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  1. soucouyant

    more like this...….we want more, ….. faster...…..;) hurry

  2. kilo minx

    It's a cheese grater !!!

  3. Scythe

    thanks for sharing - this is stupid :)

  4. RPJ Kingdom

    This is the first or second video you have made where I selected the thumbs up. Regardless, I would like to present this rebuttal. If Apple does Care so much about music producers and creators, why did they take away the headphone jack?

  5. jabetsgi

    8:02 When you can't find that one clip

  6. 12346798Mann

    After watching Neil's videos when they came out I also came to the conclusion that one of the few use cases for the Mac Pro is upgrading from a janky trash can setup (when every expansion card needs an adapter every setup with it is probably just a mess) and streamlining your production environment after using Macs for a long time. Being used to OSX and the available (audio) tools makes it hard to switch, so the Mac Pro is kind of the best of both worlds. You simply pay a premium for using OSX in a PC form factor. If you earn good money with the work you're doing on your Mac, this premium doesn't really matter anyways, ROI might be higher but not having to change your workflow and probably improving reliability can compensate for that. But if your already on windows or linux or have no benefit from OSX, its still a bad value proposition. It's two main benefits over normal servers or workstations is low noise and OSX. If you don't care about noise (or have a dedicated server room) and need a high performance density it even loses that.

  7. Curtis Kane

    Clone your OS to a USB drive and boot from USB. Only cost is the USB drive...duh! sick of seeing these commercials on USsel videos so I came here to post.


    Did he really not know Linus would show up

  9. Brad Wise

    🤣😂Need more of these videos. Ppl are ridiculous.😂🤣

  10. Mr Maxwell

    Well this video didn't age well

  11. Parsa Vafaei

    I think I will Just buy a mac mini

  12. Catt Man

    The question that everyone actually asked is who wants this shit?

  13. moop

    I now have a good excuse for my incompetent gaming skills.

  14. Allah is the greatest

    This stick of ram has more capacity than ur entire system *me with a 600gb system*

  15. Kin Suen

    How about 4K gaming on 4K TV?

  16. Parsa Vafaei

    Yeah ok I will do that and I will pretend I got it.

  17. TheRealDenzel2112


  18. SayWhatNow92

    "rack pro" lol

  19. Kalin Livingstone

    Tyler’s mouse, mouse pad are dirty as fuck

  20. MapleLeafAce

    So if it's twice the cost for half the featured you'd normally get....who tf is this product for?

  21. [Gunpowder Studio] AK-47

    By the way, That's what she said 4:19

  22. mapesdhs

    6:04 - Top marks to Luke for coughing into his eblow, that is the correct action.

  23. Ritesh Bhartiya

    Me reading title "high school for gamers". Me commenting "pls upload a video on how to get Visa for Taiwan"

  24. Robert Murray

    They both look terrible

  25. Blxke

    FLOP...... *reconsiders his life*

  26. SameerSlash

    "You're computer's in iraq" That brave soul, it has to deal with me. 😂😂

  27. RattyCZ

    This is so entertaining Im dying lmao

  28. Loominal

    If you Press FN + SHIFT you can swap the arrows and ? permanently rather then pressing FN+? to get the ? key

  29. Flaming Olives Matter Too

    Hey hey check out this video

  30. Metal Videos

    why not gave this guy a noctua cooler. this looks pretty sad lol. especially for a 9700K

  31. chaosblack125

    I’m waiting for the compilation of how many times Linus taps non-touch screen displays after that comment 😂😂😂 Edit: changed “not touch screen” to “non-touch screen”

  32. Manuel Alayon

    Reasons to buy iTrash: status symbol (aka waste your money). Reasons to buy Android: buying an actual phone that works and its not overpraised asf.

  33. Dondlo

    Two sponsors in one video? Absolute madlad

  34. Erik Ledesma

    Apple is single-handedly keeping LMG afloat

  35. lt crypto

    15 whew

  36. Holcombi

    Technically Model M keyboards are rubberdomes

  37. MikeDaUnicorn

    The future is unreal... I want to game on this!

  38. JI maniac

    Is it just me or when Linus started taking about the motherboard specs and his cat came over and started scratching himself along the motherboard I didn’t pay any attention to what Linus was actually saying 😂

  39. Ambience

    ah yes, the only man to have ever laughed at Linus' jokes. Glad to have him back.

  40. Arjan nvt

    Shut up

  41. andre nashine

    how about giving me a gaming pc for content

  42. Denden

    It's like a console made by a maniac

  43. Scribbler1382

    The only problem with Linus doing keyboard reviews is that he has really tiny hands. Good job on the features run down, though.

  44. The Shadow Man

    I demand Bluetooth

  45. Andrew Pingwin

    its stupid thing to build something like that, and use the worst shaders available.

  46. RattyCZ

    *big oof* how did i miss this video and only seeing it now *big oof*

  47. ITeach2Help

    The case is out of stock and has been for awhile.

  48. Ivann14 -

    Intel HD graphic has join the chat

  49. SameerSlash

    0:42 holy crap I thought that was a real print LMAO

  50. Martely Mars

    Hi what is the name of the mixer

  51. Darrien Chebator

    "so this is the only board on the market that can take an 18-core extreme edition" Bro, I didn't even know what that meat is up until a few years ago haha

  52. Pukki34

    Be carefull with this panel. I broke mine after 1,5 months use , it was packed in plastic foam and a blanket. It breaks very easily.

  53. lol haha

    wait 5 years and 64 core CPUs will be the ryzen 9 flagship lol

  54. Matthew Galindo

    Maximum penetration: sold

  55. Thomas Gunn

    Yeah definitely digging the new idea for the channel. Perhaps moreso than unbox therapy

  56. Comrade Gallegos

    Why is his room made of doors

  57. H_hyper 26

    Unknown u tube vid:THIS TAPE CAN HOLD 30 terabytes Me: nods my head

  58. Film Fanatic

    Three. Take it or leave it

  59. Zachary

    Having worked for Apple I can say that they were/are neither one.

  60. David B

    This video played after the meat canyon vid lol

  61. silex512

    My Siri came on by itself while watching this video. It searched up the liberation of Paris.

  62. Juan Pablo Rivera

    Linus is the type of guy to say "A.I.O." instead of "all-in-one" when they're both 3 syllables just to exclude normies who don't know the lingo.

  63. Mr. Aurash

    Does that case come with the fans included?

  64. i am good and awsome

    7:50 the guy encouraging the smoke grenade was dumb

  65. deadmello

    my pc also went into windows activation , had to use command prompt to get a pin

    1. deadmello

      product key was missing


    Guess what. I just got my triple screen 32 inch monitor. Get rekt

  67. Chris Bauer

    I could see this being common in a recording/editing studio environment.

  68. Beans In My DS

    13:59 Linus I think you may have pink eye

  69. ahmed rahiq

    Tecware Phantom 87 is one of the best budget mech keyboards out there

  70. Beken Hagyjal

    Can you close the rack door tho? Those handles look like they might be too long...

  71. OldSlowGamer

    You should add an LN2 drip feed into the airstream. You'll be able to run the entire CPU section of the board down around zero degrees F at full load.

  72. Smruti Ranjan Das

    To be honest i was waiting for the laptop to blow up🙄

  73. Jonathan

    I am watching this video with Windows Vista x64.

  74. Radcaster

    LINUS. Please, please, PLEASE make a video about Hackintosh for musicians! Logic Pro X is still so far ahead of many other DAWs in price, performance, and in-built features. The usual VMware solutions don't work great because of latency, but a hard-build using a Clover bootloader works great. I know you've done similar projects before, but I would love your take on this specifically. I personally built a Hackintosh for Logic Pro X some years ago and still use it, but it took me nearly two months to get it up and running and I am terrified of having to replace it with another (or worse, an actual Mac!)

  75. durkadurka2323

    The +10 for finishing first on top of the - 1/10 mins makes throwing everything into the case as fast as humanly possible look like the winning strat.

  76. Fayzan Haque

    Bruh he has a whole gaming rig about the price of 1000$ why does he need kano😂🤣😂🤣

  77. Jim Suddarth

    Can someone tldr the top 3?

  78. Roy Hess

    Calling this a server is like calling a Pontiac Aztec a Supersports car.....

  79. Matheus Pratta

    The Rack Pro seems really cool, but I guess I'll stay with my own Hack Pro for some time :)

  80. Nick King Televised

    Can you do an RGB over-clocking guide? No matter how much voltage I add it won't blind me. Please Help.

  81. Gamer

    Still the best video he has made LOL!

  82. Jack Li

    When someone has more RAM than you have storage...

  83. Chris Gough

    I was going to say I think its for audio work, when people tour they can have racks of audio gear and chucking the computer into a rack with the rest of it makes sense.

  84. TheLegend

    I weigh 307 pounds. What if I jump on it wwe style from the roof?

  85. ShiNOOBi

    Got a linus ad

  86. Andrew

    Short circuit is basically linus going back to its roots. Unboxing and comment stuff.

  87. Final Phantasma

    Just throw in 3200 and keep the cpu as is unless you really wanna screw around with numbers.

  88. Mzx5 Max

    still confused quest or rift s?

  89. ColdBoltz


  90. TheLegend

    Should be called rage proof. A lot of gamers will throw a controller and be relieved.

  91. ubsan

    FWIW, rack mounting the mac pro is also _huge_ for testing computer programs on macOS

  92. Levi

    2020 now and to let anyone know if they wanna buy this mouse dont it is awful. binds unbind and half the buttons wont work on the side after 4 days of gaming.and wont connected to g hub 90% of the time do not buy this

  93. Timmy S

    The tweeters are supposed to be offset, and better wood work would have made quite a bit of difference. You also overstuffed. I request a do-over video!

  94. JaredSVX

    Well played editor, well played *insert Leo meme*

  95. JP Gaming

    Ijustine for the win

  96. Firelight Studios

    I can primarily see this version as beneficial for live production setups.