For every question that they field from host Sean Evans, guests must join him in eating a progressively spicy chicken wing.
The Burger Show explores everything about modern burger culture through the eyes of Eggslut chef, Alvin Cailan.
Joji and Rich Brian are celebrating the summer by partying in L.A. and are determined to feed their friends by any means necessary.
Discover untold stories from the culinary world’s most exciting personalities in First We Feast’s James Beard Award-winning Food Skills.
Food Grails, explores America’s underground food icons through the eyes of reporter Miss Info.
We dive headfirst into the delicious world of Japanese comfort cooking. Hosted by USsel star and anime pro Reina Scully

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  1. J Tribble

    Fat guys are so poetic when it comes to food

  2. TheStranger


  3. TheStranger


  4. Sage Brooks

    Sean how intfdoyoukeepsodamncoolonthis shitmansuperimptessed TS where the fuck is Coolio?

  5. Dick Fitswell

    Who are you? Have some manners in public.

  6. TheStranger

    Fuckin joe dirt?

  7. Cade Scott

    The dude just forgot that she was in Star Wars

  8. Sooper Moreo


  9. Jesse Rivera

    Looked like everyone was drunk and high and just wanted to be in tv.

  10. Catman666

    I do not like this guy

  11. Huncho Jack

    Skip gets on my damm nerve with his lebron and Aaron Rodgers hate but that’s my boy at the same time 😂

  12. Zachary Atteberry

    Can confirm - z-man, fries, tank 7. If that's the only thing you do in KC, you'll be a happy camper!

  13. Charlene draper

    Go sky ‼️🤪🤣☠️

  14. Thunder Up

    I actually like this nutsack idea

  15. Ajeng Desti P.

    Joji looks like when he was young...cute af

  16. Imam Taufik


  17. Karl Marc

    Queen ! I'd marry her in a heartbeat

  18. Chris R

    Lol he's a Seanman

  19. chris

    Never forget: Bigmouth and pathetic human being DJ Khaled tapped out at wing #3.

  20. Lukas Brown

    good episode

  21. Decymax

    Congrats on the show man that is going to be one amazing show

  22. Rusty Bucket 5000

    ironically, "TruTV" has the fakest tv shows ever


    this is goin to be epic

  24. StevoTheAce71

    Would have paid to sit and share din around that table

  25. Rusty Bucket 5000

    hahaha YES. will this be on hulu? none of us have cable tv anymore thx

  26. Sau'l Ramirez

    He broke Ramsey lol. I didn't think it was possible. He actually broke him lol

  27. Sam Keeb

    18:03 "It could use some... I could fix this... They got cheap with the spices and there's too much vinegar... But this is really a self defense device." Simply Amazing.

  28. mike cameron

    Anybody see Shia's performance on Live PD Cam??? He seems much better behaved now! Ha Ha!

  29. Jason

    WoW this guys is HIGHLY DELUSIONAL. WTF he doesn't even make sense when he speaks

  30. Rodney Radke

    Sean is the greatest human on universe

  31. nick

    Get Japanese Breakfast on the show! Her alterego Wingchick69 deserves this platform

  32. KingReynoso

    Sorry guys, Hot ones is gonna officially fail. Sold out to corporate goons. Once an intellectual property is sold off, it's done. The Shows purpose was to interview celebrity types. Quizzing randoms is going to bring nothing to the table. I give it 2 seasons max before funding starts getting cut

  33. TheCheeseGamer

    Dude what is this song, I'm jamming

  34. Clooliss


  35. NothingTo DoCrew

    Gabriel is such a tool... Went to one of his shows and vegas and he completely bombed. Dude was drunk, couldn't remember any jokes, and worst of all he could care less.

  36. That Chicago Kid

    Every Hot Ones fan: 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

  37. Marneisha Janae

    Get Steve Coogan on this! He is HILARIOUS I might at the museum ✌🏾

  38. ABetterWeapon


  39. gibbo6985

    OMG, that last 5 minutes is sheer entertainment and one of the best and funniest things I've seen. Quality guys, thank you!

  40. Daniel

    "Fooken hell, shit" -Ramsay, Gordon. Every 10 seconds

  41. Marlayna V. Sablan


  42. Björn Rauch

    Mango = weed

  43. Brandon

    YG needs to come back for a second ep aha

  44. Thirsty Trash Panda

    After the second wing, I was sure I was gonna witness a murder by the end of this video

  45. Brandon

    so good aha

  46. Sage Brooks

    Don't give my baby a stroke, okay? Come on Ramsey's. Let's get it, baby. You got

  47. Andres Chusan

    A Hot Chick Eating Hot Wings... That Is Hot!

  48. Dunkacccino

    tru tv? lmfao oh yeah, the March Madness channel

  49. iiamkee21

    Here for Zoe stayed for sky 😂😂😂👏🏾

  50. Multi Gamer

    I didn't think he would go that far

  51. Lukas Brown

    he like doesnt talk

  52. victor Azevedo

    I can do it!

  53. lol gurl24

    For a chef I thought he would know that water doesn’t help with spice milk does😂

  54. gibbo6985

    Got to love Paul Rudd - one of the nicest and most genuine celebs on the planet. And funny too...

  55. Fedico7000

    12:52 at first I just kind of thought this line was funny and had a interesting tone to it, but there is a hidden undertone of a character waiting for rebirth here.

  56. KillaBoi


  57. Randa

    I wish xxxtentacion got to be on this :(

  58. Antoine

    RIP Kobe :(

  59. Erin Liggins

    I love Nick Offerman so much. Prince is now gone so I may have to replace him with this oak tree.

  60. Floater Gang

    The best thing about First We Feast is the questions Sean ask the celebrity guest. With this show it looks like trivia with looks like random people. The hot wings are just a bonus on top of the amazing questions Sean ask, in this show it looks like a crutch.

  61. Mashiro Senpai


  62. Thetequilashooter1

    Damn, she could be a professor of philosophy. Incredibly intelligent, funny, beautiful, compassionate, and can handle hot foods better than anyone that I’ve seen. She owned this.

  63. Hannah J. Brooks

    I usually watch these on 2x. But this MF talk so fast

  64. Roamer MGTOW

    Let's see if James Holzhauer can handle it.

  65. Alison Ramirez

    all the white people in the beginning who dont know about chopped cheeses..... not real new yorkers

  66. babyfrank66

    I agree about the lights please people use the lights I hate when te light change to green and at that moment they change lights showing where they going at that moment I wish to be a police man.

  67. charlie hussel

    Why does he always remind of that movie its pat🤣🤣

  68. Corvaire Wind

    Zoë always look'n hot. Sause or not. ;O)-

  69. Adam Perez

    One of the quickest people out there. One of my favorite interviews.

  70. duncanidaho

    ''I haven't cried this much since AA Gill's funeral'

  71. Sage Brooks


  72. Brandon


  73. Its_isaacbonin

    Nightmare nightmare nightmare nightmare nightmare

  74. ABetterWeapon

    I love Neil.

  75. Doc James Burton

    looks pretti lame tbh

  76. TheCulinarian

    Brad literally makes me proud to be a chef.

  77. DonaldEpperson

    FUCK U ,FUCK U, AUBERY PLAZA!!!!!!!!!!

  78. The Cosmos

    Oh god Big Boy is so badddd

  79. L4stman

    Joey Diaz is a national treasure.

  80. Shane Cordova

    Goodness name a more beautiful woman?..... don’t worry I’ll wait!

  81. DonaldEpperson

    Aubery plaza is hott!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  82. BadJuJu75

    About time Sean got some recognition !!!

  83. you don't know me

    i love hearing her voice

  84. Chetan Sarin

    I already admire Sean so much, but that milk snorting just increased much more respect for him ❤️

  85. Daniel

    Am i the only one that thinks shes cute for not being able to eat hot food

  86. vectrexer

    Rewinding to Russel's cage match with Mega Death and found I hand't yet liked this episode? How could that be? I must have been Mesmerized by the delicious delivery of the salacious soliloquy of the master's stream of consciousness exiting in his on special state of purple haze brought on by Sean's spicy show. Liked. Loved. Saved to my Delicious list!

  87. Jack Philpott

    please get Andrew Schulz on here!! PLEASE!

  88. Hannah J. Brooks

    Is Sean... fine?

  89. It Ain’t Easy

    When Sean Evans says it’s hot, it’s 🥵

  90. Carol Chiloane

    Sean is honestly an amazing interviewer.

  91. Sterling Silver

    @ 13:39 😂

  92. Koop

    Did the show have, like, a drag queen episode? Like, I can get behind a freak show, but it's a little jarring.

  93. Lidija Zivic

    She is so full of herself 🙄😒

  94. Death

    Of course Stone Cold can finish those hot wings.

  95. Crimson

    - Have you taken an L? - NEVER! Yeah pussy what's this on the table? Sean I'm proud of you for not kicking his fat ass from the show

  96. MRH Gaming

    Awesome. Hope he original series doesn't get left out after this. Would love to see them both.

  97. brian bigos

    This is like the new age version of inside the actors. RIP James Lipton.

  98. GrassFedMeats

    Restaurants are on thin margins because government mandates ridiculous behaviors and unreasonably high pay for low skilled entry level employees. How is anyone going to get their foot in the door if they are too expensive to pay? Kobe Bryant....ah man. Tony Blair is a treasonous twat

  99. Philip Sainsbury

    #firstwefeast can you premiere da bomb the final answer? Da bomb sauce is mental