  30. Lowserz z


  31. Baldev Raj Mahajan

    Louis is the worst singer

  32. HorseWorld 2000

    1 million Times by 25 = ?

  33. The Block WIzard

    Slutty Gandalf is something I never knew I needed

  34. Seb Astian


  35. Reuben EditZ

    The most recent comments on this video just showes smoshes age demographic today

  36. Seth Solis

    Remember Anthony

  37. GugaCat

    Shouod rename this vide to simp-sons

  38. Manuel Quintero

    Im 29 now ).:.

  39. pøpff7

    USsel: coppa bois Also youtube: i give u this video secretly

  40. Syeda Zaman

    They know they liked that, it was NOT just for the video...

  41. Lilpineapple Boi

    Show us you feet

  42. Jevon leif Anmay halim

    ian kiss the girl with a black hair who is in smosh group

  43. Rocket15


  44. Seine Cat

    Why is everything Russian 😂

  45. 100% that llama

    Oh I’ve got a little nondado XD

  46. Gav Holland

    Food battle

  47. the purple wolf

    Can you do food battle like shayne vs damien or noah or olivia or other

  48. Dabbeast360


  49. Edu García

    Is the son wide neck?

  50. Alexander Tsynkov

    4:36 I traveled to Mount Rushmore just to check. They’re not wrong. He’s still there...still trying to make a mountain...with his mind

  51. Spark

    Food Battle XI

  52. Jordan Shcwarz

    This guy shayne topp is funny.

  53. One Eyed King

    It’s now been ten years. Where’s the follow up guys?

  54. Galaxy love

    How would you live in that house like broooooooo

  55. Rafael HADINOTO

    i just saw the camera man which is a lady in a bikini?

  56. Chloe Spencer

    I’m smiling so hard it hurts!

  57. Katie Shimick


  58. Builder101's Loopy Life

    Great job, USsel algorithm. It's 2020 and we're on the brink of the iPhone 12...

  59. Tasnim Yasmin

    5:00 - 5:13 is meeee

  60. Ask Jessie // ask productions

    Sometimes these guys take creepy things and leave them creepy other time it’ll be TOTALLY HILLARIOUS!!!

  61. G0LD3N_SN1TCH

    This must have been Damien's dream to do voice acting for anime but at SMOSH.

  62. M Bach

    The nursing home scene, the candy bar scene, and the Iphone scene!!!!!! And the bloopers for all of those scenes!!!

  63. 3 young teachers

    Everybody when I fart 2:41

  64. brend_on_ipad


  65. Ultrasoulviver

    Where the shut up. You guys have really degraded your content

  66. Aaron Jay Espinosa

    and the man in my favorit part

  67. Big Hurk

    2:00 proves hipsters are ruining America

  68. Aaron Jay Espinosa

    at 2;34 that is my favorit part

  69. FallenHyde

    Wtf was that intro

  70. EsuomGaming

    What was Batman’s song based off in real life I forgot the song

  71. jaya

    blacking out doesn't have to be in only spring break when you have iron deficiency

  72. Amanda Wage

    I love you smosh

  73. Ultrasoulviver

    The stupidity of this channel became too smart when Anthony left

  74. Jessica Elder

    It is my b day


    Courtney’s hot af

  76. badcc void

    Do not mind the year he make

  77. Felix Wang

    Eat the pain away

  78. Jacob Joel Estrada

    yes pewdiepie is this

  79. Madisyn Martin

    So I guess aquaman has crabs😂

  80. mathieu vasiloff

    Sorry to telll you this but VanossGaming is almost on top of you.

  81. Tiffany Meyer

    HAHAH did anyone else notice that the license plate says fart ass lmao 7:50

  82. Mythical Genius

    Or they could just make a new account it’s entirely free

  83. mathieu vasiloff

    You owe me new hear. :c

  84. J Lord

    1:52 the lighting and the box gave me a bit of a Starkid Black Friday vibe.

  85. Random stuff?? ?

    USsel kids wouldn’t exist

  86. Aliya Gonzalez

    Tom: they don’t keep Bose Me: ha my family does By the way I’m 12

  87. Peanutbutter63

    11:01 This is actually good singing and like- should be made an actual song. I really like it lol

  88. Big Smoke


  89. Nathan De Quiroz

    Use water gun

  90. Random stuff?? ?


  91. Big Smoke


  92. Stucker Y Animation

    SMOSH -=>

  93. Dandroid the observer block

    wAiTa mInIT ThAts ObviusLi CgI!!!11!!!!

  94. Lollipop Bloxburg

    im the figeter

  95. badcc void

    Why you bully ur grandpa

  96. Drivah808

    That is so funny that Courtney was drinking from a beaned can

  97. jamal ch

    2:29 I can't Performe An Exorcism With a Bieber Haircut here!😂😂😂😂