Welcome friends and lovelies to a live action comedy channel starring a pair of friends for life: Arin Hanson and Dan Avidan! Together, this duo is... THE GRUMPS. (Disclaimer: Arin is grumpier. Dan? Not so grump.)
These guys are mostly used to goofing off in a dark room while playing video games, so we're putting them on camera and going outside more to help with the Vitamin D deficiency. If you enjoy their jokes and bits, subscribe!

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  1. The Cool Guy Channel

    The trick of the *regular* cards

  2. Kaneo Hakune


  3. Corrine Donovan

    "what's your sexual orientation?" *Direct*

  4. ChristopherColumbusAteMyPants 1

    Arin looks like a cloud gremlin

  5. Envy Ages

    Guild Grumps Idea: Just do D&D

  6. Rapscallion

    This show should be called “Couch Potatoes”

  7. Lucky Miner

    game grumps could invite their long-time viewers onto the show and play their favorite game. example: me and Mariokart for the Wii.

  8. MST3Killa

    Pool Jenga?

  9. Yonatan Moritz

    Animation: 9:45

  10. Yaniel DJ

    Here from the animation

  11. Trash Rabbit, Duke of Bad Habits, Shellac Addict

    I swear every new episode of the TMPH Arin grows another chin.

  12. Jojo L.

    That seal is so cute

  13. Megan A

    PLEASE do this game again! It was so hilarious 🤣

  14. Wolfbiker 00

    Arin's "Snatch face" had me dying.

  15. Chaos23gamer

    Haunted Gazebo

  16. Isaac Dickinson

    Why have I heard of that panther book before? I don't like that I know about that book's existence

  17. Claire Dupree

    This is literally the only channel who’s sponsor commercials I’ll watch fully. Arin is fucking hilarious and the satire on this channel is so on the nose

  18. ThatOnePerson 7256

    Did anyone else get Post Malone vibes from Arin in the beginning?

  19. A A

    The first book’s title is impressively dong-shaped when censored.

  20. Michael Frueh

    Skillshare Kirby did the skillshare promotion better!!!!!

  21. Obsidian Comet

    The main rule behind every cryptid is that it is almost always identified as an owl, a basking shark, or a raccoon.

  22. The J-Walker

    Arin is baby confirmed

  23. Robert Stitt

    Moon rise, thoughtful eyes

  24. * Mercenartytank15

    I'm calling creepers "Peepers" from now on. It's too cute

  25. Isaac Dickinson

    Adam Driver for Guest Grumps

  26. James Johnson

    Arin is such a champ, he always takes the brunt of all the wacky things they do.

  27. Aidan Barrett

    The mothman scared me for a long time

  28. doubleblade

    Ninjas arnt supposed to reveal there face if they do those who see need to die I guess ninja brian needs to kill all the comments

  29. Thomas Quinn

    You guys should check out Bob Gymlyn on USsel he genuinely made me believe in bigfoot again he really applies a lot of practical thinking to his videos and I highly recommend him if you want to believe or are just curious

  30. taylor Sparrow

    Arin looks like the babadook

  31. Daniel Kniffin

    You never wanna hit maximum despair dude

  32. Charlie Grossman

    Why does Arin look like Danny Devito’s penguin?

  33. Albert Escobedo

    If I was their producer I would have an aneurism every time we filmed lol also Arby's plz sponsor

  34. MezzaTheHyena

    I'd love to listen to a trashy romance novel narrated by Dan and Arin.

  35. Gun Owner

    Don't you hate it when you're trying to get a skeleton that goes "WWOOOOOOOOOOOoooooooooooooooOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooooooooo" but the Spirit Halloween store closed 1 minute ago and will remain closed for 59 minutes

  36. Kenneth Hall

    Man, Danny has nice balls

  37. Two Nerds and a Geek Productions

    7:01 Squidward after he falls off his bike and becomes the beloved Smelly

  38. Michelle Alzo

    I've been working on my snatch, if you know what I mean... My scrawny clown snatch, that is.

  39. Michelle Alzo

    Oh game grumps, you can sell me anything with that amount of video edits. <:)

  40. Louise _890

    okay now that was my favorite way arin has gotten rid of the pencil mug and dinosaurs

  41. Dark Ravenrose

    New series: Dan reads alpha romance novels 😂

  42. Taylor C

    Play the intro at .75 speed please god

  43. Kucka G

    First time i didn't skip an add

  44. Shauka Hodan

    "I'm moist and filthy" Well, Dan.. now so am I.

  45. XIBBOT

    In today's episode, Arin turns into a creature from your worst nightmare. :')

  46. Zayden unicorn

    I almost started choking when Dan said "my grabby thing" and arin followed it up with "your snatch"

  47. Zayden unicorn

    Arin is my spirit animal

    1. Shauka Hodan

      Arin said 🌚

  48. Squibb

    Any other youtube channel doing sponsors: *basic af* GG: *transcends past einstein*

  49. Don't Mess Up My Tempo

    I miss Game Grumps ads. Y'all need to do more!

  50. TipTut

    It looks like Danny is wearing a wig.

  51. TRVVVR

    Dan is eternally in his late 20's and you cannot convince me otherwise

  52. Samantha Barreda

    2:15 That was some Top energy-

  53. kimberly sandman

    "why aren't I into this?!" I'm surprised you aren't already Arin

  54. Sloan A

    what kind of a stud in a romance novel is named garrett

  55. redbuck1

    Is arin wearing an ace ring?

  56. Eeliac Ynnek

    I love it when people just have fun with their ads XD Makes it easier to watch

  57. Carmen Riley Mendoza

    Why do you do this to yourself, Arin?

  58. Eric Napp

    Arin looks like the moon from the mighty boosh.

  59. An Actual Mother Bear

    Arin said the thing. He said "I'm baby." The thing that drives me, a mother bear, up the wall... because no one is baby for real when they say it! >:C

  60. William Flake

    That was the BEST skillshare ad I've ever seen....

  61. José Campaña

    Alli looking cute as fuck

  62. Brady Kaul

    You failed the haikus. Neither ended - “it’s snowing on Mt. Fuji”

  63. Cody Koeller

    I was in my college cafeteria watching this while I ate breakfast and I almost spit out my coffee so many times😂😂

  64. Samuel Alaster

    Is this video also for those who have a foot fetish? Lotta feet in this video

  65. Remy Rincon

    Tommy's is pretty dang good

  66. Help me get 1000 subs

    Alternate title: BUY SKILLSHARE NOW!!! (link)

  67. Rory Fender

    Arin sounded like Alexis Mateo in that ad.

  68. Mister Dizzy

    I ain't gay but Dan Avidan is Dan Avidan.

  69. Kain Of Legends

    Put your elbows down mates

  70. Emily Elizabeth V

    The reason you broke out afterwords is cuz when u do a facial it pulls all the like crap outa ur skin to the surface so you might break out right away but like a couple days or week later you should have nicer skin then befor the facial I'm a cosmetologist but I'm not great with words so I know What I'm talking about but it just might not sound right lol you guys make my day btw luv y'all

  71. Rebecca M

    Too bad they had tapped out before getting into anything by Charlie Tingle.

  72. maxman1602

    Sandra Bullock is gone?

  73. Music Menace101

    Arin and Dan browsing through the little girl’s isle in Kmart.

  74. Minty Michi

    I literally can't stop thinking about this video I love it so much they need to make another one of these with this theme hahaha

  75. Cynicallusion


  76. uberbored908

    Arin said 🌚

  77. vivahdevlog

    I watched 30 seconds Man how much weed he does

  78. Triplextralarge

    Arin's ad with the accent that can only be described as "foreign" was an actual good ad

  79. Bearded wizard

    Aaroon looks like Shrek cosplaying as hulk

  80. tohme owes

    Poor Dan, he really could've used a soothing cream and what not before the roller that would have made it a bit less painful.

  81. Jared Annis

    Be me - "Why would they eat them? They're silver, they shouldn't-" *Camera pans up to Arin's mouth* "-Ah, lol."

  82. bilinas mini

    "Workin' on your snatch?" -Arin Hanson 2019. Another one for the wiki page

  83. CaroGo

    I want this to be a regular series

  84. Rob Emmerson

    Not my BEST decision during lunch break

  85. L'escargot metal

    why did I watch it while eating....

  86. Badsy the Edgecat

    how ironic that they're advertising starbomb merch with a PIRATE skull

  87. Simon Singh

    ...I chose the wrong video to watch while eating breakfast... I should’ve known better

  88. Jordan Potter

    I wish they looked at Chuck Tingle books!!!

  89. Lori Daniel

    Arin loooks like that one guy from. “Flushed Away” 😂😂😂😂

    1. bilinas mini

      that can strip enamel. avoid those.

  90. SubversiveStyle

    Oh god...I thought the amount of product was a problem before he pulled out microneedling 😂😱 oh, there’ll be scar tissue and shared needles 😝 PS, the real $ is in Pizza spiralizers.

  91. Johnathan Keeney

    Eric look like Arins second cousin

  92. Kayze

    "AAAAAaaaagggH! ... Go ahead." - Dan

  93. Nox Grim

    Even their Ads are effing entertaining lol

  94. Scooter Campbell

    The bromance is so real.