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  1. Jotaro Kujo

    At least the kid wasn't gay or the story would've been different

  2. CTop2 Lofton

    Is that Justin Royland

  3. achi tik

    A VPN ad

  4. Nytrowjen

    Bro I love your content

  5. Roy Cheng

    Those viruses are coliphages, they won't harm human.

  6. smire59 fire dust

    This needs to be a movie... about *Ladders*

  7. فيصل يوسف الحربي

    Do tiny style finds crue of crona virus

  8. Dark_Weedle

    Love it i need more violence MORE BLOOD

  9. littletinyplayer

    I am now depressed

  10. Margo Palazzolo

    Wow that's just sad your dad a banded you

  11. Boost Benski

    why did he still have to die

  12. Skeptical Sam gaming

    The big girl is gonna have him inside her. If you get it?

  13. Miguel R./Avenger954

    This hasn't aged well

  14. SticksterGuy77

    I really wanted to see the baby with a gun vs 2 baby’s with 3 guns

  15. Skeptical Sam gaming

    ⚫️ ⚫️ (------)

  16. Cloudz-Sama

    12:37 😭😭😭

  17. Slime in a Box

    This is just his nightmare.

  18. Lego Eggo Jayden u n d e r Santiago!

    0:43 *Black Hole in a Nutshell* Reason: Butt-Hole Is A Black HOLE

  19. Skull Head

    Tony is so screwed he’s went nuts he could of had 7 minutes in heaven with a hot demon

  20. Dr. Harold Pontiff Coomer

    I just realized the guy is a commie, cause of the star on the front of his house.

  21. Skull Head

    So either the guy who has the knife who will gut his eyes or the hot succubuse who will give him 7 minutes in heaven

  22. Amanda Alford

    I like these type of videos where it gets dark at the end