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  1. squashoe

    Biased commentary. Beaten fare and square

  2. Dream Big

    Blanca's huge determination is an inspiration for me. Sending you ❤️.

  3. ISNIN Senin


  4. Mike Johnson

    If bolt was getting starts like osafa or even justin his time would be out of this world

  5. Sayed Yusuf

    The girl commentator is so annoying

  6. larry45044

    love her smile!! she looks fun!!!

  7. Chief

    The battle goes down as to which dope is stronger! The hairier the pits the more juice is induced!

  8. Alicia Daley

    This is when Jamaica got use to watching the clock and not the track . 😎 #Team876

  9. Sameer Singh

    AS IT'S............

  10. maurine adero

    These British commentators though

  11. Only Truth sets you Free

    wayyy overdone by the announcer trying to make it dramatic as possible. ruined it.

  12. Birender Singh Sachan

    Wonderful race awesome marvelous 💐💐💐💐💐💐😊😊😊😊😊😊🙏🙏🙏🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹

  13. Niels kjær

    Only 15? Incredible

  14. Miguel Urrea


  15. Tumen tumengoosh

    japanese boys are so handsome!

  16. Iftekhar Khan

    When I want 6 pack abbs I eat 🍕

  17. Iftekhar Khan

    Dafne Schippers 🐇 🐇 🐇 🐇 Others 🐢 🐢 🐢

  18. Iftekhar Khan

    Dafne Schippers have very toned physique 🎗️ she lift weights. 🏋️

  19. 5starcomment

    Where's the diversity???

  20. Tigerex966

    She is so happy and it shows!!!

  21. AbdulJabbar Mugoh

    Ma Shaa Allah..!

  22. Solomon Munochekwa

    I am still watching this 2019, USA is Such a blessing having those four especially Allyson

  23. Sukai Truxal

    WTF England🤦‍♂️ You guys have NO sportsmanship!! NONE!!

  24. Nandu Parihar

    Filex no. 1 all time

  25. Oliver Twist

    121119 Women's 4x200m - 1:27:17 4x200m - 4:22:20 4x800m - 3:36:48 Men's 4x100m - 1:51:39

  26. Oliver Twist

    121119 Women's 4x100m - 1:00:40

  27. KalajengkingHitam

    he should have reached 9.50

  28. KalajengkingHitam

    fastest man on earth

  29. samuel daniel

    Felix she has the track stretching

  30. s d

    Gotta feel bad for that guy who came fourth

  31. brindlebriar

    Spoiler alert: World Record in 2019 :D

  32. Glywnnis Wells

    Tyson Gay was on the most incredible form of his life peaked perfectly is probably an athlete with 90% fast twitch has perfect form and talent and gets beaten by a yard and a bit.No photo finish no questions just flat out beaten like a high school race where its clear who the winner is.This race had a gap a 1500m winner would normally get on a world class field.

  33. Jay Man

    What a high jump final. Wow

  34. Mokhtar Algeria

    افضل رياضي في تاريخ الجزائر شرف العلم الوطني ورفعه عاليا في المحافل الدولية

  35. Sameer Singh



    Gatlin bowed down infront of Bolt to pay him respect and gained the worlds respect eventually. Thats how winning is done. This is sportsmanship!

  37. 河野開陸

    Please tell me the name of Farah's shoes

  38. Mark Power

    Only jogging

  39. tony yaya


  40. Justin Rochon

    Tf going on with London’s form🤢🤮

  41. Granville Walker Jr.

    At time index 4:52 you'll notice the French anchor leg throw the baton down in disgust. My best guess is that he was upset his team finished outside the medal group by a painfully close margin.

    1. cosmicwarlord2002

      @Granville Walker Jr. Here;s to Tokyo ... Im sure it will be a fantastic games ... The 1993 team was very special indeed and possibly a once in a lifetime team .. Everyone got it right that day ... Quincy Watts ran 3rd fastest that day for USA and still did a 43.5 spilt ...How unbelievable and amazing is that ! :) .. All the best ... Tokyo here we come :)

    2. Granville Walker Jr.

      @cosmicwarlord2002 I await the 2020 Summer Games in Tokyo with an even greater degree of eagerness now. We'll have fresh international events to compare commentary over. But we do wholeheartedly agree on one thing for certain, and that is the USA performance was astounding! (thank you for the kudos) :0)

    3. cosmicwarlord2002

      @Granville Walker Jr. We do indeed see the race the same :) .. For what its worth, the French athlete was Stéphane Diagana the who was an amazing 400m hurdles runner. Factoring his 400m hurdler strength, I'd bet he thought he was in with a good chance .. He had to chop his stride as he was closing in on Germany because Kitur (Kenya) was making his perfectly time run .. hard to believe this was over 25 years ago .... Ive watched this race many times and was so impressed with Kitur's anchor leg as well as the astonishing performance by the USA ... what a race ... BRILLIANT (as was your analysis ) :)

    4. Granville Walker Jr.

      @cosmicwarlord2002 we see the race identically. A closer look of that last straightaway shows that in order for the Frenchman to have had a chance at the medal podium, he would've had to seperate from the pack in the turn. Had he fallen behind the Kenyan and drafted him for about 50 meters, he would've had a shot. But in all fairness to the French runner, it is difficult to strategize when your lungs are on fire and that lactic acid buildup in your legs is creating havoc with your muscles.

    5. cosmicwarlord2002

      Yeah I thought that too .. I think possibly he was so annoyed that he got a bit boxed in at the start of the straight when Samson Kitur was on his outside. He lost some momentum and maybe with a clear run in the straight he (France) might have medalled ?

  42. Jonas filberg

    Muktar edris is on the way to be a 5000m great 👌 🇪🇹

  43. Mostafa Nafi

    One of the great 1500m 🏃

  44. pablo gonzalez

    Dude like what the fuck they all look like guys... the drugs man... peds were rampant. They are rampant today but testing is more rigid. Drugs are better but use is less... it’s just crazy... you really see the effect in women especially Chinese women in the early 1990s. Check out the top times in the 1500m and 3000m. It’s all Chinese in the top 3 minis Dibaba which to me is suspect. The margin the have in everyone else is crazy! Of course they admitted to ped use under an organized doping program so no surprise... I guess Dibaba is super human because she can outrun a super doped human... seems unlikely. But yeah

  45. Emma Huey

    So someone explain to me why tf the comments here are so chill and nice but the women’s pole vault is full of pigs

  46. TallCoolDrink

    In not too distant future, transgenders will dominate women's sports.

  47. TallCoolDrink

    In not too distant future, transgenders will dominate women's sports.

  48. Stigmableedingblack

    How can she have blue eyes here and other videos brown/black? Weird.

  49. Pamela Coleman

    Felix is the Queen of track! 👑🇺🇸🏅

  50. Sonny Wilson

    London always have a great atmosphere at world champs . In other counties there no crowd

  51. Maryam Ally

    Wapi like za 2019🇰🇪

  52. Qwerty Yuyop

    This is the kind of story that you think only happens in Hollywood

  53. leon divers

    Geez Renaldo get to the point..

  54. B Hailemariyam

    She soooooo sweat, sweeter than honey !!!!!! One love Ethiopia, hagereeeee .......

  55. Steph The MVPS

    4:20 USA's third leg took off a second too early then freaked out when the baton wasn't there. A serious lack of experience and training. Very disappointed.

  56. ment jo

    Felix cute athelic beautiful girl😍

  57. Jermano Mayfield

    USA 3rd leg why she take OFF so soon?? Ugh

  58. Maguto Tyson

    As a Kenyan l have to say if she transitions into the marathon she would be a threat to the world record set by Kosgei,

  59. Kcd Xjb

    Pow 🇧🇮🇸🇦😚😚😚😚😚😚😙😙

  60. Kcd Xjb

    Pow 😭🇧🇮🇸🇦🤣🤣😚😙

  61. Kcd Xjb

    Pow 🇧🇮🇸🇦😘😘😘

  62. Daniel Wilkins

    German efficiency at its very best! Lovely girls

  63. Daniel Wilkins

    Lovely girls

  64. Steve Walters

    Australia, thank you sooo much for Jessica Hull. Her parents must be amazing. She’s more beautiful, adorable, positive and wonderful than she is talented. And she is unbelievably talented!!

  65. mahmed yaacob

    Muslim great

  66. M Challaz

    This is really good. When they both hug each others. Usain fans. 😂

  67. Liam Petursson

    4:48 nicki Minaj

  68. Judy lawrence

    still watching

  69. freeman bako

    I don't get how a perceived injury is shameful as said by the commentator...SMH!!! one love from Abuja Nigeria.

  70. That’s The Tea Sis

    8:30 mini boost?

  71. Luna Moonlight

    These athletes are slower than the top 5 people at my high school in the 100m

  72. Regal Lamb

    100 200 400 jeeeeeezzzzzzz i cried..... love from Jamaica my girl!!!

  73. KaydMc_YT

    Bolt should of never stopped his career Tyson gay and other have stayed in track running for a long time now

  74. George Otieno

    Faith Kipyegon should learn how to allow her fellow competitors congratulate her, she seems to be lost in herself too much

  75. Samrat Rakshit


  76. Gwyn jamed

    Outstanding and ridiculous at the same time,amazing to watch him run no one in his league,he’s like a greyhound running after the rabbit brilliant

  77. sim sim salabim

    1:27 Lemaitre is so adorably awkward. 15:01 Does Bolt say fuck?

  78. Сергей Леонтьев

    Хорошая девочка! Искренняя и добрая!

  79. Mike Roman

    See how calm and cute her voice is

  80. Omondi Moses

    He can be a good reggae artist as well🇰🇪🇰🇪🇹🇹🇹🇹

  81. Mona Kk


  82. azharalias83


  83. saurav kumar

    Hichem el guerrouj fan hit like

  84. jy p


  85. Roslan Awang

    *There's always better African than ya*

  86. skatelyn christi.benin

    He's blessed! She's exquisitely great!

  87. Eva B.

    Why was no-one celebrating when Levchenko cleared 2.01 ?! Not even she??

  88. Eva B.

    Hasn't MacPherson been banned for doping

  89. Mike Petzold

    They didn’t invite any white guys?

  90. Nic

    She is a beautiful amazing athlete and very shy.

  91. Kevin Conyers

    I'm so in love with this woman!!

  92. Niels kjær

    Yuliya, my heart goes boom, boom, boom 💓💓💓

  93. Aila Kahlfuss

    USA dominance

  94. Tebogo Motlhale

    if Gay could cut down just a *little* bit on those upper arm muscles, it could make some noticeable difference, every milligram of extra weight counts in this type of high-speed sprint where every millisecond matters, swinging heavy arms can be a hidden problem when you have to do it at such a high frequency, muscle in the feet is Ok/required

  95. professeur essef

    19.81 for Panama [A Edward, with his amazing finish], ahead the USA: what historical performance for this country !

  96. TheRaziel07

    If he had plunged his head he would break the 43

  97. Jose Valentine Bico

    The princess of Lean Tori Bowie..... The Queen is Gayle Devers lmao

  98. Back to Basic

    She runs with such poise and grace; none can compare.

  99. John Yerkov

    She is not only fast she is the most beautiful one out there