I review technology from the inside with smartphone durability tests and teardown videos! Mixed with other projects and things I enjoy. Like drones & fixing random things.
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If you want me to make a video tear-down on a product, feel free to send it. But there is no guarantee of a video unless agreed upon beforehand via email.
Videos are for Entertainment Purposes only. Attempt any repairs at your own risk.
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  1. Cielo Ortega Gonzales

    I have always wanted an Iphone but in my country Peru is very expensive and I don't have much money :(

  2. Pieter van der Meulen

    Great commercial

  3. BrUsHGaMe GB

    Il mio cuore si è appena spezzato

  4. Herbey Herbey

    When are you going to do another q&a

  5. Asem Pro


  6. Jrapp

    mr clean

  7. Guadalupe Enriquez


  8. Peter Flood

    Stimulated, not simulated.

  9. Romeo Marroquin

    i like cookie dough

  10. Taheer Ahmad

    Looks like a regular Canadian winter day

  11. Safwan Khan

    Do the windows scratch at a level 6 with deeper grooves at a level 7?

  12. ajCypher FX

    this is the polymer plastic...

  13. Hussain sarwar

    Jerry is an android user, but his reviews and videos are nevertheless based on his honest opinion.

  14. full DC


  15. Juncky

    Can you do a review on blackview bv5900 IDK if I should buy it

  16. ratballs007

    She is actually very sexy :) love to see her more :)

  17. ElectricGeckos

    Anymore ebikes you have your eye on Zach?

  18. Zingy The Lemon

    I am a proud Sony Xperia fan, Get used to it. 😂 😂 😂

  19. Johanna Mphakathi

    I head you said to comment down below if the se tempts you into switching sides and yes it does

  20. Fernando Barajas

    But there’s a Limited supply of lithium

  21. BRBallin1

    That was a very calming video...

  22. golden kerat

    Su geciriomu

  23. Superfighterleo

    0:56 My parents at 3:00AM.

  24. Shahi Memes

    Looks like a USsel originals....like content❤

  25. TeamDanni12 Xd

    Y derrepente un comentario en español :D

  26. Kyland719

    thanks mr hammerhead from one punch man

  27. Red pilled patriot

    Your ending comment about an endless of supply for electric vehicles it patently false..lithium, the most important ingredient to the batteries has to be mined and there are few places where it can be mined.

    1. Red pilled patriot

      Oh, and did I mention it takes a severe toll on places where it is mined?

  28. Teddy W Gardner

    I’m still wondering how tf he possibly got a entire Tesla Semi on the same testing ground driving in the snow!! That is soo dope! You need to do a review on that car and drift it in the snow! You just seeing a bright red Tesla Semi driving in the snow that is so sick

  29. Shalet Johnson

    But can I pay you to do this for me? haha

  30. Phantom Tech and games

    I am your fan from INDIA

  31. Punkwaste SPOLR Podcast

    I want the video demo you have so I can play it on my tv

  32. ghost in the darkness

    That’s actually a pretty decent gaming phone has everything 8 would want , I use an iPad tho

  33. ghost in the darkness

    Pubg mobile , call of duty and other first person shooters are hot

  34. nightbladegaming lol

    Btw in like 2012 the gold playbutton was solid 24kt gold as 1 million subs was VERY rare back then though eventually to many people hit 1 Mil and youtube switched to cheaper material

  35. -Wave-

    Bring ring ring ring ring

  36. Outer Banks Of Space

    The name is ratatouille

  37. AzKat

    90% if you use the power grid as a battery? woah! Here you get 30%, so basically no incentive to go green whatsoever unless you also use batteries.

  38. Li GaiGai


  39. ghost in the darkness

    You can say this phone is trash with out saying this phone is trash ..great verbiage

  40. Dom Vlogs

    So there are 2 reasons why I watch your channel 1 because you destroy phones and 2 you sound like grant in his old vids rip

  41. Renata Cantu palmeros

    Estas loco ?!!??

  42. امير الباشا

    خرب ربك انطينيا اذا متريدة خرب الله

  43. ghost in the darkness

    I think the only way to get it to fold would be the plastic type cover , that scratches with fingernail . I love these tests bro . Binge worthy for real . Good info ... great info for watching before u buy , thanks . How though , do u get all of these products

  44. Pa ws

    First I think zalda second harry Potter

  45. Spy Girl mi6

    I really liked the snap, and then the dude said “LETS GET STARTED” it was just...so...PERFECT :D

  46. The Blue Snowflake

    I have an Android, but it hurt to see the iPhone get scratched. Specially because I'm buying it in purple and can't wait for it to arrive. 😭

  47. paul kaufman

    Where was the step by step rebuild part? All I saw was a poorly done R&R of the T-case.

  48. luana scarmagnani

    Porque!!!???? Estragar!!!!!! NÃO!!!!! Para!!!!!!

  49. ghost in the darkness

    That’s awesome man , I love you two

  50. Raj Gill

    How much? I've been wanting a tesla but its a stretch for a 25 yr old kid

  51. Sahib Dhillon

    Hi jerry, I had an idea for your teardown videos. instead of just phones, maybe do laptops or controllers for games or maybe the ps5 and xbox series x when they come out? I feel like a lot of people would not only enjoy to see these videos, but would learn from it a lot.

  52. The Wolfie

    Its so painful to watch this while ur trying to buy a new iphone or ipad

  53. Julian Hager

    heyy zack i have my oneplus 6 for almost 2 years now and I still don't have problems with the speed or the heat of the phone, because you said that there's no heat pipes or thermal paste and time will show i think it will not help anyone now because it's a 2 year old phone now but it's still running very strong!!😊

  54. fathorse

    it only took him 10 minutes to build this? how? is this the official LEGO speedrun world record?

  55. Saad Qasdi

    YAY! The First Video Of JerryRigEverything

  56. Bbb Fff


  57. Bobby Sweeney

    So, how does the final drive just "pop" right out? Mine definitely doesn't want to pop...I have the shaft, stuck to that, and that, stuck to the tire, but all off the bike. Almost there!

  58. Bacon hair Gaming


  59. Bryson Williams

    2020 can't get any worse 2020: Jarryrigeverything does a durability test without saying "scratches at a level 6 with deeper grooves at a level 7" or "Glass is glass and glass breaks"

  60. Super Hans ✅

    No IR blaster? No thanks!

  61. Loredana Loredana


  62. Unfinished Quest

    It's almost like the Razer Phone was made for gamers who like to throw things 😂

  63. Nick Kyle Omaguing

    What is the purpose of that light..?

  64. ghost in the darkness

    Do u do this for clients ?

  65. ghost in the darkness

    The laser machine prolly cost a lot

  66. el kaneki

    hey jerry now perform an electroluminiscence to those modules to check if you crack their cells, you will get a surprise. There is a reason for you can´t stand on your PV modules, you can crack your module´s cells an your power production can reduce 10 to 30 % depending on damage.

  67. Use Adblock

    I'm sorry, but I think you missed the scratch test..

  68. Teo Logue

    Watching this on note 8

  69. Blue moon

    Can you do a blackview 9100 battery test please

  70. Blue moon

    Can you do a blackview 9100 battery test please

  71. Blue moon

    Can you do a blackview 9100 battery test please

  72. Arthur Freydin

    Jerry can u try to make a watch that functions like a Apple Watch?

  73. ローソン Rorin

    I hope this is not revealed to theives..

  74. Ganesh Khule

    1:20 trick from Cars !! 😂

  75. Carlito

    Being that im born and raised in Alaska it’s pretty awesome to see modern technology getting tested in the last frontier 🤯

  76. Some Dog

    This is probably gonna be my new phone cuz my family got a new phone even my little brother I’m still stuck with the same phone (iPhone 7) which I had the phone for 2 years

  77. David S

    God Bless you both

  78. Benjamin Baylosis

    hey idol sana isa ako sa ma bigyan nang phone mo .lagi ako nanaod nang youtube channel mo po

  79. Ashrielle Mae Alfelor

    wow ipads are really starting to replace paper WRITABLE! DRAWABLE! and FOLDABLE!!

  80. Wild Exploration

    iPhones don’t need big batteries. They have software optimization

  81. D.C.12thman -C

    I’m sorry but I can’t stand the scratching from the razor blade like it’s just horrible

  82. Ellis The DJ

    I am going bananas over this phone

  83. Ranger Nature

    Hi im wondering your t shirt brand. Where can i get your tshirt. I like your style.

  84. Jaden Rintharamy

    Windshield scratches at a level 6 and deeper grooves at a level 7

  85. MKD Vitkon

    Ough..I goth heartattack

  86. Kostas Tsalikidis

    Thw satisfaction of hearing your voice is the same as hearing Morgan Freeman

  87. Jase Gamer

    this is in Hawaii?

  88. Nothing Nothing

    Those aren’t phone there bombs

  89. Ameer I

    A bump stock is a piece of plastic. If it gets banned what is stopping people from making their own?

  90. Irakli Chanturishvili

    People who have OLED screens: There is same black

  91. Pamela Nelson

    Did anyone notice in the title he called it a tablet!?📱💻🖥⌨️ Like if you have TikTok And if you noticed the title

  92. Heidi Nickel

    this hurts me bc I’m watching on an iPad

  93. Alex River

    2:35 Luv that 😂

  94. Japanian

    Imagine if they sell warranty

  95. Macintosh Fan

    Who is here with the Galaxy Z flip, Fold, and Motorola Razr having plastic screens?