If you want to see videos with 'KSI', 'my girlfriend' and 'the Sidemen' in titles, you've come to the right place!

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  1. Amerzers

    Simon: Southern exposure, Also Simon: coz ur at the North Pole

  2. Dantube

    Take notes man united

  3. Blue mask

    Babatunde makes slave owner his slave 1890 colorized

  4. Waie Julkafili

    5:43 yo simon said deji’s channel is dead but deji didnt even care at the time but suddenly triggered when randolph said it hmmm

  5. Nortan Security

    no one : ksi : OOF OOF OOF OOF OOF

  6. Maddison Horan

    Josh's face is so cute before JJ said well your dead

  7. The Striker

    1:43 had me dead lol 🤣🤣

  8. bea piñol

    wait who’s girlfriends are who I’m confused

  9. The Clickbaiter

    ksi beats logan

  10. Faith Hope And Charity

    Why is he with a kid

  11. Matthew Sergious

    Viks's watching you

  12. Karlo Ivančić

    Whos here before 4mil views?

  13. The Console Genius

    Who’s here in 2019 ?

  14. Teh_Chop 2JZ

    3:57 MMMMMMMMMMM and KSI mouth

  15. Jorge Flores


  16. sarhang ali

    I love simon

  17. XxJackEllisxX

    Simon is better than I thought

  18. Blacke Design.

    bro WHAT she scrunches noooo

  19. Alexander Lund solheim

    No way! In the sidemen challenge you only ate one strawberry

  20. Logan's Gameplays

    3:28 sad music 😔🤣

  21. Morgan Robertson

    Idk why it still annoys me to this day knowing it's not a ferret

  22. Angel Princess

    "I'm great thanks"🤣🤣🤣🤣

  23. calvinpvp 10

    Who watching this after when KSI beat Logan pual

  24. Uriel Santos

    Ksi won

  25. Aron Johansson

    Thatcher Joe is very good at impressions

  26. Abdullah Rizwan

    6:37 my reaction when ksi beat logan paul 😂😂

  27. N8te 37

    Near the end when there is three of them. Taz voted for manny. If manny voted for James then James would have to vote for someone and manny is the only other one that has a vote. Therefore James has to vote for manny in order for someone to win or no one wins

  28. Ethan Yee

    Quadeca won boys

  29. Conrad Jackson

    9:39 Logan Paul after the fight :

  30. Kailen-James Morrison

    Taz looms so awkward (:

  31. Edwin Troy Sablan Salonga

    I forgot why I hate this USselr kid OH YEAH BECAUSE HE IS CRINGE!

  32. Pierre Ceballos

    Whats the song at 2:25 called

  33. ish daily

    1:20 is that a picture of Logan Paul and Kong?

  34. NGB-Dean

    When ksi punches he says oof

  35. ChapTiger7


  36. MSN’s RAJj

    Who’s here after KSI beat Logan

  37. Joseph Borg

    who's here after JJ beat logan

  38. mr. rakker

    i use water

  39. Heathman 131

    Lachlan said servo and they put server wtf

  40. Nolan Anthony

    Can 67 sidemen shirts stop a nuke?

  41. Nikhilda Vheel

    If you turn on closed captions at the end it says Dabs on them haters 😂 lmao



  43. d3adscar

    Y he say oof every time

  44. PCEM 05


  45. Henry Towne

    Simeon out here throwing more punches than Logan

  46. AS - 04TN - Castlemore PS (1426)

    1 1 11111111111111111

  47. Eskilate

    Hardcore Doggy 😂😂😂

  48. Yaseen cherni

    What's the diff between this and all the time ?🧐

  49. Ray

    Gibs about the f up ur dad

  50. Levi S

    KSI made him his b***h 😂

  51. Riley McNally

    Jj is such a good guy😂❤️

  52. Toreishi


  53. TheOfficialNxvs DB

    Slims the best

  54. BedfastNutria38

    3:43 if i had come across your channel back then i would 100% have subscribed to you

  55. Samuel Beattie

    They needa do this again with harry

  56. M3TS

    200 shirts vs KSI please

  57. Rafiqi Haqimi

    Everytime miniladd shout out the things he going to make laugh so hard

  58. Fortnite Squad

    Bring this back

  59. Phone Case

    Who's here after KSI won against Logan

  60. Jack Matthews

    Outro song?

  61. Mister Whacky

    Simon: Jake Paul's my dad me: so? Simon: Logang for life me: I hate him

  62. BoredYT User

    Rare footage of the Southern States *Uno Reversed*

  63. KSmallz84

    My sis name is italia

  64. Paolo Samonte


  65. conor bailey

    Jj : why you keep saying let’s go champ Also jj Let’s go vandal Let’s go Sendai

  66. David Panken

    4:45 I watched this video multiple times, but only realized now that this wasn’t fake or acted but a real fight lol

  67. Cagney Hedahl

    did you put chemicals to kill kong if you did f you


    2019 and they still play this game

  69. George Dajavs

    Josh: Dad Simon: Mum Ethan: Cousin Tobi/Vik: Adopted Harry: Autistic JJ: The one who was dropped on there head as a kid

  70. ZambieSlayerYT

    Nice! *now do a part two* *jk* *lol* *you would probably die doing apart two 😂*

  71. sehhi vooty

    Literally no one: Me: just saying but big booooooobs spotted

  72. andy gogos

    (clean) ffffffffffffff

  73. Family Christian Kartoonz

    This is so clickbait

  74. Una Greene

    vegatarians all the way

  75. DaLLaSBoYz7

    What gfual shaker cup is that ?

  76. Ganimania 1


  77. SZU

    Why are u drinking the water😂😂😂

  78. Ben Whitty

    Is this not what normally happens everyday

  79. Rip Vortex

    We need a deji vs jake rematch

  80. yash budwal

    The way they did this fake beef is insane

  81. Precision Games

    Anyone gonna acknowledge that this got more views than little boy

  82. yash budwal

    Four years later, return to the staples center but for JJ’s professional fight

  83. Charlie Dawson

    I’m so scared of Freya

  84. kehrmann6

    No one: Deji: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!

  85. Zach Winans

    This is the reason ksi beat Logan pau


    watched all this for you to not get 10k

  87. Barry McCockiner

    come on V I K 7:45

  88. 93.5k sub for burger

    Of course there jk in the thumbnail

  89. Jayden Hutchings

    You are good at football

  90. strangeKE

    Vik is a dickhead

  91. Michael Egbagbe

    Ksi really took full advantage of this offer 😂

  92. Joel Westlake-Allen

    Decent song tbhhhhh but the music video had too many themes

  93. danielle bramley


  94. hamzaj _65

    Oh shush simon

  95. Wroeto Shag

    This was a good summer

  96. Myth1cal

    Young chip

  97. Karlo Ivančić

    Whos here before 4.5mil views?

  98. Ben McKay

    He never takes it off tho so he does love it

  99. Dave the pigeon

    7 minutes of vik bullying deji