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    havent seen one of these story's in a grip missed them post more please

  2. Who ate the cookie

    Her she's got enemies just by loving anime ME AND MY FRIENDS: got anime but we hate Bts

  3. Ghostly Lizard

    Oh god, don't tell her what its like to be a kpop fan 😔✊

  4. Shannon Jason

    He could've just live with his grandparents

  5. Boba101

    im friggin angery how they think dat avatar fans rise up

  6. Kakyoin Noriaki Pancakes

    I feel the same way because of JoJos bizarre adventure

  7. Speedy Zahir1

    I love anime

  8. TaeTaehyung109

    This goes for a lot of hobbies people like. I’m happy there is a story about it

  9. Boba101

    i like anime

  10. Raphael Ydia

    When she took izuku and broke it i was like nooooooooo:(((

  11. Crain

    anime sucks

  12. Death note 7w7


  13. Nick Konst

    Anime is for everyone

  14. Kyrenna McGrath

    She says like too much....

  15. Lemuel Bon

    I love animals to

  16. little rosaline

    I'm sorry be coming back to normal from where I used to be the girl that my best friend fell in love with I hurt him and I feel terrible about it we dated and I still have strong feelings for him but he came out as gay so it really hurts but I'm still his number one fans so I'm there for him no matter what I can't go visit him because I'm too broke

  17. Selene Yu

    I relate to this SOO much

  18. Kawaii Pastırma

    Well They are tooo dumb to understand The Anime goodart and Animators works ?

  19. gacha_ purplepoptarts

    Omg you have a mha uniform shirt and tsuyu, deku, and allmight figures thats awsome

  20. Ark

    Come here in Philippines and you'll have a lot of weeb friends and boys will be in to you

  21. Vivis Videos

    Imagine throwing rocks at someone just because the like animie....

  22. little rosaline

    Girl I love annie

  23. joey '

    This is so relatable I use to get judged alot for watching K-pop anime. And also for loving Gaming Although later I stopped it but now I'm back at it again :)

  24. Haya Waleed

    Did yall forget about sketchy saturdays ???

  25. xxWeird_Gachaxx

    I wish I had a sailor moon backpack

  26. Hermione Granger

    I had same situation,but with Harry Potter I am biggest Harry Potter fan on world and some girls from school bully me because of that I wear HP t-shirt every day and have Hogwarts backpack,pencil case actually all my room is in Harry potter It was hard but I love HP sooo much and I will never change myself because some people says that I am idiot By the way where are my potterheads❤💚💙💛

  27. Marc

    She doesn’t have a Jojo bizarre figure. *Jojo fans disliked that.*

  28. Mallow Frost

    I appreciate you so much ❤️ love you forever my fellow anime friend!! ✨

  29. xxWeird_Gachaxx

    My dude dont care about them people they are just jealous because anime is cool and all those anime people you have on your dresser I love them😊

  30. _Yungblud_ _Blackhearts_

    Omg you're so lucky that you're an albino! Albino people are very very beautiful! I don't understand why people made fun of you!

  31. alma monroy

    Look you school are dumdass ok it because they are bitch

  32. Da Kawaii ari hops

    Bully:anime is for kids Doki doki:Am I a joke to you?

  33. Maple FX

    Personally I hate anime but don’t let people get to you

  34. ggtrr 221

    I’m a furry, I’ve seen people bullied and discriminated against for being a furry, so I can relate to feeling like a freak sometimes, but at the end of the day I still want to be me

  35. Flavius Popa

    You felt like a freak because you are one

  36. Dzenis Lulic

    You're not alone you see i have a frend named Amela and she loves anime too I am not big fan but I dont hate anime

  37. unirene


  38. pineapple panpan

    my brother is a weeb, i am a weeaboo and my little sister is an otaku and people used to call me weirdo at school but i beated them up that the moral of this weird story is *dont mess with the anime lovers*

  39. kamakura kamakura yas queen

    i hope her figures were fixed tho,, i would cry

  40. Briana Rafferty

    You are definitely not alone I love anime and my number one character has been and always will be Sailor Moon don't change yourself for the sake of other people if you have friends or family that care about you that's should be more important and yourself I had the very same similarities people bully me cuz of what I liked but I didn't care and just went on with my day doing what I like and doing what I love


    Don’t worry girl, I’m a anime freak too lol! Everyone, if you are weebs, comment every anime you know in the comments!

  42. Leah K.

    You should respect people's opinion, and people's reality. I'm From KURDISTAN so accept it and don't be offended

  43. Abril Domínguez

    “Im like hitting the whip and stuff”

  44. yiğit efe yaylı


  45. FlashMan18

    I can relate to this! I'm not into anime but secretly I watch My Little Pony, and even though my secret never get out to many people, I'm glad for being a brony, and I don't care what other think #mylittlepony

  46. Grumpy Chim

    "Anime is for kids" Me: *Glances at hentai*

  47. FoOfoO_ YT

    i love my hero acdamiea i finshed seseon 4 i am practecly in love with it

  48. ¡https:gacha¿ ?

    Me: crying when I heard that you break bnha figures 😢😢😢😢

  49. NEPTUNE Studio

    fuk anime

  50. There's_not_ ale

    Ok so gurl i will say just that "you can be your own hero"💚💚💚

  51. marie m


  52. Reem Hourani

    Is there no audio or is my phone broken?

  53. Dat Lemon Boi

    Wtf- im a total weeb and i never got bullied because of it- wtffff

  54. Milica Velickovic

    I can relate so much to this

  55. ana bevetek

    Who noticed she was wearing a jacket from My hero academia?

  56. Tala Let’s play

    At first i thought i read “ Animal Haters made me feel like a freak “ And i was like No No nO No nO I love animal . How can animal haters make you feel like a freak . The Animal haters should feel like a freak . 😅💗

  57. adriana Gonzalez

    I LOVE ANIME 😍😍😍😍


    I want to be friends💗

  59. Retro 101

    I don't watch anime but what those girls did was terrible

  60. xinc

    OML ANIME OMG I SEE THAT BNHA JACKET KAE KG KEW :) IQWD My friend almost broke my phone cause I had a bnha and Haikyuu phone cover. And a bungou stray back pack DON'T LISTEN TO THOSE HATERS

  61. Ricky Devil Ya girl ฅ'ω'ฅ

    SoMe PeOpLe : Anime just for kids ! People who okay, like anime or weebuu : * insert some hentai. yuri, yaoi, some kind of horror anime like : Another, Corpse party,..... * ya think so ?

  62. Jezreel Jade Vicente

    The animation got improve

  63. The wise dagger

    when i read the title the first thing that came to my head "oh no, now there are gonna be so many anime references that i wont understand"

  64. Very Gay

    Haters: laugh at her Jotaro: ゴゴyare yare daze ゴゴ

  65. Pemilik Hp

    Ther. Ar. Deku

  66. KirjoM

    If only I had stood up against my bullies in as badass way as Kodi.

  67. Romosha romosha

    I can't even imagine what kind of person I become without Anime. It's part of my life.

  68. SuperNintendoBoy

    Most stupid shit ever

  69. Normally _Unique

    Them : Bullying Me : *Oh may oya shindero*

  70. JazGamez

    Ok in dis story i am just sad about all the Figurines....

  71. Doge Doggo

    Fuck anime

  72. Akari_Gacha Lover

    Anime is amazing and you should never be ashamed of it the haters are just jealous:(

  73. Muffinka XXL

    My Hero akademia is The best#!!!

  74. xXDarcBladeXx

    look there's mha

  75. AshaPooh

    She says ‘til,’ which means until.

  76. eetis

    i fucken love danganronpa, vocaloid, and touhou, and ive have been a hardcore weeb for like 7 years

  77. Skelx

    Anime haters are just people who dont get anime channels on their tv

  78. tae comet



    Anime is the best dont feel like a freak they dont understand

  80. I will eat u Ok

    If I was the popular girls I’ll do the same thing

  81. Tsardom Bulgarian Mapping

    Atleast she doesent watch Hentai.

  82. Playsic Studios

    I am a Christian and I don’t care if somebody likes something different than me, I have a Catholic friend and he is very nice. We should not judge people for anything. It’s their beliefs that we don’t need to care about.

  83. Panicatthesociety

    Bully: Anime is for kids Tokyo Ghoul: Hold my coffee

  84. Seesaw

    Her: about to break deku and breaks him Me: nOOO NOT FUCKING DEKU

  85. Alexandra lovesdogs

    Hay y u so lucky everyone in my sch wants a baby face skinny why not meeeee :( but hey u still pretty tho:)

  86. Felia

    Im also a cosplay girl, and sometimes is hard. But i have made so many new friends, that is just like me <3

  87. Szaigura


  88. Gabriel Bustamante

    "anime is for kids" Me: sell's their souls to kyubey

  89. AyeeeIt’sAnnie

    I’m always afraid of this happening to me :(

  90. The Echo and Mary Chain

    It’s so dumb that people gotta get teased for interests and hobbies


    I kind of get bullied for liking anime but it’s more like people just call me weird and that I don’t have a life it’s not really physical

  92. UgneGames


  93. Cotho

    Loud house am i right

  94. Marco Shy boy BTS7


  95. Walteestairs cz

    Shinzou wo Sasageyo.❤️

  96. pantera neagra

    Don't worry I'm a anime fan too!!

  97. Angel Tirta

    Meanwhile most of the people around me watches anime and I genuinely feel left out every time they talk about an anime

  98. Lana

    I well write there names in the death note


    If that happened to me at school I would have been like WOW U ARE NOW MEH FRIEND

  100. a normal channel

    Mean girls: **Bullies the weeb** Us anime ppl: *"That wasn't very Plus Ultra of you."*