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  1. Taffoman

    Ooh! Is that a real Nvidio 1060?

  2. Heugh Jassman

    Does this mean that games that dont support sli, will still work with nvlink?

  3. phasma gamingGR


  4. RTB vuck0b

    Wait for little more, intel will bring something :DDD

  5. Dylly

    im not using blue tooth on anything

  6. Emirhan yk

    130k video bellek var amk 15 fps gta oynuyo

  7. Theo Ibrahim

    my computer uses windows xp

  8. Freedom Hotline

    Youre all cucks. Linus=cuck

  9. Dee Luo

    I thought her comment could be the top one. lol

  10. RanderR

    Can you give it away i dont have a computer

  11. Jubei Kibagami

    Closly-er. Copyright: LTT

  12. CircleofMadness

    Wondering why in Adobe premier test Intel 9960x is faster than 3950x

  13. thaddeusabear

    Best LTT build guide!

  14. Annas Khan

    15:57 damn she's flirting too! where to get hers Instagram... sedney again what's the name....?? I'm horny

  15. Bogart Gaming & Tech

    OK so question... I f I had an X470 mobo (MSI X470 Gaming Plus) with a 3600 (NO x) is it still possible to use PBO or its insane amount of variants?

  16. Edge_Of_TheKnife

    4.34 missed the easiest shot ever

  17. Apex Playz

    Watching on my iPad 9.7 2018

  18. HB C

    i had an 8400 gs, it makes a gt 210 look like a titan

  19. M Juggernaut

    which laptop should i get? Lenovo - L340-15API 15.6" Laptop - AMD Ryzen 3 - 8GB Memory - 1TB Hard Drive - Platinum Gray ASUS - 15.6" Laptop - AMD A9-Series - 8GB Memory - AMD Radeon R5 - 1TB Hard Drive - Silver Gradient HP - Pavilion x360 2-in-1 11.6" Touch-Screen Laptop - Intel Pentium - 4GB Memory - 128GB Solid State Drive - Ash Silver Keyboard Frame, Natural Silver Acer - Aspire 3 15.6" Gaming Laptop - AMD A9-Series - 12GB Memory - AMD Radeon R5 - 1TB Hard Drive - Obsidian Black plz help i want a decent cheap gaming computer

  20. KajMak64Bit

    Laptop market is the dodgiest ever... I saw a laptop with a touchscreen cost like 3000 euros.. And a Gaming Laptop that costs like 1000 euros beats it every single way... For example gaming one actually has a dedicated GPU lol it's absurd

  21. Kamen Minkov

    Waiting for Intel's HEDT answer still. If they can bring the prices down, things might get competitive again.

  22. VizualOverlord

    i was waiting for him to drop it the whole time he was building

  23. nutiketgotc

    Your parental supervision plan falls apart when a homophobic or transphobic parent kills or disowns their kid because they got a report showing that the kid uses LGBTQ apps and websites.

  24. Patrick

    Is anyone else thinking about transparent phone screens?

  25. Tristan D

    Surprised iJustine, Mkbhd, etc. etc. aren't asking you to build one of these for them

  26. Wr0ng Way

    i got to say i freaked out when i saw the thumbnail but i am really happy for her brother. From gamer to another gamer please enjoy ur games and have fun bcuz ur gonna have ur best gaming experience <3

  27. Thatcoasterenthusiast

    What would be really cool is if it didn’t need a transmitter and charged a newer phone with wireless charging capabilities but I have no idea how that would work.

  28. Marco

    12:37 is Linus going bald?

  29. Annas Khan

    he is doing it for 10M subs

  30. Jari Sipilainen

    hig quality cable and cheap switch or hig quality switch and poor cable.why not desend cable and decent switch. it become cheaper

  31. chris210racer

    8:16 We had one of those too. It’s still sitting in the back of my car (where it’s been for the last four years since it was retired from the home office) for the very same reason Brian gives as to why it hasn’t been recycled yet.

  32. Keefe Brown

    Why do they keep letting him wear those horrible things on his feet

  33. xys007

    I used to be Linux enthusiast, but I'm not any more...-And there is only one reason behind it, graphic card drivers. Almost everything that was included in linux kernel stay supported for ever, the drivers are simple there ready to compile, but not graphic card drivers... AMD releases their drivers only recompiled for specific kernel version without source code. They drop they support by simply not releasing new driver. About 18 years ago I used to Install linux on old machines to squeeze a little bit more life form them, and it was mainly for fun, because there where no drivers for win-modems for linux. Nowadays similar problem is with graphic cards. I tried like 20 distributions, and non of them supported my old Radeon HD 5570 out of box (No hardware decoding for youtube, media players) they all use some stupid generic driver for old graphic cards. I know there are some workarounds, and maybe there are some distributions that support it, but digging is really not worth the time. Surprisingly Windows 10 supports my HD 5570 out of box... Windows will stay mainstream as long as manufactures will have control over drivers... And it won't change anytime soon ;p

  34. Jerry Wong

    linus reason when he heard how much the case was worth

  35. Özberk Akbaş

    He has a point here. For example my iPad Air is really good at document editing and I'm not using it for anything rather than basic gaming, document editing and really really basic video editing or surf the web. But the Office 365 on my iPad (which is a paid service) and it couldn't handle the simple office xml format. For example I can't see the report that I downloaded from my facebook brand page which is awful.

  36. CarterPlays Official

    but wtf happens if it rains lmao

  37. Jacob Soby

    Try the HP Ryzen 7 with Vega 10 - almost the same price.

  38. Alex K

    Wait! What a hell!!? No internet? How they upload the video to the youThumber?

  39. Popandpopy

    When is part 2 coming???

  40. T1NCH3

    Sandles and socks


    Dbrand is crying in the corner 😂

  42. Troglodude

    "ddr4 2133" linus you cheap cheap sunova

  43. josip gambiraza

    yeah its 2019.... and i use xeon x3450 and r9 380x with 16gb ddr3 1600mhz.... i dont know do i want to cry or laugh hahahaah XD

  44. andoletube

    Linus sounds like he's been sucking on Helium on this video.

  45. Luca

    I̶n̶t̶e̶l̶ ̶i̶n̶s̶i̶d̶e̶ Intel Die Inside®

  46. Ashen One

    Mmmmmmmmmm...okay need a new gaming/ art/ writing/music mixing laptop.... I got 1200 $ any ideas?

  47. feelingthis182

    Great comparison, love the plants in the set

  48. Obi_Wan_Nikobiii

    i'm running an athlon 2 645 and a radeon 4650 both are a decade old and still going strong

  49. mrShazam

    I need this man just to tuch my pc

  50. cfc434

    i wonder how would it run under chromium??

  51. notapicle

    The limp of bizkit

  52. VGM offical

    what about hyperx allow fps pro 10 keyless its the best keyboard ive ever had

  53. Sil Gosker

    Linus's mom went out on 16:16 and than james went in, like: How does his mom play so good that game that she could beat Linus?

  54. UnboxingWithGael

    How much you want for it

  55. Flavius Cosmin

    im sorry but what the fuck is wrong with the screen of this laptop? could they MAKE that chin any bigger? jesus

  56. Don Went

    "This isn't going to go as planned" *Proceeds to throw computer equipment on the counter* uhhh ya think?

  57. Fusion

    just imagine what my self made 12s4p would do to that thing XD

  58. one 86 boi


  59. MarksLatvia YT

    Activate Windows

  60. Mike Houghton

    because they are cheap junk

  61. feelingthis182

    "Ryyyzen shiiineeeee"

  62. khaicho

    11:09 Linus saying “K series” triggered siri on the device the video is playing on. Maybe apart from having tiny hands, he sounds like a 21 year old girl too

  63. qRxtra

    i just love amd

  64. Joseph Terlizzi

    Shitting on US healthcare but the guy left for healthcare in the US cause Canada doesn't have it. 🤷‍♂️

  65. Pedro Almanzar

    That looks like "KarmaLand" from a Spaniards youtuber call Vegetta777 .-.

  66. Kamille

    Lenovo has huge quality control issues. I wouldn't buy anything from them unless you want a laptop that won't last you a year.

  67. Tox1c Gam3r

    RGB Cpu socket?

  68. Kasper

    I bought a Samsung smart lcd my uncle bought tcl lcd , he said "u paid more and I paid less and my lcd have all the features lol" 😐

  69. Halfmortal

    Step 1: LTT Cap Me: Aight imma head out

  70. Dragonman

    How much does it cost all together

  71. Ryne Sy

    i want one to pls.....

  72. in4moon

    AMD NUC now please !

  73. Dusan Jovanovic

    In about year 2060 this man can sell all those things for so much money

  74. 1iLLnoize1

    Linus, @0:39 - let me stop you right there, Apple products. /video

  75. qwerty keyboard

    *Laughs in China*

  76. KingEurope1

    7:36 Skip the ad

  77. nem tudom

    That seems to be great value TBH

  78. рома иванов

    Tech market are always like this Today you are intel - the monopolist 2 years later you are intel - the outsider

  79. Joseph Terlizzi

    So that universal health care isn't the best?

  80. Anthony DiBuono

    I love how Linus had to make a video about this as if he thought that this would follow him forever..... Yea.... it probably would have tbh...

  81. Tomasz Bakala

    could u come to uk please ?

  82. Jari Sipilainen

    i waiting end of video when you give his.1 year ols super pc. nobody show dirty gararage wiy´thout getting money or upgrade lol

  83. Strangermoon

    Radeon Vega 8 is really crap. these laptop actually worse than xbox 360 ps3 or base xbox one. in 500 dollar you can maybe get all used. other laptops still craps too bu if you stay 1280 720 and no anti alasing its fine. laptop cheap gaming died forever. it was good whe nvidia m series. or even bevor nvida 6 7 8 series. it was good for aaa games. now its not. is there be laptop ryzen 3 16gb ram rx 580 or gtx 1050 1650 200dollar maybe. other wise its not an exprience. and the fact that when you plug 1280 720 to hdtv you get upscale 1080 p abuslutly no reason to play on laptop unless you dont have tv or montior too. rocket leage is on nintendo switch why you even get laptop on bed. THE VİDEO EDİTİNG for 500dolar lol you can make movie editing that money. all other Operations can maded on phone. lets be real no one make software or app on laptop only students use which fault of univesityies. univesty give them crap laptop instead of medicore destop and they think students make good software or app they cant. the reason old unverstiy students actualy make something bcouse internet was lmited and they were using destop on dorms.

  84. Jeff Roberts

    THE best video ever ..

  85. Vicious Axtro

    The kid who said it wanna phone is greedy

  86. David Remer

    I cant watch videos with Anthony because of his horrible fucking hair

  87. roltthehunter

    I have bad eyes so playing handhelds is just not a thing I am into the maps are always too small the text too small everything is hard, for my switch if I am on a trip I stick to platform games like Cuphead I won't play something like Zelda outside of the docked mode I just can't see well enough for it to be enjoyable.

  88. A Perez

    Fucking idiot.

  89. CommanderTaco

    Why don't we watercool the earth to stop global warming?

  90. explosive games

    How can I upgrade my ram from 2gb to 4gb on my laptop

  91. DarkSaieden

    Wow, I have an old amd flex also "did the job", but this sounds incredible for the price by comparison. Also, I don't think this even zen 2 yet..

  92. Abdulrahman Alsulaiti

    We like cheap shit

  93. Woeben

    Get boneworks when you can Linus

  94. Tephrea

    I’ll take it

  95. Trent Reznor

    3:48 So Epic ! I want more of Linus operatic singing. Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeease!!!

  96. Steven Hunter

    This was great

  97. Christian Flores

    You heard that fellas lower is better!

  98. Gregory Norris

    sifts through *2,000 + starcraft/wc3 Risk-related maps* I'll have to scrape some old drives, but I do remember playing this SupCom map. Quick question, you think that laptop at the end could play Continuum?

  99. thaurane

    The beginning of this turned into a lecture around the start of 8:30 :/