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  1. Tony L

    How this twat still has a job at sky sports god knows

  2. Freddie Nicholson

    You just couldn’t make this today. Soo racist

  3. zygon xd

    it could have said hi 10:12 I 'm not joking

  4. McKid123

    Wanna see ksi cry view my channel

  5. BM Montages

    2020 booooooys

  6. The Average Bloke

    I love how Randolph produced the beat, wrote and sang most of the song and still didn’t get invited to the music video 😂

  7. Jack Keast

    “He makes me feel so specialllll” 🤣🤣

  8. ESA

    How times have changed...

  9. Bron

    This is one of the funniest videos he’s made

  10. Fraser Swan

    Imagine how embarrassing this must be 🤣

  11. Sathees Max


  12. SHORTgamer

    "sullivan, sullivan do me harder you young boyyyy"

  13. Kevintama Chambers

    Jake paul vs lance210

  14. Monty Tresham

    The vagina statue at 6:09

  15. Sandro .football1

    Joe seller is such a vibe. Absouloute idol for me. Love the sounds he uses for the intro

  16. Freddie Oldrey

    We need joe, Theo and tgf to explore loads of schools, care homes and like hotels it would be so funny or if not then just joe and Theo

  17. Freddie Oldrey

    How have they not heard of pjanicccc 😂

  18. Freddie Oldrey

    Why has Elliot got a corona mask. We come in peace 😂always have to make sure

  19. Bn

    Whoes here 2020

  20. BM Montages


  21. Eijaz Auleear

    Well this is old so he is alive

  22. Andrija Jablan


  23. Freddie Oldrey

    It’s not running home it’s just making look like a knobhead coz if he spent that time making a diss track just leave

  24. Mahmoud Mohamed

    Everyone after seeing the title: OMG I cant believe Joe weller will jump of a cliff Everyone after watching the video: OMG I cant believe joe jumped from a meter high cliff

  25. Harry Statham

    she is adorable

  26. Freddie Oldrey

    Like for how to fight some less big opponents and then for him to fight gib, deji jake and maybe even Ksi again

  27. Freddie Oldrey

    Also when is Johnny nelson gonna train joe to fight the big youtubers again ??

  28. Freddie Oldrey

    In the face 2 face why has ksi organs on his bandana. THrEw A loT of HanDS. Ye say it again mate, we get it you think I’m a massive pussy 😂

  29. Freddie Oldrey

    4:03 😂I love how Logan laughed when he was having some water and went you destroyed weller ? 😂

  30. Henry Cane

    The days

  31. Ultimatum PG3D


  32. Jiah Qing

    this game should be angry bird

  33. Ðēãñ Ĉòštëllô

    Bru do u no how mad it it is to hear a little girls voice in a mental asylum say la la la laa la laaaa

  34. Elijah J

    Remember when everyone thought Weller was gonna win because they thought AJ was training him😭

  35. Shoto Todoroki

    Where the church video go

  36. Antonio Musat

    Ok weller

  37. Georg Mtb

    Back when Weller went on angry rants.

  38. Santiago Rivera

    Why didint You use this with KSI hell Even with Jake paul

  39. Solar FN

    this looks like an autism fest Practically i insulted myself

  40. Chris Masangcay

    Weak ! And obviously they have a pillow in their book bag. If you’re gonna do something do it right or don’t do it all.

  41. EH

    You need to make more.

  42. Messerschmitt 262 A-2a

    the fucking NOSTALGIA

  43. Nikolas K

    Joes just done ket

  44. The edit Boy

    Joe is that guy who’s just cool with everyone

  45. Joseph Russo

    Fight gibber

  46. Lord Future

    Fifa 21?

  47. nxonic.

    Ello guys 🤣🤣

  48. Awsum DS

    I'm watching this quite late as I've been searching on how to speak out about myself, a few weeks ago I found my nan dead in her home, and recently my dad has passed to, I dont know what to do with myself as I cant speak out about it, I'm having suicidal thoughts turning to self harm. I just need help to speak out about it I'm not doing this for attention, likes, etc I just need some advice


    Nobody: Joe: Puppyyyyyyyyyyyy

  50. Dillon feely

    This vid is elite

  51. FinSG

    top video this

  52. Ryan Shahrokh

    Fuck u Elliot 🐍

  53. Joseph Jones

    Love this song so much you don’t understand. Better than Bangarang in my opinion LOL #savage #joeweller #ksi #getmenoticed #loveyoujoe #boo

  54. Ivy Caffyn

    Put a finger down if your school bus passes hear everyday

  55. Jordan Clancy

    Nobody gonna talk about the invincible teapot?

  56. 2004 honda civic

    he just wanted an excuse to sniff her fanny, lets be real

  57. J Davies

    You are both clowns, why did this pop up on my recommendations ?

  58. By God

    No one gives a shit when you’re watching

    1. Sam .S

      I agree

  59. Laila Marie

    No offence but Joe says he's not gay Lol xx

  60. Joshy Gamer

    sanchez asked them for a dance off

  61. Ryan Ally

    But god is real so they should be in heaven or hell


    I know this is old but it’s my favourite video on yt

  63. Kmckenzi 2

    Weller I know you're hiding in my microwave

  64. Itz Yunz

    Sounds like a geometry dash track

  65. Alison Gray

    Loll I want to search for Roblox game kitty 😂

  66. Jay Morris

    At the start who tf was driving the car?

  67. Freddie Oldrey

    1:24 absolutely love it 😂 class youtuber and love how you put smiles on people faces

  68. Freddie Oldrey

    3:12 I don’t want to say it but he did

  69. TheGoldenGobster

    He knew about the corona with the bottle

  70. Freddie Oldrey

    0:46 😂😂

  71. Freddie Oldrey

    The little Jimmies 😂

  72. Freddie Oldrey

    When are we getting the tough mudder video

  73. Freddie Oldrey

    0:06 😂sit sit good boys 😂

  74. A. R.T

    I love you bro

  75. A. R.T

    Weller I know you hide in the bushes outside my house

  76. Geno

    Who is rewatching in 2020

  77. Kmckenzi 2

    is it just me who saw something in the bathroom from 13:18 to 14:12

  78. masked yt


  79. dreaMz_ symzy

    1:34 most classic youtube banger

  80. AJ Freeney

    Why did he upload this. Swear this must have been some girl he met at the club and they got fucked and made a video.

  81. Bxndit boy A

    How many bouncy balls does he have

  82. Lee Milani

    How did you meet Paul Hayden

  83. Scythi_B3N

    7:21 Simon lol

  84. Sugar ray

    Left huuuook

  85. Biggieboss power

    To be honest i think that Tattoo looked good idk why you got it off but im only 1 Minute into the Video ^^

  86. Arcadia

    2:58 um..is he saying spirits like that on purpose lol?

  87. PURERIZE !!

    You are shit

  88. Ryan Ally

    You dumb as shit

  89. NecromancyYT


  90. SuperJoeMonkey YT

    0:31 heartbroken

  91. Thrown Raze

    I spent years in mental therapy. it want the therapists that helped me fully. it was the other people there. i would suggest chatting with people who are in similar self doubt and depression situations it may help. your sadness and problems are valid. if you are miserable, for any reason, that reason is valid. i found that validation to your issues and addressing than rather than ignoring them, just because other people have it worse, is the way to Permanently improve. your issues may not be as globally or individually serious as others but if something upsets you. IT IS VALID

  92. Samesung 6 series

    Does jake have a hickey wtf

  93. Mystery girl

    They got caught 😞😱

  94. Malikah

    i dont want this to sound rude but it has to be said.... stop feeling sorry for ur self :/ we dont care what u post fam, just be happy :)

  95. Malikah

    i JuSt WaSnT aPpY

  96. Eijaz Auleear

    Their is so many flashes in the background

  97. Jayzer Lepasana

    Guys if you have time please watch my Body transformation thank you 😊ussel.info/video/video/qGS5Zpx81W1vpps.html

  98. Harry Scanlon

    Who can you dislike these videos, they are the best

  99. B Rabbit

    wwe : don't do it at home joe : ok

  100. You Know Who This Is

    This is a sick tune, nice work mate you should make more!