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  1. PMC05

    Sap Billibill!! can I borrow $750?

  2. Lydia Haynes

    Hanoi Hilton Jane

  3. TheSeveredTongues

    Mark Normand: 0:17 me: *gives standing ovation*

  4. b10rain

    The BILLIONAIRE SOCIALIST LIFETIME POLITICIAN wants you to redistribute your wealth... BAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Yeah... He's a real hero...

  5. Shim Novak

    Lovely, wise human being!!

  6. MR M4x

    He is speaking like a British listening test Love him❤️

  7. Marius Møller

    Anyone else getting sick of talk show guest whooing whenever they mention a movie title they know?

  8. doriann bourrillion

    Go anywhere kill anyone hum how does it feel to be on the same level as a president?

  9. Saurav Dey

    Ellenshow's audience had demonic screams when they came on the Ellenshow but here wasn't it a little unwelcoming?? Always Love when audience shows theirs love out loud!

  10. Gerry Orne

    Thanks James. Big fan my whole life :)

  11. Lola Nino

    Your purpose is to look good, sound intelligent and stun women!!!

  12. K Gor

    When are you going to invite candidates performing better then Bloomberg?

  13. Galactic649

    “Bad” rap debut? That ish slaappps.

  14. Rambo reckless

    Best actor

  15. Xx Dan xX

    Matt looks good. Silver hair suits him.

  16. Seth Brousseau

    That was amazing. Very intelligent responses to every question. I'm very impressed Rob. Great job on your first solo interview!

  17. Lotta Sunshine

    I haven't read his novels in a while, but keep hoping he's improved. I loved his early books and couldn't put them down (Carrie, Misery, The Shining, The Dead Zone, Salem's Lot) but then lost interest because they became too commercial. 2 of my favorite movies, "The Green Mile" and "The Shawshank Redemption" were based on Stephen King stories. I just went to the library and checked out a book of short stories, "Full Dark, No Stars". So at least I'm trying! By the way, I agree with him - Susan Collins has got to go!

  18. sweta bharti

    I can sense Stephen feeling intimidated by Ethan, such great men though

  19. Lola Nino

    Liev, yummy!!

  20. Indigo Lily

    I dont even drink whiskey but watching him put soda made me cringe. 😣

  21. Suicidal potato

    As much as I respect bernie, the us doesn’t get “sucked” into middle east conflicts, it provokes them

  22. Patrick Fynn

    Damn your audience is that stupid....... Love your polls... They betray you....

  23. James Clark

    Hillarious. It could only have been better if trump were standing next to it when it fell and landed on him. Crushing him flat. Just as those words came out oh his face ass hole.

  24. Patrick Fynn

    Your making fun of Christianity for laughs. We Christians make hope for the betterment of mankind. If there is a Hell. You'll experience it. So sad...... But I like the jokes..... Lol... Go Trump 2020!

  25. Matthew Drennen


  26. tqatkins

    Wikipedia is as accurate as printed encyclopedias.

  27. Christina Keenan

    I pay maybe $15 for a haircut

  28. isabelle daniels

    Was that planned

  29. artisticagi

    No one’s talking about her offensive tweets? And her black woman accent sounds so fake and forced. Janelle Monet should have been the leading lady.

  30. Discourse Daisy

    I want to know who gave Eric Andre a press pass. What was that thought process? “Wait, this is going to be fucking hilarious”?

  31. Dan KH6DAN

    A legend.

  32. Sabine Katsavrias

    Poor Ireland!

  33. uzer name

    I'm going to say this again real slow... Craaaaaaahtch Shoooootz!!!! Yea ahh... I know the spelling ain't right so get over it if you're going to reply about that


    5:14 almost like jim isnt kidding

  35. vivek sharma

    When rm said “I am spokesperson so I am gonna speak a lot” I was sad like he had to explain that is so pathetic by this u know those why rm always speaks hate comments are getting to him like please do ur research before commenting

  36. gary johnson

    I don’t think wanting to defend billions of dollars in assets is stupid

  37. modsoul1

    He does terrible impressions.


    Its almost like this interview is real and while jim is joking I feel like hes indirectly expressing his true feelings



  40. QueenOfTheClouds

    I’m 26 and I have a full time job but I still live with my parents so I often feel like I’m 12 around them but then I go to work and have to be arnd 30-40 something yr olds. It gets confusing a lot

  41. M. W.

    Trump=waste and fraud!

  42. Sieren Tokiio

    Wheres the rest of the interview?

  43. Damian La quay

    Well if he wants to get to Mars before his first term is up, then let's put him in a rocket and send him there! And the sooner the better! He could be our newest Mars surveyor and we called it "orange fat man"!


    Why didnt you air the part where you carry jim carrey ? Seriously that would get u millions of views

  45. The Real Firelord

    Parents: Of you don't grow up you won't succeed in life. Jim: *Try and stop me*

  46. Sid KAY

    In this day and age of advanced IT, memorizing and recalling information is a useless skill....

  47. John Cloois

    Precinct table, right? This is too fat with material, thanks, Trump!

  48. Deka Ibrahim

    Ewww 🤢🤬😤😡

  49. M. W.

    Seriously, Biden does not look or act like he’s in good health!

  50. S N

    If you didn't see him as Criss on 30 Rock you're Really missing out (and not just because 30 rock is amazing in every other way too)

  51. Mr.D Simpson

    Trump doesn't know how to deal,

  52. Sagily Amalraj

    Mitt a Democrat secret keep.

  53. Carlos Arias

    The absolute best Late Show host ever , the smartest, the most articulated, wittiest, humble, respectful, yet he never chickened out, he knew how to treat guests with respect and dignity, and to get answers.

  54. Froozone4

    5:02 more like: hand me a biscuit, no? :D

  55. Ilyass oudghiri

    At this point I question whether he bought the audience's cheers!

  56. Erik Cnating

    *ANTIDEMOCRACY IN ACTION* Thanks for the tough questions Stephen! Way to show that you treat both sides equally.

  57. Booskie

    Algorithm, I don't like Stephen Colbert. Stop sending me here.

  58. Dana Corbin

    Would somebody please explain to Stephen what a VOLUNTEER IS. thanks

  59. Purple Green Music

    Jim Carrey back being Jim Carrey. Welcome back Childhood!! How happy to see him doing what he does best. Being funny AF🙏🏻💯

  60. Lenny Albergo


  61. Guba

    i want wendy to personally train me in throwing shade. period.

  62. Dan Jonsson

    Jim Jim Jim Jim Jim Jim Jim Jim Jim

  63. Kevin Falcao


  64. issecret1

    I was an altar girl. In my country you're allowed. Except when someone really important visits. Then it's only boys. Becoming an atheist wasn't a hard choice

  65. Erik Cnating

    Bloomberg is more dangerous than Trump. He is alot richer, owns a media company and has the establishment on his side.

  66. Eddie Ohearn

    So this guys is seeing because 50 year old women make him horny not 20 year old women? And as a pastor what are you doing looking at porn sites, research? Hell no.

  67. Reinier van Nek

    he is an american citizen now

  68. Tenacious FPS.

    Your pianist needs to stfu and play the keys.

  69. Alcires Elias


  70. Steven La

    he looks like scrooge from a christmas carol ngl

  71. jayoungr

    I'm really going to miss the "Don & the Giant Impeach" animations. They were hilarious, and I always looked forward to seeing what the team came up with. Kudos to them for a great job!

  72. 5250 Cosmetics

    Stephen Colbert is terribly disrespectful.

  73. AI I AM

    No I am not a BOT !!! I am a right and true Woman !!!! But i follow you Pedos for over 10 Years in the Internet !!!

  74. Akwaaba B

    i hope i meet a man like him to marry! i love his humanity. pity more people are not like him!

  75. AI I AM

    She is good ; - ))))) PEDO TRUMP !!!

  76. LOVE, Lyzza

    He's a genius! SUPER COMMITTED!! 💜

  77. Joel Sattler

    The United States of America is a liberal country founded upon Classic Liberal ideals.

  78. Gina !

    the chemistry between James and Stephen is soo amazing 😍 Like, I love these interviews of them too much

  79. Merrilyn Garceau

    Thanks for the hint

  80. Cody Hanssen

    Um, ya know, like, I think everyone should get free college, and like free cars, and like people should be equal and stuff like that. And like the world would just be better if everyone got along and agreed with my positions on everything, even though ya know, like, socialism has been tried and failed 99% of the time, but it does you know make everyone equally miserable and equally poor and I think equality is like a really good thing.

  81. some one

    Just not Lebanese pride. Because after all, she's 100% Mexican.

  82. Trixie 2728A

    Trump charges everybody and expects, or rather demands payment. But, trump himself has unpaid bills for security during his rallies by municipalities all over the US . One bill is for $9,000,000 to Washington DC dating back to his inauguration day and his July 4th celebration 2019. Does he think that he gets to keep any of the money raised for his re-election and has not been paid out??? By not paying his bills for rally security, just puts more money in ths con man's pockets??? If someone didn't pay his bills, he would have them in court so fast, your head would spin, and he would probably tack on all kinds of extra costs: pain and suffering, the dreaded "you are now my enemy" charge, etc. Wake up America, this being is a con man out for himself, and only for himself. He doesn't care about America, Americas or anything else, just what we can do for him or money we will pay him!!!! Vote Blue in 2020, unless you want to live in an autocracy, with little to NO rights!!! REMEMBER HITLER AND THE TRAGEDIES HE INFLICTED ON THE WORLD!!!

  83. Brad Flynn

    Colbert seems kind of cunty here

  84. Daniel Minecraft Man

    is it just me or do i feel unconformable around black people because f my online edgyness

  85. Thad McCormick

    One of the most innocent souls I’ve seen and I’m 24 listening to him almost makes me want to cry because of how innocent he is .

  86. cableaddict

    Pete B is a sniveling little twat. He knocks Bernie's health plan? Bernie's plan will slightly raise taxes for most people, but then save them a FORTUNE in medical costs. - And that includes union members. - Whereas Pete's plan has no statistical basis. He lies as much as Trump. Go home, Pete, your momma wants you to clean your room & do your homework.

  87. Ryan Malloy


  88. Oscar Rivas

    KAG 2020 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  89. Dave Foreman

    Is he dead yet?

  90. Charles W R

    Awkwafina is a Chinese (father)-Korean(mother) American, but she seems to hide her Korean heritage.

  91. Carolinepdf

    I have never cringed so hard when he smashed it. Bassoons can be up to $5000-$20000 !!!!

  92. John Doe

    If the Jews had guns, would there had been a Holocaust? No! The 2nd amendment shall not be infringed! Vote Trump! Vote Republican!

  93. Jackye Ferreira

    Trump just released his new budget for 2021, including $750 billion in Medicare cuts and $76 billion out of Social Security disability benefits. Worse yet, the budget cuts more than a trillion from Medicaid and the Children's Health Insurance Program.1 These cuts are a moral abomination, but if we sound the alarm now, we can mobilize the kind of massive political backlash that will guarantee no president ever tries anything like this again. The problem is that the mainstream media is almost totally ignoring this story, so we need to launch a major public push to make sure the public knows what's happening before it's too late.

  94. Cathren Costantino

    Is it just me or is their just no chemistry in this interview.

  95. Roja Janeman

    Her accent is absolutely fantastic!

  96. Dee Lynn

    Bernie Wins the People. Bernie. Thats why they say "we are unsure" . 1st place is the new last place when it comes to establishment news.

  97. RahRan123

    It's more Virology....

  98. Mariam Mariam


  99. Danroxye01

    A Republican billionaire warmonger Who funded Bush élection into Irak war and now we know the rest of the story. Now he's gonna finish off the Palestinians.

  100. themahonster

    Love Jim Carrey more than anyone BUT I also love this country and not one person is bigger than this country. #MAGA