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  1. Drew Lovelyhell

    I just want this Trump nightmare to be over. Seth and Stephen need some fresh subject matter.

  2. Joseph Dilascio

    Watching the news hahah wow is he right.

  3. Debra Deroos

    Thanks for always putting a truthful but humorous spin on this joke of a nutcase in the WH

  4. Pam Timmins

    Impeach Indict Jail trump! SAVE OUR COUNTRY AND THE REST OF THE WORLD FROM trump and the cowardly gop thugs! trump is getting Impeached and rightfully so! The Democratic Congress got this far by the White House and DoJ not turning over a single piece of paper. The Democrats are saving us and the Constitution from trump.

  5. schultzn1

    He's attacking Greta Thunberg, not because she's a climate activist. He's attacking her because she was named person of the year by Time magazine. Not that he'll ever know what that's like. A fake Time magazine cover is all a fake president deserves.

  6. kateofthecity

    Getting tired of winning yet?

  7. B Keene

    I am not a trump supporter by a long shot but this show is so agenda driven I can’t even laugh anymore. #BringBackJonStewart

  8. Ray Rios

    Didn’t watch the video yet. What if we just started calling the President a sellout?

  9. Ray Rios

    Did watch the video yet. What if we just started calling the President a sellout?

  10. Priscilla Jimenez

    Oh snap he referenced Home Alone!

  11. Mr Good Guys

    Unfortunately the democrats are mindless sheep. TRUMP2020

  12. Dennis Halterman

    80 angry and crude Tweets yesterday by noon, but, yeah, it's Greta who needs to "chill."

  13. TheAnnArnold

    Graham sounds incredibly ignorant

  14. Zed Ayy

    This is the funniest segment I’d ever seen on this show I hope they make more of them

  15. Garry Cartwright

    What do you suppose will happen to the many who testified to the truth. Trump will exact his revenge!

  16. Thebe Bashaleebee

    "... literally, a Russian nesting doll of husk"

  17. Joan Rosseel

    Hey Donald: YOU’RE FIRED! 👆🏽

  18. Denver Flipperer

    Flushing the toilets 15 times is the new way of eliminating the 15 nuclear missiles heading to the US,, ??

  19. Panna Chawangkul

    "Ten dead bodies in the trunk"🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  20. John Farland


  21. jeff mcgowan

    the dems and their scams.. they cant beat prez trump.. so they will try to throw him out.. how weak

  22. zookytar

    Before he took office I assumed he'd get impeached for paying off a porn star or something (I really did). I didn't think he'd do an international Mega-Watergate so I'm surprised that's what got him too

  23. Ryan Westland

    What's comical about this sketch is that all the videos used against the GOP have zero context as well as being no longer than 2 seconds. Has any body here actually watched any more of these hearings besides what's on cable access? Mueller did a report, he testified. Horowitz did a report, he testified. Schiff did a report, no testimony. How is that due process? Nadler is falling asleep at hearings?! How is noone talking about that??

  24. dave goldfarp

    meyer lier pants on fire

  25. citiboi kidd

    Solely for Trump's sake, we should abbreviate his title of POTUS to POS!!

  26. Howard Kerr

    " It's a danger to the presidency to legitimize this ". Hey Linthead Grahamcracker, it's a danger to this country to just sweep it under a rug like it's a few dust bunnies.

  27. Steve C.

    wouldnt it be funny if, all this time he's been digging into biden, only to find out he will run against bernie?

  28. Channel Egghead

    "I was allowed to see movies that the other kids in my class couldn't" It's incredible on how much I related to this same thing when I was much younger wow.

  29. Frances Zapata

    Please include closed captions so that the information is accessible to everyone

  30. Tyler Keller

    Poor Seth. I don't think he planned on replacing Leno with intention of saying the name "Trump" 27,000,000 times

  31. Jimmy W.

    tooooo great! thanks man

  32. iDroid

    Judiciary debate points to a hole in American democracy. Legislative, Executive and Judicial branches hold equal power. However, the President gets to pick and appoint SC Judges. Over a period of 3 consecutive terms for a party,, this will tip the whole balance in the Executives' favor if abused.

  33. L W

    Gym Jordan sounds like he is trying to auction off one of Devin Nune's cows.

  34. D Smith

    Way to forfeit your Constitutional duty, Senator Graham...

  35. Ronald Metoyer

    Giuliani aint fooling nobody. Hes scared Dt would turn on him after he was arrested so he went there to chill until this was over.

  36. TheAnnArnold

    Possums dont get rabies

  37. J

    MURICAAA, duck yeah!

  38. Elkslayer

    "The Democrats have proven this is by-partisan by how fast they wanted to get this over with." The Senate is not going to do that. We need to look at all the evidence and prove the Democrats wrong once and for all." Well ,we are actually still not going to allow any evidence or witnesses so we should have it rapped up in 5 days...

  39. TheAureliac

    He celebrated Hanukkah ten days early with a pastor who says Jews are going to hell, so I guess he'll host Kwanzaa on the 16th with a KKK grand wizard presiding

  40. ADMA

    For he was a scoundrel and disloved his offspring so that "In 1989, it appears he used Foundation money to pay Donald Trump Junior's $7 initiation fee for the Boy Scouts."

  41. 12Medbe Network

    In before the "This is The Dumbest President We've Ever Had" Bots.

  42. raymond german

    Didn’t Pelosi say impeachment was about Russia, not Ukraine?

  43. hellocollegejason198

    Insulting a 16 year old should also do it

  44. Lee Lee

    I have a serious question... If trump is impeached( i fucking hope so). Will he still be receiving money for the rest of his life because he served as the president? Looks like i won't be paying my taxes anymore

  45. MM 754

    Not too sure why Dems are trying to impeach Trump. They should try to kick out low life people such as Graham, Jim Jordan, etc. These people are to blame for having a criminal president. If it were not because of these people in the house, Trump would have played by the rules.

  46. jon doh

    We should call this country what it really is the United State of Hypocrisy💩

  47. Nina Kupchenko

    I’m a Russian doll 😂 but 💯 American

  48. Phineas The Great

    It’s Eyegore.

  49. dogboy1953

    If anybody who ever drew breath deserves to crash and burn, it's the ignorant orange traitor.

  50. Pamela Bronson

    There was an insult to possums by comparing them to a rabid Trump. It is actually very rare for possums to get rabies due to their body temperatures.

  51. Whitney Elizabeth

    6:07 “They did nothing to get the aid released” Because someone blew the whistle on the issue and they had to make it look like they were going to release it the whole time 🙄 are you kidding?

  52. Francisco Segismundo

    Jim Jordan ia another big-time dumb ass. HAHAHA

  53. iDroid

    Democrats, read this carefully: Impeach Trump, but more Trump like persons are gonna be elected in 2020. This is because the Republicans and their base are on a completely different world. The language they speak is mad loyalty and the behavior is submission to authority. Democracy is just a tool to wield power for them. Address the reasons why Americans got there. Otherwise, impeachment will not change a thing.

  54. Loki's Buddy

    Trump is "Surprised" that he is finally being held accountable for the first time in his execrable life! 💩

  55. jon doh

    Seriously is there not one American citizen that knows the definition of tyranny. Trump is on the way to making us a shitholecountry and we are going to deserve everything we get.

  56. Nina Kupchenko

    He’s a crook

  57. mary hershelman

    Southern voters don't trust fast talking politicians.

  58. Lily Jade

    Seth staff, please show the Cspan chief Clerk (who happens to be a lady) Be Best Reading out the 9 pages of Articles of Impeachment.

  59. Philip E.

    This show would have to be one of the greatest shows since Cheers., Why isn't it still running, NOT one episode is bad. 10/10 from me.

  60. Harrie van der Lubbe

    Rocking some nice Batik shirt there JB

  61. Paolo Vallejo

    I love to eat something while watching my daily dosis of this show, the problem is that more often than not you see a close-up of that snake person Stephen Miller and well, it's a pretty bad experience having food in your mouth while watching that specimen

  62. Leonard Taylor

    In a wierd sort of way , Guilliani and sonland are kind of likable dudes , maybe its because they are kind of goofy , like 2 of the 3 stooges .

  63. Pipe Tunes

    If drumpf does manage to get away with this I guarantee I won’t be the only Suicide. I choose not to live in drumpf world anymore. Just not worth it.

  64. wolfman02

    Is Graham suggesting the Republican Senate doesn't want to call any witnesses? None? Not even the people closest to the situation, whom the President wouldn't allow to testify? He's not curious what they'd have to say about the matter under oath?? Pfft! Yeah, THAT'S due diligence!

  65. K S

    The GOP needs to be banned for being anti-American.

  66. earlene wallace

    Jordan sounded like a coked up ferret on speed. And as for his attacking Greta, how dare he attack a child. This is a man who is an obvious crook and a traitor, cavorts with a porn star while his wife was pregnant and thinks his daughter is hot. Between Greta and his orangeness, she is clearly the more mature of the two

  67. Edith

    Elevator, persistent chopper noise, Kelly Anne - have singular purpose for republicans. To avoid having a dialogue / accountability.


    The opossum joke is spot on. I'll never forget when I walked by an angry one almost 30 hears ago. I thought it was a giant rat

  69. Cymbolic Human

    The republicans are not doing a good job convincing the public that their policies are better. Yet the democrats have no credibility because their distaste for the current status quo. Media is killing their own credibility, and not much hope in getting public trust restored.

  70. Ace HAMMER

    if these republicans have kids then I do feel sorry for the kids to have to live with the embarrassments that are these republican clowns, seeing them go on TV in these impeachment hearings and make themselves look oh so stupid as they are flailing around in the dark saying meaningless things just to waste time and distract and bending over backwards to lick Trump's shoes just for Trump to kick them in the face some day in the future when they are of no more use to him, so to the kids of republican politicians, you have my sympathy



  72. 2beanburritos

    the dumbass telling others to chill is the same man that got angry and called another person rude because they sneezed while they were being interviewed

  73. JMarchel

    There's a post credit scene in Ferris Bueller's Day Off?

  74. Donovan

    *Trump:* Lord of the Lies and a *Wannabe King* with a *"God complex";* An unshakable belief characterized by consistently inflated feelings of personal ability, privilege, or _infallibility._ *"The Chosen One"* with *Delusions of Grandeur,* a surging growth of *Paranoid* Personality Disorder, resentful *Envy,* childish *Entitlement,* an *increasing* prevalence of *Dementia,* spectacular *Narcissistic* Personality Disorder, cringe-worthy *Anti-Social* Personality Disorder, unbridled *Corruption* and a *Swamp of Greed.*

  75. Colin Summers

    John Belushi. John Candy. Chris Farley. Jack Black is going to have a heart attack and everyone is going to say, "Oh yea, that was sad... we tried to say something..."

  76. waheeda mohammed


  77. Lelynn Miller

    🎵🎶 insane in the Ukraine... INSANE WITH NO BRAIN!! 🎶🎵

  78. Michael R.

    Trump 2020 !

  79. Matt Schmissrauter

    Oh he is definitely talking about Kurt Russell.

  80. dhamm551

    Trump doesn't seem to know that Obama actually wrote 2 books that were best sellers before, he became president.

  81. Donovan

    *On ♪ the ♬ first ♩ day ♫ of ♪ Christmas ♩ 🎅🎄:* Trump Steak, Trump Vodka, Trump Magazine, Trump Water, Trump University Diploma, Trump Airlines, Trump Mortgage, Trump Charity Foundation, Trump Football Team, Trump Bike Races, Trump Casinos, Trump's Bankruptcies, Trump's Word, .... etc. *Winning!* 🥇🥇🥇

  82. Debra Deroos

    Trump=a tick that's about to burst!

  83. Bruce strkland

    They're on break someone on cnn is clapping. I think he's looking for a hot mike. What am I doing?? GOD let it be over!!!😒

  84. Mountain Drew

    4:21 Press here 4:21 and play aloud for any individual attempting to defend our moron king.....

  85. Alexis Rivera

    Correction, Trump isn't a 73 year old man. He's a 73 year old loser, It really escapes me how can Trump be this much of a loser after leading a life of luxury and unaccountability.

    1. Lelynn Miller

      i like to say "Trump's a sore loser, EVEN when he DOESN'T lose."

  86. James Wilson

    Y'know, I can remember when Republicans were AGAINST Russian hegemony.

  87. Dancing bear Dancer

    That Gym Jordan is a crazy fella

    1. Lelynn Miller

      Gym Jordan has date-rape-face 😳

  88. Ginger Hitzke

    Bring Andrew Yang on the show and talk about how he wants to get rid of pennies too :-) #YangGang #Yang2020

  89. Damaged Provider Module

    People have forgotten more scandals about trump than other candidates have had in total.

  90. Lelynn Miller

    🎶 he's going, GOING, back, BACK, to Ukraine, Ukraine... 🎶

  91. Princess Lamari Mitchell

    Trump is even more surprised he not in jail right now😂🤣😂

  92. Jeff N

    I could tell this was from 3 years ago, because Seth looks 15 years younger.

  93. TheRightTub308

    Republicans have consistently destroyed nearly ever single piece of so called evidence democrats have provided. Why does NBC, CNN, and ABC cut the broadcast every time republicans have the floor? Hmm? Afraid of exposing the corrupt and criminal organization that tells you what lies to broadcast and what facts to cover up.

  94. Arnie Calang

    Hi Seth :)

  95. Mr Funkfurter

    He would be the 4th president impeached not the 3rd.

    1. Kevin Skiles

      Nixon wasn't impeached.

  96. Edwin Gonzalez-Bonilla

    Can. this. be. over

  97. Karen Piotte

    Graham "why did he change his testimony" because everyone else who knew about it told the truth. He didn't want to go to jail!

  98. BR549 !

    Everyone here please email your representatives and implore them to impeach and remove this cockroach from our white house! I already sent a message to one of Wyoming's reps!

  99. Gunman610

    Remember, Trump actually was named Time's Person of the Year...and then complained about it

  100. Prashant Saxena

    Be Best. lol