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  1. Dexter Lee


  2. Hannah Mae

    1:51 Dr.Pill got me

  3. The Lighting striker

    Laughed at 12:49 pm

  4. Landen Randomly uploads

    I’m not in my teens I’m 12

  5. Blue Skies

    Mini you should react to Japanese commercial's

  6. Morgan 1900

    I laughed at 1:31

  7. yago yea

    I laughed at 0:22

  8. leviathan13k


  9. Things'N Stuff

    I didn't laugh at all

  10. mdredmond3

    Nobody: Chipotle if they did shakes: 10:39

  11. ツInToxicStar

    Lufu Australian by day British by night

  12. ツInToxicStar


  13. ツInToxicStar


  14. enderme please

    Yo mini I'm from Northern Ireland I have to say. That was... Ok at best

  15. Anders Mccrickard

    You should merge your channels and name it "minicraig"

  16. drift king

    1:55 BE GONE...

  17. squidefender games

    Shit that cup is my whole life in 1 sentence

  18. Ellie-Mae Hayes

    kugo is so cute wtf :(((((((((((((((

  19. borgsen

    3:24 dont you mean gnome me like that

  20. greyt_ 1_25


  21. casti casti

    I wish i could go to your show 😔 but i live in Venezuela

  22. Bus Driver

    Microwaved scrambled eggs is decent I guess, but any other version just explodes lol

  23. EEVEEning Gents

    Bud light is gross as shit

  24. Screw Mau

    Yeah Portland!!!!!

  25. The FlyingDonut

    Edible underwear?!?!

  26. Snow Fruit

    I’m in tae kwon do I am almost blackbelt I have been in it before I have started school age 3

  27. Rafael Gaming

    i laughed at 1:10

  28. Purple Fairy

    7:55 when you get one question wrong on Kahoot



  30. joshua dibbin

    I laughed at 8:08

  31. Panda Man

    I was laying in bed thinking “you know ima get something to eat.” Then I heard “My name is Carrie and I’m addicted to drinking my own piss.” I laid back down and said “Yeah you know I’m good.”

  32. Mario Oscar Flores

    Nnn yes

  33. Artic_fox 98

    Sorry Craig I still use CDs don't beat me

  34. The Sean

    Pause at 13:25

  35. Oli G

    And what’s next hmmm edible underwear 23:16

  36. george peroni

    Left: KFC sweet and sour Right: pasta sauce

  37. PScantron

    What's this subredit called?

  38. Haymannn

    9:03 “Peppa Pig my favorite anime”

  39. President bread

    16:51 but you are not cool kid

  40. buddyman 107

    hotsauce and milk

  41. Coolxkiller360

    4:50 It was already broken 💀💀

  42. Shad Walker

    I did it to my dog and she looked at me like WTAF?!?!?!

  43. Dz Merxy

    I think i just found banksy

  44. Goat_Hayne


  45. StrangerDanger Gaming


  46. Trash

    11:10 ok mini this could work just make sure to invite to meet his friends if you do reservations this time

  47. xd TheONElol


  48. CDA Gamer

    Did he just slap himself lol

  49. IsoHurts

    Bro u actually made me die of laughter

  50. Avexay

    is it just me, or did Craig got fatter?

  51. Josiah Meyer


  52. Husky Lover

    In Australia we call it Kentucky fried chicken (KFC for short)

  53. walawigi meme

    If you look closely Kevin was wearing tiny jeans

  54. Gage Keyes

    I used to like hawaiin pizza but now I don't

  55. Ambrose Asylum

    I'm right handed Right:McDonalds sweet Nd sour sauce Left: kfc bbq sauce

  56. Javion Cruz

    2:53 that's what R***ist said

  57. Nielsieboy13

    I laughed at 1:30, that damn hamster dude

  58. Jafet Santiago

    Left:bbc Right:ketchup

  59. Loyal Piper

    *Thomas crawling* *Shed 17 Intensifies*

  60. Ку сай


  61. Dragon slayer

    5:41 HITLER killed himself so its you be hitler or you be hitler i pick SKIP THIS QUESTOPN THANK YOU

  62. Kaitlyn Ortiz

    "so i packed my stuff and right" ☠️

  63. colour dragon


  64. 420, what u is smokin?

    8:08 why did i think it was confidence 😂

  65. knif3

    Coce in Russia? He is western spy!!

  66. Lea MuseFan

    Not to be confused with Lovehoney 🤣🙈

  67. Dan Hinchliffe

    Put an RGB bulb behind it and thank me later

  68. Pro gaming Vlogs

    logan: you are my clone john: what

  69. Ciddreck Ganigan

    I feel offended because I collect CDs

  70. Shiva Nevermore

    I feel so sorry for Ty 12:52-13:06

  71. SETTON 2

    Blind people can hear or is this swooosh

  72. Luke Mettam Gaming

    Greenhill, Sheffield is literally a 5 min walk from where I live

  73. TheGamingKing

    Mustard and Heinz secret sauce

  74. Jack Vang

    Chef miniladd XD beautiful cooking tips to

  75. agent don

    I dont understand why these vids gets loads of views

  76. Coben Longe

    that looks supper good

  77. Robert Harmse


  78. Ĝod òf Ĥenťai

    Life hacks dont help you it just makes you look poor and stupid

  79. bS_ slick

    Yeah well I ain't cool so shit

  80. HasPrivilege

    gen z Karen's did you mean _spoiled children_

  81. bailey Hursh

    I laughed at 2:25

  82. Evan the lazorlith And intro maker

    *Mines would be Barbaque sauce so i can say, i have Barbeque sauce on my titties*

  83. Tominator

    what video did he KO that giraffe i really want to see it

  84. Chris Schutter

    Omg your soooooo funny please make more videos like this

  85. Josh Holder

    He didn’t even put it on

  86. Gold Fox Gaming

    I laughed at 2:30

  87. Ethan Entwistle


  88. The Generalissimo

    Ad ends at 3:00

  89. Cooper Goodman

    When pokemon came up I started singing as loud as I could in my room lol 😂😂😂

  90. Johnny Cake


  91. sketch book


  92. The Gaming Spirit

    My grandma died... 1960 - 2011 She died to cancer... On January 8th

  93. Gear Cat Studios

    Hawaiian pizza eh to be honest it's alright

  94. cringeworthy 1

    @3:19 why does mini look like ed Sheron

  95. Beary cool1336

    I laughed at 4:27.


    I liked and subbed so why do I still have social studies homework? MINNI LIED