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  1. Ali Ahmed

    What in the iron man

  2. Prim N Proper

    Suggestions to the manufacturer: Why can't they have an easy switch system for changing the "hands" seems cumbersome. And options to be auto tethered to a power source via cable to extend the battery life if you're in one place. And a seating option if you're "tired" standing. And optional fans around to cool the person (or heaters if they are working in cold places etc) Sorry CNET. Cool though.

  3. Justin Warmkessel

    How about a version of this for everyday wear to mitigate wear and tear on your body? Would that be weird?

  4. Enrique La Cruz

    I was on amazon before this

  5. Menuka Dhungel

    Mistake make man perfect I’m not worried I’m worried my future be care full for that when I see face book founder mark I fell he child Same like my child but I need my privacy Nd protection

  6. soccerguy2433

    Better than Greta!

  7. Ross Peterson

    So proud of this man!! Answers and effort!!

  8. Time Warped

    Thanks Oc team's 👍

  9. cha thao

    LOL Sam from death stranding wanted to know your location

  10. Alexandre Bertani

    Why Apple, Google, Microsoft, Amazon etc., who have planty money, dont help this jorney of plastic?

    1. Jameel Ja

      Because they're greedy and this doesn't make them money.

  11. Divyanshu Kumar

    No no no please no

  12. Fred McIntyre


  13. AwesomeKC 28 -BadAtAll-

    Fencing but even Cooler!

  14. Ryan Ryan

    Another stupid Apple idea. Forget about carrying a portable battery now.

  15. boletusam2

    will this be implemented in the warehouses?

  16. 4GUI4

    the packaging industry needs.. renovations

  17. Philip N.L

    Anybody think about the fact you won't be able to use your phone when you need to charge it in bed or need to use it while charging and literally doing anything

  18. Trim Vezvesja

    No way that airpods pro has better sound quality than sennheisers true wirless no wayy .... 😑😑

  19. Adinas Henry

    I am very excited about Neuralink, it could give us, people with chronic debilitating illnesses, our lives back. Please hurry as am tired of being in pain and being housebound/bedbound. Thank you to all those at Neuralink and Elon as well, who will probably live to 858 years old lol Does not compute ...

  20. Xexin Kansichi

    You: Drop when folded. Folded Phone: aight. "Imma glitch on out"

  21. Gangadhar Mudadla

    Real Hero of our planet....

  22. Dee Marty

    Reminds me of Obsolete the Anime

  23. Sound of Silence

    When you say 4K does that mean it only works for 4K or it offers 4K? Please I need a response soon! Thanks.

  24. Magnus Childers

    Just get a robot, unless your the army

  25. Italiana 7

    They will loose me as a customer for sure. Not having this. I hate this wireless stuff. It’s proven to be bad for the health.

  26. Jay Socor

    wow CNET you still making 1080p videos. 👎🏻

  27. Pandaiskey

    Yeah cleaning up plastic on ocean to then have it end back up in the ocean or landfills i guess it is an infinite money job!

  28. crisismcnoodle

    Fantastic! The important metrics to quantify here are CO2 and other pollutants per ton of collected waste, and bycatch

  29. Im Beast

    It looks great. But Samsung Fold looks more premium.

  30. Prashalan Jamenson

    I feel like if they couldn’t include a fast charger out-of-the-box then they’re definitely not going to include AirPods.

  31. KazumaGaming


  32. अंजली कुमारी 1.4.3 full HD video

    ♥️😇🧖💖💙💙🔥 आईना देखोगे तो मेरी याद आएगी साथ गुज़री वो मुलाकात याद आएगी पल भर क लिए वक़्त ठहर जाएगा, जब आपको मेरी कोई बात याद आएगी. 🔥💙💖😇😝🖤💖💙

  33. Top Notch

    If you believe this is 5g I have a story to sell

  34. joe zakaria

    Too bulky still.

  35. riopato2009

    Instead of making recycled plastic products that will eventually go back into the ocean, why not recycle these materials into making more systems? Reuse the plastics that was cleaned up to further help clean up more plastics.

  36. Dan's

    "This is not a tactical machine..." *10 years later* "I need your clothes, your boots and your motorcycle."

  37. Jay Dub

    You guys deserve awards not that kid... thank you for taking action and not just being a talking mouth peice

  38. A B

    Only in america most these junks are from other country who dont chip in on the effort. Best clean up is to educate

  39. R B

    So the 3 people that hated this have to be Palpatine, Trump and a Russian Bot.

  40. shaider1982

    I wonder if this can be used by EOD suit users.

  41. Brent

    Why only 200lbs? Anyone in shape can lift that without a $100,000 robot. Make it have weight ratings of forklifts then it would be useful

  42. Jedi Grand Master

    You know, some conservatives out there is going to be like, "Oh someone out there is cleaning after me? I guess it's fine for me to dump everywhere I want"

  43. Javier Solis A.


  44. Eric Mcmillan

    My experience of recycled plastics is that they smell bad, as in toxic bad smell, I don't think I want household and personal products made from this reclaimed resource of random provenance and unknown ingredients.....dyes, plasticisers, flame retardents, uv resistance etc etc. The energy costs of processing this waste will also be high, another factor I have not seen mentioned. 100 million kilograms = 100,000 tons which is significant but pales compared to say iron ore shipments. Port Headland in West Australia exported 1.270 MILLION TONS of iron ore in ONE DAY in June 2014. Let those numbers sunk in and the volume and mass of ocean plastic sounds insignificant. What is not insignificant is the effects of plastics on ocean ecosystems and food chains reinforcing the urgency to devise an ongoing cleanup and prevention regimen. Most of the ocean borne plastics have 'escaped' from river systems from countries where rivers are treated as sewers and waste disposal chutes in addition to plastics liberated by flood events. One part of the solution to our ocean plastics problem is to capture river plastics before discharge into the oceans and this is already happening in some Asian countries by installation of river bank anchored plastic collection booms and associated conveyor systems. What to do with this waste plastic is the question, considering the actual amounts involved storage in suitable landfill sites is actually a good option all things considered, especially energy costs of reprocessing. I don't see this kid as any kind of genius but he is drawing attention to this problem and forcing action, for this I applaud him.

  45. Oto Sans

    how is the gaming experience in iphone now?

  46. Tse Hong Ling

    its not a tactical machine? i guess ppl who wear it can still stomp to an ATM, break it open or lift it up on to a truck. or just punch someone's head.

  47. Nikki Jo

    Xr it’s more in budget plus I just bought my XR in beginning of college ago

  48. jaxamillian1

    I really wish more people cared about this.

  49. *Drica Dri Andrade*

    *Greta Thunberg 🤢*

  50. Khal Easy

    And tech reviewers will release "Apple might be right in removing the blah blah blah" and then iSheep will accept it as that.

  51. Epi Ren

    Two people hate the planet and will die alone.

  52. glo sprit

    Thank you

  53. dave4shmups

    Fantastic! Keep up the great work!

  54. Sean

    What if you want to actually use your phone instead of leaving it flat and perfectly placed on a pad?

  55. armagedon515

    That's should be a UN mandate, worldwide effort to cleanup that mess. The sources should be address too mainly in Africa and Asia where most of this crap come from. I guess we all have started to eat that plastic from the seafood.

  56. Damian Miller

    We all need to do our part..people need to stop being pigs..

  57. hawkeve

    Wait weren't these the things in the matrix? At the end shooting the robots with "gun" arm extension?

  58. marcel J

    Awesome. We also need to ban plastic. It's amazing how long this problem has been ignored. Plastic producers should be paying for this.

  59. bret douglas

    Millitary. First thought

  60. Guiltless

    He definitely came up with this design while high af

  61. Orson in charge

    1:18 its not going to be equipped with armor ..... although our military version will .

  62. willinplaya

    Great Job on the clean up so far. I don`t understand human logic though lets throw the trash in the ocean for decades then figure out how to clean it up. Seems it would have been alot easier and cheaper to dispose of properly in the first place...

  63. Matt Pando

    Not equipped for armour you say... I'll take that challenge!

  64. Mj A

    Might as well get rid of it so they don’t have to bundle that weak charger in the box.

  65. SuperZoom

    There are very few people his age who would take the constant road blocks they have hit and continued on. Signing up and supporting this not matter how it ends feels like the right thing to do.

  66. Jemaine Clement

    Nice to see individuals cleaning up while the government later dumps more trash.

    1. David Farley

      The third world is trashing the ocean, it's illegal to pollute it in the west.

  67. Not Talented

    Your comments aren’t funny.


    Alpinestars roost deflector is nice touch! A Kevlar vest and 2 gigantic guns for arms would be sweet for hunting ducks and a jet pack!

  69. Paul Tovar

    Sell products that people will throw away and end up in a landfill

  70. Jay Green

    That’s crazy they getting rid of the lighting port can’t imaging a iPhone with no charger port only wireless charging

  71. TigerMonthlyHits

    So I already have google WiFi and am happy with it, but if I wanted to get a faster connection in the future, would I be able to buy the google nest router, and use that as the main router and my google WiFi’s as the points? Or do I have to buy the google nest access points to be integrated with my google WiFi?

  72. Ian R.

    Dear Apple, For the sake of all of us. Please S T O P "innovating" . Sincerely, Everyone

  73. Dwayne Crumity

    That would make an awesome fence, or room divider

  74. Han

    He should be person of the year in TIMES😅

  75. Mateo San

    I would like the trash examined and publicly shame the countries where it comes from.

  76. Adymn Sani

    thank you and good job!

  77. Z O

    Amazing! As a sustainable safe fishing should be a priority for nation states, I think you can make the case for national funding and it would also be positive PR for such nations in terms of green tech, please seek grants and funding as well it is in all of human interest.


    Amazing. There's still hope for humanity.

  79. Daniel Cook

    Someone in this world that is trying to save our planet. Congrats!!

  80. Jay Rush

    Great job we need more people like this in our world

  81. Olle Mattsson

    preinstalled with CCP spyware. yeah!

  82. Teckkie:p

    They can recycle the plastics

    1. mattallica 89

      Yes, but not all plastic is recyclable.

  83. Alfredo Jimenez



    8:14 When you screw up on the presentation but

  85. CNET

    Shout-out to Boyan Slat for making this happen! Also checkout The Ocean Cleanup's Interceptor river plastic catcher ussel.info/video/video/w4DIo3yssoiFa4E.html

  86. superloose

    That’s another Elon Musk right there...

    1. Seth undisclosed

      Only if he had as much capital as Elon

  87. Jenni C.

    Boyan Slat should have been Time’s Person of the Year, not the whiny brat who just wants to blame, complain, and point fingers. I’d rather see this on the daily news headlines than all the other crap that’s nothing more than noise.

    1. Time Warped

      Jenni C... Everyone should have the right to voice their opinion. You have that right. My opinion is yours has No value. I donate time and money to groups i feel are doing a good job. Climate change is a real danger. She's doing the best she can.

    2. LinusMLGTips

      Climate change is the fault of corporations and the inability for our governments to act. Thunberg is a vocal spokesperson in the fight against climate change. This man is a great aid in the process, but he is not the head of a movement.

  88. Sam Joel

    Ocean Cleanup 1 Ocean 0 ..wait

  89. fobudomh

    Congratulations . We have a long way to go . Need to stop dumping plastics right away so that it takes less time to clean up .

    1. CNET


  90. Pranav Bhagaloo

    Don’t get me wrong, this is awesome, but I still think Motorola takes the cake for the way their phone folds in half

  91. Carlou Sacote

    Apple Include Airpods on the next iPhone? I bet a $1000 they WILL NOT.

  92. ken ellis

    SALUTE!!! 👏🏾👏🏾

  93. budgiefriend

    Thank you so much. I hope this gets worldwide government funding.

  94. Кайена Арельяно

    If it had a micro sd card slot expansion,sure.I stick with my s9 for a couple years.

  95. Nicolás Mejía

    It’s 40mm or 44mm?

  96. Devilmonkey667

    I’m the only person who has commented in this video in 3 years

  97. NomadApe

    "I can't wait for a portless phone". But.. why? How do you charge your phone while you use it? How do you charge your phone while traveling. Nobody wants to carry around a giant wireless charger in their bag. Not to mention it makes it unusable as a "Pro" device. You can't hook devices to it, can't use it as a music powerhouse like you currently can, can't transfer data through USB... it becomes a gadget rather than a work tool.

  98. Shiva Hemant

    That’s from the matrix!

  99. Dave Hall

    So my new Mavic mini won’t work on a phone without a port. Apple are so stupid

  100. Freed Crow

    Go listen to the song "MTC" for a summary of the comments.