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  1. Ami Dark

    Arrowverse has better development. Lol how many actually know Huntress, Montoya, Black Canary and Cassandra?

  2. Ami Dark

    Harley Quinn: General Kenobi...

  3. Invincible Speaker

    Finally saw this film yesterday. Was surprisingly satisfied

  4. Thanosetalgia/ThanossGaming

    The Boys

  5. Heather McClaskey

    Loved it :3 my wife and I saw this together before we were engaged <3 lol 😂 good job epic voice guy

  6. ShadowstormProducts

    In short this movie is a waste of time and spits in the face of every character they try to portray in it...

  7. DarrickTV

    1. Smallville 2. The Punisher 3. Heroes 4. Gotham 5. The Flash (or PJ Masks)

  8. DarrickTV


  9. Gandalf Gang

    Is there an honest trailer on honest trailers

  10. Peter Goettler


  11. Mike Lorge

    If it want for honest trailers, I wouldn’t have known it was Tuesday!! Thanks guys!!

  12. Dracula

    *oh wait am i getting the DC EU mixed up withe the Injustice again doesn't matter* *STILL SIIIICCKK*

  13. Katherine Winters

    Trained to become a murder hobo...brilliant!

  14. Daniel B Maximoff

    Heard the joker has a new girlfriend now. Bye Bye Harley!

  15. K

    "Total Recall, the good one" Damn right !

  16. Jason Millwright

    Don't know which is worse: Ewan McGregor in black face or Ben Affleck in derp face?

  17. Jason Shen

    "Because, he's passed up for a promotion" Young Adolf 1907&1908 (colorized&galaxy-ized)

  18. Franchise Fanatic

    Still hate the black mask

  19. Brandon Wilks

    Kinda went soft on this movie.

  20. Sam M

    You are one helluva breather, friend.

  21. Geralt of Rivia

    Say: "I'm peeing on the seat! Give me a raise!"

  22. Navon Myhand

    The fact that Bernie just dropped out of running... yikes 😬

  23. Nikki Mos

    Hahahahah loooved the stefoon paaart , definetly not expecteeed

  24. Harrambou

    God the movie was so bad they struggled to make the Honest Trailer funny 😂😂😂

  25. Matt Smith

    That moment when Tina Fey isn’t even in the movie and has the best line in the trailer.

  26. Jack Skirata

    Remember when the Media thought it’d be a good idea to pit this movie against a kids movie about a blue hedgehog, and the hedgehog won? Me too.

  27. GalaxyGabbi

    "Obi- wan Jabroni" 🤣

  28. cool girls

    Honest Trailer for Fleabag/Killing Eve

  29. Sebastian p

    I need to see the snyder cut, I really believe it is awesome

  30. Jack Telepak

    this movie was great idc what anyone says

  31. Jarid Durham

    Thanks again Honest Trailer for giving me an HONEST LOL! You guys keep up the good work! ~SONIC BOOM!~

  32. Robert Bowser

    Quality over quantity get it right DC-- Marvel- Quantity and quality

  33. Brady Blu

    Atlas Shrugged sucks

  34. Kimberly Klisiewecz

    You NEED to do Secret Life of Pets 2!

  35. fliegenhasser


  36. gowzahr

    This film was so poorly advertised that I didn't even know Ewan McGregor was in it until I saw the honest trailer.

  37. birdie

    for the first couple minutes of the video, i’m like, uhhh...i don’t remember Jon Favreau looking like that 🤔🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️😆 haha. i’m completely aware of how dumb this makes me look. And i’m completely fine with it! 🙃 haha

  38. .

    Anytime something about his mom came up I’d tear up

  39. Peter Pedersen

    Do The Rock with Nick Cage Please!

  40. I am no one neither R you

    Say: no no your still holding on LET GO!!!

  41. Peter Pedersen

    "witness his brutal training at the hands of the Liam of Neesons"

  42. droid327

    "...they're not just acting like heroes..." Wait is he ripping on his own actual VO spot from 1999? :D

  43. Scanner Dorkly

    Well, my desire to watch this has gone from zero into the negative now. I'll watch the CinemaCin video and be far more entertained. That's how it was with Suicide Squad.

  44. Dieter Gerding

    Oh Obi Wan. What has happened? Thin air in the high grounds?

  45. New3DSLUIGI364

    @5:05-6:42 Here's my Favorite Part: The Feet Song set to the sound of the Woo Hoo Song from the Vontage Commercial!!

  46. Song Hyo Hee

    the stefon ref 😂😂😂

  47. Brother Santodes

    Say "You do realise that access denied"

  48. Gabi Garzon


  49. JC Lopes


  50. Ann I BeeRun

    Say: wear your mask, Stay inside, wash your hands

  51. Onikokoro


  52. Agent X

    Harley Quinn's outfits alone show me how much I'd hate this movie

  53. Siba Samara

    Can you make a midsommar honest trailer?

  54. EkansthePokemon

    sad you didn't bring back stares and flares for rey's dramatic reveal face

  55. axfc qaws

    The only reason why Black Mask/Obi Wan Kenobi lost was because he didn,t have the high ground

  56. king jellybean

    Thats not fair batfleks joker is a methhead he weighs like 50 lbs

  57. Vanessa Annabelle Lockhart

    I ship MorNeo

  58. Douglas Schultz

    AWESOME!!! : )

  59. Ariel fangirl Mendez

    I know we're still waiting for the suicide squad squeal but we have to draw the line

  60. Digant chowdhary

    Read ‘Maze Runner: Kill Order’. It will make you understand how the virus was caused.

  61. Ejay Vergara

    "Always D.A. Maybe" haha 🤣.

  62. Pavan Krishna

    It's time to do Tiger King!

  63. EdKem per

    Please say : Go corona Go corona ..

  64. Arvid P.

    Insane Clown's Posse was pure gold. :D

  65. Osian Coleman

    Black mask isn’t different to his comics counterpart at all rlly tbh. I was so surprised when he was at the end.

  66. Remix123 .1

    Do an honest trailer for Sonic.

  67. LunaArgentum10

    Could you do Tiger King? And save me trouble of actually watching the dang thing.

  68. Eliz

    Bucky looks like a one armed Jesus 😂

  69. SuJu_Mimi

    that is some shitty pick-pocketing, lmfao, not slick AT ALL X"D

  70. John Richmond

    Also a cautionary tale for a main character in a comic book movie to not also be the be the producer of same said comic book movie

  71. Treysterok

    Can you do an official trailer for Parasite?

  72. Dark Dreams

    Say: I LIVE IN A VAN, DOWN BY THE RIVER!!!! For the sake of those that do now..

  73. clemo85

    Please do Demolition Man (1993)!

  74. ThatElfNerd

    Better movie title: Harley Quinn and the Birds of Prey. It's more accurate and less of a mouthful. By making Harley the subtitle, you make it seem like she's a minor character, rather than the main star.


    Please do a honest trailer for Better Call Saul


    Please do a honest trailer for Dexter

  77. steve cwell

    The fight scenes were crap. 1 very accommodating stunt man attacks the various 110# woman at a time.


    Please do a honest trailer for Bad boys for life


    Please do a honest trailer for Tiger King


    Please do a honest trailer for The Office


    Please do a honest trailer for Jumanji The Next Level


    Please do a honest trailer for The Boys

  83. Corey Kinard

    Comic book Cassandra is so interesting! Do I need to go back to the 80s to get a martial arts underworld focused movie centered on a mute little girl that IP Man people?

  84. vinasu maaj

    This starring section is one of the best you've made. The Stefon part is hilarious and spot on.

  85. glonglon

    Elsa: The Lin Kuei will follow me in the New Era. Sub-Zero: I shall not live in your shadow. Fight me!

  86. Corey Kinard

    Diablo was the only thing I liked. A character arc. Redemption. Remorse. He was the most human on the team despite being the strongest.

  87. Eric Cunningham


    1. vinasu maaj

      Maybe they should've made Harley more similar to the Telltale version of her. She was portrayed intelligent, mixed with strength and lightly seasoned with crazy.

  88. Matthew Moreland

    I can't believe y'all didn't mention Elsa's total Kal-El moment seeing her mother's face in the ice wall

  89. Roman00

    Please make an Honest Trailer about Into the Night from 1985 with Jeff Goldblum and Michelle Pfeiffer. It has a lot of The Room vibes like wtf is happening? Why? What did I just watch?

  90. Ciko Corleone

    Wow look amazing,

  91. Tooba Tr

    Honestly, only liked bc of your Stefon impression.


    Disney Planning Board : Let's make a movie w/a new character that gets chased & kills a villain at the end. Subordinates : "Oh yea ! Genius Ron ! That's why he's the boss ! Great ! Looove It !" Lead Lawyer : We can break it up into 3 separate movies ?

  93. Marklithikk

    Not paying taxes and Burning Man, freaking Lambo

  94. AdK Studios

    Is it me or, at 4:14 he sounded like Mark Wahlberg???

  95. Nun Ya

    I feel like if you want to watch birds of prey you should just watch the Harley Quinn show instead.

  96. omisande taiwo

    Can't take nothing about this movie seriously

  97. Tushan YingYing

    Eh I liked this movie

  98. Slayer Runefrost

    Who didn't see the Obi-Wan reference in the "starring" section coming?

  99. spencer mikelson


  100. A 2115

    Honest trailer Sonic movie