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  1. dana wallace

    She's trying so hard to put together a sensible answer that she misses the questions. Pardon me!

  2. Satevo

    "They don't gotta burn a book they just remove em".... or hide them behind a fern. Check mate libs.

  3. Keith Kimmel

    What we're witnessing is the demise and downfall of the Republican Party! Well! You made your bed! Now "lie" in it!

  4. Yes I’m Blessed

    Well, the idiot doesn't fall far from the idiot tree.

  5. Kalana Herath

    Lmao I love how Putin's rap video has more dislikes than likes

  6. John Nix

    "Jail King"

  7. Grace Bertrand

    Ronan is freaky and female looking...

  8. Troy Kruse

    Holy crap! It’s Santa Clause

  9. S4njuro

    I need a Doctor.....

  10. Stephanie Blasenak

    Carrell looks odd with silver hair.

  11. magicskyfairy69

    blatant propaganda. No collusion with Russia, and the only evidence of "leverage" to pressure Ukraine to do anything is against Joe Biden, who freely admits (in the video link below) that he explicitly told Ukraine they wouldn't receive their funds unless they fired the prosecutor. By contrast, there is no equivalent statement by Trump, and we know this because we have a transcript of the call, and the Ukrainian president confirmed it. here's the Joe Biden footage: ussel.info/video/video/toukYl2YzWhkeI0.html here's the Trump/Ukraine call transcript: www.whitehouse.gov/wp-content/uploads/2019/09/Unclassified09.2019.pdf

  12. Channel 2Hoob

    Bet the government thought this show revealed too much lol 5:08 5:08

  13. alotto cash

    IS DOJ AG William Barr a suspect in the death of Harvey Weinstine?. Hung in his prison cell while Barr was there.. No cameras were working in that area on that day of Barr's visit to Harvey Weinstine cell. Not the regular prison guards on duty that day but replacement guards. It seems strange because high level government administrators like DOJ Barr do not visit prisoners in prison there prison cells. Normally they interview prisoners in an area that is designated for that purpose. The DEMs need to open an investigation on DOJ William Barr for suspicion of murder or knowledge of one.He needs to be questioned about what he knows at the least.

  14. Rocky O

    Colbert, you fukkin piece of late night propaganda shitbag. News flash...most of the Kiwis in NZ do NOT like you !. I don't care how well Jacinda received you. Majority of Kiwis can see through your bullshit. They don't want you ever to move there. They are trying to get their lost freedoms back and you, Hollyweird, and other phony rich celebrities will not stand in their way or allow you to continue lying to them about President Trump.

  15. Harald Christensen


  16. ferretmom4ever

    Does someone need a safe space? Poor triggered trumper!

  17. pamb 2

    It's too bad Colbert took this job. It's made him way to corporate. The old Colbert would've totally understood Susan and Bernie and the REAL change they are fighting for. I wonder if he even knows how much of a bubble he's in now. Even killer Mike was on and Steven didn't seem to get it. I miss the Colbert Report. That guy was so woke!

  18. rijamor

    I'll never get how such a technologically advanced country as the US gets so hung up on religion?


    God this stuff is awful. Talking about another "nothing burger" as if Trump did anything wrong. Narcissistic arseholes just can't accept that their world view is shite.

  20. TrillTrill74

    Well I sure as hell didn't see him in Endgame

  21. Black Prince

    OH! for goodness sake get over it. He"s the President, I guess some people are just envious, jealous, as previous Presidents have done a whole lot worse in looking after the country and it's people, but! hey you have to take off your rose coloured glasses I'd say. An Aussies point of view.

  22. NextSongs4God

    Can you believe I’m still a “MacCa-“ from Wales ?

  23. Courage Karnga

    I can't wait till Bernie becomes president. I want to hear Stephen's impression of him.

  24. Kym Conjours

    Enjoy u 2 Steven Colbert! I'm constantly laughing cause I enjoy your comments!

  25. Bike Arizona

    Brilliant man. Incredible actor.

  26. Hulagan 808

    Trump. Best President Ever.

  27. superflea72

    Nicely done Stephen! 🤣🤣

  28. Erik Lonborg

    Me: Nik is kinda hot. But he’s straight, I think. Nik literally two seconds later: I’m also gay.

  29. Pip Pipster

    I just bet SC has a great gratitude for being alive - every time he gets his stupidly large paycheque for basically pissing around every week. I would have a great gratitude as well if it was me. 🤣🤣

  30. A H

    Mexico should count each time the crew crosses the border, fine them for each illegal crossing, and send the bill to the White House. Payable by change of administration after 2020 election.

  31. Miss Scofie

    Only one of the best movies EVER!!

  32. kenxzero

    Why is a trumptard going to a library in the first place? They can barely read in the first place.

  33. Yisel a secas

    I love it...😍😍😍😁😁😁🤩🤩🤩

  34. backspace4353

    A man who has both feet firmly planted in the air can safely be called a liberal, as opposed to a conservative, who has both feet firmly planted in his mouth.

  35. Annamaria Iannacito

    Mark Ruffalo is amazing!!!

  36. edward18517

    Not everyday you get to see a Collector's Item being made.

  37. donbsea

    Ms Sarandon was incorrect. She omitted some IMPORTANT facts about certain Democrats voting against this particular bill to lower drug prices. She IS correct that several Dems. did vote that particular bill, along with enough Republican votes, (the GOP votes alone would have killed that bill). Ms Sarandon failed to address the fact that: 1.) it was voted down by Dems for good reason, and 2.) these same Democrats put a better bill out there. As usual in the GOP controlled Senate, the GOP members killed that bill as well, (the GOP senate members votes alone would kill either bill). PLEASE READ: www.politifact.com/truth-o-meter/statements/2017/jan/18/other-98/viral-image-about-democratic-senators-and-big-phar/

  38. Tiniest Violin

    Dolemite is my Name is hilarious! Great movie!

  39. Rita Horvath

    Angela Merkel ?

  40. Elvin Oreshko

    “Cochella sucks this year”

  41. George Watanabe

    Can they throw DT off Mt Rushmore?

  42. Jasta315

    Jon Batiste has always been the weak point of this show.

  43. Christian de Bensberg

    8:24 ; the dark side of Timothée Chalamet lol

  44. tremelo75

    I hope you live forever, Thom. So every generation gets to experience your genius.

  45. Tammy Cooke

    Does Ricky believe in love? If u believe in love u should believe in God because God IS love. ❤️

  46. Lisa Mortini

    Beautiful singing but his ridiculous hairstyle is so distracting....

  47. Diana L. Durrant

    There’s nothing I don’t love about her reaction!!

  48. Thomas M

    The Church has been invaded by masons. They want to destroy the Church from within. That "great" movie didnt speak a word about it, so that "great" movie is actually trash. Just another hit piece on the already suffering Bride of Christ.

  49. George Grant

    A people that elect corrupt politicians, imposters, thieves and traitors are not victims... but accomplices

  50. PurelyAfrican

    As soon as I heard the trailer- I knew it was Thom so distinctive.

  51. Saraza

    So Clinton was impeached because of pizzazz?

  52. James G

    Like we needed any more proof about how useless and stupid bert and his supporters are.

  53. Mountain Man

    Why does Colbert's breath smell like his Son's cock 🍆😲

  54. Izuku Midoriya


  55. Steve Cole

    I was nominated to be candidate as a crash test dummy. I said sorry we already have a president. It dont pay enough to leave my couch chips. Bring me a beer honey bunny.

  56. William Crothers

    So’ 1st 😈 Let me guess. (Without watching;) B&M are going to stress, how they prefer that We #TheWorld/Country give him all of our money (for him to decide how they spend it). While We pay at a 35% NFL QB Rate, yet allow him to pay only the 15% investment rate. “You working stiffs can buy the 35 Million dollar Fighter Jets & Fuel them. 🤷‍♂️ To protect me & my Microsoft fortune.🎁 Thx 👍👍 Because I’m sure the 911 attack wasn’t against Wall St. 😳 It was against Main St. USA” 🇺🇸 - Bill Gates #WaitWTF🥵Bill ⁉️

  57. Thomas

    Did he just sign that book with a Sharpie?

  58. George Grant

    The further a society drifts from the truth, the more it will hate those that speak it. George Orwell

  59. Incognito 1995

    V. Put is his artist name.

  60. lara ibrahim

    How the rock won sexiest man alive titel and not Daniel Craig is Beyond my understanding..

  61. Irish Guy

    Isn’t the kid behind Trumps left shoulder the same one that was heckling the elderly Indian man in D.C. last year? Interesting

  62. J.A. Bristol

    Most of those people at Charlottesville aren't white supremacists, they're just people who know their history and don't like it when politicians try to smear the legacies of great historical figures for the sake of promoting their own petty political agendas. I'd like to clarify a detail about the Civil War which is commonly misunderstood due to an intentional oversight by certain politicians and historians of a particular disposition. Whereas secession was about slavery, the war itself wasn't. Secession and the Civil War are two separate issues as it was three whole months between the time the last of the first batch of southern states, Louisiana, seceded on January 26th, 1861 and when confederate artillery fired upon Fort Sumter on April 12th the same year - which started the war. The Confederate government viewed this sustained military presence by a "foreign" government (they now saw the U.S as being a separate country) in South Carolina as an act of military aggression by the United States and thus a direct attack on what they believed was a constitutional entitlement to leave the union. In short, the state's belief in their right to secede propelled the first shot at Fort Sumter. Hence, the Civil War was about a states' rights to independence. Now, some might argue that if they wanted independence over slavery, and they started the war over independence, than they started the war over slavery. This is incorrect. You didn't have to be a proponent of slavery to recognize a state had a legitimate claim to secede over it or any other reason. The colonists started the war against Great Britain once King George started shooting their taxes through the roof, does that mean the American Revolution was about a desire for low taxation? No, It was about their desire for independence stemmed from the fact that they no longer consented to King George's rule. When Abraham Lincoln refused to let the southern states go, he struck a blow to the face of everything the founders laid out with regard to self government. The government derives it's power from the consent of the people, and the people down south didn't consent to Abraham Lincoln's rule so they saw fit to break away from said government. The "grand experiment" of self government failed that day the confederates surrendered at Appomattox on April 9th, 1865.

  63. G OA

    How the he'll does this Pravda pimp still have a show.. Oh, that's right the cia funds this network... Nevermind... Idiots continue watching this clown..

  64. Nigga Tron

    Lucas is fogel and max is evan and thor is seth if u can see the personalities from superbad to good boys

  65. Donna Smith

    Is it prerequisite for women who work at Fox to yell in old men’s voices ?

  66. Captain Phoenix

    Fun fact: I work in a bookstore, and when the Mueller Report came out, someone filed some of the copies under "fiction". Supposedly it was a glitch, but I never was quite sure.

  67. Toobrown2toast Games

    Wow impressed with puff vladdy skills he got a good flow. Way better then those other entries. The other entries are cringy as hell no flow and wack as hell.

  68. Yoo Jastle

    Wallace needs to become a Democrat.

  69. leah marco

    Don't won't you're not the only one to find mark ronson attractive

  70. Jane Skei

    Just to see these guys in suits.......60’s style no less! Wonderful.

  71. PurelyAfrican

    Black & scottish?...clearly Dan has obviously not heard of Young fathers lol! 😂 Btw, Dan looks like he has put on some weight...what happened?! 😨

  72. Elysia Mansell

    Haha when he said I took my mom's wedding ring to school to ask out a girl 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  73. saint limin

    Is this really the President of United States? The greatest nation on earth? The leader of the free world? Trump is dangerous, but what's more dangerous is the fact that American people are the ones putting him in the White House... How the mighty had fallen.

  74. Matt Johnston

    4:30 or president

  75. Robin Gallagher

    A partying meerkat?

  76. btc coins

    tea party was FAKE movement. Koch brothers funded that movement from the start

  77. Kristine Dorazio

    The GOP & Supporters have indulged in the kool aid

  78. Donald Walker

    My home town is home to the greatest serial book hider the world has ever seen

  79. afutla qian

    Trump: “these hearings are SO boring. I already knew all this. Nothing new.”

  80. Jose Ramos

    "Show some love Donald" The way your dad didn't...😂😂😂

  81. Peter Piper

    Trump seems like he's on drugs.

  82. Anna T29

    The American host was so annoying he didn’t actually listen to what they had to say he ignored any of their acting skills and steered the conversation to Philips bottom, the royal couple having sex and tea? Nothing interesting gained from watching this just another stereotyping of British people

  83. Virka Odinenko

    Democryts do not realize that they are unintentionally collaborating with Russian intelligence agencies in undermining America stability, values and democracy because what US intelligence agencies did to the Soviet Union in 80's is essentially the same what Russian spies have been doing to the US for at least 15 years now. And democryts and liberasts of all colors, flavors, streams and groups (starting with BLM, LGBT, political correctness, neutral genders, 200-year old guilts, pussy riots, tax "gurus" - and all way to prostituted media and the Dems party itself) provide their full support to destruction of the country so that soon it will be the same as the Soviet Union just before it collapsed - divided, poor, hungry, criminal, and hopeless.

  84. Sharon Gamble

    Impeach Colbert!! He's not funny, nor witty, nor smart, nor creative ...Mostly repetitive in his hatred of President Trump---

  85. PlumBerryCherries

    Who ate those other cookies tho.....#StaffMemberShenanigans

  86. Arthur Trauer

    Religious beliefs are a personal thing, not national policy.

  87. h i

    Love Nicolle Wallace's show.

  88. Michael Lee

    You can go and belittle her all you want. However, unlike current and recently departed Communications Directors in this Trump administration, she dealt with the press fairly, responsibly and respectfully. I think she is the best. Honest, respectful, knowledgeable, funny, amicable, capable, even-keeled, fair minded, patriotic and just a beautiful woman, wife and mother. More power to her and MSNBC.

  89. Jeffery Maher

    I'm sure Nancy is a great mom, aunt, sister, friend and wife, but she is a corrupt politician who has lead the brigade of lies for 3 years. She knows what she is doing and the line she is towing. The fearless leader who needs a little love from her supporters because she knows most voters are tired of the b.s. God Bless Nancy and family and see you at the voting booth. Trump won 2,626 counties to Hilary's 487 and 30 states to Hilary's 20. That's popular vote, for sure and its going to be a bigger whipping next year. Can't wait for the day where we have moderate Democrats that we can debate with about things that matter to the country as a whole. Dont shit where you eat, Democrats. The voters don't like it

  90. Adrienne Bolles

    I love Warren, but we need a person like Biden who can pass legislation. Obama was great but the GOP blocked every single thing he tried to pass no matter how good it was. We must get rid of Mitch Putin's Bitch.

  91. Jim Minniehan

    OH yeah!!! love it!

  92. Nineteen Banananan

    So hey guys, Idaho native here. Just want to tell you that not all of us are like this! A lot are though, and they’re being petty and I wish this weren’t the message our state is sending

  93. Adriana Ya Ning Clark

    can someone edit david harbour saying "big boat" on repeat

  94. Prot Eus

    Yep! it was the iceberg. Malnutrition.

  95. Adrienne Bolles

    My Dad used to wear a t-shirt that read, "Where the hell is Coeu D'Alene".

  96. CanadianLoveKnot

    It's hard to watch dr. Phil. On one had he's entertaining on the other hand,m he actively exploits people for ratings. Quite sick.

  97. Jim R

    Does it raise any red flags that a sitting President of the United States has appealed all the way up to the Supreme Court to NOT disclose his TAXES? Is Trump 'calling in a favor' to the Supreme Court?

  98. Lady snake84

    Trump reminds me too much of the Penguin from Batman Returns, If it's true that Trump is the penguin, then we the American people are the Batman that should stop him.

  99. just me

    When Hurricane Michael destroyed my town last year I ended up with someone's mailbox on my porch. And someone's roof in my yard...

  100. Albert Klarname

    I enjoy the thought of Bane surreptitiously wreaking havoc in a library