I review technology from the inside with smartphone durability tests and teardown videos! Mixed with other projects and things I enjoy. Like drones & fixing random things.
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  1. Vi Vi


  2. Leo Valdez

    Yeah except the liberty pro 2s are fucking huge

  3. Airon Andres

    "the liberty pro 2's are currently the only wireless headphones with this astria coaxial acoustic architecture (basically 1DD 1BA setup)" kz e10 tws: oh okay

  4. dinakar yanala

    How to reply

  5. Ali j

    Shot game: take a shot everytime Jerry says coaxial 😂

  6. Abhudaya Singh


  7. ultimete Gangelusz


  8. ALsRig

    I have this exact same phone and btw that bending motherboard chip at 3:34 really made me cry, it's good to see the internals and btw there is a giveaway going on of this phone on my channel, go check it out.

  9. medic 01001010

    U.K. Amazon link “not currently available” looks like Anker pulled these from sale already until they figure out how to remove the static background hissing the majority of users are reporting... Also, an ad ? Really ?

  10. Limahel

    Mate X

  11. Saptajit Banerjee

    Why don't you try realme phones in your channel we are waiting for it .

  12. ALsRig

    Whoa, I have this exact same phone and those scratches get me right in the feels, btw there's a giveaway of this phone on my channel go check it out.

  13. minecraft gaming guy


  14. ReaL Travellers

    Ho Jerry can you buy an iphone for me

  15. Victoria Ware

    Omg where you at sir?😩😔

  16. Om Prakash Singh

    U give these to people in U.P

  17. MAS

    Next up razer phone teardown

  18. Krunal Janwalkar

    Love your videos

  19. Mesut Gürdal

    Jerry is like Build'em up breake'em down :D

  20. Alex Papamarkou


  21. A.D.

    Oh no maan it's so heart breaking to see this ...... but at least we are aware of the durability..

  22. Haris Saqib



    Samsung worth it

  24. Marko Nemett

    That “noise-cancelling” feature is worth those extra $. Whoever tried headphones with it will confirm it.

  25. Ansh Sharma


  26. David Russel

    Recommend by 10 Grammy award winning audio producers, why didn’t you mention anyone recommending AirPods. According to me this tells the whole story.

  27. Muhammad Abu Huraira

    Airpods pro are definitely worth 250$. The anc on these is nothing I've seen in any earbuds

  28. Yohance Adam

    I mean what’s the point... l’ ve tried over, and over to win these giveaways but never seem to win. Who cares imma still do it tho!


    You is relyy down stuped

  30. jewel majumder

    Is she your wife?

  31. Альфа Центавр

    Like for destroying apple

  32. santiago barrios

    I can’t stop watching this I’ve probably watched this 40 times it’s like asmr to me

  33. Richard Verheyen


  34. Siddhant Saxena

    I love these earphones

  35. M.Kanzul Chilmi

    Realme 3 the best!

  36. Matthew Williams

    Oh wow the giveaway ends a day before my birthday

  37. Pew Pew

    F in the chat for the earbuds

  38. Matthew Williams

    I know what I'm getting for my birthday next month

  39. Lil PP

    The real question is can you sext your step sis while driving a Tesla

  40. Tomleç YT

    Nobody: Not even anybody: Not even a single soul: Steve:

  41. Satyajit Das

    Hi Jerry can you send 1 mother board of sd845 of any low cost phone..plzz..if possible. I am a Processor nerd.

  42. Potatosaur

    My soul is crushed

  43. CoolyGamerz

    I’m watching this with AirPods pro lol

  44. Audio Narco

    i slow down Zacks videos to 0.5 so he has a deeper voice

    1. Audio Narco

      or speed up to 1.45

  45. NaSh ML

    Ahhhhh why you destroy that

  46. Azam Aziz

    You ar amazing! You always show us what we wish to see..

  47. billy cassanova

    Basshead would love this 1.

  48. Kwmike-D

    I have the soundcore2s for like a month now, got them on preorder. Battery is awesome, sound is awesome! Size it's a little big in ear, not quite as big as the Bose, similar.

  49. CommAndroid

    Lmao sellout. Generic Chinese brands are making two speaker earphones for years for cheap. NO INOVATION IN THIS SHIT. Imagine having so shitty speakers that you need two of them for different frequencies LOL. I am an android guy but this video is completely biased bullshit jerry.

  50. toni mus

    Mate 30 Pro and mate 30 and xiaomi MI note 10 please jerryrigeverything

  51. ARandomPersonOnTheInternet *

    Cool... But Sony WF-1000XM3's will propably beat both...

  52. 302yt

    I'll still get the Airpods Pro tho... Just waiting to see if Apple wld release different colours instead

  53. DnjDavid

    I’ll stick to my AirPods I rather not have a big block in my ear 🤷🏾‍♂️

  54. Amir Montazeri


  55. James Ofianga25

    Hope to win!😍😍😍😍

  56. lotu jnr

    Does her vagina still feel?

  57. RandomUser_101

    My first phone was a Nokia E63 and i was 7 at the time.

  58. It’s Raahim BTW

    Actual thing at 3:15

  59. Jurassic21 Legend

    My father bought a truck chevy 2009 1500 and i was born in 2008

  60. Mansour Kamel منصور كامل

    Please Tear it Down

  61. Flame _F1yer2037

    Well That whats bulletproof stands for 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  62. Revanth

    I guess you are being a bit unethical. This video is not fair to Apple and it's just a paid promotion by Liberty. It's okay if it's a paid video but don't degrade Apple for it.

  63. FrezZyK1nG

    The burn in on your s8 is awful

  64. karthick raj

    Can you play with Motorola 2020 razr phone

  65. KrazyWorldWars

    Switched from pixel lineup to note 10 plus. It's has higher specs than college kids' laptops/Mac books. It's packedddd it some super cool features. and the cherry on the top, the stylus. Don't forget wireless power share so you can help an iphoner charge their phone. It's a no brainer. Used Nexus lineup because it was at the right price point and was filled with features. And than the pixel one because it was a game changer and free lifetime storage for pictures (low quality) but nonetheless it offered things other didn't. The only thing I do miss is the monthly security patches and first ones to receive OS updates.

  66. Osama Ijaz

    Still looking for the level 6 7 joke

  67. Shinto Priestess Kikyou

    me: watching someone destroy my fav phone while speaking to me in a very pleasant close voice thank you youtube.

  68. Crazy Naveed

    Always rocks

  69. N Jagadeep

    Other USselrs: let's compare these two...*proceeds to show how they both sound* Jerry: let's compare these two...*rips both of em apart*

  70. Just A Person

    Meh, not even gonna bother entering. They are extremely chonky and you have to make an account on their site in order to enter. Not worth the hassle

  71. Vincent


  72. Bashar Taha

    please we want see in your hand headphone in-ear (JBL) tune120 tws ❤️🌹🤗

  73. Alvin Rhodes

    If particleboard gets wet it disintegrates.

  74. Classic Red Eye

    The subtle shaming of the airpods pro 2 xD

  75. Thirumal Kumaran

    You are supposed to fight them... not join them... stop doing biased reviews.

  76. Saurav Sharma

    You should cut your nails ... 😁😁

  77. Antony Kiema

    Was torn between buying senheiser bluetooth headphones that were on offer or soundcore bluetooth headphones that I never knew existed, took a blind leap of faith and picked the latter and expected the worst, they turned out to be pretty decent, was happy to see this channel review something from soundcore, best headphone decision I made in years.

  78. bovinegirl

    Thanks for the advice. I had to change the charging port and did it no problem. Had clean hands, was extra careful with everything. Everything works except now I can't connect to the internet/wifi. What did I forget?

  79. Samuel Mingo



    *Can u all check out my new youyube channel:)*

  81. Snehraj Jadeja

    *Realme X2 Pro* bend test please

  82. Manmeet singh


  83. ArunMozhi S

    Awwwwwwwww! Grhhhhh! Mmmnnnnhmmm!! Watching this video was like watching a horror thriller movie alone on the edge of the seat, hoping not the subject to be ripped apart by the evil terror! Man! You froze me and made me feel my Heart beat in ab slow motion!!!

  84. DR. URLF

    Am I the only one who experiences physical pain when watching his videos? That’s to much torture to watch.

  85. smallbick digwall

    2:25 what he use for scratching?

  86. C C

    Say what worlds first? Jesus christ im an audiophile and a sound tech u name it. Lol you can buy less $100 KZ wireless buds with 10 drivers 8 BA and 2 DD and its smaller

  87. james mustaine

    Gadget murderer!

  88. Danai Duma

    Grammy award-winning blah blah is so useless when you know the Grammies aren't really giving awards based on the quality of the project

  89. David Cole

    Jerry you record everything with a purpose

  90. ShadowMoments

    only végan people use this :

  91. ULTRA gaming

    Poor iPhone...

  92. Ashwath Ash

    I liked this video, keep building something with the mobile teardowns😁✌

  93. alex cha

    Drops it right after fixing it

  94. Ah-Nuld

    Soundcore makes ridiculous sounding buds for cheap. The moving bass ones are $30 and sound better than my studio beats... sadly.

  95. DisturbedParadise

    I dunno about an electric gas pedal. Seems like it could go wrong

  96. TwitchItsJedaiah77

    I thought it was an iPad Mini 4

  97. iM dONe!

    Shouldn't you listen to the buds before disassembling?

  98. Anmol Sharma

    I want them to pair with my OnePlus 7t pro.

  99. Carbonate Steve