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  1. 3and0

    he obviously gets not sex LMAO

  2. Bluefire397

    7:36 I’m sorry but she is being really pathetic

  3. Shqiptar Shqiptar

    Look at the servers back at 12:45

  4. Destini Saidu

    He never like s anything

  5. pax und peace

    At least the kitchen seems clean

  6. Destini Saidu

    This is what he deserves ...he always having a attitude

  7. FoCuS Slyynkeツ

    6:14 *IsG EgKPlAn*

  8. AGMC Room 237

    They chefs hairline though

  9. Snipez TR

    "I dont know" Me "you dont know? I dont know?"

  10. EonShade

    Dry, frozen and bland? The ultimate combo

  11. Dave Pawson

    No mention of police. Clckbaiit much?

  12. Sophia Schweiger

    Of the day means "Everyday".

  13. Nyqo8

    I dont like it when he orders a bunch food and just Eats like a Little Piece of a Wohle steak

  14. Kiwixe

    I love you Gordon.

  15. God, Guns, & Bible

    The food is not fit for Rats, not human consumption it’s nasty.

  16. Jeff Jeff

    Not even collecting nectar points with sainsburys which let's you spend you points in volleys of £2.50 or £5.00 of stuff or fuel xD

  17. Aunt Jemima

    Hehe I have children for free labour

  18. Dig bick ni🅱️🅱️a

    i love how every manager doesn’t say how bad their food is until ramsey points it out and then they’re like “yeah i agree i’ve always disliked it” bruh since when 😐

  19. Your friendly neighbour

    It's "reality TV" that girl wasn't actually a pescetarian, they need drama for the soccer moms watching.

  20. Dionna ly

    Why does she say 86 though??

  21. Violett Reyes

    That restaurant just looks run down, I don’t trust restaurants that look like they haven’t been updated in 40 years.

  22. Mr. Vector


  23. ItzLayla

    When you can’t think of anything else to name this video:

  24. Plastic Platoon Animations

    This is one of the most holy episodes in existence.

  25. Homeless_taco

    Saddest part is that i would still eat pizza

  26. Jack D

    Hes a shithead and thats his girlfriend? Goes to show you only money matters...

  27. Aeneyes

    the nino at the end killed me

  28. Mehmood Nadeem

    Gordon Ramsay must be given legal rights to shut down restaurants that don't fall on his standards. afterall he is an incredible chef.

  29. Jess campion

    2:00 *cringe*

  30. Jack D

    I hate all the google commercials

  31. Calder Johnson

    If you don't offer a dish, don't put it on your damn menu.

  32. Fireball GC

    I seen a huge ass comment thread of guys (mostly) saying she was hiding in the curtain to avoid her husband because she only married him for money. You guys are fucking idiots. If you watch the episode it’s because she’s not allowed in the kitchen and has to sneak in. And every time she is in the kitchen she’s kicked out. You literally seen it here when he asks her what she needs and to get in the dinning room

  33. Mackenzie Taylor

    What episode did this clip come from?

  34. IJN Yamato

    Captions: "Tastes like cum cookies" Brilliant.

  35. Sam D

    30k .. is that it? For a head chef at a Michelin star restaurant? I don’t work in hospitality but surely that is insanely low

  36. Thodoris Natsios

    they're Greek

  37. Kelly J Jackson

    Are those the owner's Catholic statues on the shelf? If so, she's doing a heck of a job following Jesus' and Mary's examples of love and humility🙄

  38. Drakthorian Aka Tzaphquiel

    They are still going strong in 2019 with mostly positive reviews, good on you Pete

  39. Cody Simon

    She's a sexy black girl.

  40. Akhil

    Can i ask this please....when gordon said shut it down, why are they closing it i mean does gordon have some kind of authority or something. I really wanna know please tell me?

  41. meghan bates

    It’s coffee RITA

  42. Septemburrs veryOwn

    Lexi is fucking hot 🔥

  43. Akito kun

    I wanna go here


    *cup noodles wants to know your location*

  45. pax und peace

    Restaurants in the US without a waiting list are definitely a rip off

  46. tadej novak

    Denise ummm....ur a rude bitch

  47. meghan bates

    “Don’t shout at her” OH GIRL THE DAD CAME OUT

  48. Choco Lotto

    They need some milk

  49. Starscream Shadowbolt

    Is no one talking about the fact that when the older Italian guy is shouting his wife is mouthing what he’s saying????

  50. Dragon Waifu

    Only true gods can cook food that Gordon legit likes.

  51. sandnes2504 Rama

    Fuck you all lousy restaraunts serving microwave food...bitch..and..bastards. I was in a very holiday a good restaurant in Barcelona..and upon asking..i was a will be "pling"... I asked what the f..g "pling" was... I was shocked..! wass micro !..what ?..a microwave food in a f..g spanish restaurant.. Bastards..spanish..cheaters..! I tolerated to avoid a show..since I was with guests.! You all bastards..who dont serve "eating-experince" to guests..can go to hell... Be..shameful..

  52. Cow Milk

    Give this man some gloves

  53. sylwia

    stuffed zucchini is a dish which is really popular in turkey and that shit was not stuffed zucchini.

  54. Jamie Murray

    What if: you wanted to go to heaven But God said: HELLO, MY NAMES NINOOOOO

  55. Graptemiss

    She's so cuuuute

  56. ManWithNoName

    He didn't say to them how much he liked the crab tier though.

  57. Billboss900

    You can tell Gordon is mad when he dosen’t yell at you

  58. Chet

    Hey, who dressed their little brother in a suit?

  59. Victor K

    «Im not sitting, im standing» lol

  60. Gohibniu Goh

    Republicans are eating a lot of donkey cock now.

  61. Jamie Murray

    Customer: can I get food Owner: YOU’RE FIRRERRRRRRRRRED

  62. Thames Hydroblasting

    Nothing has to be what you like

  63. vaniaocta

    Grandma : I hate blue. Wearing blue sweater 👍🏻

  64. John Three16

    I like Gordon Ramsey a lot, but dang this guy silenced him with great comebacks.

  65. Austin Kilgore

    Why are on earth do these restaurant chefs microwave shit when they know Gordon’s out there.... idiots lol

  66. Hotgreg

    Misleading title.

  67. Laslo Brorsonius

    I can fap to this thumbnail!

  68. caiwin smh

    aw he looked so sad come on guysss ma man just tryna earn a living he dint asked to get shouted at for not knowing how to make a meatball he was just trying andwhen he started crying i aw-

  69. Rossyfries 72

    Is that Hillary Clinton

  70. johnnyboy123


  71. WithUr Shield

    Taking a moment, Ramsey at a local grocery mart.😮😮😮

  72. Mr meme Dab

    Imagine just watching Gordon Ramsay at school and this shows up 0:00

  73. Lionel Hudson

    Amy Is one crazy dumb bitch

  74. a n n a!

    6:00 what d' you find so funny ”CHARLIE"!! 6:04 what do you want me to do ? Stand here and cry ? Gordon Ramsey : 👁👄👁

  75. Killer_Vybz

    Lack Of... Ninoooo

  76. Patoz

    It is time to execute order 86

  77. S.C.P. Foundation

    me: it's ok Gordon : disgusting me: disgusting

  78. Conaday Sweet

    Sexist people are awful

  79. a n n a!

    8:14 walks back with attitude 8:16 nope * quick run for my life*

  80. Penny

    What episode is this? What season?

  81. Zen Mystic

    Well i guess you say it was a mis-stake

  82. Chris P

    Bread pudding comes in a can u go ahead and take responsibility buddy

  83. TXzombiekiller

    Fun fact: Jews suck bloody baby penises!!!!! Jews Rock !!!!!!!

  84. nadia kay

    Too many icons in this place. I feel uncomfortable.

  85. Kane Ponelas

    If Ramsay get to do this kind of show on the phillippines he'll go nuts lol, everything about food there screams food contamination lol

  86. Hadi

    I love that all the faces go like : dafuq? When he says its delicious

  87. #theofficial_ kami

    Being his cameraman is more torturing He must be drolling all over his camera as Gordon tastes all the delicacy

  88. Kawaii Gacha WolfieLegendary

    Wow that girl is a bitch my ears hurt!

  89. Raymond Solis Jr.

    I like the British version so much more than the US

  90. The Sneaky Skarmory

    *Gordon’s phone stops working* *Breath In* IT’S FROZEN

  91. Will Smoove

    86 8ty6ix

  92. Lila Meera

    I love Gordon Ramsay and his curses.

  93. BlackBeltValeTudo

    The headline sent me off

  94. Martin Patron

    Does anyone which episod is it? Thnx😊

  95. Todd Thomas

    At 1:23 he made a penis lol

  96. dan o kelly

    "What is that strong taste that I'm tasting?" Umm flavour

  97. Elizabeth

    He always loves the things that the chefs have full creative control over

  98. Rohit Kumar

    *is not good*😂