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  1. Akbar Nur Pribadi

    Everyone would love to interview Mary Cain, such a humble gurl <3

  2. El Vato

    I think her turning professional after high school was a bad idea.

    1. Birb L

      El Vato yep she flamed out

  3. DHopkins MGordon FTW

    I have to get something off my chest. I went away to Australia and when I came back, I was no longer attracted to females. I don’t know what happened. Also my team in the Popo sucks

  4. Mr. Dow Jones

    I don’t know anything about these nerds that run track but let me tell you something this guy has embarrassed himself time and time again in the Popo. He’s not even putting an NFL product out on the field. Sitting there at 1-6 about to be 1-7 and couldn’t be bothered to make any moves to help the team. No respect for the committee and for the fans. What makes it worse is he had the first overall pick. He had piss running down his leg at the draft and didn’t even have notes with him. I got news for ya - this guy is not Popo material.

  5. Makayla Marchand

    Ms.fanning if you read this you will identify who the writer is so when you go back to teach us just tell me

  6. Makayla Marchand

    She is dating another teacher of mine named mr.k

  7. Makayla Marchand

    At Stephen olney

  8. Makayla Marchand

    That my teacher

  9. TheIrishrogue68

    The greatest high school runner ever...I hope she doesn't flame out like so many other HS phenoms have...

    1. Charlie Watkins

      @TheIrishrogue68 Yep one hit wonder.

    2. Gracie D

      TheIrishrogue68 so crazy to see so many negative comments about how her career declined in college but after hearing her story and the conditions she endured, can you blame the young girl?

    3. TheIrishrogue68

      Well it looks like she did flame out...big time. Her genetic makeup now makes it impossible for her to compete at a world class level.

  10. Sweta Parikh

    well done kinjal. you always make me and dad proud. love you lot.

  11. Pugile MoltoBene

    Definitely turrets and probably an LD

  12. Duane B

    So would Obea have snatched him?

    1. Johnathan Doe

      Probably if his team were close. But this was a remarkable small school squad from NC. The real story is how this small school team broke national records and won plenty of titles. New Bern is a 4A school in NC, the largest class, but I'm sure enrollment there is around 2k or less. TX, CA, NY I'm sure have much larger schools to draw talent from.

  13. Ruhl Raney

    i got a chance to meet this person in australia and i must say, she is so rude. she ignored the other athletes and run down another country while running in that country, she is fake

  14. Osho




  16. chris perillo

    I ran 18:01 and I'm a guy soooo damn she's fast

  17. oliver wade

    they are not even hispanic

  18. Skating Squid


  19. quadbravo

    She's the Steve Prefontaine of Bronxville High. This video will be historic.

  20. aceconfetti

    what do you mean by "tick"

  21. Al Mate

    does she have a tick?

  22. andy vida

    he made injustce

  23. El Coyote Loco


  24. J D

    what distance was that?????

    1. Brandon White

      J D I think it’s a 5k

  25. cicirunner

    Crazy to think that a little girl like this can beat me for 1 mile lol.

  26. Coach Robinson


  27. said el abdellaoui

    I have 2.49 in 1000m and i have 14 years old

  28. wafflepwnify

    National record and is looked like he was chillen first 200m

  29. T & F archive

    Great footage. Have you guys got the 800m by chance?

  30. T & F archive

    Is that so? And what are your times (without lying). In fact give us your name just so I know you aren't full of it. Isaac who?

  31. Anonymous

    GO Mary!

  32. Anonymous

    wow! shes really fast! 2:03 800 is amazing!

  33. Anonymous

    She is so fast! My goal for cross country and track&field is to just make qualify for states!

  34. Anonymous

    she is so fast/ i raced her little sister before in cross country and track & field and she is also really fast!

  35. Pedro Aguilar Paulín

    Ademas de guapa habla muy bien el ingles

  36. Hugo Rodriguez

    Damn Winslow, never thought you would of gotten so far brah, missed them days in El Dorado hahaha, I hope you good and well you ll always be in my heart buddy, take care..att. Hugo J. Rodriguez

  37. Miss Kiki

    Omg it's merry from bxv oh wow

  38. Fr3ckles83

    Way to go girl!


    where can we see the races?

  40. Aaryn Zooropa

    very cool

  41. jwm239

    ...this comment from a grad of F-M (1982) ! Sting 'em Hornets! Green and White!

  42. RealLegendUnitedFC

    Wow I was there yesterday!!! I watched this guy, he BREEZED!! He surely could've done better with a little more competition

  43. Dagoberto Arias

    He beasted!! I want to kno wat he do in practice to run that fast.

  44. Evan Falbo

    Isn't this the bum ass team that got drunk and made a video of them rapping. Who has that link?

  45. Icy_J

    man i can out run them lol tht wouldnt even be uh race

  46. Ian Cavey

    How does this only have 7 views? It's a national record for gods sake.