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  1. xTsGx Gaming

    Ksi- music videos should not have lyrics Ares music video- am I a joke to you

  2. Lee Jinxter

    The high pitch voice kinda lowkey sounds like Tobi 😂

  3. Young Cardi

    Who else is here after the rematch?

  4. Brandon Chong

    why is this in my recommended eight years later?

  5. Bigkove 34

    Someone send this to him on reddit

  6. AqurazZ N7 v GT

    Thats the guy who beat the shit out of logan and making song with rick ross at the same time damn♡

  7. Sam Tinsley

    Can’t believe I’m watching this now what a video like if watching in 2019

  8. Adam Keenan

    Looking back at this video and seeing his old phone 🤣

  9. Earl

    so this is where it all started :) like if you are only here to read the comments (IN 2019 OFCOURSE)

  10. Francesca Lacey

    Joshs old vlog and now this is in my recommended bc of the how the sidemen met video lmaoo


    Logan should have used this tactic

  12. hammad junaid

    latest comments

  13. Rohit Paul

    in de tribhes

  14. Protostar SB

    6:37 no one: me:what the f*** i gotta check the dictionary



  16. U F G

    Ksi you r a beast nice guy I love it nice I m big fan of you

  17. CrispyBank


  18. Lionel

    Kai should fight Barry hall

  19. DR DRAWZ


  20. Ali Murad baksh

    Bro I love this song😍😍😍😍😍🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇🌪

  21. Bryan Flores

    This is them before their beef in 2019 🤣

  22. Benicio Pina

    bruh neither of these niggas views haven’t moved in a year💀💀 still at 52m

  23. ah shit here we go again


  24. Kieren Corbin

    Anyone agree that this song actually bangs

  25. Bryan Flores

    Back then when KSI and Deji were cool. 🤣

  26. Ryan Pillay

    My favorite rap song

  27. layf gray


  28. Isabella Zumaya

    u are such an asshole. you called him out first and started all this shit.

  29. Yvng Cryiz

    *types of blacks i love the most* african-american:points out a glock african-british:ah your so nice ksi:PISS OFFF CUNT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. Mr. all things production

    Who is here after ksi beat Logan paul

  31. yung juul


  32. Goomangab79 5

    Lil baby's verse kinda ruined the song still good tho

  33. Yosef chan


  34. Ariel Aharoni

    That’s one of your funniest video no 🧢

  35. General Nero

    Well.. this video was recommended to me a few minutes ago so..

  36. Snowy Hugo

    The Thanos Gauntlet Is the best

  37. Outtahere 12

    Hopsin lad

  38. 3li!7


  39. Pyromitt Gaming

    This makes more much sense now the fight is done

  40. xgtaxgam3er x

    Expectation: 1st round decapitation Reality : 6th round humiliation yeet. ⬇️⬇️

  41. Bazzar Gaming

    The guy under me is hella gay lol

  42. Kojo Patrick

    only Heskey can😂

  43. Pyromitt Gaming

    Lets go jj. My man

  44. sachu sachin

    Lets go champ

  45. ガムボール*


  46. Sahaf Sayeed

    After watching the ksi vs logan 2 Damn joe is weak...

  47. Anamay Sarvate


  48. アノキサンゲーム Anoxane

    KSI’s Ringwalk was lit af 🔥

  49. beastmaster 64

    Just picture the scene when ksi is walking out to this gives me them happy feels so glad he got the W

  50. Bulleyes -bruh

    Fifa 17 looking nicer than 18 19 & 20

  51. DanielH25


  52. Joonas Sharifi

    First I thought this was a new video but then I saw 10 months ago💀

  53. black smack

    ksi can you meet smile to jannah in uk

  54. Jaiden dsouza

    Babatunde has come a long way From fifa vids to USsel boxing champion of the world

  55. Filebar Abubaker

    So this why KSI have stop making videos for months

  56. Just Pete

    I legit just saw two people die in a gruesome way, the guy on the bike hit by a tram and the guy losing his face falling out the car, and these dicks laugh? The world is fkd

  57. cosmicbeats ic


  58. Yasser Gamer KSA

    My fav song

  59. Soham Joshi

    0:41 i actually thought it was deji

  60. Sadistic Angel


    1. Bazzar Gaming

      TikTok Compilations nah buddy

    2. TikTok Compilations

      Fuck KSI

  61. IbrahimTV

    I am happy that ksi has a bandana now.

  62. Kimsan 0fficialz

    Anyone here after KSI win? Like if you’re here :) 👇🏻

  63. Sadistic Angel


  64. Suryansh Pratap Singh

    Release the video soon please

  65. Mr Black

    I like this version of ksi

  66. Emanuel the king

    זיין את לוגן

  67. CevinTV.A


  68. Water

    Yu win

  69. Jai Smallwood

    Who’s here after KSI won the rematch 😂

  70. SxP313 Sonny

    This is a good fucking song I swear

  71. Yashohari Dalmia


  72. Wagwan Bros

    Logan for life you gay

  73. JarecVU

    nice sex toy 4:13

  74. Kronic Gaming

    the old ksi will never be topped

  75. Pizzaguy1432

    Mannnnn Rick Ross didn’t say shit bruh

  76. Shrapt


  77. Tanayr Panday

    Its funny cause hes black

  78. ahmed ghare


  79. Jason Ahmad

    Rick Ross vs true Geordie

  80. VM Gaming123


  81. Tamara Kirby

    Came here from Ozzyman reviews

  82. Aish qayyim

    lil baby is trashhh

  83. Vivica C

    I’ve been recommended 4* of JJs old videos since the fight and I’m not mad *now it’s 5 *now it’s 8

  84. I’ll say it straight to you’re face

    I love how there talking trash about Ksi even though ksi is pounding his face in

  85. RxD Viper

    Anyone else notice at 1:57 he says "Logan my going to finish ya"

    1. ActionSid

      RxD Viper this was before the whole boxing thing 😂

  86. F4ME Berrix

    Who is watching after ksi vs logan paul 2

  87. Awesome Gal

    JJ is admitting his wrongs whilst Logan and Shannon are just belittling him. It shows where Logan’s maturity comes from.

  88. Naruto Amv

    Why is this video in my recommendation

  89. Wolfie Gaming

    [email protected] you should fight manny pacquiao

  90. MaTu

    This is the last video of old ksi. After this its the new ksi

  91. Jeffrey Mao


  92. J.napes

    Is it me or does he look like Bobby Shmurda?

  93. Iron Beast

    What should you do If ksi lost

  94. Benjamin Nash

    Just epic 😂😂

  95. Flounder Marshmellow

    Who’s here after KSI vs Logan to see if he posted about the fight

  96. ImKyle

    I really wish deji beat jake paul all the hate aside , no need for bad vibes 🙅🏽‍♂️

  97. Maysen Hepi


  98. slzzpy music

    *_Hey im from the future invthe future you will fight this guy name logan paul and y-....._*

  99. Amy Dominguez

    Why you scared of logan

  100. Talha Raza

    Spoiler alert Logan's a meme now