Welcome friends and lovelies to a live action comedy channel starring a pair of friends for life: Arin Hanson and Dan Avidan! Together, this duo is... THE GRUMPS. (Disclaimer: Arin is grumpier. Dan? Not so grump.)
These guys are mostly used to goofing off in a dark room while playing video games, so we're putting them on camera and going outside more to help with the Vitamin D deficiency. If you enjoy their jokes and bits, subscribe!

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  1. Dave! Yognau(gh)t

    That was awesome. That ad could've just been a random video put onto Grumpout and I would've been happy.

  2. Griffin O'Connor

    I’ll be real, the funnier Game Grump is definitely an idiot and doesn’t know anything, so 1-Nothing machines I guess 🤷‍♂️

  3. Maille Venne

    The new Dan scares me

  4. Ghostandemon Hunter

    Arin is such a great chef

  5. Shinkai Atusya

    8:40 Disney in a nutshell

  6. Justus Janzen

    Bort and orno are actually a collaboration and worth 30 each

  7. AnnMalene Watson

    Dan: what do you think? Me watching simplynailogical for 5 years: WHAT DO YOU THINK if you watch her you know what i mean

  8. Will IV

    Would love to see these guys team up with the McElroy brothers.

  9. Ai System

    10:44 ARIN WTF😂😂😂

  10. CasualBiscuit 21

    Jonny Johnson, the original inspiration for jojos bizarre adventure

  11. Dan -Horsenwelles- Williams


  12. Mr.kent Happyface

    Genuinely kind of frustrated.

  13. Eden Matrix

    I remember in basic we used to wrap the instant coffee in a napkin and stick it in our lower lip. Coffee dip. What weird times, haha

  14. Tabaxi Rouge

    Dan put something in his mouth first?!?! What times are we living in?!?! Edit* nevermind

  15. 1293jessica

    That last one looks like a fnaf character

  16. Jake Kleppsattel

    Unnus Grumpus

  17. FrenchToasties123

    They all just look like George Washington, guys, come on.

  18. Camila Galvez

    3:22 I spit my fucking food out DAN

  19. Finley Jackson

    0:11 they should have said “because none of you are good boys”

  20. freckled cracker

    Supposedly, if from any of the pictures you find something sexual about them, you are, in fact, a psychopath.

  21. H.Harold

    Goal 1: get house that is cool Goal 2: get diamonds Goal 3: explore nether and kill wither Goal 4: find the end and kill ended dragon End goal: fudge around getting extra cool goodies and build fun things

  22. Katie

    kinda came down to the comments for a professional to explain what they saw actually meant

  23. Mista Bean


  24. Nathan Sturgill

    Sentient butt love, sounds like a band name.

  25. Busters2005

    I don't think N.P.I.S.S was saved from the last one

  26. Justin Pedi

    5:40 what the FUCK this is so cute????

  27. CaptainKacknup

    Eat Surströmming already

  28. Jordan Stevenson

    This is basically...Arin being tortured with diabetes for over 10 minutes...and I love it...

  29. breer

    am i just gay or is dan especially cute in this video

  30. YourDudeYT

    Nobody: Dan: is this my son

  31. Maja

    When Micheal picked up the knife, my first thought was "why would you voulentarly give this man a knife

  32. Will IV

    If that Rush shirt was really purchased in ‘97, it is in _very_ good condition. No fading at all!

  33. Generic First Name Generic Last Name

    8:14 _Lemongrab Intensifies_

  34. shabnomnom

    i love suzy! more suzy on the power hour!

  35. Karurosu

    I love this, it's pretty calm, funny, instructive, and plus we get see more of Arin and Dan's awesome friendship.

  36. Steiffing

    my grandma has exploding spine disease edit: she's dead

  37. Firstname Lastname

    Glad to see arin rockin the supermega merch

  38. Christian Arroyo


  39. Ivorella Rackley


  40. matthew epperly

    That comment about going to the movies and vomiting brought me a lot of joy.

  41. Austin Berner

    I would love to see Dan and Arin running screaming through the night with a deep need for sheep so they can make beds.

  42. Papasteve 5

    Ah yes. My favourite anime character *George Washington*

  43. Hambling Gaming

    Greg looks alot like Lil Dicky

  44. strawberrymlk.

    'well i dont wanna die' 'AJAJhdhsdhajajjahsahd' LOLL

  45. Takashi Morinozuka

    I cant breath

  46. Kokichi Oma Kinnie

    I would’ve loved to see them write "How’s it goin' dood"

  47. Ronnine Miclat

    *deep chokes banana*

  48. markI

    It's like having 2 Arins

  49. Maxwell Batcher

    Do they know that Taco Bell delivers

  50. Elli In Korea

    I know EXACTLY what I'm gonna show my fiancé later tonight omg

  51. Miranda Torres

    I aspire to have a friendship like theirs

  52. Dragonlord the king of dragons

    Well there's multiple Bigfoot. There more than one, it's a race.

    1. Dragonlord the king of dragons

      Mothman Prophecies is based off a book but the movie isn't that accurate to the book

  53. Borgnaf The Cheese God

    Jon must've clued arin in on this cause its 9 days after his vid

  54. Bessie Burris

    Shave the stash!!!

  55. x_JRS_x

    You look like epic archer men

  56. Emma Hamilton

    I have never felt so motivated to cook from a video. Thank you Video Game Boy.

  57. Durpy Durds

    Samus died

  58. TrippyLeekZ

    It would’ve been hilarious if one of the holes was called glory

  59. Misellus

    theres probably like 15 actual safety violations in that room

  60. Jack

    nobody is talking about the poor audio?

  61. ReachSkyla

    Man arcade prizes really are scams

  62. Matthew Marshall

    That date is the happiest I have ever seen Harriet. The boys did a good thing that day.

  63. population 69

    7:06 when i was younger we had robotic alligator to hit

  64. Hannah Stegall

    me still trying to find the card at the end two months later 👀

  65. ReachSkyla

    Dan serving conquistador realness

  66. slightly bob


  67. ChaiAnimations

    Michael: *is trying to censor himself* Aron: *meanwhile deepthroats banana*

  68. MoonBoy

    8:56 *H A N S O N*

  69. Shinobi Pro

    You should make a video on AI Dungeon

    1. Bob Duncan

      @Shinobi Pro yes

    2. Shinobi Pro


    3. Bob Duncan

      I was just about to comment that.

  70. Shinobi Pro

    You should try AI Dungeon

  71. MoonBoy

    2:47 Need to get rid of the evidence? Coca Cola baby!

  72. Ctrain-36 Shinycharliezard

    Arin: “Vision is dumb! He lives in the suburbs and has a dumb family!” Hawkeye: “Am I a joke to you?”

  73. Vicky Violet

    Sponsored by RayCon! *Whoa, that one looks like a wiener! And that one looks like a bigger wiener!!*

  74. Uma pessoa Feliz

    11:27 iT'S FOFÃO OMG

  75. kmg1043

    Why is dan so small

  76. Sarah McSquish

    I really want to cook a crunchwrap now thank you

  77. Oof Gamer

    Unnus arin confirmed

  78. UnicronHound

    That last one looked like the back of a Pray Mantis that had his/her claws raised, and pointing outward.

  79. Nincotic

    I feel like jack just shows up in episodes

  80. Renatlia

    That second to last one was straight up an orchid mantis. They’re so pretty.

  81. Renatlia

    That second to last one was straight up an orchid mantis. They’re so pretty.

  82. Milltenn

    Arin: Lawful Chaotic Micheal: true chaotic

  83. Robert Sipos

    And then the Backstreet Boys went on tour

  84. Gaming Potato

    Imagine a podcast with no adds

  85. Brendan Geier

    Dan doesn’t take ANYTHING seriously, does he? I mean Arin wasn’t being “serious” about it but he actually tried to learn the tricks and pull them off! Dan just gave up immediately! That’s something I’ve always found so annoying about Dan.

  86. BewilderedToad

    That was such a classic Grump ad at the beginning, I missed those

  87. Yaboi DJ

    ngl I love Ramune

  88. Brendan Geier

    You guys NEED to do an episode where you go on Omegle and just talk to random people!

  89. Freaksinaphonebooth

    So... now there is two arins. This should be a regular occurrence please.

  90. Akai Chan

    (Just timestamps for me, I needed to go back to this four months later x'D) 6:14, 6:56, 7:16

  91. goth punchy

    6:14 i see 2 40s or 50s gangsters holding their fists up ready to fuckin bop each other

  92. spoopy girl

    4:45 why is he doing this? What is he looking at?

  93. grondstein

    Arin: Oh I've seen Ryuko... Fanart Me: I see what you did there

  94. Brendan Geier

    Do a rematch!

  95. That One Chill One

    if anyone would watch full house, i kind of noticed how much arin is kind of like joey.

  96. Fandom Draws

    The look of absolute concern for dan at 0:31 made me laugh so hard I actually cried 🤣

  97. Foxy Tay

    Potato wizard 😂😂

  98. chezman258

    How did I miss this one?

  99. Beelzebudge

    they have the same dumbass energy im

  100. GLaDOS Main Core

    I'll name that face "ew why" 8:36