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  1. WildSandwich

    Last time I checked Kap was warming the bench....bars. what's changed? He's not any good! They figured him out. Period end of story.

  2. Jack Wilson

    I believe it'd be a horrible trade as Cam is on the decline, not to mention he may or may not have serious mental health issues. Which is why the Bears will do it.

  3. Roris norris

    Shannon is 100% correct.

  4. Holy God

    Bears should consider Kap

  5. Doug Martin

    Luv it! Hilarious 😂😂😂

  6. Chef C

    Honest take, this is a disappointing year from Zeke especially after getting paid. Idk if it’s him, or them just not running the offense through him but he looks like a poor mans Dalvin Cook.

  7. Jj Mench

    Not mom?

  8. Tiito Motivs

    Glorified Role Players. I love that

  9. James Malik

    Benedict Bayless lmaoooo

  10. kellie pastellie

    4:05 & 7:46 are my fav moments 😂

  11. Lance Handy

    The video literally started with HMMMMMMM

  12. 21BrockBaldridge12

    I think for the first time I somewhat agree with skip here. Russell didn’t play as bad as he’s portraying, but his performance was definitely lack luster (with the possible exception of the last drive)

  13. Black Apache 27

    Don't think Cam could handle the Chi. If he came, played hard & didn't pout like he does he would be embraced. Grandma scarf & all. Lol. We loved Dennis Rodman stange self

  14. Houston channel

    He could of gave it to me

  15. Keiwinn Mitchell

    Cam won’t be the answer! Shannon Sharpe should know better! With the sorry O-line that the Bears have they won’t protect Cam... especially coming off of three major surgeries...As much as I would love to see him in Chicago, we’ll get him hurt again and then what!?! Also too, Cam would want too much money! I think the Bears should address the O-Line in the draft along with a tight end & sign Antonio Brown to an incentive based contract! That will help Trubisky and the team overall!

  16. Ricky Dredge

    Next year draft is full of QBs . We should just draft a guy

  17. chris gatling

    Kuzma a young Kobe with the Fro kuzma got alot alot of potential you will see in the playoffs young gun

  18. Eddie Villasenor

    “I don’t care how good your defense is, If they play enough or too much in a game they’ll expose you” my thoughts exactly. People think the defense is just slacking and aren’t good anymore, nope, it’s this reason exactly why they are underperforming

  19. Lester Scott

    The mechanics between Zeke and Dak looked off during the Vikings game. It was the first game I watched this game.

  20. Kafala

    Such nonsense in segment. Cam would fit with the Bears. He just needs to be healthy.

  21. Green7Wood Triangle

    Sadly the MVP is slowly becoming who is the most fun to watch. I have never seen anyone who is like Lamar besides Vick, but MVP stands for “Most Valuable Player”. Lamar has a good line and good defense to back him up. Russell Wilson however has an awful O-line and a decent defense. The reason the Seahawks win games is Russell Wilson. Lamar can have a bad game and still win, Seahawks need Russell.

  22. Ronnie johnson

    How can any running back run the ball when there no blocking?...Zeke gets the ball two or three guys are tackleding him are line is over Rated Watch the game and you see...F U Skip

  23. DeeTv Vlogs

    Kuzma saves lebron for making the last 2 3’s but Lou dosent Kawhi for making the last 2 3’s 😐😐 skip is a hypocrite

  24. Jose Garcia

    Lakers can’t even beat the Clippers or Raptors haha

  25. made desires


  26. Dale Denton

    Man skip you Shannon!

  27. Dabbu Dablord

    IDC if it's Newton, we just need a competent QB and we are contenders

  28. Munrow

    Love skip

  29. Gama-Yushi Wasabi

    As a Bears fan this would be a horrible pick!! Just get one in the draft!! Secondly they clearly dont want a black Qb!!

  30. Makaveli Kasinova

    Damn she's precious and beautiful asf!! 😥

  31. Thomas World

    Kuz ain’t no big 3. He’s a shooter. He will be cold 🥶 and hot 🥵. Shoot you in and out of a game

  32. Lawrence Wilshaw

    If Cam is on the market I hope John Elway makes an effort to get him. Like the bears we have a great defence and we have some promising young weapons on offence in Sutton and Lindsay.

  33. Nick Serritella

    Shannahan never should have let him play in that game. His knee, game never the same

  34. Greg Gipes

    Thanks Shannon, but as a lifelong Bears fan, we already have an underachieving QB with accuracy issues. We don’t need Cam Newton coming off a potential foot surgery. I’ll take a pass on Cam, and I’ll probably complete mine unlike Cam Newton throwing souvenirs into the stands.

  35. Throw Congress Overboard

    LeChoke has no clutch genes

  36. Sammy Sam

    I'm not even a Lakers fan, but Kuzma is the key to the Lakers having a real chance of winning.

  37. Evan Koberg

    We have nothing to trade

  38. shane hester

    god I hope I don't have to see that skirt wearing guy anymore

  39. Fairplay Terrific

    At 7:40 Black Dude With Beige Hat Like Nah Skip You A Trip For That Statement....

  40. Kobra Khan

    So we have 72 FNG games to go in the NBA and ESPN and FS1 are going to electronic microscope forensic analyze JUST the Lakers and the Clippers every single day.

  41. Danny Boii

    Skip never looks at LeBrons positives just the negatives like no other great player ever had turnovers, missed free throws or fouls 🤦‍♂️

  42. CA Recording Co.

    Kuzma can be who he is: a glorified role player


    Bears dont even have a 1st rd pick this year if Carolina don't get a 1st this year they'd be the Stupidest franchise EVER!

  44. Aber Sabeel

    Shannon is awesome ,speak the truth brother.

  45. jethro simpson

    the panthers would keep cam if he offers them a discount like brady did the patriots. that's a better option than going to the bears. going to the bears is more money on the front end but less on the back because he wouldn't last as long. if he give the panthers a discount, he probably gets another 5 years with the panthers. they would keep him for the 15 million a year range.

  46. CJ Ch A

    Spurs should've took Kuz,B.I.Zubac,Hart and ZO when they had the chance.

  47. Sports with Nick

    HOW 😂BOUT 😂DEM 😂COWBOYS 😂....missing the damn playoffs. I went OFF at Cowboy fans who thought they actually had a chance at the Super Bowl on my channel today.

  48. Paul Mitchell

    Sorry life long Bears fan we do not want anyone like Scam Newton here , no thanks ...

  49. Jay Blacq

    Zeke has not been the same since that suspension.

  50. marc b

    Honestly mitch isnt as bad as everyone says... ITS THE OLINE!!! THEYRE TRASH! We need to trade almost everybody on the oline especially number 72 leno 💀 watch the tape never lies on youtube and you'll all see how bad the oline is. Cam is washed up and i say stick with trubisky, trade the oline and nagy and wel be a lot better.

  51. Jonel C.Barrozo

    I hope The Lakers are going ON TOP ON The West and going to Win The title this Year

  52. Timothy Pollion

    That is the same thing that dez Bryant did after he got his money, his skills just disappeared......

  53. Derek Fuller

    He escaped from those devil's trying to destroy them

  54. Derek Fuller

    God's chosen


    Skip he's not the same Zeke.Hes taken a beating these years

  56. lando tucker

    cam is not playing for the bears just because he's better than trubisky. He's also better than kyle alllen soooooo.......why would we give him away in the last year of his contract only taking up 19 mill in cap space and we have all the weapons and o line depth we could ask for at the moment

  57. slither king

    So when we gona talk about yelch hitting 200 points less in Chicago then in Miller . Even last year to puls brewers were the 3 team that the mlb said they were getting video and cheating ha yelich is a cheater lol take that.


    Skip lighten up.Mommy is involved now.

  59. Dun Dada

    Bears gonna have to trade a good player along with a pick to entice Carolina. Chicago has no 1st rd pick an I'm sure that's the going rate for Cam

  60. Gabriel Betanzos

    Last Chicagoan to say “In Trubisky we trust”

    1. Datsun Crown

      "We" lol

    2. Anthony


  61. Henny 206

    Why is skip still on TV 🤦🏾‍♂️ he sounds like Russell banged out his wife with all the hate hes spitting out.

  62. Tone Desh

    I’ve been saying this for a while now. Cam to the Bears is a great fit!

  63. Sloke1001 X6

    Cam is going to end up in 1 of 2 places, Pittsburgh or New England

  64. claudio cossio

    Bears owners are RACUST! They don’t want a black QB

  65. Bernando Turner

    Cam is good enough to go to Chicago” but not good enough to stay in Carolina!🤷🏾‍♂️😈😄

  66. Savage

    Kuzma got kobe instinct atm he is top 3 along with lebron and harden

    1. Savage

      Ofcourse kuz leads cos he only player with killer instinct

  67. Dallas #1

    Wtf skip relax your super mad....is Garrett fault not zeke...

  68. Rick Sturgill

    I used to think skip said stuff for attention but hes actually stupid Minnesota stacked the box thays why dak an cooper went off dude never blames dak for anything ever what an idiot

  69. solo sports

    skip: "i play no favorites" CAP

  70. YukkYukk 100

    "He had 22 games?... Jus imagine Ol'Bron" 😂😂😂😂

  71. jmaal2345

    Joe Big Game Burrow. I always wanted him to start here @ OSU, but it’s all good. Always will be a fan. He’s killing it in Baton Rouge.

  72. Seven Mill

    The Lakers look pretty good I'm impressed.. The only take away I have with Goat King James.. He passed the ball to Koozs.. For 2 big 3's down the stretch.. Who is this Hater______? Answer correctly Win a case of Dew on me😀😃

  73. jasper calibuso


  74. Big Ry

    At some point the offensive line has got to be held to some level of responsibility, there wasn't a whole heck of a lot of room for Zeke to work with credit the Vikings defense for that

  75. one love jr

    Y’all say that, but they (the Chicago Bears) tolerated Jay Cutler’s mediocrity.

  76. GKB757

    Cam will be released or traded to to Atlanta......coming home party for him. Mattie ice is on chill and will be released end of season. Well at least I hope so

  77. xIReign

    “Benedict Bayless” 😂

  78. Sports with Nick

    Even with the loss, the 49ers are the best team in the NFL...PERIOD. I broke down why on my channel's Power Rankings today. 🙄

  79. Sheila Robinson

    LJ is good but his stats don’t measure up! The loss by Seahawks was credit to the Raven defense that scored 14 points! Stop playing! Haters of RW are real! Russ struggled against a #1 defense. The Ravens were ravaged by the Cleveland Browns 😡😩

  80. Brent Chapman

    What did you expect ?? Zeke got paid...O line all been paid, all equals less hunger, less output. NFL equals less

  81. LedZep's X

    Remember when Skip threw Dak's jersey to the trash last season?

  82. Khalid Shabazz

    Everyone saw kuzma was a beast better than errbody they trade for AD if im the gm i would have asked for kuz and let them keep alonzo ball good move by magic at the end of the draft

  83. B D2

    biggest takeaway? Suns are legit.

  84. YukkYukk 100

    I see championship 😂😂😂😂 Unk Shay crazy

  85. Kendale Pruitt

    Lol LeBron is the only player who have to prove his self every year. Kwahi is a good player but everybody knows if LeBron was in the east raptors wouldn't have made it to the finals and kd got hurt stop playing mane. He is top 3 . But no one can control a game like LeBron

  86. Mike Hodges

    Listen. The Chicago bears owner is racist. She doesn't want a black quarterback. It's TRUE.

  87. Blackwater

    This show has surpassed First Take.

  88. Midiknight CCG's

    And maybe add someone like... Mike Davis to the trade? Too late!

  89. Reebok301 301/202

    My starting 5 goes Rondo, green, bron, kuz, AD..... Or bron, green, kuz, AD, javale/Howard at the 5

  90. Gran Marquis

    No need to work when you're already paid lol

  91. Poynte

    As an avid bears fan this video is spot on, but is the defensive mentality of our town hurting us? In todays NFL Defense is huge but you need someone to make a big offensive play when it matters most

  92. B 2 Da Ry

    Not going to happen. Even if it did, could Cam fix the Bears offensive line problems? The coaching problems? Or would he add to the problems?

  93. JDoc Fitness

    Skip with the perfect psychoanalysis of a player as usual, completely agree. Wish Cam could go to the Chargers.

  94. Frankie Garcia

    Cam is that man and he going to be great in Chicago

  95. Nathan Nicholas Garcia 52 Performance Fishing

    Then look at the pats. Who did they beat?

  96. Tone Desh

    Uncle Shay: “Come on over here to me, Mama Zeke. I’ll take care of you.” Look at Unc.. 😂😂😂😂




    Skip is TOO damn old to be acting like that smfh

  99. Cheema0113

    kuzma is not a shooter. he needs to stop shooting and take it inside.

  100. Cq Thatdude

    She's so much better than Molly