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  1. Jay2bad

    6 years later. we got ksi rapping with famous rapper😂.

  2. Roman P.

    Thanks for recommending this to me during this time USsel

  3. Bass Boost Central

    This song will bring so much nostalgia about when he won the fight. Banger.

  4. TS Silk


  5. Verifix

    I’m last😎

    1. TS Silk

      Verifix u sure m8

  6. ItsJacky

    I love how Harry looks like this isn't his first time.

  7. Aidan Winn


  8. Parental Monkey

    Why does yinka look like Joseph Stalin ? 🐜🇹🇭😍🐐🤣🔥🎉✨👋❄️🤦‍♂️😅😏😀😂

  9. RX


  10. BullZi Bobbin


  11. Loading Please wait

    One of my favourite KSI vids

  12. pp Toby

    why is this in my recommended now?

  13. RO4Y YT


  14. BlaZeZ


  15. Steven Corps

    Omg. I’ve just listened to his whole album and This is the first thing I’ve watched since and let’s just say..... well there is nothing to say.

  16. Lazarick Johndon

    My boy KSI 🐐 HAS COME A LONG WAY 👑👑

  17. Jay Parmar

    I love how this video came out 5 years ago and it’s in my recommended for some reason

  18. Ethan G

    I’m just here because i am mad baldski didn’t return.

  19. Frost IsHere


  20. masoud ozil

    I just noticed bart Baker at the beginning 😂😂😂

  21. Reece hegarty


    1. Exbby


  22. Isaac Lee

    Bruh are they cutting his hair on CARPET

  23. Emmanuel Kayakese

    Jj knows nothing bout deji😂😂😂😂😂😂

  24. alisha ali


  25. Zeco

    Why does ksi date the deadest tings all the time

  26. ProdigyxWho


  27. Radical Clapz

    Cant be the only one who came back to this song after hearing his new ones

  28. Rage

    Who's here in 2020??

  29. Jake WALTERS

    9:27 - well that was a lie

  30. Aiman Danish

    6:44 KSI 2 years ago : Be rich to get a girl KSI now : Money can't buy happiness

  31. xclusiv .v

    3:09 LMAO, As JJ ksi would say RACISM

  32. Armageddon LRH

    This video is no good it is a load of noise it’s got no beat i’m missing some music but Jesus this one takes the shit KSI has really screwed yourself over this time

  33. Swift Motion


  34. Mark Morrison

    I don’t know why this was recommended to me 7 years later but I’m not complaining

  35. Devoo 2Timez

    Offset Def Did That Fa Da Bag😭😭😭😭💯

  36. Costa

    The better side of ksi and Deji

  37. Rami Hiabu

    me too

  38. Wag1 my g

    that messi line is underrated

  39. Jimmy Vee


  40. ChrisxCarino Xv


    1. ChrisxCarino Xv


    2. ChrisxCarino Xv


  41. Katie English


  42. MR T 10101

    A A

  43. Wag1 my g

    this should be his song that he walks out to

  44. Salami Games

    Mad to think that when this was uploaded Harry was only 17, Vik was 18 and Ethan didn’t even have 100k subs yet


    3 years later.... Me:Damn

  46. H.L 14

    From screaming like a girl when playing horror games to this

  47. mia xoxo

    The last video had me💀 Wait the second to last video, the one showing us how to not fight😭

  48. Aaron Kassa

    3:08 CORONA!!!!

  49. Ginotauro

    Last just for the meme

  50. z

    Use this as a button to be here before he goes baldski again

  51. James Slattery

    U say one step ahead fight still ended as a draw

  52. Abdul Malik

    why is everybody commenting last????

  53. SavePhilip

    Jj would destroy her and then be like: ‘RELOAD DAT TING’

  54. Dodo 117010

    This is so wholesome now

  55. shinymango mango

    I’m super early

    1. Baruchai Mosheyev


  56. Lonely YT

    When Ksi filmed this he had a Lamborghini

  57. RockyBook

    Welcome back

  58. Princ3stag3

    Jj should've said to vik:FAM how would you feel if someone shaved off your *thicc* eyebrows

  59. ella

    y was deji kinda cute tho 👀

  60. Pierre Ceballos

    Jj always finds a way to make things sexual

  61. Utuh kadut5

    1:25 BEST MOMENTS 😄

  62. Marko Miler

    Look at that trim

  63. Sean Dineen


  64. Bv6 Beevensplay

    I miss this ksi

  65. Camerooneyb Bailey

    JJ is Incest

  66. Tyler Saul

    Still funny even in 2020

  67. Ted Hellier

    The good days

  68. Ronan webb

    2020 like this

  69. Bednarr The local trapper

    Y I get this recommended

  70. LxzyJvshy


  71. Jared Bocc


  72. Subway _

    When this came out dax was cleaning the toilets

  73. Rockajon


  74. Blend__B

    3:51 the face of pure regret

  75. syruscoronavirus

    Last hahahaha

  76. Goatz

    They’ve defo had a three some

  77. mikhail rahman


  78. KingaHockey Pro

    4:35 "I legit look like a mental asylum student" -KSI 2016

  79. Saad Farrukh

    Bro I couldn't stop laughing

  80. robin birkeland

    Producer: how much auto tune yall want? ksi and offset: yes

  81. AJF


  82. cobe

    pussy or prostitue?

  83. Anila Papa


  84. Alexander Lanteigne


    1. Plump Dinosaur

      Fidel Alvarez no that’s me

    2. Fidel Alvarez

      No that’s me

    3. Tactical Infamous

      No that’s me

  85. Jamie Beach

    1.25x speed, beat goes hard, and the lyrics actually sound so good at 1.25x speed no cap

  86. Jo_ThaBoss

    Y tf are all these comments from a couple of days ago

  87. Msavv .10

    He should’ve watched the 911 daddy I missed you

  88. wreckboi 13

    Good times

  89. Whopper 2.0

    Racists Hasits

  90. ViperSniper

    Anyone else watching since his new fifa video

  91. Locked FN

    If therese one person that should not wear a helmet it is KSI

  92. David Fryman