AJR is a New York City based indie pop band comprised of three brothers:
Adam Jack and Ryan. Self produced and recorded in their living room, their music inspires comparisons to both contemporary and classic artists, while still sounding completely their own.
The brothers' collaborative style spans their writing, vocals, production and instrumentation. Adam, 23, and recent graduate of Columbia University, sings, plays bass and writes lyrics. Jack, 16, sings, plays guitar and contributes to songwriting all while still being in High School. Ryan, 19, currently studies at Columbia University and is the primary writer/producer for the group; in addition he plays guitar, ukulele, piano and sings. Growing up in New York, Adam, Jack and Ryan started performing together in 2007 and are constantly inspired by the creativity and individuality that their city brings to the table.

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  1. Andrew Kim

    AJR always makes such fun music. They never disappoint

  2. Meme Lord

    What happens if he has a boy first

  3. Imtila Ozukum

    This song is underated! This song needs a BILLION views!

  4. TimeChange

    “Pretend you know this song everybody” *Gee that sounds like something I do with every song*

  5. white tail

    They did the main singing in the same place as half alive

  6. Alexa Altmire

    Just wanna say love u guys, all i do when I hear any one of ur songs is smile and scream the words, I'll see u may 12, and also probably in July too bc u and Quinn r gonna be crazy

  7. Nequinton

    It isn't an AJR video without Jack over exaggerating his lip syncing.

  8. Jack Langborg

    In order to explain what my brain is like when people ask if I actually have ADHD, I will refer them to this video

  9. Qaseem Tak

    Why is this recommended?

  10. Isaac Terrazas

    I’m naming my son winter🤧😌

  11. Wildash 0_0

    They sung so good they still didn’t get claimed

  12. Eric Mason

    Hi this song is absolute aro vibes and I claim it for the aro spectrum

  13. Corbin Schaefer

    h e r e w e g o

  14. LynnLynx Queen

    This reminds me of me finishing pokemon shield, and then me crying of joy

  15. Adenax

    this is their best song in my opinion

  16. Brian Oo?

    That feeling when you break your face and don’t look so great 0:05

  17. Andrs Wrld

    I love you guys. And hope to collaborate in the future. Probably won't tho. That's ok...

  18. Brian Oo?

    I thought that green’s not for you, though.

  19. I Love Danganronpa

    Omg I'm crying-

  20. WBiddy

    When is tiktok gonna start making dances of this

  21. Larry Murphy, Jr.

    Lets go out with a BANG!

  22. Larry Murphy, Jr.

    Listen to their words... IS THIS THEIR LAST SONG

  23. olivia gan

    dude i love this so much

  24. Katie O

    One of my favorites lyrics of all time is "My favorite color is you" ❤

  25. _Sn0wyy z

    I like banging dis bang then banging my door but my brothers banging the door then my families banging dis BANG!

  26. Lil Thick

    I diss like this band but this song would help neotheater sound better

  27. Naticole

    U can tell theres gonna be a new alblum cUse every time they make a new alblum they change there logo

  28. Brayson S


  29. LotsO'DeathAidan

    Now I don't usually like AJR, but this was a banger.

  30. HeyImDanielle

    Ajr: you know what, lets not do the top button of our shirt

  31. Lani Recinto

    They remind me of a new tally hall

  32. Nyshaia Carey

    When I saw the female on the left end with the pink bob cut I thought of Sia and when it came to the part when she had a blue big now on I said yup ima keep thinking it's her or referring to her lol

  33. NDFanBoy

    Did they break up

  34. self_

    Closed my eyes (in a dark room) at 2:50. Was the most transcendent experience I've had in a while.

  35. Michael O

    is no one gonna mention that jack seems drunk

  36. nothern lights

    It already had 2 years!? TIME REALLY FLIES!

  37. Eric Slavia

    I love the violin that is playing.

  38. Cloudy Plush

    Ah, calling myself weak and going through weird stuff in a train Good times

  39. Eric Slavia

    Everything is amazing but I really love the trumpet.

  40. cosmic_glittercat 72

    Them: "I'm not famous" Me: "are You sure about that?"

  41. The random show

    Never related to a song more...

  42. Gwen Tiffani

    Grand Budapest vibes

  43. Ërîkã Çøśtėlłār

    *is that Sia*

  44. Amanda Krisiewicz

    ok but like this all cant be one shot??

  45. cool killer

    did he just described Life ? and partying and working..

  46. Randy Rearick

    Parents: It's bedtime!! Me: "we goin burn the whole house down"🔥📍

  47. Lemon2tehmax Gaming

    0:01 you sticky pickle

  48. Cat Biting an Arm

    I heard the little clicks in the soul trailer and then thought the music sounded familiar, then i started listening to AJR again, heard this song, and started freaking out

  49. Gem.In. Eye

    Love this song! Btw (joke) They should audition for the floating head at Disneyland's haunted mansion!

  50. Lenni Withers- Davies

    U need to tour UK

  51. Aidan Farley

    i am actualy going to there Neotheater tour this year

  52. Utopian Dubstep


  53. Silver

    Guy at 0:49 is wearing the same shirt as Ryan at 0:19

  54. Hugh Man

    This is arse

  55. AutismusKikKt BruDii

    I'm not wrong, the go ist the best part

  56. Katelynn Vinson

    Wait is this sampled from phineas and ferb?

  57. Silver

    Remind me to watch this on March 30th, at 3:30.

  58. Jakeb Alma

    *laughs in loneliness"

  59. Gus Sánchez

    Please come to México 💖 :c I love you

  60. Morgan Morse

    Grandma, you made it into an AJR music video? Tell me how :o

    1. Morgan Morse

      "I'm up to somethin'." Foreshadowing the EE tour? Or something else?

  61. aDorabatfAn

    i love the cake it's so cutee

  62. SugarCreek

    "‘Cause I can only eat so many times in a day Till I’m bored again and I’m stuck in my brain " *mood*

  63. Isabella Abel

    me in class: *drops pencil* Friends:*SCREAMING* kids i dont know or talk to: MINECARFT Everyone: OOOOOOOH AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA (get it this is from the song) * a kid saying its to loud* a teen techer: hold up hold up but im so Caught up in drama!-FIGHT FIGHT me:* plays song* HOLE CLASS EVEN THE RANDOM TEEN TECHER:LOOKS OVER AND STOP SCREAMING AND TALKING ABOUT ME!

  64. Isabella Abel

    me in class: *drops pencil* Friends:*SCREAMING* kids i dont know or talk to: MINECARFT Everyone: OOOOOOOH AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA (get it this is from the song) * a kid saying its to loud* a teen techer: hold up hold up but im so Caught up in drama!-FIGHT FIGHT me:* plays song* HOLE CLASS EVEN THE RANDOM TEEN TECHER:LOOKS OVER AND STOP SCREAMING AND TALKING ABOUT ME! AND JUST RANDOM

  65. Pancho Draws

    i wouldnt mind if this is their last song because theyve worked their ass off and they need a break honestly

  66. Shira yuki

    *thanks youtube recommendation, amazing*

  67. Shira yuki


  68. Anchy

    Nothing beats me up like this song

  69. Kill Me

    Aaaah, yes I went From: Grandson's Despicable to Stephen's Crossfire To Fox Stevenson's Out my Head To AViVA's GRRRLS To Half Alive's Arrow to AJR's BANG!

  70. Noah Campbell

    They be vibing

  71. Pitalu Suga6

    Que genial los conocí por la película soul🙌🙌

  72. HandCanyon

    Why the hell are they so talented?! I wish I was😩😂

  73. Sad Little Octopus

    So close to 1 mil views

  74. Sean Fahey

    Everytime I walk into Wal-Mart, they have AJR on heavy rotation!

  75. Shelley Crayon 4

    Uh it’s good except that I see people practically naked

  76. Cyberchaos44

    It sounds like there gonna break up lol am scared

  77. Emma Payton

    this hits differently if you listen at 0.75 speed

  78. Allison Millward

    Is it ironic that this song was posted one day after my actual birthday?

  79. Ouss Jaouhard

    These guys deserve more

  80. tayson leonardo

    Hola xd

    1. jose leonardo


    2. jose leonardo

      Hola perro

  81. Cody G02

    *HERE WE GO*

  82. BastilleBillyBazzyBB !

    Feat: Jacks weird dancing

  83. дьявольская килька

    The pink girl is a Sia reference. Aaand I love it

  84. Yozé

    *I saw that chinese girl with that skin...* I get the reference

  85. Vantor Vantor

    Thanks I love it

  86. Leigh Animations

    I still can’t get over the fact they used spongebob

  87. Dark Turn

    To all the people who say throw it the other way. HE WONT BE ABLE TO GET BACK IN ####HEADS

  88. Dazed MG

    This is still amazing and I can’t wait to see y’all May 23rd in Nashville

  89. Domenick Peters

    Who where stayed up loved the song but was disapionted because it was not fast and upbeat like all other AJR song. Sry just noticed i dont kno how to spell disapionted.

  90. way and pey

    Welcome to the neotheater

  91. iicxce

    AYYEEE i got ticketssss

  92. Monto the squeakers

    to me i feel like there doing this for fun

  93. GiovaF12

    This is the kind of song that I'd like to play at max volume while going around the city to let everyone hear it

  94. Harvey Crosswell


  95. Diolahn Noctin

    Wish granted lol 😎👍

  96. Bryan Groom

    dice 0:21 = 6+4=10 dice 1:03 = 5+1=6

  97. Duye

    Final part starts at 3:28 If you wanna cry along with me

  98. Ojeaga Ohiwerei

    ɴᴏᴡ ᴘʟᴀʏɪɴɢ: AJR - BANG! ───────────⚪────── ◄◄⠀▐▐ ⠀►►1:58 / 2:54⠀ ───○ 🔊⠀ ᴴᴰ ⚙️

  99. Ellis Kiwi

    Ban from 7 deadly sins be like:

  100. iicxce

    I hope its going out of the album with a bang not their career