Gav and Dan take on the world in Slow Motion!
Definitely in the top 10 of slow motion based USsel channels!
If you can, watch our videos at the highest possible resolution on your device for some offensively crisp slow motion footage.
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  1. Gede Septian

    Team rocket lol

  2. Adam McKim

    3:25 Guy on the left just about landed on that board the wrong way. Probably wouldn’t even have felt it but to me, ouch ouch ouch.

  3. Dave Perez

    An idea for a new video: When an arrow is shot it bends. It is storing energy and as it flies the bend flops side to side decreasing as the stored energy transfers into forward flight. The Arrow can't move fast enough relative to the energy upon release. You would need a relatively powerful bow and arrows with the proper spine; not the type you used in the slicing an arrow mid-flight video. It is referred as the "Archers Paradox" by some though it may be incorrect to call it that. I tried commenting on SmarterEveryDay's channel after he made an archer's paradox video as his did not show the above mentioned phenomenon instead a long bowmen having to aim off target due to the bend on release effecting flight. All material online refers to that as the Archer's Paradox. Though the stored energy transfering to forward flight is interesting in my opinion.

  4. Plxdden Playz

    3:09 when a star was born

  5. KC9UDX

    And I thought Keith Moon was dead.

  6. Minh Thien

    4:03 perfect

  7. Dylan Bomba

    11:43 i came in like a wrecking ball indeed

  8. Jaco Landman

    Actually they died wen they were picked

  9. Theodore Anagnostopoulos

    I want Gav to give Dan that “some sort of medical examination” in slow mo.

  10. The Crazy Gentleman

    Notice the last guy was a sharif and the video was 9:11 long.

  11. The Crazy Gentleman

    He looked like an alien with a big brain

  12. Lucas Burford

    This looks amazing on an OLED display

  13. The Unholy Smirk

    remember that episode in phineas and ferb where they're all in that giant bubble?

  14. Anarchy Clan

    Its crazy of how much they have grown from recording vids in their backyard to this.

  15. Gavin Brunk

    Is a malteaser the same thing as whoppers?

  16. Ameyaali Gaming & Music

    omg you guys are still so young in this video, i didn't notice the change because i watch every of your videos hahah

  17. AliveC4t

    Excitement in slow motion has to be my absolute favorite thing to see, I love it so much! The evolution of anxious to excited and too hype IN SLO MO is so fantastic! 💛💛💛

  18. SOO WOO

    That’s one short sabre

  19. ninetailedhollowfied

    I wonder what would happen if you added mentos to the mix

  20. Moncie Cranman

    Could anybodyelse sense the awkwardness of this

  21. Koda Bootsveld

    Pin tru glass, no its pin break ta glass make balloon boom boom

  22. Will Gutierrez

    3:51 he’s talking about the twin towers right?

  23. Gamers MV Try this method

  24. Estea

    I swear I’m not too weird I’m just using this to throw up so I don’t have to go to school tomorrow-

  25. Brett Williamson

    Could you keep it flying straighter if you put find on it

  26. Pauvil Reutov

    someone needs to try this with gasoline in the bottle and over a campfire.

  27. TF Trist

    bruv when i click on quality it says 4320p50 8k what i do

  28. не семерки

    1:43 you talking about Minecraft?

  29. SiLenT366

    Please get Will on a podcast Gavin. Y'all crack each other up and it's amazing to watch.

  30. Malcolm Wilson

    I love your video my teacher woch you

    1. Malcolm Wilson


  31. Earl

    Can you guys do a slo mo of a high pressure steam line exploding? ...Kind of like this but you know slower

  32. Zaynab Alshamma

    hello from Iraq ^___^


    Awesome, now let's travel at the speed of light

  34. Trinidadmax

    Venturi's reduce pressure.

  35. A. Lima


  36. NickkoLapelosa

    6:12 hasta la próxima androides

  37. cannibalbananas

    @1:30-2:10 = 😯🤯 Dan is much smarter than he usually lets on. 👨‍🏫 also, 😂 when he flipped up all off during his explanation

  38. bubaloow123

    Not the wisest thing to watch while eating but I powered through

  39. Weston Forced-last-name-display

    2:59 "Splooge of death..." lmfao

  40. Weston Forced-last-name-display

    "I heard various explosions"

  41. brettduffy19992

    Did you pay the nfa stamp


    TRUE FACTS MORGAN FREEMAN: AND THAT'S HOW A DAN DOOOO....😑sorry couldn't help myself


    ....flash backs of ace Ventura pet detective...the rihno scene

  44. Pie yield _

    This is the first video i ever watched on USsel I can’t believe it was 8 years Who else is watching in 2019?

  45. NaTsU dragnieel

    in french please

  46. Orion

    5:10 He sounds like Big Smoke

  47. Anderjon

    Anyone knows why he calls him “B”?

  48. ʍʅՇ ɧȝԹՐԵ

    Anyone know the song that plays when he's smashing the bulbs in slow-mo?

  49. Orion

    4K is kinda choppy... *Realizes he put it to 8k* Whoops sorry gpu.

  50. Jan der Bildermann

    can you do waxing hairs in slow motion? can be funny and painful looking.

  51. Aradhya Nayak

    It should be given to all women ... girls

  52. David Kent

    It's clickbait. I counted twice and there's only twelve mousetraps there.

  53. Hammer Studios

    8:15 look at the ground that shockwave though

  54. SW6

    So if a person is hit by lighting is he hit by the feeler or the main bolt going up or both?

  55. Grandayy

    Dan's face was like a bubble.

  56. kaymackgee

    03:25 BRILLIANT use of safety glasses there Dan! We all know THAT was the reason for the Aargh comment.

  57. preben hansen


  58. preben hansen


  59. Ahmet

    The howmo guys

  60. Oaliuzzaman Taib

    I just came here for the meme like if you have the same reason

  61. Bauxite

    Now do the same with a mirrorless camera

  62. HaughtyFighter2007

    1:26 Me drinking while the teacher is talking 1:33 Me when hearing teacher say homework in weekends

  63. Muhammad Ahmad

    Are you two brothers

  64. coffeebean machine gun

    Shot gun

  65. Minescu Emanuel

    Look at 3:04 at the small piece of wood how is moving when it touches his foot,isn't that odd?

  66. P C

    You looked like young Bill Murray in Caddyshack.

  67. didicayu mimi

    que hace pablo motos en este canal?

  68. arthurneddysmith

    Shaolin monks lie. People who create video titles lie too. Some people even lie about the meaning of the word "through".

  69. Standik

    Русские отзовитесь!

  70. Bojan Bojovic

    One thing is unclear to me, how that rolling shutter happens only with electronic shutter but not with mechanical one while both "scan" from top to the bottom. Also if a sensor has maximum reading speed of 60 frames per second how it can record anything faster than that.

  71. Yrii [ダーク 羽]

    This is such nostalgia omg

  72. Stephen Gibson

    5:34 hahahahahahaha!!!!!

  73. arthurneddysmith

    2:19 Slow Mo Guys, did you select and bring the glass? Because if you didn't, it could be the weakest slice of plastic for all you know. Also, 1:46 "he's bringing the energy to the diaphragm" is pseudoscientific nonsense. Just like the rest of these three.

    1. arthurneddysmith

      The more I consider it, the more I think the "glass" is sugar glass or something similar that allows sharp fragments to go through to puncture the balloon. Of course the Shaolin monks could be honest and perform the feat with a tester who ensures the glass and needle are proper.

    2. arthurneddysmith

      Also, how do you know that what he used was a real, steel needle and not a thin length of lead? Notice that none of the "needles" actually ever went through the glass. Each and every "needle" merely bounced off and sent shards of glass towards the balloon on the other side. That's not what Gareth suggests will happen at the start of the video. At 0:46, he suggests that Shaolin monks can throw a needle "through a pane of glass". That's not what happened. It merely bounces off.

  74. arthurneddysmith

    I like to watch The Slow Mo Guys at 0.25 times the normal playback speed.

  75. Pixel Dust

    it's not a steel beam...

  76. arthurneddysmith

    This was far more safe than "55%".

  77. Gergely Márta

    oh wow its almost like a wave, oh wait

  78. Griffin


  79. Tyler Edvil

    Why does this make me want a milkshake

  80. Limit break productions Knox

    4:44 Nut

  81. esisolina1

    Hello, I'm mind. And I'm gab. Mind the Gab ! :-)

  82. Gino Venegas Greenhill

    I watched the slow Mo guys in slow motion 🤣🤣😂😂

  83. Justin Y. 2.0

    I thought the title said “cocaine and butane”

  84. Dex Euromat (prywatny)

    14:20 - 14-30 Absolutely best! No commentary needed.

  85. Atlas

    imagine if the protective suit is actually thor's shirt and Mjolnir, Stormbreaker and cap's shield were wielded by him

  86. Draven

    Somewhere kel is crying

  87. TheVeryMagenta Puppy

    slomo suggestion: aluminium + water explosion

  88. Tim Haruehansavasin

    Marina Bay Sand!!!

  89. Tarif The Random Life

    7:53 put it at 0.25 speed

  90. Tarif The Random Life

    3:28 Now that looks Disturbing lol

  91. Tarif The Random Life

    3:07 Oh gosh! Someone call da police cuz he's getting melested by an alien blob! Or just a water balloon

  92. Tarif The Random Life


  93. SpeakerKraft loves

    1:29 I came in like a wrecking ball

  94. Tarif The Random Life


  95. Earl Hans

    6:28 Captain Macmillan: "Nice shot lad, I think you blew his arm off. Shock and blood loss will take care of the rest."

  96. Ben

    These guys use a huge press to make a brass bar explode! You should slow mo metals fracturing and or exploding!

  97. عثمان طايف

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