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    Yea and the other lesson. Stop self diagnosing! people literally make others with mental illnesses seem like huge babies when they aren’t. They can’t help what happens in their head.

  2. Felice William

    Dont worry.. me too 😔

  3. TehNewbieBoi

    Forgive me if this is corny, but I just can’t help but wonder why we all can’t be peaceful and friendly.

  4. traprick

    just now igot who is tht

  5. Rowshonara Begum

    It's sick how ur allowed to walk around in bras & pants but it's OK in bikinis? What's the difference?! It's also sick how any parent allows such skimpy clothes for publicity like public property

  6. Loudhouselover2019 :3

    Anyone looking for Jessii Vee's comment? XD

  7. shakuntala mishra


  8. DavidGhost animator

    thanks Jennie i had the same problem like you did except that i didn"t know what it was.

  9. Vanessa Marttin

    Poor mandy

  10. accountthathas Nothinvnit

    I have the same problem its so weird when ever I use one hand to much I have to balance it out or I'll be annoyed like really badly then I blink so many times and u know I have to like repeatedly blink I dont know why its weird

  11. Preciouse Bermudez


  12. stella kwt

    Omg me tooooooooooo

  13. Cy Lau

    At least u dont have to wear bra(since she said she didn't rlly grew so probaly did not have tat). U dont know how hot it gets with that freaking thing on u

  14. Mŷstic Wołfy

    "Hey Wednesday Addams where's your brother or Morticia where's Gomez" My head:THE ADDAMS FAMILY

  15. smiley sera

    *story booth: I was homeless* *other channels: I ate the world*

  16. Chapolee

    *Boy I'm pansexual*

  17. ZamDee

    Same girl I always must make things even

  18. CWT Gacha

    That’s what I call I good mother

  19. Aamon Killelea

    I have it to I hat it i’m always so sad when I go to school

  20. mini pandazz

    I feel you gurl

  21. Elmax_ strangerthingsfan

    1:17 oh my god, is she twerking 😂

  22. starryx reptiles

    why does she have 4 fingers-

  23. Natalie Tran

    I kind forgot about story booth bcs of the other channels.... 😖

  24. ellail hanunah

    Well I think she is preety

  25. Michelle Puangco

    That’s literally me

  26. A wild Reboot Van!

    1:14 T R U E F E A R

  27. Dog Breath

    I have the kind of ocd where I NEED things clean. I won’t eat jack shit from other people even if I hand pick them out of the bag and I got the first chip or whatnot and I saw them open I can’t do it. And door knobs are a big thing too. Can’t touch em unless it’s one leading to or out of my room. And I can’t sit with my legs under tables (oddly enough) idk it’s fuckin weird. I only give handshakes to people I trust and are adults. I dunno I’m just afraid of getting the bubonic plague or some shit (lmao)

  28. Hianle Albert

    Girl: saying the boys were immature for laughing Me:mmhhh say the girl who screamed vagina

  29. Milk And Cereal

    Why is she talking like that

  30. Chapolee

    *what's the hullabooboo?*

  31. Spider_Sky

    For some reason this was really funny when they were at school running downstairs 😅

  32. A Random Human

    1:07 Hmm ..this looks Stranger things TYPE to me

  33. Afra Alfaheem

    It dose not matter what religion u are ᗷᒪᗩᗰᗴ ᗰᗴ OK

  34. rashika singh

    Can i get ur number I want to tell my story

  35. Afra Alfaheem

    Hey bro don’t judge Muslims I’m a Muslim and my parents aren’t like that all parents are different ok it dose not mean the ur parents are Muslims that means they do this or do that your showing of that Muslims are bad and the makes me sad 😢 ur parents are just strict ok get over with it 😶

  36. Ben gamer

    Same •-•

  37. Symphony Daisy

    me too I also hate gay ppl bc my dorm my classmates Are gay and they are sooooo sassy if u Stare to them they will roll their eyes and one time in November my classmate gay and his cousins were playing and I was touching a street car she was Soo sweet and clean but when I touched and play with her and my classmate gay he will say "ew kadiri ka collie" = "ew your so gross collie" He was rude

  38. 777xxmarshmelloxx777 smootherkriminal

    God is a real one god that help u

  39. Violet Molloy

    0:18 Everyone knows that

  40. XD_For life_XD Reyes

    Her: (Gets shot at 5 and doesn’t cry) Me: ( I’m 11 and I cry when I step on legos and when I drop my pizza rolls)

  41. Wolfie The Cat

    If police see these he must be angry ;-; am sorry just joking around..

  42. Cant choose a name

    when you realize you have hints of ocd behaviors....

  43. random vids

    Teachers don't do shit until the bully gets beat up that's the best felling tho

  44. Ilonka Rachewa

    Same symptoms :(

  45. Elmax_ strangerthingsfan

    Well, you can't expect everyone to kiss you.

  46. Dead

    Which person are u

  47. Shegufta Tasnim

    Umm? Can anyone clear me tf was horror about this story?

  48. Soupy 03

    I did almost all of this when I was 8 years old... Oh god. I also had a panic attack while computing all my "lucky numbers"-

  49. heidi hi

    I had this exact type as a kid. I still have OCD but it has modified itself. It's still distressing though and I'm 31. Friends think I'm just silly or quirky and don't mind it, professors think I'm just careless or preoccupied, parents think I ignored them, and here I am thinking I'm trying so very hard as aiming for seamlessness, balance and perfection just to get from A to B hundreds of times a day when there's so many mental obsessions physical compulsions that I feel like I'm in a video game and each part of the day is a different level; I might master them all or get stuck in one for the whole day.

  50. Ngone Faye

    I love the bracelets she has on

  51. ScooterBurgDancer

    *I ain't no chicken!* - Berto 2017

  52. Ngone Faye

    To be fair, you ARE a Muslim, and it's okay to support gay people, but you can't blame your parents for not wanting you to go against your religion

  53. Life In A Nutshell

    She kinda sounds like garnet

  54. Handsome Wavey SqUiDwArD

    “My brother wanted to be a zombie...very BASIC” your Abe Lincoln WHAT DO YOU MEAN BASIC

  55. marlee equine

    Why does this make so much sense..

  56. Al The Pal

    Yeah that’s unbelievable sorry

  57. Ngone Faye

    That is THE most BEAUTIFUL German Shepherd I have EVER seen

  58. Hunter Dilly

    I can't eat an m&m (or any food) with out putting a second one in on the other side of my mouth. That's my most subtle symptom.

  59. ケイリーたん

    yeah don't suffer in silence.. if you have a decent family with the resources to help you.. lol..

  60. yaimeekittens 25

    ..why did he have fake teeth in his back pack And I'm pretty sure I saw a magic 8 ball ???

  61. Deeno :3


  62. Aqua & Cookie

    i really do not mean to say i have ocd or something but i relate to some of these signs

    1. Aqua & Cookie

      @mikea hiooi *commits laugh

    2. mikea hiooi

      Youth in 1945: I'm going to lie about my age to fight the war Youth in 2019: I have OCD.

  63. thea faith

    You think your life is hard? I’m a high school junior wearing size 13 Nike’s. MENS size 13 Nike’s. Beat that!

  64. Ngone Faye

    1:05 Is she even a LADY???

  65. Alexander Sorinsson

    Did not anyone realise that she said "Cermany" but not Germany

  66. Ngone Faye

    2:56 I wish I could say that to my worst teacher... Am I RIGHT?!

  67. Deeno :3

    I have ADHD and seeing people have the same thing and relate to my symptoms makes me happy because it lets me know I’m not the only one.❤️ I wrote this on a Friday at 1:00Am because I cant sleep and as I wrote this I was focusing on my blinds😅 ADHD has taught me to be who I am People may call me a weirdo but I don’t mind it sometimes I’m really insecure about my body and my actions And I can never sleep As she said that when the gets angry she curls herself up in a ball. Well I do it too :) Just know that if your feeling lonely because of your disorders just know that your not the only one and that u are just unique 🥰❤️🏳️‍🌈💚

  68. Ngone Faye

    I'm extremely dark too! I have the same time as you do!☺️

  69. F V C K Y O U

    i feel you so much omg,ocd is more complicated than what other people think.

  70. Xlazy cat potatoX

    The mom muslin: YOU CANT DRIVE My mom who is a muslim: hun i want you to grow up so you dont have to be like mommy Me: how mom? My mom: well if you work hard you can get a car so you can drive to work and a mansion to cover your head Me: ok

  71. RayRainbowX & Steven Minecraft Gameplay

    Alan Turing is gay, but he is a Successful Man.

  72. 9alt0

    Yeahh I have mild OCD but its improved a lot with mindfulness. The first "rituals" I remember enacting as a kid include having to grind my molars an even number of times or forcing myself to gag or swallow saliva an even number of times before engaging in some kind of nerve wracking event like going down a rollercoaster drop or giving a presentation. All lowkey so no one really noticed but still weird as heck. Another component of OCD that's less commonly known are intrusive, unwanted thoughts and ruminations (contributing to the "obsessive" bit), and the obsessive idea that you shouldn't be having those thoughts, but those are well managed and negative reactions to whatever thoughts dont occur as much once you practice mindfulness.

  73. The Glitch Army

    I learned to control my OCD but i still turn on and off things evenly with both u need on time to click off the switch b7t my other hand needs to do it i spend mostly about 3-4 mins doing it

  74. Luna Lovegood

    Oh shit I think I have OCD

  75. •bianx editz•

    I don’t have OCD but I feel like this sometimes

  76. leahhxx

    I once told my sister i had OCD but she told me that i didn't but she doesn't know how i feel and how fucked up my brain is🤷

  77. Carlos Rodriguez

    Rebellious my ass he smokes ciggaretes

  78. Jrafa 2006

    I have adhd to and I fell your pain brother

  79. XxRedRRxX Icy

    The way she said beto and oh jeez and I ain't no chicken I started dying 🤣

  80. Kourosh D.

    Too be honest I don't think anyone cared what costume you were wearing besides the strange store clerk.

  81. Amber Gem The Fantasy Rider

    This channel : inspiring Other dumb channel : my rabbits had sex with my male rabbit but my Female cheated with her husband by giving birth to a hippo than had sex with a giraffe which turn out to be my great grandfather

  82. Kourosh D.

    I am bored.

  83. twxsted edits

    I count all the words I say like if I say a sentence I have to count the words in it

  84. BACKYY

    1:15 Guy: * casually rubs belly while being a borderline creep *

  85. b â t r í š ŷ í ā

    *the title rhymes actually*

  86. Al The Pal

    I love her voice tho

  87. EmotionalBread

    Adhd runs in my family. I have, kinda adhd. I get distracted but i can control it.

  88. RoseMasquerade

    Most Nazis now exist in America.

  89. jhanavi sabharwal

    I have ocd I am obsessed with like washing hands all the after I was my hands once 8 feel like I need to wash my hands more.i always like always check the switches in my house to see if like where lights are on or not..I check the doors 2 to 3 times before sleeping..and the gas stove also..

  90. RRkings

    Bruh, if the teacher was my teacher, they would just give me a 0 on the test

  91. L0ser Girl

    My brother has an eating disorder...I can't make him stop...he starves himself alot...>_<

  92. Caydee Jo

    I actually got the things having to be even thing like with the books. I do that everyday

  93. Kahlan Radvanyi

    MoM MOM WIFE 😅😂🤣

  94. Ryan Kittow

    And I’m so fast because I have done athletics and I came 2nd in 200 meter sprint and 3rd in 100 meter sprint

  95. Ryan Kittow

    I haven’t broke my bone

  96. James The Pig

    The things with your hands, I do that when I eat

  97. Boxician _

    The most common OCD obsessions are actually violent intrusive thoughts. The second is sexual intrusive thoughts. And the third is Scripulosity (religious OCD)

  98. Manuel Bautista

    We had a pink grill beta hand her name was Isabel but she died 😢😢😢😢😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  99. Just a user Lol

    I feel ya :(