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  1. theacp127

    I tried making this but I don't have a Nichole to help me.

  2. Shane Taylor

    We need that Popeye’s Grilled Cheese too buddy

  3. Miryssa Mozzillo


  4. Brandon Wahlstrom

    Tacocidal Tendencies? All Josh really wanted was a Jarritos. 😉🤘

  5. SiLenT366

    Nice Walmart scissors :) Same as mine.

  6. Hudson H

    “Dangerous amounts of grease” was Rhett’s nickname in high school

  7. Theo Sprague

    "Jerkified shrimp".....bubba from Forrest Gump never listed that one...so not legally allowed sorry Josh....ill call the police if you try it.

  8. Skullburner98

    I love it when he awkwardly starts rambling XD

  9. Emily Varner

    Chief Josh should go on Chopped

  10. MrGnarVar

    Got any of that taki grilled cheese recipe tho...

  11. Popdartan

    Get your funnelcake here!

  12. Tasty Dactyl

    ellie go see a dentist for your jaw. i can get worse. i had the same thing for a while.

  13. Lizzy

    I really want the takis grilled cheese recipe <3

  14. Tasty Dactyl

    yesssssss water isnt inherently wet. water makes things wet!

  15. Leonard Greenpaw

    To pour batter into a bag... Roll the edge of the bag inwards once, it magically holds itself open

  16. Beastabuelos

    Josh: I like to dip my grilled cheese in ketchup Me: Friendship with Josh has ended

  17. Pankohh

    I have a strong love/hate relationship with Josh. Like some of his jokes make me want to punch him in the face and hug him at the same time

  18. R.I.P Geno Cultshit

    9:10 officially confirms that Josh is the whitest human being on the planet.

  19. pink penguin

    love Josh , but dude stop hitting the coke so damn hard

    1. Justine O'Hare

      imagine being so boring that you assume someone else being enthusiastic or anxious automatically means they're on drugs lol

  20. Brandon

    1:33 Clearly not enough "bicep curls" lmao!!

  21. Refusah

    calling it, Josh is gonna get a streamy award for this show

  22. Leonard Greenpaw

    3:45 Fear does not exist in this kitchen ... I miss FOOD FEARS

  23. Jim Freeberg

    I now want to buy strawberry ketchup

  24. Jimothy Blumberg

    That wasn't painful for her, she was just keeping the story straight in case her boyfriend saw the video. He'd be pissed if he found out she was lying

  25. Cherish - TahitiNova

    I really want my kitchen to look like that, all those jars on the shelves, and knives on the wall... But then I remembered I have cats.

  26. Molly Hepp

    I’ve found the best way to put liquid in a plastic bag is to put the bag in a tall cup and fold the zip part over, maybe put a rubber band around it, then put the batter/icing in

  27. albemar78

    I think I'm going to start counting how many times Josh self compliments himself. This is why i don't want to watch... well plus his lame awkward boring jokes

  28. WendyFromNeverland

    Guys, Imagine Josh on chopped. He would DESTROY those mystery baskets.

  29. Maria Rock

    I thought I was the only one who liked to dip my grilled cheese in ketchup!

  30. Adam Bock

    Oh my god I live for these episodes

  31. Jinxy Doll

    Josh! Put the bag into a glass to hold it in place, then dump the batter into the bag. Boom. Easy way to fill your piping bags and zip locks.

  32. Mslovelyshot Mrs. Dawn

    Josh, drape/cuff your bag over a deep cup and put your batter in that way. It keeps it from getting all over the outside of the bag. I do that with icing

  33. karla malcolm

    Hilarious. Thanks Nicole. Oh you too Josh :)

  34. Giles S


  35. squ izz

    3:01 put the bag in an empty glass and fold the edges of the bag over the edge of the glass and it will hold itself open. das a tip.

  36. ShoePolish

    Trevor is gonna make Josh have a anxiety breakdown

  37. Dana Aaliyah Neil

    Not to be dramatic but those are the most beautiful strawberries I've ever seen

  38. TheRealTonyStark

    Josh chaotic energy is one of my favourite things about this channel 😂

  39. Mak Appleson

    as an american, i have never seen something so extremely american

  40. Anthony Turcotte

    8:29 thats what she said

  41. Tim Weydert

    Josh's voice is just a pinch away from any voice that's being played at 3x speed.

  42. FlashyHippie

    Man, I want that taki grilled cheese though.

  43. Directionally Challenged

    what is this, Kitchen Kai?

  44. potridge

    As a vegan, even MY arteries hardened after watching this. 😆

  45. Celeste Greene

    i need that dino shirt

  46. Thea U.

    0:45 thank you for remembering us international people <3 i'll be honest i don't 100% know what exactly a funnel cake is but i still love you, josh

  47. CutiePie4325

    emily’s face when she opened the jar made my day

  48. To Those Who May Be Concerned

    It looks like deep fried puck of Mac and Cheese. I love that

  49. andrew bremner

    I think joshes brain broke when talking about the ketchup 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  50. Bataan

    Spank the hard meat

  51. Karen Lawrence

    I just want chicken fried steak and funnel cake Josh. JOSH. JOSH. MAKE IT HAPPEN JOSH.

  52. Bud Gates

    Try buttering the outside and inside of each slice of bread. So good.

  53. Entiox

    Strawberry ketchup? Why would you do that strawberries? Josh, what have strawberries ever done to you that you would treat them so cruelly as to combine them with the most disgusting condiment on the planet?

  54. Joe Montania

    Using a little pan on that big ass burner bothers me.

  55. Coochie Roomba

    he’s so hot tho

  56. Briggy Cheese

    Put the bag in a cup and then pour the batter in

  57. Mark Burkholder


  58. Krissi Draughane

    Reminds me of my favorite sandwich, a Monte Cristo but on steroids

  59. Zicky Sissypaw

    I Rather want the recipe for the Takis Grilled Cheese <3

  60. Lexie S

    Claire from BA and Josh need to collab!!

  61. Jessica Tuck

    I love how geeky and chaotic Josh is, yet it just flows. I'm glad gmm has him now, it's new

  62. Eric Van Inwegen

    3:18 What the bucatini are you talking about?

  63. Eric Senko

    The food looks good but don't do that dance ever again

  64. Unseen Golden Shadow

    I think Josh is fluffing! His biceps were not near that big last episode

  65. Dior

    To put batter into a piping bag put the bag in a tall glass

  66. Vernon Daniels

    Yes , and KC style BBQ sauce is definitely the best , and its the dark, sweet,smokey,spicy ,thick sauce that smacks you in the face , kicks you in the mouth and dances on your tongue to make your 👄 mouth happy sauce . Say it , KC IS THE BEST !!!!

  67. Ghoul Dickens

    Nice to see Jesse Eisenberg out here being happy and doing well after the BvS backlash ☺️💜

  68. Adri Davis

    Christine "I feel you would know your way around Grinder " Josh "I downloaded it once to see what it was like " subtle 😂😂😂

  69. Callisto Rizzo

    Rhett literally said it’s good because there’s no cheddar.....well...you were tricked

  70. Caleb Gosselin

    waters wet

  71. Ealin Walters

    Its 2020 why is he still whipping and nae naeing🤣🤣🤣🤣

  72. Arin KKA

    I genuinely believe that Josh is the funniest person on the entire Mythical crew

  73. Mitchell Monroe

    When he did future fast food he always tried to tag the fast food joints to make his creation, but Fair Food Trucks have a legitimate chance of stealing this idea.

  74. Karma

    i feel like they gave him this kitchen, further away so that he wouldn't scare people as much. the distance probably helps

  75. Bevi Jean

    Josh, this is life changing info: Put plastic bag in large cup, roll the sides down over the sides and pour batter in!

  76. Just some Guy

    Ok I’ll start this. Water is wet. Change my mind.

  77. Celeste Greene

    “I think it was on vine first” incredible

  78. zachary thebeau

    Water is technically wet.

  79. Rafid Quadir

    The farmer is Willem Dafoe

  80. Sean Reitman

    Did Josh stick the meal thermometer up his ass to take his temperature?

  81. Jose Oliva

    Do the Takies grilled cheese

  82. oxygen barez

    12:34 ..successfully (smash).. 12:39 ..smash successfully..

  83. Gunther TV

    I'll be completely honest most of us don't care for the recipes we want fancy fast food

  84. Caleb Rivera

    Emily reminds me of merideth from the office 😂

  85. Byzan

    Emily reminds me so much of emma stone

  86. Phart

    The question remains: where did Josh actually put the thermometer when he checked his temperature?

    1. Frostee Fyre

      Oh dear

  87. Dylan Rivard

    Add candied bacon. might be good

  88. Sergio Machado

    from a chef to a chef put the bag into a one litter container folding the sealing / opening over the edge for a clean pour.

  89. M Slaughter

    Josh absolutely must be an alien trying to learn human customs. I refuse to believe anything else

  90. Alvin Lipscomb

    Was that AP flour?

  91. Karen Parker

    So... Michelle "roasted" you for sticking a meat thermometer in yourself? Either right or wrong.

  92. Emily Baruch

    I’ve said it once I’ll say it again. Bring back Food Fears with Brad Leone. Or anything with Brad Leone. Thank you

  93. Shes All That

    Please don’t “hit that in the club”🤣❤️

  94. Nathan Lewis

    He's nervous but on the surface he looks calm and ready

  95. Kpitch18

    He just won me over with the smashmouth reference

  96. Zach B

    When there's a mythical kitchen episode, I don't even bother watching GMMore, I'd rather watch Josh!

  97. Derek Lane-Bell

    What happened to snack smash? I miss it...

  98. Rachel K

    I usually watch videos at 1.25x or 1.5x speed... I never have to do that for these videos, and that makes me happy.

  99. tegan X

    As a British person.. I don’t even know what a funnel cake is 🍰 but I need this version.

  100. Brian Anderson

    Burbank BBQ sauce has to have pieces of Bob Hope emulsified into it.