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  1. Lillian Brown

    Do tangled plz

  2. CornishCreamtea07

    Hobbs & Shaw sounds like retailer that sells ovens.

  3. condenetwork

    I didn’t know Statham was Australian.

  4. Movie Reedviews

    Spencer's impression sounds like the villain from MI Rogue Nation & Fallout

  5. Isaac Alonzo

    Next week: escape room

  6. MrDalek1999

    see you guys next week for Escape Room (i really hope it get this right 🤞)

  7. Paul Kis

    Spencer doing a Statham impression sounds exactly like the villain in Mission Impossible

  8. sunita thind

    I loved this movie hehe 😂

  9. Lisa Sapp

    literally when we watched the brick part my dad said "now THAT would kill you" and i did not believe him.

  10. fuchsgaehnen

    FASTEST! Classic Superman v. the Flash or whatever Superman v. Santa

  11. Erik

    Elsa makes her own ice clothing. Does that count for anything?

  12. mtndewbest

    Do Hellboy 2019!

  13. Fandom Queen JK

    Well there's always the 2008 cartoon series.

  14. TommyPickles Fan1992

    Honest Trailers-The Rugrats Movie

  15. will last

    "Billy Bird .....1 for yes" Cap: I understood that reference

  16. SarahNara7

    I watched it.. and I love it.

  17. David Weeks

    Oh my! The best EVER!!! David Weeks, Tampa, Florida.

  18. Dean D

    Always love hearing the EpicVoiceGuy.

  19. Storm Ryan Johnson

    Please say 'I have spoken'

  20. Jason Georgis

    The Rock being an awkward kisser discussion playing immediately before a clip of Steve Carrell made it impossible for me not to think of the fact those two kissed in Get Smart.

  21. NoSoMuSk

    I wasn’t going to watch this, but genocide schmenocide? That line alone makes watching the movie worth it.

  22. Patricio Flaherty

    Do the boys please

  23. Sheila Mengich

    Last beak tonight....I died😂

  24. Wesley Ricce Ferreira da Silva

    And Timmy... 🤣🤣

  25. captaindeadpool

    These guys spoiled the Ryan Reynolds twist. These guys are real arseholes!

  26. Inck

    Say "ok boomer"

  27. Maxi Iroh

    I dont get the hate for Tokyo Drift

  28. Brap Brraap

    You guys should watch Grumpy Old Men again. The guys were fighting because Lemon's character married a woman Matthau's char was in love with.

  29. Zakaria Abdi

    Hey, You Had Nothing To Offer but you tried 😥😥✌🏿

  30. cheerdiver

    And it just so happens, O2 levels are increasing on Mars.

  31. Nicusor Hutanu


  32. Furry Donkey

    1:25 to 1:27🎵 together again 🎵g it's good to be together again 🎵........

  33. Stephanie Cuevas

    My only complaint with this film was the total disregard of Owen Shaw

  34. Rosa Bethany Iglarsh

    That's snappy dialogue?

  35. Tiggertron

    "Brolo: A Car Wars Movie" ?? 🤣😭🤣 .. nailed it!

  36. Salvador Garcia

    It dozen matta! hahaha

  37. Aarin Knox

    Lon I love your Skybound T-shirt

  38. M Fischer

    Bags of Sand

  39. Tiggertron

    This one is well overdue lol too easy!! This should be good ...

  40. DeathStarKitty

    They're going to use White Dredds Hacker AI and Black Superman's technology to FreeJack Han and bring him back in FF10

  41. Soldier865


  42. Roddy Rod

    They outtakes are always so much better than the names they go with lol

  43. Soldier865


  44. Raybelle Anderson

    Is Escape Room too obscure of a choice for an Honest Trailer? Because we've done Saw, right? WHY AM I SO BAD AT THIS?!?!?!

  45. vishesh saran

    Ducktales Reboot Please!

  46. Ross March


  47. Warren305

    4:37 is that a raptor? Wtf

  48. Yeah ur mum

    Joker u jokers

  49. A Moron

    How about we take a moment to appreciate a pure ridiculous popcorn flick for creating an actual strong female protagonist who is smart, funny and badass, and not shoving it down our throat to score some woke points!

  50. David Smith


  51. diyfilm

    I'm so glad to have this video as counter programming to the Impeachment hearings. Thank you!

  52. Kid Kritic

    Make sure to check out another awesome USsel channel all about movies called Kid Kritic

  53. Amy Brown

    FINALLY SOMEONE MENTIONED OWEN SHAW!!! I kept thinking about it the entire movie! Every flashback, or meeting, etc. I kept thinking "Aren't you guys forgetting someone.... the entire reason Decker entered the Fast Franchise...."

  54. Matt Samuelson

    This show was way better when it was just Joe, Spencer, and Dan. It used to be funnier than the trailer.

  55. We Have To Go Back

    "This guy has one weakness: two guys at the same time" Yeah, don't we all

  56. No hands no problem

    The Rock and Melissa McCarthy make out in Central Intelligence. That one wasn't thaat weird

  57. Mujaahid Bumphus

    Do you hear that??? It's the sound of frightening frozen fans coming to defend their ice princess!!! 😆

  58. Damion Lee

    So you assume that when Elsa is PLAYING WITH HER LITTLE SISTER, she is travelling at her maximum velocity? You also don't think that structuring a complex design (ice castle) requires more finesse than creating a large lump of ice, and so these would indicate their maximum forming rates?? Seriously, you can create all the BS words salad you want to pretend you have half a clue about the things you are discussing in this video, but nothing is going to disguise just how flawed, and downright stupid your comparisons points are. I like these kind of hypothetical thought experiments; but you guys seriously stuck at it.

  59. Steven Green

    HANda Accord 😂😂

  60. TheCreepypro

    that Jason Statham voice was amazing I could not stop laughing!

  61. Carl Rood

    The think is Tokyo Drift is literally the only movie in the franchise that's actually about car racing, which everyone who complains about the later ones wants them to get back to. It started as cops & robbers and then merged with xXx to form this new hybrid.

    1. Brap Brraap

      Tokyo Drift is THE best movie in the franchise, and I agree, it was legit about motor racing. Plus, the humor was spot on, the soundtrack was perfect... it's a great flick overall.

  62. Struan Robertson

    so, it was totally ryan reynolds voice in the big bad guy computer voice throughout the movie right?

  63. ChristieeMcgee

    Dan proudly saying “I’m learning” was the most adorable thing.

  64. William Seamon

    "Eliza Gonzalez"? Thanks autocorrect (Her name is Eiza)

  65. B1Chronixx

    Shame Bebop and Rocksteady weren't in any of the 3 movies.

  66. Michael Kautzer

    They are fighting in "Grumpy Old Men" because Jack's character married a girl that Walter's character liked when they were kids. And, they were just old men.

  67. Dru Blood

    Yeah apparently beast can control his beastieness now! For some reason he can change back and forth now cause famous? Who cares at this point, they don’t.

  68. DullBull

    Please say "One man is the one man, that has to man up and become the one that gets one chance to stop the man, that is the man that one day will be the man who tries to win his one true love, one last time, in the one place where he could be the one to say he won".

  69. ayush sharma

    Loved that Shaun of The Dead cover on Dan's phone

  70. Ahmad Alsaadi


  71. The History Critic Guy

    “F**k you were marvel that’s where!” Best line ever

  72. david fitzpatrick

    coming from a wwe fan The reason MOST FANS HATED ROMAN REIGNS IS BECAUSE WWE WERE TRYING TO MAKE HIM THE TOP GUY WHEN THE FANS DIDN'T WANT HIM TO BE. Which is why some fans claimed that his Cancer diagnosis last fall was fake in order to get him sympathy.

  73. Stephen Zide-Betts

    its just called two brothers.

  74. Brent Dreher

    Next week; "a tricky one to get out of" Escape Room?

    1. mk6rfc1

      Or maybe it’s ‘Clue’ cos Knives Out is coming out

    2. mk6rfc1

      I thought maybe it was ‘Us’

    3. Andrew Feistner

      It seems like the obvious one to do with that kind of hint.

  75. Jude Huzicko

    Ugh. Lon.

  76. PerkythePro

    I just realized this- this basically took CoD advanced warfare's plot and made it less high tech in some spots. But otherwise its similar- evil private technologically advanced army, Nasty killer virus, Brixton had basically an exo suit.... anyone else see this?

  77. E3ECO

    "Please say nothing." lol!

  78. ♡venuz_babi♡

    Exactly like Jason Stathom. Is he in the room? My goodness! 🤣

  79. X-Saber Games

    Doo the Mandalorian ep 1

  80. Dan

    This honest trailer explain the mind of a shipper, like myself, and what will happen in all the fanfics and fanarts that will appear after this movie

  81. Dream Shake Junya

    lol it's funny that someone told Dan about Roman's failed push... But didn't mention that it happened almost the same way with The Rock. And it's funny that the SJ crew talks about ratings and television and other performance metrics... But can't understand how someone can "earn" more screen time on a scripted show. It's the same way it works on TV. You draw money, you get more TV.

  82. Cute and Fluffy Pikachu

    So Beyonce isn’t really a lion and Seth rogan really isn’t a pig dammm why did I watch this i was fooled 🥺😭🥺😭🥺😭😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

  83. Genevieve CS

    Are we sure Idris Elba didn't say "I'm a Haitian Superman!!!"?

  84. Brett Dupree

    You mean Hobbs v. Shaw

  85. andacondasqueeze

    Blasting black Sabbath from a reel to reel is the best part of the movie

  86. Adam Jensen

    One of the morons who wrote game of thrones ending had a hand in this. Should explain why it's so bad.

  87. Marcelo Villegas

    Sonic and the flash

  88. Showrya Tirnati

    But Tokyo Drift has the SONG!!!!!!!

  89. ECKO106


  90. Austin Church

    It wasn't a movie but u definitely see him get down and dirty in Ballers

  91. EL Chapo

    4:14 *Statham Noises* I died 🤣🤣

  92. WuTangIsFoTheChildren

    It's because The Rock is a completely non-sexual entity

  93. Max NG

    Your math is right but your logic is not ...

  94. Gavin Smiley

    Please say “Midge got whipped in the bitsies.”

  95. Ganondorf Dragmire

    Please say "Please say".

  96. Austin Zahm

    They are doing escape room for the next honest trailer

  97. Angelo DePaolo

    Man! Was hoping this trailer was going to call out how this movie made Idris Elba go from epic lines like “Cancel the apocalypse” to... “genocide, schemenacide”

  98. Jolene Jolly

    Spencer’s Statham impression is gold 👌😂🤣

  99. Sekhar Raja

    Ryan Reynolds does that voice a lot for his trailers e.t.c. maybe they just used him for a placeholder . Also the rock romance was the weirdest and weakest part of the movie.

  100. yao8

    The chick is really hot tho