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  1. Lio Murdest

    No food coloring? Oh, just use blood

  2. Gareth Power

    Loved this episode

  3. Kelsey Lovato

    I’m a pastry chef and chocolate seizing is just the worst.... I hate working with chocolate...

  4. Steve Wood

    I never understood why people slurp noodles as opposed to just cutting them.

  5. h leone

    I miss when it was just Josh that did these videos. I like Nicole but Trevor is soooo annoying to me. He tries to act and sound like Josh and I'm not here for it😂

  6. the_nikster

    the Trevor and Josh bromance is getting steamier by the minute... 😍

  7. Drona Manchanda

    is josh technically nicole's boss, because that doesnt make sense

  8. slow poke

    I've realised Josh never stops talking.

  9. Friedrich Von Eichel

    I gotta say, I made the French onion one (I had beef paste and swiss though) and my Italian mother in law asked for the recipe for my "french onion" soup lol

  10. James Moore

    Your white people leave Romans alone I don't know what y'all doing

  11. Ozan Akyıldız

    someone in this kitchen is ought to say lecithin right

  12. Gracia Sharlene

    Is it called Snuffles?

  13. The One

    I luv the white guy teaching how to do ramen.

  14. Nash Jones

    Somewhere in my subconsciounce

  15. madamewho

    The not-Josh-guy is overdoing it with his copycat Josh persona. Can u stop?

  16. Greg Ner

    No offense but you guys remind me of Napoleon Dynamite and his brother Kip .

  17. Greg Ner

    No offense but you guys remind me of Napoleon Dynamite and his brother Kip .

  18. mamba and the fallen

    She was worried the chocolate, would be to chocolatey...and after that... Called chocolate bitter... ARE YOU OK?!

  19. Nash Jones

    Who else watches this with no intent on making anything

  20. samrudi

    I LOVE Trevor

  21. Ty

    Someone seems like a Key & Peele fan.

  22. Nash Jones

    Actually love would be the 21st sense. We have way more than 5, for example balance

  23. Jon Luna

    Pink is the best flavor

  24. Mari Scherber

    Josh is a kitchen rebel..breaking rules yet achieving the same fantastic outcomes

  25. Darrius James

    I love coach carter lol samuel l jackson and rick Gonzales killed that part that josh was repeating while washing his hands

  26. imapieface

    Me, sitting here at BYU YOU GOT A PROBLEM, JOSH!?

  27. skhou

    Mythical Kitchen crew is like Grant, Tori and Kari.

  28. Arturo Arambula

    ”That's a lot of eye contact" WTH!!! Lol

  29. Tyler McGriddle

    i ship.

  30. Jeremy Johnson

    AKA Beezer Twelve Washingbeard, AKA The Player Formerly Known as Mousecop.

  31. DirectedByJeffreyB

    where did you get the instrumental version of Raphael Lake Turn It Up? asking for a friend

  32. bargen0w

    i love that josh just makes a bunch of sexual innuendos throughout these

  33. kegan zulliger

    the person who came up with this question was stoned

  34. Lisa Walton

    I don't understand why Josh incorporated blue cheese 🤷‍♀️

  35. Miles Reed

    if you were a rectangle your length would match your width

  36. KaiaSaurus

    They're better than wings.

  37. Cheezus

    I know my taste buds are shot cause I had no hesitation, I said yes.

  38. Fresh Boi

    Im scared for my health. I saw the thumbnail, knew what it was, and thought to myself, "That sounds Good right about now."

  39. Crusafix Daylight


  40. KaiaSaurus


  41. Dave Norman

    Josh thinks everything he makes is a smash. This is a huge steamy pile of trash

  42. The Professor

    Still my beating heart Nichole is SO Beautiful 😍

  43. Manuel Harari

    5:45 It's called soy lecithin not "lethicin" Nicole

  44. Jurist Gem Awachi

    Nicole wasn't having it in this episode hahahaha

  45. Riptide99

    Missed a real opportunity. Should have called them, “Snuffles”.

  46. Daphne Loose

    I like both snickers and sour cream and cheddar ruffles, just not mixed into a candy bar together. Way too weird for me. I would like to give kudos to the prop team for making those wrappers. They looked amazing. Good job guys!!

  47. Rain Larson

    "has herpes" 😂😂

  48. Rain Larson

    Do more food fears! It's been too long!

  49. The Green Hit

    Dude, fry the noodles for the salad. It’s uh-mazing.

  50. Riptide99

    I enjoy the cut ins that they are permitted to film from their padded rooms.

  51. Matthew Payne

    Nicole is dumb cute.

  52. blaze pointer

    Was not expecting the key and Peele reference in the opening.

  53. David Lopez

    Nicole: "Touch your tips, touch your tips." Trevor: "Oh this can't become a recurring thing" It already has Trevor, it already has.

  54. Kawehi Mahuiki

    Josh’s impersonations are pretty impeccable 😅

  55. That1kidonyoutube 2006

    When are you making the next Episode of a hotdog is a sandwich

  56. Theresa Karimullah

    Covid cool man, nice shot.

  57. Michael Diorio

    Mor ches

  58. Jose Luis Castaneda

    Nicole is the Mona Lisa of the culinary world.

  59. Sanguine Entertainment

    Josh. Eat a snickers. You're not yourself when you're making nougat . . .

  60. KingdomChildOnEarth

    You totally didn't wash your hands properly...

  61. Cas H

    As always, I'm intrigued and appalled.

  62. Cinder Man

    Mythical Kitchen is quickly becoming my favorite YT channel. Come on, GMM, pick up the pace! Just kidding, I love EVERY Mythical channel here equally! Thanks SO much for making my life a little friendlier and peaceful! :-)

  63. Bodhi C

    tell me josh doesn't look high out his mind 8:45

  64. souksada vang

    Wasabi peas and dippin dots

  65. arpxl

    thats some dope packaging

  66. Mikey Mouse!

    I got the holes reference, like the intellectual person I am

  67. Dolphinsfan1 4

    You should do Oreos and Buffalo wings

  68. Luke

    So, the dude with the backwards hat was baked. Backwards cap dude spread the nuget wit his hands then sat the snickers bar in it, moved it around, then other dude grabbed it, help it in his hand then tossed it in the damn nuget?? they gunna eat that? loordd

  69. Jorge The nerd boy

    How is this man not married

  70. cole tanner

    Josh, Trevor, and Nicole, are by far my favorite asset of the mythical enterprise. the dynamic of the show is absolutely perfect. i hope that this is something that is here to stay

  71. Mighty McNuggets

    Gatorade and sausage

  72. Emphoria

    I am very happy that trevor is starting to act less like josh. That actually makes him more of an interesting person *trevor I hope you're listening*

  73. Lee Lewis

    Rhett is very very intelligent. Smart enough to convince his own self that faith isn't a real thing. "Not compelling' I believe is what he'd say.....at some point. To Rhett, the surface is enough. The root proved not to be compelling enough. He's so unique but the world diluted his wisdom. He let it

  74. Asryk R Wake

    Should have used pectin so it would be like sour patch kids

  75. Cuthberts Lookout

    Can we conceptualize a video where the trio give R&L a standard dish, maybe with a mythical twist, and then critique them? They could give R&L a minimalist recipe, kind of like the way they do the technical challenges on British Baking Show. Also, next snack smash should be fruit roll ups and potato skins

  76. Taylor

    Dan Smith BYU I’m crying 😂

  77. Joel Pantano

    Ok we're making the seasoning for chedder and sour cream! Que the ..... Bleu cheese? WHY?!?!

  78. Chris Moon

    1:30 AW MAN!!! You lost me at Blue cheese! 🤢 I can't stand that stuff! (allergic to all molds) One thing I would suggest is offering an alternative if it works? "Butt milk" OMG I just about lost it, gotta love abbreviations in the kitchen 😂👏 *UP ON THE COUNTER SNACK SMASH* 💪🌟😄 Who makes your packaging for these snack smashes? I think they deserve some recognition! 👍 *Be weird together, but don't forget our other weird people who don't like blue cheese!!!* 😁✌🥰

  79. The Movie Dealers

    I thought "I couldn't get into Stiff Peaks" was about a private boarding school he applied to.

  80. Patrick DiMisa

    5:30 moontain doon pie flashbacks

  81. Barbara Danley

    Wow, I love Josh so much. His quirky humor is just Mike up puffed tea.

  82. Shamon G.

    Is it me or does it seem like the whole theme of the show is tailored toward pregnant women?

  83. Quinn Mikelson

    Can I get a notification for when you go back to the old video style?

  84. Connor Kanady

    Still don’t like the cutaways to the LED room! Just talk about everything as its happening as to not break the flow!

  85. Preston Biggar

    Is it just me or was it better when it was just josh doing it, cause well the others don’t really know what the hell to do

  86. Pray 4 Zayne

    Wait POTATO CHIPS are made out of POTATOS?? 😂

  87. Bigtgamer 1

    My name is Trevor and watching this with the shows Trevor, being how he is, brings so much more enjoyment out of the show 😂

  88. LySandra Grace

    I hope flavors that would actually work are in their future for their sakes

  89. Mr.E

    If Butt milk is not a real product, it should be

  90. charles hickey

    Trevor and Josh just have super ridiculous tastes.


    Josh ate too many food

  92. Sarawkweird

    Is Josh homeless?

  93. Channy F

    I love how josh put his whole mouth on the spatula while making the marshmallow 😂 he literally dipped it into the bowl right after it was around 3:00-:4:25 of the video

  94. Jongo

    can we vote kick Trevor off the show like total drama island please he is so annoying

  95. Megan Maclean élève

    Is a Moon Pie like an American Wagon Wheel?

  96. Erin Woodfin

    Dear Trevor, as a witch I’d like to say we’re pretty chill. As long as you’re with someone that isn’t trying to hurt people you’re all good my dude

  97. John King

    stiff peaks

  98. jasonlamar87

    Nicole has some of the prettiest eyes ive ever seen.

  99. Abby Looyuko

    Vitamin B overdose pee XD

  100. Julia McNab

    Trevor: it got floppy 😂