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  1. Verónica Bermudez

    full hd 4k no fake comment

  2. Luis Santiago mendoza

    Me gustó el bideo

  3. Squirtle 911


  4. Carlos Quisiera Cahuantico

    Otro día vamos hacer un ropero de Frozen 2 hola chicos vamos hacer un chaleco con dos

  5. villager # 68

    I hate this game it lags so I can't play 😤

  6. A K I

    They all cost robux ?

  7. Emmanuel Patricio


  8. Mustafa Leeth


  9. Pengrab Studios

    Green hill zone again? overused in my opinion

  10. User

    0:05 the reason this person drew bunny ears is an Easter egg to sonic’s old design,being a bunny

  11. leslie ramirez


  12. Miguel dave Silbin

    Tails' face look like he wasn't redesigned B R U H

  13. Haroun DRIDECHE The Big Sonic Fan


  14. Johnny Casey

    Lt. Compton doesn't deserve this.

  15. Jaydrickx and Dan lorance gaming pro and hacker

    9:47 I did just drawing Well goodbye

  16. MobiusAlterSwapFell Knuckles

    Sonic advance 4 demo

  17. Super Cartoon Universe

    Never have I imagined someone being a good fit as Dr. Eggman. Jim don't leave this franchise , You are the actual star of the show.

  18. Angelo GamerTV

    I Was Unlucky When I Tried Downloading It Its Now Sparkal Frame Work

  19. RyderVLOGZ

    6:37 *BOI HE THICC*


    its that tails?

  21. felix shadow cat

    Sonic unleashed vr

  22. TheEpicGamerGuy 744

    Bruh this looks like a Movie made in Pakistan


    Now we need No-Tails Tails.

  24. 11fox34 pop


  25. Leon TV - stepanov


  26. Musfairuz. Mohamad

    So easy Cool

  27. ズベルクアリス

    What ungodly mess have you uploaded

  28. Fùjįñûmą Šāťøřū

    Isn't tails already female?

  29. Wolfiez Islaz

    This is so good

  30. NENGSTER's Realm of Gaming

    Why is this game better than every other recent sonic game?

  31. MisterMilo Paws

    Ending look like they all fricking died

  32. Adrian

    Damian Dark :D

  33. Dragon Heart

    I have p+ in projecter rp Also my sonic skin is better XD

  34. mesud Altinisik

    How get to super form

    1. Dougie Foster


  35. Oscar Bañuelos

    Spoiler real tails aparece como escena post creditos

  36. Space oreo

    this is amazing

  37. monique perkins

    I do like mordern sonic's look but I wish this was an only mordern sonic mod and not an female tails one..

  38. Morgz mom

    Man friend me my username: Sonicthehedgehog8659

  39. Erika Krust

    Eeeek tails be scary plus his voice ahhhh

  40. Farizah Azis

    100% respect for you

  41. Anonymous Entity

    I'm gonna forget I watched this video....

  42. Canadiansamurai

    The entire sonic advance trilogy has the worst chaos emerald collecting

  43. kevin alfarisi

    What that the name game number 1

  44. SuperSamPlaysRBLX YT

    Oh my god you have the same avatar as I do

  45. Mr. ClouDark!

    This feels.. so wrong.

  46. SN64


  47. dank memes!

    HUH IS THIS REA- oh ._.

  48. UnknownJay

    Tails bodied yoy

  49. ZackAidan 31

    Tails is like drinking a bad potion The potion makes him big and his voice diffrent In the movie He is small and the voice is original he also has a tracker

  50. Caivalen

    The normal fox

  51. JedJ vP

    5:58 It’s sad that Movie Sonic doesn’t have the electricity details when he jumps or spin-dashes :/

    1. ItsyoboiBendyFan 918

      JedJ vP, that model is only 1.0, when 2.0 comes out, he will have electricity trails. *soon though.*

  52. GreatSaiyaman60h

    For those wondering who originally made this, it was HanaYoriUta.

  53. ƁƦ1

    N E W S O N I C F E E T S C E N E

  54. King of Speed

    Where is knuckles... am I seriously the only one who thinks that’s a problem

    1. J- S

      King of Speed it’s a testing game and he might be added

  55. Ben Leeves

    Excellent movie go see it, ignore the woke critics.

  56. Max Alain's Meme Stash

    "What's wrong cutie?" "You wanna rub my feet? They're so stinky!"

  57. Kgvin

    Ok now that the sonic movie is out this makes no sense. That scene that WAS BABY SONIC AND TAILS WASNT BORN YET

  58. Sammy P

    I have 2 things things to say THIS IS SO GAY 2nd THIS IS TO CRINGY

  59. Maria Cristina

    Cool 👍

  60. Main Fiora RX

    Good night friend, could you put a file on Mediafıre, Torrent, Mega, Google Drive, for me to download please, man, I would like to play this version 0.5/ version 0.1 Another thing, if you don't have a program, you could try to recover it please tomorrow is my birthday OK.

  61. Federico el santo

    Sonic the movie 2 tráiler original

  62. GeorgeMan1999

    Gotta love the Kunckles reference at the end. 😁

  63. Yassael Montero

    Im need robux for buy movie sonic in sonic universe rp help me please :(

  64. Angelina Boshkaykin

    But how!!!🤬

  65. Mxmi

    I smell cap

  66. Cesar Gallegos Alvarado

    orita estoy jugando eso pero no mesale

  67. KrakenMaster 2


    1. KrakenMaster 2

      ThejetermanRBLX *Oh shi-*

    2. ThejetermanRBLX


  68. Erick Herrera

    El tipo de cosas que hace este señor cómo te llamas

  69. Shibe Is here

    Sonic mania gameplay Mania mode Encore more D art mode

  70. Moeen ?

    How to put these modes into the game ?

  71. Marite Rodriguez

    U can use admin in this game

  72. Michaellin Velazquez

    Sonic the mermaid purse that girl and boy because you won't interrupt top building get in your rings Doctor Eggman come can you put a slow motion then you hit them then you hit those things

  73. Michaellin Velazquez

    Video a song that what happens when you pop around my TV it'll be cool bbbbbbbb that was you dead the Sonic movie trying to pretend new guns are ants

  74. Michaellin Velazquez

    Do you know that you are the number one new Sonic do you know the number one movie in the world I want to say world

  75. Michaellin Velazquez

    Sonic you know you read those books so fast in Sonic movie that's real cool I wish I could do that

  76. Michaellin Velazquez

    Eq Super Sonic Super Sonic Sonic you know flash is faster than you by Steven like you

  77. Michaellin Velazquez

    Indian Sonic scream and then that man shoot him rain. I forgot

  78. Michaellin Velazquez

    I wish I can do a spin dash I wish for I can do a spin dash I wish for I can do is spend that I wish I could become too slow Sonic Sonic

  79. Michaellin Velazquez

    Thanks I want Hello I watch the Sonic movie bigger fans

  80. Joaquin Garcia

    Tails tiene la cabeza cuadrada

  81. Emmanuel Arias Escobar

    ese sonic esta drogado

  82. Eddy M

    So way past cool love it 😎👍💙🔵💨

  83. Claudia Fonseca


  84. Mauro Bittencourt


  85. BlueSpheres

    First To say something about the title saying "fghgfh"

    1. Oscarzilla Wild

      It doesn’t

    2. Zeika Hernandez


  86. The Weavile

    Super Sonic 64

  87. Old Hattey Hero


  88. 《el Studiø de andreia》

    Yo ya queriendo verlo y me sale el anuncio de los juguitos >:c

  89. sochi Iwundu

    My user name is dgdjsupercooldude1

  90. Tom Adam

    Such a shame they have failed to bring sonic into the 3d age successfully. They really should let another studio take over now. Insomniac gets my vote, I think they would make the 3d sonic game we all want to play. 👍

  91. David gamer 9077


  92. Kobe Hendrickx

    Movie's sonics eyes look way to mad.

    1. ThejetermanRBLX

      the 2.0 Model is significantly different.

    2. flam


  93. olivia yu

    I played all of the movie sonic games

  94. olivia yu


  95. olivia yu

    The movie sonix

  96. olivia yu

    Step on it twice

  97. Christopher Gonzalez

    I Can Tell What The Mystery Characters Are, Blaze, Cream, Breezie, Bean, Jet, Mighty, Sally, And Mecha Sonic (Sorry If That Was Spoilers :P, Also Sorry I Deleted Silver Since He Isn’t And Pre-Order)

    1. ThejetermanRBLX

      That isn't Breeze or Sally it's Whisper and Tangle

    2. Matthew Guevara

      Christopher Gonzalez I have silver as a pre-order

  98. ShyGuy83

    I feel like I just rode the world's greatest roller coaster. Excuse me a moment... 🤢

  99. Lucas Mosley


  100. Gabriell Gacha

    Adoro o seus videos