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Not much of a cook? That's ok-because we're not *just* recipes. Whatever you're into, we've got it. This is a space for everyone - aka people who liked to eat more than they actually liked to cook: We see you.

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  1. Yasmin Yusoff

    It triggers me so much that she takes such tiny bites

  2. Daniel Parsons

    What are you gonna do with the rest of the food. Hope you took it home. What an expensive dinner.

  3. Lambo Avento

    what is natilie to david

  4. Ken Farnsworth

    Is this for real? Is this a paid advertisement? Applebees gets a 4 out of 10, nothing tastes fresh at applebees, I imagine that even the beer comes in a plastic bag.

  5. VanGrindz

    A fondness for anchovies is a prerequisite to be on the NYT Cooking team.

  6. Matt Wright

    what happens to all the uneaten food? If you need someone to eat it hmu

  7. gary demesa

    Just fast forward when the loser with glasses talked.... Lol

  8. eboni corpening

    Now that I've seen the steak and loaded sweet potatoes it's a wrap lol next date will be at Texas Roadhouse 😉 don't judge me I'm pregnant 😂

  9. Bailey & Addy

    Now, do the rest of the menu.

  10. Megan DeLaTorre

    every time she bites the fork i want to SCREAM

  11. Katana Burgess

    Please dont attack me, but I miss Liza 😭

  12. Kira Kaus

    This was a fun video. Thanks for the subtitles.

  13. Chris Hansen

    love the overalls!

  14. Amy Evans

    That's how we do Chkn n Dumplings down here in Tennessee...ain't nothing bland about it either...you better know them dumplins stick to your ribs baby...😍💋

  15. Marie  Lucas

    I pray everything u didn't eat did not go in the trash. The homeless people would love to smell it and eat it

  16. D-Money

    Texas Road House.... nothing Texas about it. It’s a restaurant Chain from Kentucky. They are profiting from Texas’s name only.

  17. hermela

    Omg I love her humor 😂 and reactions!!

  18. kristine villanueva

    She’s borderline annoying🤐

  19. glozebra

    My question is: WHY ARE THERE NO BLACK PEOPLE IN THE ROOM?!?!?!?! They legit only put Caucasian people to try food that was cooked by people of color and had the NERVE to say the shit was "sour" and "lacked flavor" like gtf😒put me on this damn show🤷🏾‍♀️

  20. Bel Lita

    This was funny lol

  21. Sticky Rice

    Of course lemon and honey the best for salmon.. No doubt lebron won this match.

  22. Hayden Cooper

    The chicken critter salad is the best

  23. john rousseau

    Wow i worked at chang's many years ago there menu has gone wild only like 10 things are items i remember cooking everything else is new

  24. Hannah Johnson

    oh god I'm crying, the apple sauce is just one of their sides ahaha, I mean I guess you can dip the pork chop in it, but I think they just had it on there to show all the sides

  25. Rman Nayr


  26. Rman Nayr

    LOL DEATH BY SWEAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. transformerland

    Julia I love watching you eat lol, AND your choices of nail colors :D

  28. Allison

    Imagine going to Texas Roadhouse as a vegan. You’ll literally just have to walk out the door

  29. oakeysmokey

    btich thinks some gross blend of soy sauce and sugar at Red Lobster is the hottest thing ever? ahahahahahhdhhhh

  30. oakeysmokey

    btich thinks some gross blend of soy sauce and sugar at Red Lobster is the hottest thing ever? ahahahahahhdhhhh

  31. oakeysmokey

    btich thinks some gross blend of soy sauce and sugar at Red Lobster is the hottest thing ever? ahahahahahhdhhhh

  32. oakeysmokey

    btich thinks some gross blend of soy sauce and sugar at Red Lobster is the hottest thing ever? ahahahahahhdhhhh

  33. celeste sandoval

    I hate this wasteful bitch. I hate how you tubers that go always end up wasting food for the gram

  34. Michael

    Alcoholics Anonymous

  35. Amaka Egesimba

    Is she an experienced chef? I'm so confused

  36. vbddfy euuyt

    'never hurted my friends' paintball gun: am i a joke to you?

  37. Chris Hansen

    didnt like this video as much as your other vids. sowwy maybe lack of humour in it and the dark atmosphere?

  38. ßiTE SiZE ßAяßiE


  39. nrh0310

    I have heartburn just watching this.

  40. Michael

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen a women blush and roll their eyes so much at a Texas Roadhouse!

  41. Urzzaa

    Do you eat everything up or you throw it away?? Just i basically want to know what you do with leftovers, cause you couldn't really stomach all that

  42. hi i'm braya

    i work at a texas roadhouse and i’ve never seen my store this empty EVER🤣 i wish

  43. Naga Raj Shenoy

    It should be a federal crime if you fuck up cracking open a crab.!

  44. Jazzy Fizzle

    As a non American I’m horrified. Steak with sweet potato and marshmallow. 🤮

  45. The PowerKHouple

    Did she legit think the applesauce was for dipping PORK into ? 😂🤯

  46. Jennifer Gonzales

    Does she have her own channel?!?!? If she doesn't she needs one. I instantly liked her!

  47. RaeAnn Callahan

    I love Zuppa Tuscana soup. I make it all the time and find it tastes great with Sweet Italian Sausage. Try it, you will love it.

  48. t

    Tastes like Melanie 😂

  49. Ally Garcia

    Calorie checkkkkk 💥

  50. miriam hopkins

    11:27, chicken fried chicken 😂 the editor must have been busy with the leftovers then 😂

  51. Adam Dasic


  52. R Mack

    *David*: "This is a warhead right?" ...*whispers* "I've heard stories about these."

  53. francis

    I love that she actually takes good bites and enjoys it!

  54. Edith Zamora

    I made this today forgot to use the baking powder but shit was fuego definitely making this again 😎

  55. Orly Gonzales

    David: How do I plead the fifth? Me: Become a U.S. Citizen.👀

    1. vbddfy euuyt

      I want them together so much

  56. Pascual Castaneda

    Lebron's win citrus and fish go well together

  57. Dusty Bunz

    I want your job lol

  58. Bouje Doll

    Why were they playing screamo music while showing the recipe ... so weird

  59. bpxl53yewz

    Both hamburger meat and sausage in that is too much meat overload. Giada's looks better with better ingredients. How many people tasted anyway? Not really fair the way you did it.

  60. E N C

    Love! Would you make a chocolate pecan pie? :)

  61. Evil Tracy Queen

    🌟 *TRY a baked potato with truffle powder & herb butter* 😋 Yummm LOVE~ 😈🔺🦋

  62. redd7293

    PLEASE. stop biting your utensils 😭

  63. Camryn Cook

    The salmon at Texas Roadhouse SLAPS

  64. Jenny Wagner

    Dolly’s looks legit AF 🔥🔥🔥


    they should hire matt stonie to do this... there would be no food left...lol

  66. Eden Cornwell

    I was there the night you filmed this and I actually saw you doing the pizza fries review. I defiantly freaked out a bit and was too nervous to say hello hahaha

  67. Nicole Mellion

    omg, I work down the street from there. Would have died if I was there that day. I love this series.

  68. Melodie Chartier

    Brown boy saying he doesn't like the food but at the end takes another big bite... i am sure his parents would be proud to know that their "son" like to suck on diiiiiicks...

  69. Isaac Rosas


  70. Stephen Bailey

    Seriously keep these videos coming. They make me so happy on my darkest days. Something is so satisfying about watching someone eat an ungodly amount of food

  71. gleefanatic2013

    Do Outback Steakhouse!

  72. mike ludwig

    damn natalie looks exactly the same...she danced with half the football team too so u know what that means...wish i went to their school

  73. Stephen Bailey

    That watermelon BBLz drink was super weird. Icing on top? Interesting

  74. Nora Arredondo

    do they throw all that food a way?

  75. Rasta Mahn

    Throw that whole man in the grey away please ugh annoying judges

  76. Jess Sod

    Damn, this definitely achieved what Texas Roadhouse hoped for because I really want to go there now 😂

  77. Rasta Mahn

    You need better judges 🙄

  78. Vâłêrìė

    6:14 and I live by that

  79. Massiel Acosta Marchena

    Lebron one 🤩😍

  80. Elisa Van Mechelen

    Why was it sugarplums instead of honey dukes? And why does the hopping pot exist. That was a beedle the bard story not a restaurant.

  81. Jonathan O


  82. Boujii Lexx

    Watching this video is funny to me bc I work at a Texas Roadhouse 😂

  83. Jezze Montes

    If they were together they’d be USsel new POWER COUPLE

  84. the GiRl from your NiGhTmArEs

    I’m so sad because the food looks so good but I’m allergic to peanuts so I can’t go there 😢

  85. LRB9498

    Why do you keep subjecting this poor girl to garbage chain restaurant food and have her pretend it tastes good? Julia is a delight and it'd be great to see her eat at a decent place once in a while!

  86. Starr Carter

    They needa hurry up n get together

  87. Dan Harrington

    the people who cut the clips together need to learn what the word "purpose" means

  88. Alondra Cruz

    Do you share or eat this all on your own? Cause girl you are phenomenal! 😱

  89. Stoppa317

    This is just a worse version of hot ones

  90. Havoot

    Is just me or does she look like Loren gray?

  91. iisufferii

    Wow, you go everywhere! I know I'm late but I live in Coney Island and I had never tried any of those foods, lol.

  92. I _AM B


  93. tabetha howard

    What is the last sour candy called I would love to try it!!!

  94. tabetha howard

    I love sour candy I drink pure lemon juice as often as I can

  95. p0pp4

    Any time some one says "NO! It'll be fine. I can do this..." in regards to spicy food is actually means "I have seriously erred. This was a global failure of judgement on my part in evaluating how much spice I can handle."

  96. Curelia

    Vanilla is going extinct hot damn

  97. Amata Molnar

    I'm going to try this recipe! It is much different than my usual but it looks delicious 😍

  98. Dazzling by Nafeesath

    No need of sugar in pudding mix and whipping cream?

  99. Perdue Tribe

    I want to know what the bill was lol

  100. Chas

    The guy with the beard is complaining an awful lot😒🤦