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  1. Wade 3

    i am a huge gamer buti dont have the best computer love your videos

  2. MrMastadox

    Too bad that despite the fact that it costs over 4 times the price of a series x and has a way faster cpu. The gpu will still not touch the 12 teraflops of compute power of the series x. And will generally make this system not outperform a series x by much in most games. It would be hard to get equal gaming performance for the same money as the series x will cost. In that sense, a system like this would indeed be a rip off in comparison. I am a pc gamer, and i won't buy a console. But i have to admit. It will be impossible to match the series x game performance for the price if you'd try to build a pc with the same amount. Probably even worse by the time the series x releases.

  3. Hampoon

    The monitor stand is $43?!?! I got a stand that has three monitors on it for $44.

  4. Joshua Stalcup

    Painful this was

  5. I am Ice cream

    I need wone

  6. Plebasaurus Rekt

    Been using the Nari Ultimate for 6 months now. I havent had a lot of time for gaming the last couple of weeks, but every time i log on and feel the Nari rumble over my ears, i smile and think to my self ”WORTH” I would describe it as watching a movie in 3D at a cinema or at a normal 45” TV. The TV works, sure, but its not at all as cool and intriguing as the cinema. Nari ultimate for the win. (Had a couple of connectivity issues the first couple of weeks, but when my router died and i got a new one, it worked flawlessly. So if anybody has problems with their wireless headphone, try experimenting with your router.)

  7. The IronFist

    If that green dress brute stuffs in more food in his tummy he might just explode the whole ltt house

  8. repoman

    no linus, if he had a problem all those bottles would be empty.

  9. Cro nus

    Clearly not a narcissist. Great self deprecation is a sign of confidence but not necessary security lol

  10. cwli1

    The Passmark “benchmarking” software v9 shows AMD processors as the fastest in single-core performance. The new one, v10, shows Intel processors as fastest in single-core “performance”. The software also shows that Passmark's bank balance was higher than it was at v9.

  11. Kawii97

    I absolutly love this Case, but at 350 euros + new Mainboard (because my isnt ITX) its just a tad bit too much :/

  12. Vyt Bbb

    the most complicated part in this build is cables...

  13. TheBlackSurpremeOG

    They do realise this whole channel is supposed to be about a man doing everything with tech and computers right.

  14. Pig PlayzMC

    More like a tree-board!!

  15. The117thCon

    hehe I get mine tomorrow

  16. Lj Necesito

    Sff my next set up should be like this.

  17. morg stormhammer

    What do I need to do to get an RTX 2080 type card? :D I couldn't help. Love your videos, btw.

  18. Nick Hill

    I can't believe an XBOX is nicer than my PC I have a ryzen 7 3700x RTX 2060 32gb vengeance rgb ram 500gb sata ssd 1tb hdd

  19. Annuss Abdullah

    200 usd isnot cheap

  20. veistelija

    Omg o love ROG stuff! Subbed! 😙

  21. McNiggerGook

    I just tried downloading this stream on USsel premium on Android, it offers a maximum 720p stream at 572MB, but a 1080p download at 338MB lmao not sure if this is a transcode done on USsel's end post stream to something like VP9

  22. kirk meyer

    I want the Mac version ;)

  23. ronnel baterna

    21:18 Swol Linus

  24. DiljotSingh Bajwa

    Some company should make this and sell it.

  25. Xman bot

    2:43 did he just say "Desktok" 😂😂

  26. Andreas Geroulanos

    How can you be hating at Linus though?

  27. James Boman


  28. WarriorYT

    I don't get it. Why would you use RPG lighting on your hardware, when it's going to be sealed up by creeper skin????

  29. Chris Menza

    Lol Id like to see Linus' reaction to Magnepans setup. Plus they arent that expensive.

  30. Jacky Tan

    Will LTT review Nokia phones?

  31. Moviemaker Ian

    I’m an iPhone user but some of the people that use iPhones are incredibly stupid like look Sarah stop making fun of people’s androids like there not poor and also Sarah your screen has like a thousand cracks on it bitch.

  32. jc osborne

    Fortnite runs 111fps on the pre build at 1440p for £2000 ...

  33. Syazwi

    Ah! Finally a solution to hide pcs from your cousins

  34. Ryan Weber

    Can I have one of those test PCs for free? Not saying you have to give it... But you'd be pretty cool if you did.

  35. Aniruddha Mahamuni

    Just checking if pewds has commented on it yet...

  36. Jackson Stoops

    9:45 not sure if "In this case" was intended as a pun or not, but it was really good 😂

  37. McYeetson

    Should’ve done like odyssey+ because it’s absurdly cheap

  38. Dr Strange

    i'm still not confident in water cooling, even if it's only for the cpu, there isn't any real reason to have water cooling if your only playing games and or watching youtube videos, but there are people out there that are adding water cooling to their system more for cosmetics. i have a air cooled rig, stock gpu, and a i7 8700k processor that never exceeds temps of 60c even under load. i would only use this technique in small form factor systems that require the cooling capabilities and well duh small form factor of some aio's

  39. Quinn Capello

    She’s wacko

  40. Bryon Hulcher

    welll paul said it was okay..sooooo lol

  41. FriskuN

    Thats so sick.

  42. Operation Katana

    Stay safe Linus.

  43. Darnell Constant

    Weir is not a bad idea now is it? #Corona2020

  44. Simon Yu

    Over attention of news attention to essentially a bad flu........Look at it today

  45. Wes

    You for sure got your money's worth content-wise from this iMac Pro.

  46. Brow The Unbroken

    This computer is now my new life goal

  47. OugaBoogaShockwave

    lol, xsx costs like 1/3 or a 1/4 of the price this does with a

  48. Chris Strizver

    I just wish there were some AMD motherboards that were actually available to buy that fit this.

  49. justinl458

    9:10 lmfao that was funny.

  50. Richard Rodriguez

    Looks simple enough, just cant figure why i would need to build one.

  51. Pankaj 1

    I have 1TB hdd but you have so much storage

  52. adan_ekal

    Hey v sauce, michael here

  53. TCOTE Evari

    Linus is like a 9 year old cousin coming over touching everything. I love it xD

  54. Luke Kubisch

    I've only ever done two builds before so I'm still fairly inexperienced, but I think I would just be worried about bending or putting to much pressure on any of the parts. But Thankfully we have you here to give us the old "should've had a V8" head boop.


    Some time ago there was an OS called BeOS (discontinued), later on continued under the name Haiku: try that. ;)

  56. Padid AZG.

    Lack of the webcam is a huge drawback. Moreover, apparently this device doesn't go very well with Adobe Premiere. And that bottom bezel is just too ugly to turn a blind eye to it.

  57. SadlyBest

    No disassemble!

  58. Erik With A K

    The only reason I bought my full tower was because it was on sale

  59. Ekarron

    14:00 that mustache guy looks like Linus

  60. Benni Resch

    I literally got an add on clicking this video where Linus was in ...... How ironic

  61. Ur_Dailybirbmemestar

    i have 3 GB ...

  62. Keith G. Simpson

    buy a real knife please

  63. V_for_Viking

    So, is this build same as Xbox Series X or better?

  64. Shayne Carter-Murray

    The switch lite is the new GBA. Viewing it that way, its great.

  65. Simon

    Intel will sell a portable 280mm AIO with their next flagship notebook CPUs and give em a TDP of 200W. That will for sure destroy AMD.

  66. ninjabluedragon

    Lol I used to whoop on mr.grimmz before he was a big streamer lol ki ftw

  67. Raouf slnee

    i wish have pc gaming like this :(

  68. Dr Strange

    honestly i love this form factor pc, might build one for vr in the living room, and well other applications

  69. Mmmorshu

    competition is always good!

  70. Robbie Madden

    I’ve had luck with my PC from Best Buy. My HP Omen computer works just fine now going on 2 years. Not all of the PCs are bad.

  71. Bite Nicurague

    Linus tech tits

  72. Siixco

    Hey guys, I need some help if anyone would like to offer it. I don't know whether to buy HP Omen or iBuyPower or if you have any other recommendations. I just want to know which one would offer the best performance.

  73. Tyler Smith

    How’s the over clocking on this pc?

  74. Kallyan B. Roy

    You're playing games in front your kid...That's insane.. To Littile Linus==>"Dude don't worry, your father did grow up but his mind is still a kid" Me: I want Justice

  75. Gijs Clarijs

    its called a wumpa fruit

  76. RJBA

    I got an ad and it was You

  77. Jarrit Hosking

    Awesome! I can't say I would have the patience to do that. . .

  78. Element Power on tv

    Just put a mini fridge

  79. SphereWolf 6900

    i dont think tyler should have won he likes boardgames more than computers

  80. Erik Bakker

    Awesome machine, without a webcam! I WANT THIS!!!!

  81. Lowbarr Kate

    Invention of box plus power supply, a revolution

  82. Md Imran Mahmud

    My laptop is Lenovo intel (R) Core (TM) i3-3110M CPU @2.40Gz 2.40Gz 4Gb(Usable 3.85 GB)Ram. CAn i have at least a god pc for free to fulfill my gaming dream. I am from Bangladesh. And my familly can"t afford me even a phone. I use Lenovo A2010 phone. Can i get an upgrade. It might not be much for you, but huge difference for me. please.

  83. Haad bowie

    that jumpscare got me too :D

  84. Daniel Quirant

    Building a PC this WHOLE YEAR is a mistake, plain and simple. That graphics card now costs as much as the consoles will cost. Next year you'll get the same performance for half.

  85. candido silva

    Holly linus no rtx 2080ti? Are you sick?

  86. Oliver Lang

    0:10 just a short reminder that the overlay is wrong, its 35W TDP for the Ryzen, not 45W TDP like it is written.

  87. GlitchyPixel

    Haha it would be funny if you built me a monster gaming pc for no reason whatsoever

  88. WarriorYT

    Did you throw away the drive???? Dang, I really wanted to test it.

  89. T Naseri

    He looks like he's 80. I mean tf!

  90. aguabeuno

    picked up a 1080ti STRIX for $500 CAD