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Not much of a cook? That's ok-because we're not *just* recipes. Whatever you're into, we've got it. This is a space for everyone - aka people who liked to eat more than they actually liked to cook: We see you.

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  1. Merissa Graham

    Your extremely creative in the kitchen 😀❤️

  2. jdisco1

    Dude, your audio editor sucks.

  3. Julie Garbs

    Your are making me hungry. My budget is 76.00 a week. I do Aldi. Do you go there?

  4. j.ow.n

    They obviously love to eat

  5. Eat The World Recipe - etw recipe -

    MY DREAM KITCHEN 😍 I wish I can film my video in like this kitchen❤️

  6. Nick Garner

    Interesting video, but you could have gotten all of this at Aldi for like $18

  7. Viewed Pizza

    i’ve never been to olive garden

  8. Esther Deleon

    Rebecca how did they get you in the video

  9. Esther Deleon

    Becca is this not your USsel channel

  10. van8ryan

    I'm not kidding. I closed my eyes for a little bit while listening to this......……...Brenda Song sounds near-exactly Miley Cyrus.

  11. F. E. Urquhart

    Darren's imitation of the Prince is so subtle and spot-on!

  12. Meghan ur Mom.

    My only question I’m asking myself are you did you go on any rides while you were there?

  13. katelyn.

    Finally someone who knows week means Sunday through Saturday not just Monday through Friday.

  14. Paul Felix

    What are the measurements for the butter and honey for the amount of sauce you used

  15. Heart

    Was this the dude who had sex with Jeffery Epstein's underage sex slaves or was that his son?

  16. Bersabeh Kifle

    When you forget to do the windowpane test 😐

  17. tee Grey

    hi beautiful lindsey,banana bread is my favorite

  18. Lenora Barrett

    Such a sexy giant man! So handsome 😍🤩

    1. Lenora Barrett

      Can't wait to see more Umbrella Academy!!! So excite!!!!!!

  19. Hufflepuff Pride

    Tess is a legend, I love these vids

  20. B K

    I'm so jealous, you can eat so many carbs and look like that.. I just look at carbs and blow up..

  21. Yolanda Baldwin

    Not enough fiber for me personally. This way of eating will have me back up and gassy from all the legumes.

  22. Terry M

    Great job! Variety and still had groceries left!

  23. Jovy Mar

    I love Ina’s recipes! Although, I love some from Nigella too! But, for this one, Ina’s brownies. ♥️ Don’t like white chocs.


    Big ice that’s what she said....lol 😹😹😹

  25. Brandon D'Abreo

    Not a single mention of Brad's Wife?

  26. Janet Gomez

    What kind of mayo is that?


    So you’re tryna tell me the woman who would/could have anything in this world and she liked her steak well done 🤦‍♂️ smh

  28. Courtney T

    Gorgeous. Lets get drunk and indulge. Ill pamper you

  29. 1278 277

    worst host ever

  30. Hallee B. & the Fam

    Watching her reset me soul and gut... happy:)

  31. Maria Mohti

    Could someone possibly share the recipe for the vegan sloppy joes please (portions of veggies and other ingredients used)😋😋 it looked good

  32. Auntie Shar

    $4 for eggs?!?

  33. Cannadi Sang

    Honestly love how organized everything is 🔥✌🏽

  34. Ava Crowley

    notice how most of this (except the eggs) is vegan. a vegan diet is not expensive

  35. gregory chumley

    u still have a lot of places to go hurry up girl any restaurant no more than 100 stores

  36. gregory chumley

    yall seem so good together. friend or whatnot pleasing video

  37. gregory chumley

    leave nasal sweaky tess behind. she a person sorry but yall clash

  38. Jesse

    Video would be great if she was a woman of color, not white

  39. LiL hiCcup

    learning how to eat right so i can live to be her majesty’s the queen’s age (im american btw)

  40. S Chang

    Can we get Khidr to do Jollibee?

  41. Rameen Azmat

    i think u like alcohol. question if there was only rubbing alcohol would drink it or nah......

  42. S Chang

    That looks like the fanciest Arby’s I’ve ever seen.

  43. Creamapera

    Will you be King John the 3rd's chef?

  44. Payton Kaiser

    Holy cow a dozen eggs here in Kansas are 69¢

  45. Juliette Brua

    Elle mettait où le reste Wsh

  46. Isabella's Quick Recipes

    The opening to the outside 😍 this is my dream kitchen!

    1. Eat The World Recipe - etw recipe -

      absolutely the dream kitchen❤️

  47. Courtney T

    So beautiful, Julia. 💕💕💜 so obsessed with you and your reviews. Mmmmm dream girl.

    1. Courtney T

      Gorgeous face as well as beautiful personality. Mmmmm beauty

  48. Blair Roth


  49. Nurea L.

    I´ve just watched this and I´m so jealous right now...

  50. Thomas Jackson

    Stealing and eating everything

  51. @!extobi@$

    “I look like I’m a rat coming out of the subway” same gurl

  52. Thomas Jackson

    Just eaten everything whole lots

  53. Paula Arango

    Secaucus, nj. I used to go to that LA fitness behind 😂

  54. Genny Leticia

    I did, too much sugar. I didn't like it. Maybe it was because my bananas were ripe. But, I don't recommend this recipe

  55. gwallaia

    How does your stomach feel at the end of the day!?

  56. Average Jane

    Is he the guy from that movie I feel pretty?

  57. Sylar

    She can't cook lmao wtf

  58. Jay Freeman

    I am going to send you a bigger bowl....nice looking pizza!

  59. Kaila T

    But like, I feel like I have her chaotic energy, and I’m here for it!!

  60. Black Templar Knight Draven

    I'm getting hungry just watching this

  61. Chloe Dicken

    Dude box house money

  62. Dickhead Anonymous

    why is this in everyone’s recommended?

  63. KeeperOfNightfall

    Mango Habanero is my favorite. I’m gonna try the Blazin Challenge for my upcoming birthday.

  64. Caraa Laraa

    Do this again!

  65. ItsJazmin Lado

    Hahahah people were waving 13:33

  66. Ana Bee

    no offense but who is this guy

  67. rod axel

    Great actor. From Black Sails, Game of Thrones and The Umbrella Academy. Season is 2 almost here. So healthy and ripped.

  68. Peter Peterson

    Anyway, that's how I almost lost my head because I mistook the prince for the gardener. But great to see that the royals are so down to earth that you could make that mistake.

  69. Ms Natasha

    I made this ... amazing!!!

  70. Richard Fuentes

    I wish I could be that tall

    1. Treasure gold


  71. Laura Patrón

    Funny how $5 is more than the minimum salary in Mexico and there's actually people who live with that amount. Without a nyc view

  72. Mr. O

    That’s a dope kitchen thatd be fun to cook in, dude thought his layout well.

  73. Passion for food

    That's right folks, the kitchen is real! This is not a simulated kitchen 😉

  74. Savannah Hendrie

    4 th

  75. Gabriela Laneé

    So gorgeous, the kitchen, the man Small, cooking USselr here with a dream of 1k 💕

  76. Lily Vest


  77. vicky brennan

    looking nice

  78. Hannah Willard

    Man that’s a man right there.

  79. Budleee Bazz

    Does anyone know what kind of red blender does June use?

    1. junelikethemonth

      It's a Vitamix!

  80. Budleee Bazz

    Hi, I love carbs. Also these are amazing!

  81. Suleiman Ibrahim

    Good they’re boring AF. Tom’s Gay and she’s a lesbian

  82. Naomi Kipfer

    home girl out here wearing the same pants through the week 🤣 we stan 🙌

  83. lacy k

    tess walks weird

  84. naruto 6 paths

    I'm hungry.😋😋😋

  85. Jacquelyn Hammerton

    When I was struggling to make ends meet in New York one summer, I lived off of rice, raw vegetables, bananas and eggs. Super affordable foods that are very versatile. Good video 👏

  86. Tatiana Berkoh

    Super Yummy ingredients (chocolate/walnuts and of course 🍌 🍌:) 😍😍 - 😋 😋

  87. Ichal3082 Faizal


  88. therese bizabishaka

    Interesting recipes. I don't known how much it would have blown your budget but I think I would've had to splurge on some cheese. Cheese makes everything better :)

  89. Viewed Pizza

    there outback jacks in australia but i don’t think they’re the same

  90. Stephen Pekaar

    Host is so awkward

  91. Tomass Vilnis

    How in the world can you be a chef for the Royal family and have never touched a live fish

  92. XIFOZ

    everything was good until he said...welldone steak

  93. Kaira

    This guy is actually Jerry Gergeich if people were nice to him and he was a cook. Clumsy, but heart of gold and hilarious.

  94. Jendbff Lyndbdn


  95. Meghan Prendergast

    Omg hilarious I think she is the best!!! So real and fun! Love herrrr

  96. coolmenthol

    The Queen: Humble and simple steak cooked by royal chef who can please the Queen taste. Me: Medium rare sirloin steak with shaved truffle cooked by a foul-mouthed tyre manufacturer star chef who can kick you out anytime he want.

  97. Jordan Smacher

    It was a mess! I loved it!

  98. Jon Doe

    Nazi duke.