I haven't decided yet, give me some time okay, I am new to this.

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  1. chase cieniewicz

    I'll take the 100k

  2. halo beeb

    U look more like r Kelly than an interviewer

  3. Nyankana

    "Why is he coughing?" "Does he have corona?" "Should I run?"

  4. War Rogers

    Words that could save your life.. #3 - ..." Uce, my bad. I apologize."

  5. Jue Viole Grace

    Whataburger gang

  6. Barnabás Kocsi

    Smashed 16-17 year old girls, in east europe it dont mean shit

  7. Vegeta_Goku 427

    This some super hot fire type stuff at the end


    Makes me want to throat jab my bitch ass manager

  9. Chinedu Felix Uwakonye

    0:16 Makes an origami crane

  10. Shayan Bountyhunter

    If midoriya was black!


    Bruh 😂😂😂

  12. Luvufirst

    So much truth to this...

  13. saf one

    predicted jake pauls scam 👀😂😂

  14. zucxys xx

    Girls in my area dont got morals and I'm all good with that 👌

  15. David Martinez

    Praise Jesus my church doesn’t do this type of crap. Greedy bastards who do this.

  16. dungeon master

    Stll better than bieber's version

  17. Penut

    I called a suicide hotline once and it did start with I've never done this before I just don't know what else to do Side note I wasn't suicidal I just was having a insane panic attack

  18. Josef Pena

    I died lmao i dang well stoped breathing at 0:48 ahahaha

  19. Steven Olson

    When girls cried: Ending of Titanic When boys cried:

  20. Subarashi SPNS


  21. Kayzarous

    Honestly i watch an anime get past the first season say screw waiting for second season go read manga catch up to the series then when a second season ever comes out i watch that. Also dubbed vs subbed lets say this back in the early 2000s dubbed wasnt that good only a handful of series had pretty damn good dubs. But over time now a good bit of dubs have been made because of anime being more popular with Western audience. Only problem with dub compared to sub is the small amount of voice actors. Yeah they are good voice actors but you start to remember character from their voice so you may here ichigo from bleach when watching code geass or vice versa. I enjoy subbed more but i love fullmetal alchemist, code geass,durarara,baccano,bleach,cowboy bepop, many others in dubbed. i dont really go and look for the dubbed as much so i get use to the subbed which i enjoy. But i do hope we get more talent for voice actor for animes and not having a hand full of popular voice actors.

  22. Spicy Tomato

    I don’t know what you’re going through RIGHT right now but, I saw the video about when people think that comedians are always happy, and the anxiety and depression mental breaks downs and friends losses and suicidal thoughts is everything I have had for years...it highkey won’t get better for me but I hope it does for you Lots of appreciation 💞💞💞💝💝💝👌👌👌

  23. Valore Dramack

    And this is why I never watch the Fast & Furious movies....the physics in these movies are so stupid that they only appeal to the mentally challenged.

  24. Easy Pitt

    I lost it when the Asian character said ok in that accent and then you hear the dog barking 🤣🤣

  25. darktennisball

    This or micro transactions? Gamers must choose

  26. Valore Dramack

    0:30 That is not the proper way to pronounce "remedial" you dumb piece of human sh!t, is English even your first language?

  27. Daniel Gomez

    I came to this video looking for some cheap laughs on faminazis but then my boi says pineapple goes on f***ing pizza. Wait whaaaat? Now Im f***ing triggered lmfao

  28. Julia TeeHee

    But that assassination classroom poster though...!!! 🤘🏿🙌🏻🙌🏻

  29. Laughing Matador

    Lucifer is obviously black

  30. Max Fischer

    I like uncircumcised dicks...


    0:16 this guy nailed it


    He low-key looks like Ne-Yo

  33. Pharaoh Horus

    Lmfaoooo that train part is legendary

  34. aniakor nnamdi

    If we ain't gonna get inappropriate

  35. Casual Xen

    _when you get caught watching LongBeachGriffy when you get caught playing with yourself video_


    The suspense! Fuck!🙏😣

  37. Max Fischer

    Dude, the virus is being blown out of proportion, just sayin

  38. the rock obama

    The Warriors versus the d league 😭

  39. Josue Blanco

    Nah bro I found his shit funny, you good 😂

  40. puper man

    That assassination classroom poster looks pretty good

  41. Buu

    LOL this definitely happens on Sydney Trains 😂

  42. Vignesh

    That room has seen some shit...

  43. QueenUNLIMITED

    Ok. This isnt funny anymore. 😂😂😂 At least, it shouldn't be.

  44. Energyza Shaker4Life


  45. Alphyy

    I dont know which one is being made fun of In this one

  46. Chris Hamilton


  47. em0n1nja

    Can confirm. I'm the white friend

  48. Elijah Fleming

    Rrrrrre rrrrre

  49. Tiffany De Goya

    I still haven’t watched the last episode, I watched every damn episode all of it except the last and I was so disappointed I just knew it would get worse. Hopefully the GOT spin-offs will be much better.

  50. Zakopp

    AAAA RAPE!! RAPE!!!!!

  51. djsolucky 07

    Dude have a ps2

  52. VOXLIO

    im taking my mispronunciation and im going home.


    This videos a classic. I always come back to watch this one ❤

  54. EDSH

    I don’t understand the florida joke

  55. Ashy Boy

    "When your heartbroken"

  56. Jake Nation65

    This is like another version of CalebCity's video where he was digging through a bag to find a phone charger, and ends up releasing a guy that punches grandma's

  57. Robert Delgado Capetillo

    You have no idea how terrible hell is.

  58. bbat 0414

    Nighus- Griffy

  59. Triet Lam

    “It’s so good, it’s retarded” I swear we can put this in some advertisements

  60. It's Just Duckyyy

    0:27 mmm, yes, oygen.

  61. Dean Celli

    Teriyaki is Japanese 😂😂😂😂

  62. aquadinero o

    "Unfortunately not"

  63. Impreza Oziel

    But i like corn flakes

  64. Roozle

    uh oh

  65. LordlyHyper


  66. Monica Leigh

    I've never lucked out and been blessed with an uncut dick. (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

  67. Zi Hui

    I spilled my oats when I heard him say we punch babies


    Seeing the Kobe joke after his death is horrifying 😭😭

  69. Daririri

    My ex actually did this to me when I said Im not voting

  70. Oofer Man 101

    This man be wearing Karen hair

  71. Rocko Jeter


  72. Dopple

    These people are supposed to be "WOKE"

  73. Shakirah Ashanti Miles

    It’s my body headass

  74. Jonathan Pereyra

    😂😂😂 whoa man, mega bitch 😂😂😂

  75. Yxng Kiax


  76. Jonathan Pereyra

    🤦‍♂️what fuckery this generation is, next level sensitivity . Fuck it bro keep doing what your doing

  77. Kaosha Scott

    The way he popped that forehead TOOK ME OUTTTTTT 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  78. kyng_k KRW

    Yah Battybwayy thats jamaican for gayyyy

  79. ØvĒrhAul

    guy in the back: *OH HELL NOOOOOOOO.*

  80. Choice FirstInFlyght

    Call me...Obama 💀

  81. Sherry Amor

    So the part between the hill and the tornado I'll believe 😭😭😂

  82. Shai K

    Where the link at? Imma buy that program.

  83. Wize One

    This is funny and sad at the same time. He sick ass should of been arrested back in the 90's FACTS!!

  84. Ruanito _ciphercraft2

    was i the only waiting for a "youre adopted" shot ?


    God is dead. - Nietzsche

  86. isobel64

    First of all you dont say "Hey, how you doing" to your girl's father OR mother. You say Good Afternoon/Evening SIR/MA'AM. He deserved that shit for that stupid opening line.

  87. CeeEmGee 03

    Now I'm glad I actually went to church today

  88. Jase Malvis

    Anyone else heard the “I used to be in jail” self pick me up story?


    You can never be to careful now a days

  90. nii_amart

    Lmao....how did he get the bottle back after throwing it up in the air and shooting it?? That bartender is good.

  91. Marvin Thiga

    This is sooooooooooo accurate

  92. Luvufirst

    California BF New York Disrespectful head ass

  93. GrieverTV

    One of the very few from this creative genius that I wasn't a fan of.

    1. Commander Blox

      It's supposed to be offensive

  94. Choice FirstInFlyght

    0:36 💀

  95. Elijah Fleming

    My wewe count a cold ...

  96. Arley 999

    I hate trans ppl who act like that

  97. Bruce Illest

    Even mafia bosses snitch when they know they are cornered.

  98. Shy Noel

    Lmao my dad still does this to me lol

  99. EJ.hampto *

    Niggas don’t even know

  100. Dorian Mouzone

    wanted to see how this conversation would have ended.