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  1. Mr. Somebody

    You should get Stephen curry on the show for trick shots.

  2. Rodney Smith

    Who’s Jeff toney


    2:28 someone please tell me what that car on the right is

  4. johana rumengan

    who knows if they are gonna look like that when they are really old

  5. Rizwanwasit

    Any one 2019?

  6. Aleksey Kasaev

    What track is playing at 19:58 ?

  7. Effekt43

    2 часть!!! Очень классно!! ❤️❤️👌

  8. Rachna Wadhwa

    Do it for MS Dhoni

  9. The Gamer Gilly

    I am watching in November 2019 and I am just amazed how much they have improved since here and now WOW

  10. اشباح بوبجي

    لتضلون اتجذبون

  11. Ardean 26


  12. Kevin Striker

    Indonesians where you at

  13. Дима Усольцев

    Привет, я русский Залайкайте они подумают когбудто я что-то умное написал Сори за ошибки

  14. Luca ALVINO

    Like 2019

  15. Mr. Gamer

    This is what Tyler looks without a beard

  16. Soyem Ahmed

    car racing battle

  17. amelia garcia

    Me dan risa todos y el de la barba. CAfesita tambien

  18. Iskandar Giusti

    1:11 Not a trickshot Lol 😄

  19. Amar Satrovic

    Ik your dude perfect and you do everything perfect but you troed to do this so many times maybe 10 hours then when you made it you recorded dat

  20. Milan Rakovic

    Where is cool?

  21. Lana Hr

    Bang dude. ada yang ikut ikut dude pervek

  22. Ahmet Aktay

    The mobile

  23. George Dorney

    Cody guess what! I am from Tasmania

  24. Tedd Mcardle


  25. Aisha Shafique

    I am biggest fan of cory

  26. StealthLord 9311

    0:14 minecraft damage sound 🤣

  27. abdullah abdulrehman

    I am from pakistan

  28. Vlog Chon Nghĩa

    Like big like 🔔🛎❤️🤝

  29. Brent Christian Dalusung

    1prayer for garret like

  30. والعاقبة للمتقين

    احذف الموسيقى!

  31. Luca Tahere

    who is watching this is it February😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁

  32. Purvi Bhatt

    Super Mario

  33. Himank Khetwal

    Garret, I did not get my 10 bucks

  34. Your Brain

    Mario theme song

  35. Siam Haque

    Why Tyler wins always?

  36. Dorthe Olsen


  37. R C

    Those are just stuffed animals

  38. Pallavi Bhuta

    7:53 ........ FUKC YOU TYLER!!! (After visiting the vudu site) FUKC YOU'LL

  39. Stinky Kraken

    I’m the who needs a gym when u can do push ups at home

  40. Brent Christian Dalusung

    Every steorotype has rage monster tyler

  41. Laura Seiz

    LEBRON James Who?

  42. Mizlyric77 EHST

    Can you please send me an bowling pack please dude perfect OK 🎳🎳🎳🎳🎳🎳🎳🎳🎳🎳🎳🎳🎳🎳🎳🎳🎳🎳🎳🎳🎳🎳🎳

  43. Frostbite YT

    Basically gambit goin’ ham with cards doin’ trick shots

  44. Anime girl

    ledgend has it that denuse the GHOST is still dead.

  45. Kareem Vlogs

    I’m going

  46. Tim Green


  47. Bettle100 YouTube

    He is awsome

  48. Ben Burns

    You should do the top ten actors but make sure you add tom holland if you do. :)

  49. Dola Sarkar

    Feel pity for cobbs

  50. N1nj4_Ty9ho0n

    Been a while but I got 16 bounces then went in the cup

  51. Maximillian Kelly


  52. Abhijna 21

    It’s 🤣 so funny

  53. Will Buck

    This vid is a fraud considering Serena is a trans-oh, and her sister too

  54. akhi riya

    F2 freestyle

  55. Entertainment Gaming

    team necklace

  56. Niyant Mandot

    Hey, how much does you lose money for rage monster

  57. Kelly Scott


  58. Niti Siwach

    Billy and ty

  59. chamila jayawardhane

    thanks for making me proud for badminton

  60. Snehasis Barik

    How about dude perfect vs justice league

  61. Rafly Oops

    Hoax asw

  62. Clasta Blasta


  63. Maria Lourdes Dumaluan

    What do u think about dude decent?btw philippines

  64. Li Ri Q Lar

    Dude perfect make one take video then I will subscribe you

  65. Emmy Giannakopoulos

    I really feel bad for him in cool not 😎

  66. The Kids Tablets


  67. Vinod Vishal

    Don't you have a pool

  68. Mustafa 750

    Almost to 50mill subs!!!!!!

  69. jeffery Lee



    what the fucfing

  71. T E S T NEWS and fun also ALL NEWES

    The first trick is very deficult

  72. Jaewoong Lee

    from South Korea

  73. Adam Mahmoud

    I’m from Egypt

  74. PG PurpleGamer

    Longest line of kazoos

  75. Ale Čau

    My mum is tree police


    0:49 he got close ill say that 1LIKE=ANOTHER PERSON WHO ONLY WATCHED THIS SERIES BECAUSE OF HIM rest in peace old guy

  77. Harry DV

    Dog-woof woof Cat-meow Retards in comment section-2019? 2019?

  78. Ali Hamdani

    Does anyone thinks that cody looks like gary barlow

  79. santosh batra


  80. Midnight Fandoms

    *Lars Anderson laughing in the distance*

  81. Mithilesh Dhumale

    Hard luck coby🤣🤣🤣🤣

  82. Karmas Saluja


  83. Karmas Saluja


  84. Kristiianandheather


  85. Beef master Yeet

    Highest bottle flip caped

  86. Beef master Yeet


  87. Ma4rsman

    I am disgraced that Tyler threw away "Avengers: Endgame". It is the best movie of all time and I cried when Iron Man Died(spoiler).

  88. Andrew McKenzie

    6:10 cory mate what was that?

  89. The Holy Grass

    On the first one, I guessed Strike, sooo... $10 please?


    The twins were both out in 7

  91. noe gonzales

    18 bounces

  92. Brewy

    Y’all gotta do this again but smash all the previous records.


    5 boy happy


    What I find so funny is that there is no golf in an all sports golf battle

  95. Stinky Kraken

    Coby should get a trophy for getting the least number of trophies

  96. Kavya Khaturia

    I hattttttttttttttttttre the rage monter

  97. さかまた