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  1. Negro Vega

    “Don’t shit where you eat unless what you eat likes shit” 😂😂💀💀

  2. Cookie Animations!

    “Now teddy is on drugs” It killed me and I don’t even know why

  3. Joe Schmoe

    This video is so stupid...or is it my eyes?

  4. Yvonne 1820

    I haven't laughed so hard in a long time!!…so thank you for that!!.. hahahaha..💋❤️😘😆😆

  5. Gwennydoline

    How do the bebes suck on the mamas nipples with that teath? o.O RIP nipples

  6. Layla Smith

    I'm scared now

  7. TalonNL999

    I'n going to reincarnate as a Praying Mantis and start my very own church!!!

  8. Tomer P

    Zefrank, I think it's time to do one about wombats!

  9. Melanie Templeton

    “Sing the song of my people”

  10. AlwaysRushesIn

    Working in lawn care these guys suck.

  11. Gdsm9

    LMAO!! ZeFrank1, I'd love to see one on elephants, if you have any ideas for that. Love your videos.

  12. Michael Cain

    Fun and educational.

  13. CallMeAvocado

    This is so fucked up lol

  14. DarkFenix

    Bastante perturbador dijo el dross

  15. gapster77


  16. William Iannucci

    It looks like a dude with sun glasses on . Lol. It's a spider ????? OMG !!!

  17. Jared Wolf

    I think we can all strive to be a little bit more Mildred.

  18. Pandalous

    thats so weird but i love it

  19. The Fastest Turtle

    This is so current

  20. Brooklyn Bitch


  21. Miss Behave's class

    Now I got you.. You are the narrator of BBC docu "the supervet", if you can tell the storyteller narrator.. But anyway, you are that voice, aren't you? I knew I heard you before.. But no matter, I enjoy both, the supervet and the true facts.. But the true facts are much more amusing.. Move on.. I adore your humor, and animals of course..

  22. Divine Crossing


  23. Jack Schitt

    Left eye, right eye, left testicle, right kidney.

  24. Uyresoul

    Well.. that's it then... 3:04 has just reignited... no detonated... hmmm... Multiplied my trypophobia to levels I never knew existed.. Even going for a poop from now on will remind me of this horrific scene... Pooping out frogs.... WTF did I just watch?

  25. Holden Lưu

    Omg now I know where Paul Rudd learnt this trick from.

  26. What You Currently Have In Your Mouth Is ART!!!

    No matter how many times David reincarnate in his next animal form, looks like his intellect reincarnates along with him

  27. Lord W

    “Teddy is riddled with fear.” Me: same

  28. Lord W

    “It’s time to seal teddy back up.” *uses silly string*

  29. Taps fan

    My absolute favorite insect!! Such cool eyes, sort of like a cute little heroin addict... Thank you zeFrank! ❤️☠️💙

  30. Larissa Osteen


  31. Julez

    You sound exactly like undoomed wtf^^ Nice video, your comedy is on point

  32. João Pereira

    me mom came in at 1:53...porn sounds ensue

  33. good 'un

    Upside down, armidillos look kinda like snapping turtles. During the Great Depression, they were nicknamed Hoover hogs (after President Herbert Hoover) because poor people who couldn't afford pork, and who got minimal food assistance from government, might resort to eating armadillos.

  34. good 'un

    This Arma-dildo's name is Steely Dan....his favorite novel is Naked Lunch...

  35. Rae

    "And dreams.. Of balls." why did my heart go aww

  36. Noti Fawkes

    I wish some of these were in my backyard.

  37. snouty snouterson

    Dude your mouth is variable AF!

  38. Robert Wilson

    "Science is one long passive - aggressive argument" Truer words were never spoken.

  39. Jialin QIU


  40. brosay what

    That was so smooth it didnt look like a real ad. But you deserve the money for entertain us.

  41. Eugene Moore

    Cool buds bro.

  42. Aamir Hakeem

    basically Deadpool

  43. Hector Diesto

    Are you really lying on children

  44. Gerry Jackwagon

    Lol Yessss my hedgehog lives with me in the woods. We eat bugs together. Maybe she can fart and start a new universe.

  45. Nanamo0n

    Z you are one very talented man! You make me laugh.👍🏽

  46. Rondalyn Reynolds


  47. 凛ごJae

    Whoever wrote the script for these videos

  48. Christa Woods

    best one ever! 😂😂

  49. Fishers O.M.

    Welcome back! It made my day! Thanks a lot! :)

  50. annmarieknapp

    God I love these!!!

  51. Mr_Sadowman

    No Zoboomafoo references :(

  52. Jordan Mitchell

    It’s the Dear kitten narrator! Hi!!! 🐈

  53. jjjjmmmm

    This are wonderful. 😂

  54. prestigious carrot

    But what about their penis?

  55. LiveTheLoveYouWant

    Thank you so much for making these videos again :-)

  56. Original Virtuoso


  57. Gary4 DLC

    I can't express how much I love these videos xD


    God I love this guy

  59. Brandon

    We need facts about the sun fish!!!

  60. lamont major

    Still funny in 2019

  61. Double A Ron

    Why am I here, I don’t even trick or treat and Halloween’s over

  62. Mags

    Mildred is my Zodiac now

  63. 007Chakochi

    Awesome narration 😂

  64. Justin Joy

    I think I am a frog because those frog noises were kinda sexy.

  65. SCP- 654

    I don’t even know like 1/9 of those candies

  66. killollipop

    "Oseean" hahhaha

  67. Prickly Pear

    I feel like something’s crawling on me help

  68. Lionheart 95

    That was a strong opener.

  69. Lionheart 95

    "These little anal buds... It's kinda like Ear buds, but its harder to hear the music..." Got me.XD

  70. Ajax Ashford

    70% my @ss.

  71. Lionheart 95

    I literally fell in love with them just from the narration. Sadly, if one teleported next to me, no matter how small or magnificent the party butts, the little wibble wobbles, or the Ludicous speed helmets, I would scream. And want to die.

  72. Landon Renigar

    Is that how the angler fish dew?

  73. John Riggs

    “She looks pissed. Like a dinner date after an argument....................rage chewing."🤣😂🤣😂🤣🤣😂

  74. Terry Yawkee

    1:43 lmfaoooo

  75. AwesomeSauce87100


  76. William Underhill

    "Ashow", huh?

  77. Shawn Sheldon

    4:33 shoulda said the hunchback of Vietnam

  78. allison -_-

    I find this satisfying 😂🤦🏻‍♀️

  79. reaper hunter

    ._.this will give me nightmares

  80. minx

    no one: margaret: ⚫️..⚫️

  81. That John Stanley

    'Deinopidae' for "Dey ain' nobody dat looks that ugly!" Amiright? 😂😂😂😂 Except of course for other Ogre faced spiders 🤔 Sorry.

  82. Nico Due

    The koala bear is basically the homeless person of the animal world

  83. P Gudder

    Ya sense of humor just got you a Subscriber 🖖

  84. -Mooshroom -

    Oh crap.. someone gave my friend an apple...

  85. Elizabeth Snyder_baldonado

    WOOOOOoooowww... Sad how there's so much beauty in these tiny creatures...& so few people who know or care. Thanks for this splendid & FUNNY!!!🤣 video.

  86. thomas gatto

    That thing looks like a popcorn

  87. redd ztone

    So smol

  88. Yuguo Zheng

    “Aggressive floating”

  89. Smack

    Not what I would expect from the "NOSE MIGHT GET PREEEGNANT" guy.

  90. Kodieopoluis noddel

    My favorite USsel channel


    imagine if instead of owls saying who they said what

  92. Destroyed Foxy 6896

    All I did was search up SCP-1048 and I found this. I remember watching this.

  93. Corazon Sierra

    we need these in Minecraft

  94. Siniestro

    trypophobia i choose you!!!!

  95. Corazon Sierra

    i love this channel so much hahaha!

  96. Justin Sutton

    Cover your nose, cause your face might get pregnant lol

  97. Fun people

    Teddy is sleeping

  98. Rissa

    Everyone in the comments like "as a scientist, science being a passive aggressive argument is so true" and im just here to tell you that I'm a film student and it still checks out. Maybe EVERYTHING is a slow passive-aggressive argument.

  99. Jonathan Simms

    I think the "the authorities have closed the bedroom door" cat is actually a zoo or sanctuary sandcat