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  1. * y2ksteven

    she said she’s not bipolar but then later explains she’s bipolar w/o actually saying it. this chick is fuckin craaaazy

  2. Tone Capone

    Steve O took control over this h3 podcast

  3. Elif Ergün

    Please have trish on all the time she’s so entertaining

  4. will simpson

    Ughh why do I love trisha so much. She just seems so sweet, genuine and interesting. Also ngl she's actually really pretty. Don't agree with some things she says but she's not the worst

  5. KiwiRawks

    She has to be one of the dumbest people on earth. Clever, but incredible dumb.

  6. Sky Fie

    No one is going to point out that she talks extremely fast

  7. Ashleigh Stark

    Ethan’s abit to mean to Trisha love em both though

  8. Kittentheboss

    I believe you are looking for 1:29:45

  9. Levi

    I forget. What gender and sexuality does Trisha claim now? Last I remember I think it was transgender gay man?

  10. Sydnee Hawley

    oh goodness. Imagine thinking pewdz needs clout 😂

  11. mo

    H to the third power omg

  12. Curtis McDowell

    "Are they losers or wealthadio?" Trisha Paytas 2020

  13. kushal Beegodhur

    wtf pewdiepie incoming

  14. Advice from a Hypocrite

    I think Hila and Trish should become besties

  15. cry more

    32:06 "I thought we had trump?" Lol we do and we will, for another 4 years 👌

  16. Austin Cameron

    Watching this after the Papa John podcast.

  17. Ashley

    I bet shoenice will submit a video.

  18. Fernanda Saldana

    Wait ... Trisha said Bowie looks like her step mom. Lmaoooooooo @24:30

  19. Graeme Guthrie

    Why just why???

  20. kkiely123

    King gizzard !!! I love Trisha’s chaotic energy, I CANNOT wake for the new season of the bach3lor

  21. Dani Cardenas

    Can Trisha permanently be on here

  22. Joseph Bondarenko

    this was the most entertaining podcast i’ve ever seen watched it start to end no breaks i’m shocked

  23. Advice from a Hypocrite

    This is too good

  24. Carrots and Celery

    Please keep doing eating segments, I like them.

  25. Sam Rees

    This is like watching a psychological science experiment

  26. Sam

    I can never decide how i feel about her. I don't think she's a bad person, i just think she's extremely strange lmao

  27. James Strazza

    Trisha gives me so much anxiety

  28. James Strazza

    I advise all applicants to burn your application papers and run in the opposite direction.

  29. Cassidy Louwerens

    This dynamic is great. I feel like Ethan secretly likes her (in a friendly way of course) lol. They were way nicer in this podcast, and his protectiveness over her safety in some parts was very sweet. Trisha is my favorite podcast guest.

  30. Cassandra Starrs

    The autism jokes 😖

  31. ciera smith

    Trisha should find a man that has his own money and doesn’t use her

  32. Courtney Woods


  33. danonjj

    21:12 "ur gunna get gangbanged by stars!" "been there done that!" "have u been gangbanged by stars?" "not by celebs." "no have u been gangbanged?" "I dont think so, idk the definition of gangbanged" this dumb bitch in a nutshell, infuriating to here her lie at 1000mph for no reason...

  34. adriana o

    what happened to hilas brother as the next bachelor ?

  35. moli maeyhi

    Just a theory.. obviously I don’t know her personally... but it seems like the reason she doesn’t want to talk about details of certain stories, is because she is trying to remember the first time she initially told it, and if it was a total bs lie, she is having trouble remembering the details. She knows people will go back and fact check to see if the stories line up. Much harder to forget the truth. All the time she pauses and says she doesn’t remember certain things, it seems fake and she gets nervous because she doesn’t want to get called out. I guess I just don’t trust a word that comes out of her mouth.. can ya blame me?!? 😂

    1. danonjj

      or if her lips are moving, shes lying 😒

    2. danonjj

      if she ever says "to be honest" or "im trying SO HARD TO REMEMBER" she is lying.

  36. Your Lame

    "My dad was a dentist he worked on cops he was a force of nature!" Lol what? I aprreciate and admire dentists work but that was just hyperbole

  37. Fernanda Saldana

    Is she talking about Jon in the beginning? 🤔

  38. Nicholas Moreno

    That was probably one of the best inspirational ending I've seen one this podcast Thanks for the free advice PAPA BLESS

  39. John Cornelius

    I’m 23 and want me a slice of the Trisha train, I’ll send my application.

  40. Madison

    Hila’s kitty cat shirt! I need it!

  41. Father Time

    Didn't know Norm Joke that he did on every late night show and said confidently that Dave Rubin wasn't a comedian? Only watched this clip and knows Dave is Barely Conservative so makes judgement call...Ethan getting more Arrogant and Regressive . More reasons to not watch what used to be H3...Howard Stern is PC Garbage since 2006 and Seinfeld doesn't cater to liberal douchebags anymore. Really a bummer what a douche you have become. Eila 4 Life though🤙

  42. Rusty Shacklford

    Okay y’all, a bottom receives, a top gives, a power bottom still receives, but they play a more active/dominant role. That said, they were clearly both switches.

  43. Odd flacko

    Hila looks gorgeous in that toque

  44. Trisha's Pets

    We are very different Trishas. I kind of like her.

  45. Alexandria Czajka

    I love Trisha idc what anyone says she is so honest and real and I love how on this podcast they were nice to her and respectful of her honesty and stories ALSO very excited for the bachelorette H3 addition

  46. Awsmstevie

    trisha is so fucking weird and confusing but i cannot get enough for some reason. everything she says is just so captivating

  47. MrDannyloco

    16:23 when ian said "the whole fist?" I GOT FUCKIN SENDED

  48. Nibsti

    Lol this episode was actually awesome. You guys have great chemistry. I'd love to see a top of the week episode w Trisha sometime. Just think it would be really funny

  49. Jan Šebek

    Okay, since shes here second time...who the fuck is Trisha and why is she reminding me overgrown frog that wont shut up.


    If this isn’t the best podcast ep on Yt than I don’t know what is !

  51. Adam '

    Trishas outer right tit was showing in this podcast. I think even the last one showed it as well.

  52. Doc Hammer

    Holy Shit! This lady looks like the crypt keeper got a face lift.

  53. David Avocado

    Trisha Paytas and Shoenice... Think about it

  54. Somebody

    When I watch Trisha speak I feel like im as retarded as she is

  55. J J

    I want to apply to be trisha's bff

  56. Dark ZeroX

    holy shit ethan has been so dehumanized that hes surprised at basic friend interactions lol

  57. Omar Mahli

    Ethan: we're going to have pewdiepie next episode Next episode: "Trisha Paytas"

  58. Danielle S

    "I'm vaccinated" 😂 lmfao. Love her

  59. Dakota Terrill

    it's always so funny when trisha is on the podcast. also i'm bi and the jokes are HILARIOUS

  60. Nick Ciganik

    It’s funny how Hila is just laughing at Ethan getting roasted

  61. Danielle S

    10:07 omg I relate soooo much. I can't get people to understand this

  62. Raspy Grandma

    Soundbite Trish saying "I love Jesus" or "something about him makes my pussy dry up"

  63. stephany larios

    had me dead at triple chlamydia funny parts 12:45 7:05

  64. Chloe Rene

    eThAn we are still listening

  65. tacoweeb


  66. Adam

    Man, this podcast has really gone downhill from the good old days of 2017

  67. Man who got spoiled

    “Guys let’s just refer to Sam as Wild Card so they won’t know her name” “Alright sounds good” *gets on the air “Alright remember we are calling SAM by the name Wild Card”

  68. crazy guy

    I feel like ethans gonna get more attractive the more his grey hair comes in

  69. Mikaela Renè

    She’s so dumb it’s entertaining

  70. jakeysoccer voltage #3

    Apparently guys want to get railed by there dads

  71. blet

    i’m sorry dude but it doesn’t sound like he’s trying to get to the core of his process as a creator more than like harping on him for wanting to make quality uploads for like 10 minutes straight, taking time doesn’t REALLY hurt you when you can upload monthly i.e jontron who never got this weird talk, this is just some mentality that killed animators he’s trying to apply except their videos took months or years to make and not A month,,

  72. Jack Frost

    26:21 “he’s known for Cats “ 😂😂😂

  73. Bree Respress

    I am not really familiar with this podcast, so I’m not sure of his personality + humor, but I feel like he’s almost baiting Trisha into complimenting him.

  74. Vinnie DiCampo

    Trisha got vaccinated = Autism avoided

  75. Trish Elliott

    Elvis died at 42 not 41. She obviously ain’t a true fan

  76. Trish Elliott

    Yes girl!!! 75 Elvis is perfect agree 100%!!!! I’d lick his sweat from his balls

    1. M. Never


  77. No No

    I think Trish is starting to grow on Ethan

  78. protolexis

    I'm not sure whether Ethan asking whether Bloomberg is Jewish is hilarious or just plain shameful. C'mon dude, where's your Jewdar?

  79. karen espino

    You should get Nick Kroll on the podcast!!! :)

  80. Trish Elliott

    Him sayin he’s a lesbian is hilarious. This generation is way too sensitive. And confused!!! If u ain’t sure of ur gender look in ur pants

  81. Caitlin Powell

    Trish is just awesome💖love u and I’m still a fishy

  82. Bartman

    i wanna see post do more livestreams on twitch

  83. Flex Piper

    *Trisha Paytas* is the real life "Finding Dory"

  84. Hannah W

    Can someone just tell me the announcement?

  85. Arthur Fleck

    Are you related to Calvin Klein? You should model his underwear.

  86. Coen Groves

    Wait Ian idubbz is on the batchlor

  87. lurker

    Ethan: I wouldn’t name him, I wouldn’t break your confidence. Also Ethan: Sam

  88. babytina

    Why don't I don't remember him having a southern accent is the commercials...

  89. Laila Thomas

    as a lesbian, I believe its very funny when Ethan calls himself a lesbian and hila a gay man

  90. Zip

    I love this episode. I feel like Ethan was doing great at keeping it rolling and keeping everything cool. Great job guys!

  91. Austin

    She talks so fast...

  92. 321FloridaGuy

    1:44:36 Ethan: Wait we didn't do a Papa cold open Hila: Oh shit...

  93. Kyler Anderson

    Hot trash, you debase yourself associating with her.

  94. Atreyurocks0ut

    Lolol Ethan not understanding female orgasms had me dying 😂😂😂😂

  95. Eric Stodolnik

    It makes me happy that Hila’s Teddy Fresh gear is becoming very successful thanks to all the exposure she gets through Ethan and H3 and the show. Not to say that she wouldn’t be successful by herself and if H3 was never a thing... but many clotheslines don’t get off the ground because of lack of exposure and having a hard time getting out there. And I really think she deserves it. The line isn’t just some cheap logo slapped onto some cheap tee-printing site... it’s actually legit designing with obviously quality products. So good on them, and good on her! Really cool line and really cool designs from a really cool person!

  96. Elijah Fineran

    Vaccinated lol

  97. David Brown

    You should have asked about the Cinco Phone from Cinco

  98. Jimmy Elizondo


  99. Milky Man Films

    Idk why but from the point she said the Beatles copied Elvis, the rest of the podcast was torture for me

  100. HollywoodFanPage

    Went from a jakepaul interview to a sexual podcast way to real the kids in

    1. HollywoodFanPage

      Nugget it’s 1am in the morning and ur correcting people’s spelling on USsel comment sections watch out everyone it’s the grammar police I c u r a cool guy in real life , sound the letters out idiot ! I see you are a . if ur to stupid !

    2. Nugget