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  1. Josh Jones

    Jake sounds like a nonce

  2. Meow Meow

    2:03 who is the girl for research purposes

  3. JP Info

    Did you do her in the batty or bum or both?

  4. hamzah anton

    Broo that's the annabelle doll. Even thouh it may not be the real haunted annabelle, it's the same product. (Btw i'm talking about the real one not the one in the movie)

  5. X x

    0:00-1:25~Randolph 1:26-1:47~Weller 1:48-2:08~Randolph 2:09-2:40~KSI 2:41-End of Song ~Randolph

  6. benjamin franklin

    Ultra level

  7. xFr0z3n

    Ksi fans : stfu u lost Joe weller fans : stfu how's ur bro

  8. Ghost 670

    The Paul sisters are the biggest bitches around

  9. Buyisiwe Dlamini

    Jake: I had a internet persona but I don't anymore.... * marries Tana Mongeau for views *

  10. Buyisiwe Dlamini

    Does this....then when somebody comes for him he gets on his whole "your a terrible human being we don't need people like you in the world......"........ Bruh💆😒

  11. DAcEiNg

    ME : reacting to KSI beating Joe weller

  12. crazy stef


  13. Daisy Lucas-Bates

    this is why no one likes jake paul… i’m just gonna leave that there

  14. awesome mk

    That was niko

  15. Vishy Bats


  16. Com0Co0Uk T

    Ghosts aren’t real

  17. GabeSpamzL2

    Jake says you have never talked to me of camera and your trying to male me look bad on camera but is that not the same thing jake did to Cody ko

  18. keegan montgomery

    put them both in the ring jake would still knock the shit out of him

  19. Gerry West

    This dude made jake Paul likable

  20. foopyu nooui

    " Once when im stuck in, he's gonna panic"- KSI

  21. Muyeong Lee

    48:09 British Jake Paul

  22. legend sicarius

    Fuck Jake Paul fucking dog

  23. Karishma Prema

    Joe did very well but KSI did weller

  24. Craig Ticehurst

    1st time I've seen this jake Paul! He sounds like a dummy

  25. Bianco Nero

    Joe Weller the type of Guy to have a “Calculated” Wank.

  26. Chris Carter

    If you look closely the guy who said "let me know if my biceps get in the way" is also wearing a tank top that says the same thing so rip Weller.

  27. priyanshu _dhawan

    Bruh meme comes this back

  28. I Rizzo69

    You know respect to joe he might have fought him and disliked the guy (might still not sure) he still bigs him up respect man

  29. Southseven customs

    Logang....I'd be pissed also

  30. alida flus

    Joe: '' When ksi was breathing out of his moth'' Also Joe: breathing intensifies

    1. bilishu aliss

      It takes some great amount of balls to support someone who beat you in a boxing match

  31. Declan Denish

    Not a Logan Paul fan, but he is more likable and respectful than Jake, who is just a fucking cunt.

  32. Jeremiah The Beast

    I hate jake Paul

  33. Carlos Anariba

    Why , just why

  34. Gaming With Ashley

    Jake Paul is such a dick .

  35. SDWChr!s


    1. bilishu aliss

      “Oh your mum” Only Mandems in the UK know this lingo loooool

  36. Alien26ful

    3:54 holy shit 😂😂😂😂

  37. Mian Ibrar

    So funny 😂😂😂😂😂

  38. AJ M

    Jake Paul made him look stupid. Joe got done on the sparring session.

  39. Inject Sxrge

    Jake is a clown

  40. Blue Shirt Guy

    Ksi pulled off a Ksi

  41. GonzoNation25

    Joe Weller vs Jake Paul 2020!

  42. GonzoNation25

    You should fight Jake Paul!!!!

    1. foopyu nooui

      Joe Wellers loss honestly just made him more popular ✊✊✊

  43. CO13A1N

    I can see Logan in Jake😂 by his looks.

  44. phoebe bodden

    Jake Paul’s a fucking MUPPET

  45. scottg112

    what is the rent boy wearing in his ear

  46. Jack McGinty

    Not even a JP fan but bro he owned you. He made you look like a knob

    1. Jack McGinty

      Can’t believe you thought posting this was a good idea

  47. Kashkd

    0:02 greg heffley?

  48. Euphorrior Plays


  49. Kieran Shirley

    Logan sneezed 3 times then watched this video

  50. Gren Hed

    This aged well

  51. The Football Rant

    Fair play Weller son

  52. Guy RW

    Weller is the most down to earth person respect

  53. Daniel Batta


  54. C M

    You are funny as fuck man, reminds me of a mate of mine back home. Makes me wanna come back to the UK


    Still mad in 2019

  56. Louis

    Did he just say Ireland hahahahaha

  57. Krsna Loka

    JAKE PAUL AINT A MAN OF HIS WORD!! SMH!! #justsaying

  58. TrueStarGaming

    I would of Punched You - that fxxking Finger

  59. Awkward Bean

    Jake is a bigger ass hole then his brother now.

  60. Jacob Speckman

    Thank you

  61. Luke Byrne

    Big up joe Weller man lots of respect for this geezer jake Paul is such a twat

  62. Orange Juice

    *W H E R E I T A L L B E G A N*


    It makes me sad that this is what kids have as a role model these days and I'm quite young. Taught to be blatantly vain..while trying to act really modest..and fooling a single sole. Bet loads of 10yr olds watch this just for the cringe factor

  64. Leon Noordzij

    It is almost 5 years later and I would still fuck the living shit out of Izzie!

  65. The DankFish

    Fuck I hate Jake Paul can someone please knock this twat out

  66. Charlie Day

    That’s the yanks for ya

  67. Sam Evans

    Joe Weller: *sounds like keanu from eastenders

  68. Luke Bonar

    Lol very funny

  69. Reality Craft

    We need more haunted stuff

    1. alida flus

      2:54 that chick is a pornstar. her nam is alison parker

  70. john groves

    Wtf I’m I listening to 🤣

  71. kevin hernandez

    Is the girl from 2:53 allison parker? She looks exactly like her

  72. Josh Mcquade

    Who’s here after KSI beat Weller, and then beat Logan Paul, and then beat him again

  73. Ethan Hall

    most annoying prick

  74. Soadala

    Anyone watching now?

  75. J-G

    Wtf? So paradise is a junk caravan in some scrub land with the prostitute from full metal jacket?????


    9:40 killed me 😂😂

  77. Ur dad

    He speared the shit outta her

  78. Lukey g

    I don’t like you but I hate Jake so I’m on your side

  79. mikolajr

    mad how far this has gone

  80. Ben Lane

    Oh boy, people buying into this facade is just beyond me

  81. Charlie Morris


  82. Jack Cane

    Fuck off joe u cry in your videos ur a freak

  83. ose ayoola

    Joe should fuck him up

  84. Charlie Morris

    You can sense the shear amount of hatred Joe has for that prick lol

  85. Mike Schwartz

    And I dont do that

  86. Mike Schwartz

    Hey I'm in 7th grade

  87. dickhead wanker

    I've been there in gta so many times man

  88. Angel Manev

    Someone please tell me the song in the begining

  89. Lucas

    Jake Paul doesn't care what Joe Weller puts on his weetabix. He just acts like a chirpy Year 6.......

  90. Charlie Wood

    Joe can u post a vid about a healthy diet that helps us get the abs we want

  91. DiogoSantos3

    2:28 joe we wanna know man!! Did you hit her up ??

  92. I am Cmo FC

    He did blackface

  93. Jambo

    2:54 if you know, you know.

  94. Arthur Morgan


  95. Morgan Tamia

    Always end up watching these when I’m on USsel🙃my absolute favourite🤣

  96. Ben Evans

    Wow it’s nearly 2020 and this is still a banger

  97. Park ChimChim

    Everyone getting their pen license was the biggest achievement in the kids mind 😂

  98. Barnowl Bespoke

    Jake Paul has a really big head !

  99. dylan Wardle

    You absolute MELT

  100. xXYT_ DxrkenedXx

    XD 2019

    1. Pranav Ramburn

      lol same