Gav and Dan take on the world in Slow Motion!
Definitely in the top 10 of slow motion based USsel channels!
If you can, watch our videos at the highest possible resolution on your device for some offensively crisp slow motion footage.
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  1. Richard Wolfe

    Somebody took all the reinforcement bars out of that box

  2. Anton Trif


  3. Richard Wolfe

    Too bad you can't do a slo-mo time lapse and show the trichomes growing on a marijuana bud

  4. Unlimited Gaming

    This video's best moments 4:08 8:45.Woww!!

  5. 0Fern0

    If Gav & Dan look short compared to Rhett & Link, Gav and Dan are both average height about 5'8 Link isn't short... Rhett is just 6'7 soo...

  6. Yung man

    Where's all my niggah who plays pubg?

  7. Crazy Lance

    You forgot to include Donald Trump in the experiment

  8. Aashish Dinesh

    dont hurt animals . why are u promoting it

  9. LFYT Youtube

    So what is a T1000?

  10. Trecia Pimer

    Antarctica: freezing to death. Australia, Arizona:Dying of heat stroke every single day

  11. Nizal Muhammad

    Kv-2 firing in slow motion

  12. TRWgaming 147

    You should do armour piercing round hitting an axe

  13. you scare me

    Am I the only that didn't know this was possible using markers?

  14. Chris A.

    6:20 'tis but a scratch

  15. Mika Köstler


  16. Sir Predator of Cats Meow

    I... I need to go see an optician. The video quality looks better than what I can see irl, HOW?

  17. RiCh

    I just had my dinner and now am watching this


    In the thumbnail I thought he would insert the coin in the gun and something would happen . Like if you thought the same

  19. YourLocalMemeDealer

    The thumbnail looks like then portal from rick and morty

  20. Mikaeel M

    watch it at 0.25x

  21. Judith Theisen

    Dan: *literally going to war* Gav: yes i'd like to order a cheese pizza

  22. Jonathan Labrecque Poirier

    I thing clissical opera is really a great choice haha!

  23. order 66

    Monks don't mess around is my take away from this

  24. Tuesd Ay

    It branches out then when it hits a target, it’s just a line.

  25. 7033Joe

    (Sledgehammer) Me: *Being respectful with good pointed argument* (Car) my mom: "Don't talk back to me." 12:56

  26. the spikehammer show

    He shoved the needle into the glass

  27. CherryCola 31

    "Looks like a fat buttcheeck"

  28. Double extra large Fry

    I feel like I just watched a birthing video

  29. Gary Lye

    Anyone else get shocked😂

  30. Alex Michalski

    That’s the place demolition ranch went to shoot the biggest gun! And the same tank was used and they where the ones that ruined the car

  31. khen lakhin

    It seem like zero gravity.

  32. Dax_i5

    8:52 NSFW 7w7

  33. smitty werben jagger man jensen

    5min into netflix and chill Me: 1:54

  34. Jarhead _4824

    2 guys walk out of a school the two of them say to each other 5:47 🤣🤣🤣

  35. Pīnky Cattø

    Thumbnail: ⚽¤👄¤

  36. Light İnformation

    deliği küçültün daha çok uçar (shrink the hole flies a long time)

  37. Sathvik Seshadri

    Gav looks like Howard Wolowitz.

  38. Андрей Александрович

    wow how did you to get Colin Farrell here

  39. chuwikit

    Wayback 80s, Leon Guerero already did that 😉

  40. Sonujeet khatua

    Actually I need that bmw z4 ?

  41. JamesthekinggamerXD

    No that goes to mark Rober

  42. Shreyas Subhedar

    is it necessary to shout after shooting?? I mean seriously we all know you are doing very interesting... such an unnecessary shouts ... 1.uhhhhhhh 2. aaahhhh 3. waahhhhhhh 4.bummmmmm cant you see how stupid all these sound?

  43. Will HArrison

    use a rifle next time

  44. yogafireyogaflame23

    I didn't realize they were in Texas til I saw that Hill Country Fair soda

  45. boris borisavich

    3:40 .. Just looks like a red body with legs and a head. Arms stickin out the top

  46. Joe Morales

    Love the slow mo cam


  48. Honza Jan Gaspar

    im blue DaBAdeBadABEE

  49. Kaczorek


  50. Myonna Johnson

    Am I the only one who thought Gav killed Dan

  51. LionBricks

    His face dislocated

  52. Utkarsh sharma

    4:10 perfect moment

  53. A Humanoid Of Origin X

    Gav would be a great martial artist because he's so smart and is good at using his surroundings and logic to do stuff.

  54. Faizan Yousaf

    I wonder what would happen if this sliced bullet hits a human.

  55. DaxleplayzYT

    now Thats hot The fire

  56. Aaron Liebe

    I’ll bet money a professional baseball pitcher can do this

  57. Bharath P Bhd

    Fu°°°°° Uncomfortable

  58. teddy sealey

    You know it’s gonna be bad when the sorry counter pops up

  59. ElectroPaws

    A plane has crashed in LEGO: City!

  60. Jacob Rosenthal

    Why can’t he touch sharp things?

  61. Naseem Mukhtar


  62. Ivor Playz

    Can I get those FPS for my computer

  63. Nikunj Goswami

    Nice video #NikunjGoswami

  64. Garras Porgratix

    Why the disclaimer??!! Who HAS these things just laying in the cupboard to do this

  65. Floppy Ross

    Anyone from England is howling at the fact that this dude is called “Peng Wang”.

  66. Mihail Shevchenko

    Arent they from Britain

  67. mrjayy95

    NATO, no doubt Dan was a squadie

  68. A VS

    Wow this was so much soul satisfying

  69. Mac Doodles

    5:26 Would've been nice if they stole the ambulance from the emergency crew 👀 Would actually love to see that, especially with all the strobe lights on

  70. Becca Glantz

    Please please please caption your videos. I really want to watch them but i can't w/o captions. <3

  71. edFREEZED _up

    Surprised dan’s not the lab rat in this vid.

  72. kiki ardian.s

    Blink bnget air nya. Jernih

  73. C H

    3dmark 2025

  74. Surfdog2005

    I would argue it’s less like two birds one stone bc there was a negative as well. It’s more like two birds one stone but also your dog on accident

  75. D E X DEAD

    IF you can , slow mo guys I want to see an episode of a ' *_warship cannon_* ' I don't know if it's possible or not but if it is I would love it totally !! Please look forward to this !! Spread the word around guys if y'all want to see the same !

  76. Dale Allred

    Kinda like depth charges and submarines ;)

  77. биков Лев


  78. xD Kieran

    4:24 shout out to the PYRO guy

  79. xD Kieran

    4:24 shout out to the PYRO guy

  80. iDeAs Born

    "I lIkE yOu ... BuT YeRr CRaAzZZy"

  81. sqeuziez YT

    Realised the end time of total vid 9:11

  82. James Core

    melted him with the tomato in the face

  83. juan too

    1:55 Shia Labeauaospdaif?

  84. Luke Glover

    Poor Dan. So he had no proper jacket the entire time because he ruined the wrong sleeve the first time haha He should have just not ripped it again once the dry cleaners fixed it. :P

  85. Sofia Chouaf

    Imagine doing that in a room full of neon lights 🤩

  86. DJ SnipBox

    Was it dead or ?

  87. Karthik

    45 is the slowest 😂 A quill to the cap of 9mm

  88. my wolf Nguyen

    Its been a while

  89. Christian Villano

    try to film the Battleship Shell in slow motion like USS Iowa

  90. CatGamerWaffle 40

    Lol Dan and gav I was in that same hotel at the same day you guys were there! And I just heard GO GO to the back of the building!

  91. Jen Harris

    Will smit

  92. Marcell Sárosdi

    Why do we have to imitate our Hungarians!?!

  93. Lumine Or Foxy

    Ice dan: "wait wha-" *explodes*

  94. Fatima Suliman

    Guys i really miss u laast time i saw ur videos was 7 yrs ago 🥺🥺🥺❤️❤️

  95. Muhammad Ahmed

    2:58 destroyed decades of practice in one sentence

  96. lolipedofin

    Why not just say 2 nanoseconds??

  97. Yessenia Santiago

    The forklift guy has been through alot

  98. feral kitten

    Is the slower refresh rate on modern tvs vs crts why crts hurt my eyes less than modern displays? And before you ask qdot monitors with eye saver modes dont help a ton

  99. Va Terenteva

    Am I the only one that thinks that the name of the group is “cookie 1”?