For every question that they field from host Sean Evans, guests must join him in eating a progressively spicy chicken wing.
The Burger Show explores everything about modern burger culture through the eyes of Eggslut chef, Alvin Cailan.
Joji and Rich Brian are celebrating the summer by partying in L.A. and are determined to feed their friends by any means necessary.
Discover untold stories from the culinary world’s most exciting personalities in First We Feast’s James Beard Award-winning Food Skills.
Jasleen Powar examines how South Asia's most famous culinary export, curry, changes shape from culture to culture.
Food Grails, explores America’s underground food icons through the eyes of reporter Miss Info.

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  1. Fer Mercado

    Please bring Emilia Clarke!!! 🙃

  2. MrsBigHead

    Tommy Chong is where I liked to be....but I don't think I could take all that heat 🤷

  3. Tania C.

    I’d love to see Jenna marbles or pewdiepie on here.

  4. Aaron Felix

    It feels like every movie that comes out is a remake.

  5. natashaeve23

    i wish fans of the show could do this. i’d love to try 🙌🏼

  6. Hoss44 _

    Low key, Kristen Stewart is sexy af

  7. Hg 90vans

    I adore her ♥️

  8. A ciko

    She looks like she’s in a teenage boy band 🤮

  9. 1234bmt

    She looks gross as fuck now☹️

  10. Bree Lloyd

    She's so cool! I bet she'd be awesome to have a beer with.

  11. Many Must Fall

    I'm just gonna leave this here. 17:10

  12. JiZz2Xtreme

    I feel like she's awkward b/c she's not allowed to be herself.. so shes trying to b both.. thats y it comes out awkward.. and in her defense most people have no personality so they dunno how to react t someone with one.. she needs to just accept it and pick a route and go with it

  13. Revolution Uprise

    You should try to have Nardwuar The Human Serviette on and discuss research techniques.

  14. Junt Cuice

    Who is this

  15. Alexis Higgins

    I love Kristen more and more every interview

  16. Vaughn Zimmerman

    She took tiny bites

  17. Henry Andersson

    She seems so angry lol, but at least she's herself

  18. Syafa Andini

    David dobrik next please

  19. Scott Summers

    Poor Ella 😂😂😂

  20. Scarlett's Review

    this is the chillest she's ever been in an interview.. I didnt expect her to be this cute...

  21. Bird's fly through the witches brew

    Dudes laugh is magic.

  22. JiZz2Xtreme

    Where TF is Keanu? Chances are he's too busy to eat hot wings for us internet trolls

  23. masteriamamind

    I love her as a person! wow she got a new fan!

  24. Ale Maldo

    Omg! This was the best episode! I love Paul! ♥️👏🏻😎

  25. John Reis

    “You can do anything you set your mind too” she then proceeded to stare at my guy Sean. Hmmm, I wonder if she tryna take down a fellow soldier during NNN.

  26. JiZz2Xtreme

    Is this Justin Bieber??

  27. X Soldoutdates

    700$ burger 🤦🏾‍♂️

  28. Julia - I love SЕХ :* TAP ON MY PHOTO :*

    Feels like this is the first time I actually got to know her a little bit

  29. Julia - I love SЕХ :* TAP ON MY PHOTO :*

    Me: Why is Naomi not dying? Naomi: I'm Indian, sooo Me: Oh. Ok. Seems legit.


    the video is unique but good

  31. Rosalie Morin

    Da bomb is always a key moment !!

  32. MrShugg2u

    Big boy could’ve cooked that burger a lil longer

  33. Sim Suzie

    I love Paul Rudd, he’s so handsome & so funny! He also seems to not age!!

  34. Christopher Dowd

    Im perplexed at how many people on this show dont just eat a normal wing.

  35. natashaeve23

    top 5 favorite

  36. footytang

    "Emo Dennis the Menace" is hot as fuck.

  37. Luis Ayala

    Fuuuck 😍😍😍😍😍😍

  38. SillyHelloKitty

    Just listening to Steve-o talk physically hurts my throat.

  39. Peter Jackson

    Only here for Shawn's interview technique

  40. Mike Sutton

    Anyone else pause at 22:57?

  41. Tania C.

    Omg she’s so ... 🔥😅

  42. Josh

    who says Fork and Knife?

  43. Scott Summers

    She never drank milk? 😂😂😂

  44. BreeBree135

    And yet the hottest one in this challenge is Shawn

  45. Sara Wolstenholme

    Actual love of my life! 🥰😍😂 Loved her since I was 11... I'm 26 now 🙃 This may be my fave interview ever though, props to Sean as always. ❤

  46. Spooky Toast

    Sean you and your team do such a great job with interviews. I really like how you treat all your guests with respect and genuine interest. I love it when you interview someone I'm already familiar with, but I always end up liking the guests when I didn't know much about them before.

  47. Joe

    I’m so hard right now you guys

  48. Exile

    she's like the love child of Edward Ferlong & Aaron carter...and i dig it.

  49. Rajendra Nadarajan

    Why is a woman who's almost 30 years old dressing up like a high school kid?

  50. footytang

    "Goth Dennis the Menace" is hot as fuck.

  51. Sono Mirko

    Best episode ever! I alway hate it when they throw nearly all the wings away. And what a nice dude!

  52. cody wotring

    I would have to be staring Sean down the whole time to not think about the spice lol

  53. RD Parialated

    Clearly nobody likes it with an live audience, at least not this time. I have no idea who this DaBaby is by the way, but seeing him struggle to eat them wings i do understand how he got his name. Get some icecream for that "burn". Sorry i let myself out

  54. Screw The Net

    Never seen the kidso choked up. THis was monumentous.

  55. trini kid

    she's cool and all but lets be real; those were some lame ass bites!!

  56. tony calcaterra

    Never realized how many people their are on the hot ones team just from the ending credits

  57. Enes Burak Polat

  58. MrRedolive

    Fam she looks like the American Emma Watson or if Emma Watson was punk rock 🎸

  59. Lydomina

    Wow, she's a million times less awkward when there isn't a large audience watching her talk.

  60. Roger Dalzell

    legit butch lesbo?

  61. S T O N E Y

    Marshawn is so OAKLAND!!!


    this is how lesbians eating chicken these days

  63. P C

    I was repulsed by her and never seen any of her movies but after seeing this, I really wanna fuck her.

  64. Zu _

    The only ppl I’ve met who act like that are on serious stims.

  65. Amargad Bitersua

    My god she looks so Dikey

  66. damienfarron

    shes like SLOW SLOW SLOW but talks like shes on coke

  67. Ben.G Vortex

    ...I wonder if she's really as unlikeable as she appears?...

  68. ate2fiver

    I forgot to like until Camera Guy Bill reminded me. Good work, Bill.

  69. Oscar Cruz

    "I'm from L.A., I eat a lot of Mexican food" lololol

  70. speedy 209


  71. Cancan

    The best one. Charlize is so beautiful, funny, smart, talented. Watch this more than 1000 times. ❤️❤️❤️

  72. Lukas Tabrizi-Christensen

    'Whát thá fucký'...

  73. hipopotomusman

    She need some milk!

  74. Sim Suzie

    She speaks very eloquently, she seems really smart.

  75. As• Nodt

    The king

  76. JunJunisKing

    thems some mighty small bites

  77. zebra

    That was one of the best! she's a cool chick.

  78. Avigoku

    what a pretentious person

  79. Rosalie Morin

    We need Jenna Marbles and/or Julien Solomita on this show!!!!

  80. Mark Khan

    Its bad enough not eating chicken wings but to use a knife and fork and only cutting the smallest pieces like she is eating a salad mix bowl. .. whats this show coing too... shame..

  81. Aaron Kennedy

    God damn it some of these celebrities think nothing is sacred. A fork? A fucking fork? No.

  82. HoneyBadgerZombie115

    I think the realest thing about Joji is that he, like the rest of us, holds terry crews in the highest regard, and I respect that

  83. ingrid tillman

    i've never seen a loquid/loquat tree in la

  84. Hannoverrunner

    With every episode Sean perfects his last dab move, halfway through asking his final question and casually beginning to shake the bottle. It starts to look eerily cold-blooded, I love it.

  85. J G

    She high? Like, I'm surprised I'm the only one seeing those INSANELY blood shot eyes

  86. RDB

    **everyone who commented** "I used to hate her, but now I'd let my lips be her toilet seat when she has bloody diarrhea."

  87. Sim Suzie

    I really like her. Her hair is so pretty!

  88. Teddy Ruxpin

    The sauces are fake, as legally you can’t do this, but the interviewees do a good job of acting out the effect of hot sauce for the most part.

    1. J W

      Whats illegal about eating hot sauce?

  89. Aronn Phillips

    Is she trying to catch them all?

  90. jontel collins

    His top 5 was trash


    Kristen Stewart and the Bomb is gonna go down as a classic Hot ones moment.

  92. Nicole T

    She’s a BEAST. Great episode and interview. Y’all are awesome.

  93. AvangionQ

    Her leg never stops shaking ...

  94. Sophia Foshaug

    Who here from 2025?

  95. Aleke

    Not to be dramatic or anything, but I'd die for Kristen Stewart.

  96. Racil Atutubo

    Love you, Kristen!!! ♥️

  97. Matt Hanks

    would like to see a hot ones with Tulsi Gabbard.

  98. Eirik

    Kristin Stewart looks like a girl who tweaks on a 50 pill breakfast

  99. Joe

    I’m positive she got there high AF I would have done the same 🤭