Former NASA engineer. Current USselr and friend of science.
Answers to some common questions:
1) I studied Mechanical Engineering in School. I did my undergrad at BYU and Masters at USC.
2) I worked for NASA JPL for 9 years, 7 of which were working on the Curiosity Rover (I made a video about it you should def totes watch cause it's probably my favorite of all my videos). I founded a company called Digital Dudz on my nights and weekends while working at NASA (also made some videos about that) and sold it to the guys who make Morphsuits in the UK. As part of the sale I quit my job at NASA and worked for them coming up with all their new costume ideas for 2 years. Recently, I was presented with an opportunity to return to my Engineering roots to come do some ideation type of work for a tech company near San Francisco.
3) Link to free and therefore substandard build plans for my custom workbench can be found below.

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  1. Fiorella D’Alessandro

    For the ladder one just lay on your stomach,keep your legs straight(don’t move your legs) and use arm strength to pull yourself to the end

  2. Melanie Johansen

    is this really your second science class?

  3. BigMan Bossk

    Imagine if they were taking satellite images for google maps just as he did this!

  4. Watch your profanities

    Bro this guy is on Outragious Acts of Science.

  5. Thomas Perez

    Mark be like Eli get away!!!!!!

  6. Bold Poudel

    I think one guy just played a nepali song

  7. Veee Beee


  8. Landon Tweet

    I love golf ⛳ to

  9. True English Patriot

    should of put poison in it

  10. Karin Hansen

    Mark: time to be favorite uncle Kids: what are we gonna try this time?

  11. jonathan pailloux

    Combien de décibel ?

  12. Feroze Khan

    0:06 It doesn’t look simple

  13. Bare All For The Barre

    put a bucket in the water but upside done then put were hand in it

  14. nechamah613

    Correct that the pandemic would spread fast but incorrect about where it would come from and we sure are not prepared.

  15. Kristin Carlson

    HEADPHONE USERS!WARNING lol i did that and i jumped

  16. Jean-Marc Jamois

    Maybe on days you cant do science class you can have another science youtuber do it instead, maybe one of the small you tubers your trying to promote!

  17. Daniel Schilling

    Answer: They measure their masses and with that they can calculate their weight.

  18. X BOY

    0:01 are you crazy they are gona bite you

  19. AWannaBeArtist 131

    Right before the yoga ball, an as came up. (/ω\)

  20. Yammy_Cookies Roblox

    I did this at year 2

  21. Heather Clark

    I want to work a NASA

  22. Heather Clark

    The dude messed up his own car😂

  23. someone 306

    Y not a real bomb?

  24. legohead 8

    my teacher is making us watch this video for online school but i've already seen it :D

  25. Oviya Senthil

    no more school = more fortnite

  26. Asha Lost

    45K people were trembling so hard from fear of sharks that they missed the like button

  27. Noor Nasri

    I thought they'd get stuck inside and nearly die, guess that didn't happen lol

  28. Feroze Khan

    Retired NASA Engineer and his mildly unhinged friend compete in 3 challenges to see which one can cause the most bodily harm to inanimate objects.

  29. DKgaz

    4:35 hehe

  30. Jokubas Sutkus


  31. ShinyToast

    0:43 poor kid


    who's here cause there science teacher assigned it?

  33. The Real Benjamin

    Did this with the wellbeing worker at my school, won most of the times, good strat

  34. Luke Bayer


  35. IPlayGamez

    Mark just said light the fires, he doesnt want 20 million trees planted.. he wants 20 million trees burned lol

  36. Daz

    It’s just a scratch mate

  37. Stephen

    handshake: main germ-spreading factor fist bump: still spreads germs middle finger: perfectly safe


    There is a number that they would multiply their weight by because they are in a low gravity enivrement it would be if they are in 1/x the gravity of earth they would multiply Their weight by x

  39. bokyproky

    9:25 i could not stop laughing

  40. Ben Korpella

    Can I get a link to the song at the beginning?

  41. DragonFireGaming

    I wish this was how the teachers taught with online school

  42. Andrew Powers

    The kids and I love your videos. We immediately went and did the paper clip and pepper experiments after watching your livestream. BUT now we have more questions! When we put our paperclips to float in the bowl, WHY do they seem to stick to each other? I know they're steel, but they're not magnetized, and they don't seem to act with any polarity the way magnets would. But it's nearly impossible to get them to float separately-- they always want to clump together like a giant paperclip raft in the middle of the bowl.

  43. Luxury Trading

    It’s not accurate

  44. Zilsos


  45. Navi P7701

    The oval shape for the fart spray presser is ingenious

  46. Walt R. Buck

    "How to waterproof your hand." Me: "It is waterproof." Mark one second later: "It is actually kinda waterproof."....

  47. Epic Memer

    He legit used plague inc. Lol

  48. david stuart

    coolio :) - Snooker next? :)

  49. Kot Alik


  50. Max6492ful

    gates knew about corona

  51. mayukh k chanda

    "Hide from Putin online" was soo cool. (The info bar)

  52. hpod3sx

    It wasn't a car, it was shell of a car - no engine, no floor, no suspension... CHEATER!

  53. Random Dude

    Hmm......................but how much pee is in a liquid sand hot tub?

  54. Munchkin Snow


  55. Burak Tepe

    Dont use head phone outsite. Car might be hit you.

  56. The Real Benjamin

    Mark’s upload schedule before Coronavirus: Once a month Mark’s upload schedule now: Multiple videos in a month

  57. not Bertie

    Is anyone here during Corona Virus?

  58. Emma B

    Mark: worked at NASA on the Mars rover Also Mark: My dream job is to teach physics to a bunch of high-schoolers

  59. Arik Raihan

    Me reads title ; me thinks oh easy aerogel dust duh 🙄

  60. Freedom 173

    How do magnifying mirrors work? They're scary

  61. Amy Bickford

    How fascinating my peers

  62. Andre Sukianto

    use a tension rope to pull the astronaut body where the tension is equal to 9.8m/s2?

  63. queen bunnie

    Wait this is 3 months ago HOW I thought it was a year ago

  64. Kylo Ren

    Why doesn't he have a show on Netflix or Natgeo?

  65. LifeAsANoun

    Sooooo... I don't know about your conclusion. ◸ ◹ A test: *you'll need a highspeed camera and an airtight box filled with the different mediums* Tap a tuning fork within the medium. ◺ ◿ Look at how quickly the tuning fork vibrates in each medium. Get another trillion views. Sound travels faster in helium than in "air" (the mixture of [mostly] nitrogen and oxygen we normally breathe). The velocity (v) of a sound wave is equal to its wavelength (λ) multiplied by its frequency (f), v = fλ. The speed of sound in normal air is ~345 meters per second. In helium that speed is ~1007 meters per second, and ~134 meters per second for sulfur hexafluoride. My hypothesis: Your vocal cords aren't moving faster or slower -- the frequency of your vocal cords' motion stays the same -- the energy transmitted from the vibrating vocal cords is being applied to the different mediums. This changes the speed of the sound wave. By changing the medium (the atmosphere) a sound wave travels faster or slower. The frequency of the vocal cords' motion remains unchanged, but the speed the waves are carried away through the various mediums do. I love your work.

  66. nawath khoun

    Next episode: Man turn himself into pickle

  67. Wan Ikmal

    Minecraft : Wait...That's *illegal*

  68. unknown wolf player

    How i won the science fair for my first time: me and my neighbour made a racing drone with camera

  69. Finn Fantastic

    He knew it @Corona

  70. jayl1

    Just had a few packages stolen. I considered setting up a sting operation, cause I was seething with rage. Can I just buy one of your traps?

  71. Stephen Stukey


  72. Spicy_Citrus

    I would do anything to have Mark as my uncle.

  73. Lanz Ye

    MARK can you be my uncle

  74. Daniel Chua

    they have a magnet that pulls them at a force of 9.81N onto a weighing scale

  75. Matias Chavez


  76. mobile grinder

    and i thought i was smart for my red stone water dispenser in minecraft

  77. Landon W

    When she didn’t shake the other students hands like NOPE

  78. Sem Speelt Spellen

    Corona beer Corona virus Hmmmmm?

  79. Crazy Christian Gaming

    Make a ooo bleck video

  80. Remy Simpson

    I didn't know how big brain fish were

  81. Flaming Remy

    Imagine if you put your entire body under it and then the air ran out

  82. Coopa Con

    26 drops

  83. Garry Nichols

    Way better than Bill Nye! Thanks

  84. WarmerParty386

    Did Bill donate to Team Trees?

  85. Asriel Wolves

    Legit the guy on the thumbnail looks like Faze Jev

  86. Áron Vetchý

    I was actually crying.

  87. Kebrom Gr

    You make a good point in a short video so we watch the whole thing. Mark: the next pandemic will be worse than Ebola 2020: Corona virus 🦠

  88. Hayden Harpe

    Hey you, yes you. Do you want to know how to be the favourite uncle? Don’t spend your time reading my comments and go ask them chances are even the entire street thinks of you as the cool uncle

  89. Jayden Bennett

    You like the au come to the nz m8

  90. Oliver Riding

    Oooo, little CpG grey video there, he would definitely approve the scientific method here

  91. II GenZombSii56amtrak


  92. Kyle Mello

    "A Duck"

  93. II GenZombSii56amtrak

    It sounds like a ship horn

  94. India M

    astronots probauly use a button that makes gravity in there suit by spining around super fast

  95. Matos 107

    They wheigh themselfs with mass? Like a current or something that measures their mass. Cause wheight is dependant on gravity, but mass is constant.

  96. Charlie O'Kane

    For you’re next stream can you answer this question *What is the difference between Electrons And PhotoElectrons*

  97. Alvin Jay

    Mark:Throws Water Melons In a Tall Tower Watermelons:What did we ever do TO YOU??

  98. Husain Contractor

    LOL mark has a corona bottle in his hands

  99. Mombie Chronicles

    Great job Teach’