In case you're new to my videos, I get thrown into a lot of unbelievable situations, I travel a lot and I'm in the entertainment industry so crazy stories are gonna come as a result.

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  1. Black Blissful

    Now we can’t even go to school cause of the CV (coronavirus)

  2. SneakedUp Gaming

    You've got to be the greatest story teller of the modern age.


    Swoozies like chiller and saucier marlin webb without hair

  4. Rooben Keeros

    What about the stripper girl though? 🤔

  5. NV_ Rix

    Did did not break his wrist or dat just for fashion

  6. Bill Hill

    4 shots.... Really?

  7. splatdestoryer kid


  8. Ferdi Steinhag


  9. Ancora Wisco

    Who you can be actor voice, stay cool

  10. Bill Hill

    Hey... its okay... I did 10 shots in 30 minutes proceeded to teleport and hooked up with a chick with no real recollection of what happened... she remembered everything tho... lol

  11. Marcus Christopher

    Quid pro quo

  12. Bandedtiger OG

    You flew her back first time and didn’t even hit you supplies

  13. Tito Hernandez

    :Dad if u dont kiss my daughter' im going to kill you :boy okokokokok

  14. Tito Hernandez

    :boss no kissing :the girl lets kiss :boy mmm good

    1. Tito Hernandez


  15. Bill Hill

    Here I sit alone on a Friday night eating taco bell and drinking vodka

  16. Darius Childress

    Ghost protocol 😂🤣

  17. Asa Logan

    11 years behind but I’m proud of you good sir. I attempted the same goal my only idea was to wait till 18 or marriage, slipped up at 18 lived to regret and grow from that decision and got myself right with God before marrying my wife. He’s been taking care of us ever since. Stay well brother.

  18. danybud braaps

    posted this on my birthday seven years ago

  19. Sherquan Rogers

    He troubled it

  20. CTW

    Been 11 years you gonna tell us what that line u used is?

  21. Jared Lopez

    It do be like that sometimes

  22. granny gamer gamer

    I got shoct

  23. KidAloha87

    who else watching in 2020?

  24. just kayla

    Yo swoozie true story my friend tried to literally ride on the roof of our homegirls car on Halloween,but her brother said no

  25. Jeri Murray

    What to do in the situation ... fight every single one of them

  26. Popi89ferezzx

    When you have swoozie as a plant so you can do some real gang shit up in Orlando.

  27. Branda Lopez

    I think USsel can read minds, 3 hours ago i was like "OMG, i haven't seen Swoozie in forever i wonder what he is up to" i went to sleep, woke you saw his vid on my recommendation list and i was like 😮 this is some voodoo shit going on rn...but still miss him tho😍😘 i am always looking forward to his vids

  28. trouble1044 hdndfn

    I have a mom from the south and a dad that was raised Catholic if you think that I talk back to my mom no way in hell. She would do the same thing your mom would do swoozie

  29. Zak zzstu Eggenberger

    0:22 🤣

  30. Asta Demon Form

    What was with that Wu-Tang Clan outfit XD

  31. JP Phillips

    Swoozie picked up red dead 2..... Respec

  32. masterlego 923

    When is the next date man

  33. deshaun fortune

    That red jacket is dope

  34. Mrslayer 39

    Yo this happen to me once let me tell you what happen story time: so I got wwe ALLSTAR on my ds huge deal for me so one friend of mine said Friends: yo let’s trade games I gave him my wwe ALLSTAR game and he gave me I think a Pokémon game or a racing game. So the next day I ask him can I return it and he said Friend: I will give it back to you tomorrow I said ok Then the next day shows he moved so to this day he still got my wwe ALLSTAR game and I miss it

  35. Sasha Planting

    Not doday Satan😂😂

  36. EGL

    Holy shot i just realized that this is the same lady from this is for Rachel 3:05

  37. Sasha Planting

    Softest liiippss BRA😂😂

  38. Sasha Planting

    What the heck is Disney +😕😕😕

  39. Domo V

    Never understood that rule about the gym😂🤦🏽‍♂️. It’s 50/50 it depends on the girl

  40. Zy’Eria Smith

    I just realized that I was 3 when this video was posted 😗

  41. Sasha Planting

    Just homies😉😉😉

  42. Domo V

    Lol swoozie krazy I swag when I surf 🌊 😂😂

  43. TheGamingAlex 777

    Yo this animation is lit

  44. Keeon gutierrez

    You fucking shoot them

  45. Killa CgoApe

    I feel bad, I traded him for young don the sauce god

  46. Darra styles


  47. Makayla Ariel

    story of my life 😂😂😂 poor baby

  48. Makayla Ariel

    I can not lol. Swoozie I love your videos 😂😂😂.

  49. Zak zzstu Eggenberger

    My ger dumped me for nother mans n i kne she wood but she told me they were just frends

  50. Anonymous 1

    Wait didn’t sWooZie lose to dashie in Mario kart 8 what happened I thought nobody could touch u

  51. Ben Franklin

    3:30 Yo swoozie I gotchu bro, the guy on the bottom left has got a blue 6 and panda has a yellow 5.

  52. Zak zzstu Eggenberger

    Bro i kno the feelin none of my frens can start and finish a conversation

  53. Unknown Offender

    Dat a$$ doeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  54. izzi go

    Swooze always gets done dirty

  55. anime pug

    Finally some respect for high score girl at 1:32

  56. sweettoothh foryouu


  57. Sai tomai

    Too good to be true???

  58. Sai tomai

    Ngl swoozie is really a player...

  59. egidijus zygas

    It felt good 😊

  60. Luzuko Mtombeni


  61. The Gaming Brothers

    2020 anyone

  62. Moses Alofokhai

    Man's quotes Linkin At the end there! I see you!

  63. R҉ O҉ N҉ A҉ L҉ D҉ O҉

    Why swoozie stop saying no tea no shade (☞ ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)☞

  64. Sumare Davis

    People really getting flown out? How that work?

  65. The Lightning ASH

    I wanted to use the codes but then I realized. I have a play station I have an android. And I am 8 years too late.

  66. Damien Golladay

    You deserve so much better😓

  67. mark anderson

    Swoozie, time for you to move on to the next phase of life. Loose all the hot chick wanna-be social climbers, find marriage material, have some kids. Your videos and insights on marriage and babies would be PRICELESS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  68. Antonioartist1

    Kinda disappointed this is the first video in a while and the animation is pretty crude and the story is another one of his ‘going after a girl’..again. Hopefully the next one is an improvement😔

  69. Miya Querida


  70. Trinette Richards

    How do I find this stuff

  71. A.S.A.D RETRO

    “Everything you touch is hard”

  72. Miya Querida

    5:30 killed me 🤣

  73. Luiz Vaz

    It just came to me that... if the genders were reversed the guys following the girls would be locked up and all over the news. We live in a fucked up hypocritical world huh.

  74. Jada Cron

    My favorite words from him "None of my busuness though my concern"

  75. Jared Narine

    Swoozie just so you know. You're a good guy. I'm sure a ton of guys in L.A. would just hook up with girls just to hook up. Keep on searching my boy. You'll find the one.

  76. Empire Stories

    Thanks for sharing a humanizing story of failure! Makes us realize that no one is immune to this stuff.

  77. Nathan Gonzalez

    Happy tree friends

  78. Cosmic Animations

    That's the reason why they went out of business

  79. Reactor X

    Im the one who gives money but most of the time im late

  80. lucy k

    i know this is just a video but daaaaaammmnnn

  81. Christian Ramos

    How much you wanna bet he aint even kiss here yet that rimed 😂😂😂😂

  82. Caeden Amara

    Any people 2020 hands down best animated video

  83. JD Jordan

    Maybe, Swoozie, what your doing when you meet these girls is that you are too nice to them and come off as just want to be my friend type of guy. I think that if you make your intentions clear with these girls, youll be fine and stop getting played. Just trying to help.

  84. Sarah M


  85. Nicholas Pasquale

    Jonathan: yah run Announcer: FINISH HIM His cousin: turns into scorpion and burns him alive* Announcer: FATALITY btw this is prolly stolen sooo who gives a crap I don’t have to explain myself😒😂😂 Edit: yeah it is SO WHAT WHATS WRONG WITH MK FANS HUH

  86. Danielle Temple

    I love you, Swoozie <3 My sis and I used to watch your vids when we were younger. You were funny then, and you're still funny now <3

  87. Mxstic YT

    My sister knows Justin Timberlake

  88. Ryan Bradshaw

    So you’re saying you knock girls out to NOT have sex with them. I...I dont even know how to feel.

  89. Casual Dog

    Nah you not crazy cuh

  90. Keedo da Kopperhead

    Is that one dude in the begginnig a chad or simp

  91. Icee

    swooz a simp 😭

  92. Anoz

    dp a simp

  93. Eddie Lovell

    They got to ad a 1v1 Star Wars fight

  94. Luis Jimenez Jr.

    How to get through Asian parents, call the child protective services

  95. evad

    Why does swoozie choose to be bald