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  1. Abdure Graphics & Design

    Talou is the only athletes represent africa continent

  2. Mark Green

    Alto Please consider training a male Jamaican sprinter think we have a few potential Usain Bolt




    Sifan Hassan will never be a "former" ethiopian. This is her Power!

  5. Tom Diegoli's Writings

    It's so much easier with the volume off. One would think that they could at least hire commentators that are professional enough to do a little homework in advance to learn how to pronounce Slavic and Hispanic names. Or is that too much to ask at a world championship event?

  6. Tegan McKechnie

    What happened to Canadas anchor he just hit a huge wall

  7. Asif Hameed

    Wao Cheruiyot didn't run out of breath. He is breathing calmy as nothing happened.

  8. Ivan Sanders

    Female shot putters very often struggle with the necessary movement / synchronisation, even though it's relatively an easy / simple technique in sporting terms. There are of course several reasons for this, not only panic in facing the opposite direction / subsequent premature release of core strength / uncoiling. Consequently what little power they release amounts to a straightforward arm push instead a release of held back massive back / core strength. I have studied athletes' movement for over fifty years and I see clear parallels in javelin throwing, and the far more difficult technique of driving a golf ball. None of this surprises me, indeed it is to be expected, but what does surprise is athletes' slow failure to improve their technique. This has its causes particularly with top flight sports competitors as the higher they rise they often become less maleable - declaring to their coaches 'I must be doing OK as look where I'm at!' I suspect that with multi-event athletes they also play the card of 'I've got a lot other events to practice too, so your request to endlessly drill me for hours just isn't reasonable!' That aside I do see some potential shot putt training aids:- 1. Practicing blindfolded on perfectly flat ground without a stop board. 2. A torso core restraint designed to facilitate moving forward with ease but providing core release tension. Apologies for such a long advice note but I'm tired of watching beginners' mistakes in world class athletes for far too many years.

  9. Landon Faulkner

    GOD i want her!

  10. Keira Leonie.

    is if just me or did france get booed?!?

  11. parker thomas

    What horrible weather to run a marathon in!

  12. Lays Chips

    Ms.trunchbull would dominate this

  13. Jack Hession

    Peter's doing Conor McGregor walk

  14. zafar78600

    How much is that in feet and inches?

  15. Awesom2beme lonestar

    Man, have a been lucky to see some of the greatest athletes to ever live, in these modern times. Usain Bolt, Michael Jordan, Michael Phelps, Federer, Jokivic, Nadal, Tiger Woods, Wayne Gretzky, and Lawrence Taylor.

  16. nikemac84

    Pole vaultin' HOTTIES!!!!!!!!

  17. Abdure Graphics & Design

    She is oromo legend royal ethnic groups "ayana "

  18. Bukenya Petronela

    East Africans we are proud of you all the east Africans in the race. 🇺🇬

  19. Alan Samuel

    Just to keep note- Dos Santos is ONLY 19. A very talented youngster.

  20. Deepanshu Duhoon

    coleman has a big belly as a 100 m sprinter. how the fuck he ran that fast....look at the start maaannn

  21. Byron Cronje

    All the best for next Olympics Syd!

  22. 灌籃王

    Taiwan 加油

  23. Percefal

    Bruh the commentator trolling us

  24. Lana Amch

    I was waiting for the semis of the 400H thankyou😍

  25. nikemac84

    Veweee bed commontotor!!!!! We miss you sooooooooo much, Dick Enberg.........

  26. Byron Cronje

    Everyone should just comes to terms with the fact that Wayde van Niekerk does not have to replace Bolt or anyone for that matter,he is Wayde and his great in his own right. He doesnt have to be compared to nobody because he has done what no other athlete has done not Bolt not Johnson nobody! For people that does not follow athletics go google what that is, its facts. He knew the media will have a frenzy with him attempting the double in 2017 London WC, because immediately he is being compared to Johnson, but he did it anyways coz he is just being an ambitious athlete living out his dreams. The whole Makwala thing was IAAF's fault, and Makwala not running the 400m would have made no difference of the outcome, he has never beaten Wayde in any big competitions. 6 races in 6 days, not even Johnson did his double like that he had rest days in between- go google if u questioning it. This man is great in his own right,and I agree that World athletics should stop comparing him and make it as if he is the only 1 to "take over" from past legends, because he is humble and believe it is anybody's throne. I dont agree with people bashing him for what media's perceptions are. Usain himself believes in him, who are the haters to say any different. I believe he will have a great 2020 season preparing for Olympics next year. Please tell me about 1 other active athlete that has has recorded legal times of sub 10 in 100m, sub 20 in 200m, sub 31 in 300m and sub 44 in 400m, all in 1. Well done Wayde! Much respect for this man!

  27. Eiffiesqueen 76

    Allyson is beauty in motion. Hands down my favorite female track and field athlete.

  28. nikemac84

    Daaaang! These long jumpers are HOT!!!

  29. Aaron Barlow

    Great sprinter but Flo Jo is GOAT. Irrefutable and inarguable.

    1. AMM


  30. BIG J BONE

    Frazier Price is the Queen hands down and my girlfriend I know she married but I dont care I've been in love with her sense I first saw her in the Olympics 10 years ago

  31. schuletrip

    Makes you wonder why the “equal rights” women don’t want to compete in Men V Women in every sport 🤔

  32. 草野魁斗


  33. peace 76

    That look on the timing at the end of the race explains bolt competes with himself

  34. jj zz


  35. omar lakhdim

    في قمة الروعة الدوحة 2019


    Wow a night marathon so creative

  37. Skee Yee

    can’t wait to see warholm attempt to break the 300h in a couple days 🥳

    1. Markus Einan

      Yh, i made a video on it as well

    2. Arsène Z

      couple days ?

  38. Good kids

    Wow that was so close

  39. BiG pHaT S

    Jakob Ingebrigtsen will never stand a chance against the East Africans, not even in a few years. Those commentators were so annoying, hyping up someone so overrated who obviously couldn’t win a medal.

  40. Anubhab Biswas

    One of the greatest sprinter i have ever seen

  41. haris jumail

    Where is Jamaica?

  42. aloys_ rider

    Karsten Wharolm looks like really friendly with everybody

  43. Diwakar singh

    U a great girl really u make feel proud india aapke jajbe ko mera salam🙏🙏🙏

  44. Joel Rowel

    We love u bolt

  45. Parzzival O.o

    That time will be significantly lower had it been ronnie baker instead of rogers was on that US team.

  46. Myrna

    loved it

  47. Anil Verma

    great Polish team

  48. Anil Verma

    proud of team Bharat

  49. Anil Verma

    great to find Team India at this level

  50. Xisean Anthony

    This race was like an embarrassment to the Kenyan women. Nothing against Coburn but the Kenyans did some bad tactics throughout the race. Coburn and Friedrichs just ran their race. Then look at the 2019 final. The Kenyans said they were taking their title back. Beatrice wasn't going to play around at all



  52. Shamim Miah


  53. ramsy martinez

    there is no nation missing here is that why it took them long to post this video


    1A WOMEN

  55. Zora

    I did javelin in high school and loved it. My goal for my last year of track and field was to hit 70 ft but I got 69 and it just so happened to be my last throw of the day :/.

  56. Al Bert


  57. Robert Koppenhaver

    Why would robert do this to me

  58. Adrian Swaby

    Making puppet for school To whether if seen Mr Collins penis a bit much

  59. ntombizodwa khumalo

    Ortega looks like Nick Kyrgios

  60. christian nuñez

    Feel sad for those cameramen chasing bolt to have an iconic shot

  61. Seni Salami

    The irresistible and indomitable Allyson Felix. How can we write the history of world athletics without giving a special credence to this woman. Delightful to watch all the time.

  62. nikemac84

    Damn. Coburn is hot!!!

  63. Luis Ramirez

    Movie ?

  64. zafar78600

    How much in feet?

  65. hawkschampion3

    I love how Vasquez gets excited and holds up the #1 sign after getting first in a semi final... to go and get last in the final😂. Are you really #1?

  66. Leah Mark

    11:04 they say apples wee 💀💀 Since when we have apple tree

  67. rosecity 2001

    Japan team is young. Average age was 22.3 years old at Doha 2019.

  68. Deep Truth Channel DTC

    Looks like steroids

  69. Eric Tam

    I like to watch Courtney runs

  70. Agent007202

    Gatlin turns 39 in February of 2021, while Mike Rogers who is slow as hell turns 36. Unless, the U.S comes with a stronger 2nd and 3rd leg in 2021, Britain stands a great chance of winning the gold.

  71. Rubén led Ozar Onnehg

    these women are wonderful... I focus on the competition, and on the tables of potions, I don't care if the commentator does not know how to pronounce... although you should know how to do it... Spanish comentators are the worst in the world

  72. trauma dol

    Not to be weird or anything but I wish I was the hammer being thrown 😍

  73. h1460

    I can’t see the result.

  74. Keith Pugh

    I'm out of breath just watching.

  75. IIsaacLITE

    What great freshness I'm having watching the self loving and most beautiful Rochelle Clayton wisely and proudly rocking her most beautiful and superior natural hair and not self hating, unhealthy and most disgusting mock hair or a relaxer.

  76. Andy Roo


  77. LO_ 93

    12:08 Sydney Mclaughlin 😍😍😍

  78. Williamdooley Banks

    I wish someone would take blood samples from the black runners because I saw them take some thing from under their jerses and put it in their mouths

  79. Stephen Anderson

    Felicidades Ecuador! Congratulations USA my country. I hope this is the beginning of a new era of dominance for USA track.

  80. Sanjay Shelar

    start to finish sjelly dominated the race great

  81. Sensei Beats

    Sani Brown... WTF

  82. Jihwan kim

    What shoes they be wearing? I don't see any next %s

  83. Liberace Murphy

    She's a beast! Nasar is unbeatable!

  84. willy macharia

    Its funny how they uploaded the final before semi finals.

    1. mudr kk

      Final has been here for months

  85. Kahzi Sealey

    who else knew that brandon starc was mitchell starc's brother

  86. First Last

    Crying with Price.

  87. iam Negan

    The weave pisses me off so damn beautiful yet don't embrace her full godly features....

  88. Danny Padilla

    That's crazy how those guys are just standing where the ball is going.

  89. Remko VDC

    Starting with both men is the way to go, that way you won't get blocked

  90. Agent007202

    I was wondering how come SanI Brown in lane 9 did't place 2nd as I expected him to, but as I looked at the video a second time I saw that he was asleep at the blocks.

  91. Sheril Robb

    Congrats Clayton, bigger things next year

  92. Sheril Robb

    Well done Salmon hoping to see more come 2021

  93. Sensei Beats

    South Africa absolutely fucked up on the first exchange.. RIP

  94. Seek Thee First.

    Congrats to Kenyans.

  95. Харе Кришна

    3:20 I like how his fellow American smiles although he didn't win but his countryman won

  96. MrSprintz

    How do they work out the world rankings? The times don’t match with where they should be

  97. Wielki Hu

    Usa=doped, jamaica=doped

  98. sweet babz

    Can someone please tell what the Chinese doing??

  99. Wielki Hu

    Usa=doping, jamaica=doping

  100. Sudhir tALEKAR