UNDISPUTED is a daily two-and-a-half hour sports debate show starring Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe. Every day Skip and Shannon will give their unfiltered, incisive, passionate opinions on the biggest sports topics of the day.

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  1. Cyrus Shah

    Does Shannon ever say anything good about MJ??????

  2. paul maier

    average quarterback. DELUSIONAL!!!

  3. TheExclusiveOne720

    KD may be the best or one of the best "shooters" of ALL-TIME definitely but he's definitely NOT the best "scorer" ever

  4. Antonio Davis

    I don't care what he done on the court he can say what he wants

  5. Gee Badd

    “He was just jealous “ 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂

  6. djcutoff

    Skip won this one

  7. Matt O

    Lebron is obviously no where near the GOAT and is honestly not a top 5 player to those who know the game

  8. Brian Erwin

    shannon's skip count = 29 times

  9. Rich John

    I thought skip was going to say “ you keep putting this on Micheal Jordan..... it should be on Lebron James”.... I would have died

  10. Ogboru Oyibo

    I know Bron is older and everything, but I still want to see him go against the Clippers, Nets and Bucks, this year and next so we can settle this. The last few years with KD at GSW don't even count. It's almost like if Kawhi had joined the Lakers it'd have been a waste of sight. KD did what he did at GSW because everyone else had Steph and Klay to worry about.

  11. ElijahPool85

    What kinda trash topic is this?

  12. Joey Pineira

    Zek gain weight to handle the workload so hes a bit slower but can still tak it to the house

  13. Noah Coble

    Nobody in their right mind could think Watson could come back from 24-0 on mahomes 😂

  14. Mouss le Grincheux

    the key word is "all" it means Carmelo ,his entourage so the big players of his generation and probably Lebron himself

  15. Thanh Pham

    Wait and see! Winning a game is the goal of any team, so if he can't win games, the passer rating doesn't mean much. In that case, QB's performance is just the personal statistical effort.

  16. Joey Pineira

    How stupid!! Zek will push that dam rock down the field n down shanons throat this year , sharp is just a dam hater, with his sons shirt on

  17. Jeremy Backman

    He is the Ricky Bobby of the NFL.

  18. Gr8 1

    14 championships? Wtf Shay talking about? There’s a process. The convo isn’t MJ vs God it’s MJ any body else. And after Wilt the best is MJ as a SHOOTING GAURD!! MJ changed the paradigm of scoring champions not winning titles and more importantly the game was center centric MJ changed that idea that the center was the centerpiece. Who’s he losing to? Wtf?

  19. Jesika Vocisano

    Tyson looked quick for 20 seconds but can he go the distance with Fury? Fury destroys him, but as long as they both make bank, then it’s great.

  20. FoodIsLife

    Melo is a bum and his comment is irrelevant. Bye 👋

  21. Justin Rakestraw

    Shannon wasn’t as good as Gronk or Tony Gonzalez that’s for sure!!

  22. Zack Morris

    Bron at QB 😳😱

  23. Nicholas Depina

    Skip at every game lmao

  24. SmokeSmitty


  25. Johny G

    Lol are they sponsored by Mtn Dew😂

  26. hershel pogue

    Skip is right, LeBron James stat padding when he could have rested a little and got a breather.

  27. Natasha Alexis

    Shannon who cares??

  28. Marshall M

    Stephen A Smith should trade Max for Shannon .

  29. Michael Jackson

    Skip Bayless was so emotional that day, that he actually ran out of breath!!!!

  30. Abdulah Cox

    Bi come like the i is a female bro man say and do what we won only God judge the man don't won play he don't won play

  31. lh tkr

    WHO CARES!!!!!!

  32. Mustapha Love

    Skips trippin. Jordan a big baby for burning a bridge w/Barkley who told nun but the truth about his team administration. If bron hurt by melo's comments he needa check his own ego, not melo

  33. Gr8 1

    Wtf? Sharp trying so hard. He’s making absolutely no sense. Bron ain’t goat nor is he better than MJ. Just stop. Paint Pip in negative light? What? And Pip has also claimed MJ and Kobe were better than Bron. Shay stop. Jealous of ‘finals appearances’ lmao. Yeah. He’s also jealous of his 6 L’s. Gtfoh it’s because looking at resumes looking at objective facts Bron ain’t in the goat convo. When did Bron leap frog Kobe Bean? Or Bird? Magic? Who needed to jump ship to Miami with bosh and wade. Like c’mon Shay. Stop.

  34. Madd Maxx

    Skip always saying he was there and no video ever pops up of him being there! 🙄

  35. Alejandro Sanchez

    The man is only 24

  36. Iloyd Martinez

    Aaron Rogers will be the next QB of the Minnesota Vikings =p.

  37. Lawrance Ropati

    I understand about Shannons statement but Carmelo ain't lieing

  38. LeVelle Coley

    I could’ve sworn Tom Brady scored no TDs vs the rams in the Super Bowl. Tom Brady threw for 505 vs the eagles but also fumbled the game winning drive. Didn’t Adam Vinateri Save Tom Brady’s legacy Skip? If he misses 3 of those FGs he would also be 3-6 😂

  39. Perryvisionphotography

    Monday's Show: Is LeBron more clutch than Michael Jordan? Tuesday Show: Does Tom Brady puts on his underwear right foot first?? Wednesdays Show: Is Lebron James on your Mt Rushmore? Thursday: Is Lebron James already the GOAT? Friday's Show: How many nuts will Tom Brady bust on Gisele's face this weekend? Over or under 4

  40. Perryvisionphotography

    Monday's Show: Is LeBron more clutch than Michael Jordan? Tuesday Show: Does Tom Brady puts on his underwear right foot first?? Wednesdays Show: Is Lebron James on your Mt Rushmore? Thursday: Is Lebron James already the GOAT? Friday's Show: How many nuts will Tom Brady bust on Gisele's face this weekend? Over or under 4

  41. Perryvisionphotography

    Monday's Show: Is LeBron more clutch than Michael Jordan? Tuesday Show: Does Tom Brady puts on his underwear right foot first?? Wednesdays Show: Is Lebron James on your Mt Rushmore? Thursday: Is Lebron James already the GOAT? Friday's Show: How many nuts will Tom Brady bust on Gisele's face this weekend? Over or under 4

  42. h A.

    Lebron is a great person and A G.O.A.T.......MJ on the other hand not a great personality....cocky..savage attitude....although...he is master in his game....as an athlete lebron has edge...you cannot be great with nasty cockiness

  43. Moet Entertainment

    Your brother was never on jerry rice level. Tf is this dude talking bout

  44. Wellington Henderson

    How many finals Jordan won without Pippen?

  45. Eric Carvelli

    The Buccaneers will win the division because the Saints and Brees will have to beat the Buccaneers and the refs....the Falcons always underachieve and the Panthers are one-dimensional, stop McCaffrey and the Panthers will lose..

  46. Ronald Williams


  47. Carol Christiansen

    Isn’t there anything else you guys can talk about other than a QB who can not win against a winning team? Seriously.

  48. Super Happy Fun Times

    Keep this going. Add fuel to the fire. Aaron will be hot this year. He’s gonna have a career year

  49. Sabrina Martin

    He is not a deep thinker he hasn’t thought about any of the questions you asking

  50. NYCKing Q

    Shannon you talking crazy bro 🤫🤦🏿‍♂️

  51. Red Leader

    I saw Kwai Leonard do it to the Spurs. It was hard to watch and stomach in the aftermath. It wouldn’t surprise me if the same happens here if they’re not careful.

  52. Lafonso Alexander

    Man unc plzz get your own show scip has got worse since this funny how he defended dak but now dak barely better then andy dalton😂

  53. Kadir

    KD is the better scorer than LeBron but LeBron is the better player

  54. Oppressed Panda

    Its funny how MJs teams were considered to be the best of all time but people will say Lebron needs 2 all stars but nobody is saying his teams are all time. All stars arent created equal. Lebrons teams had some huge flaws that he covered up.

  55. Jay Sumar

    How did those handshakes go again skip 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  56. Cameron Ray

    Lol why we acting like we don't know that Carmelo is mad bc LeBron would not pick him up

  57. I like food

    Whoa peyton manning threw hella picks his first 3 years

  58. Adam Drexler

    My father had nothing but praise for MJ, there was no jealousy. As for the Dream Team, my father was having an MVP caliber season. The criteria to join was not based on who the best were at the time. Appreciate all the legends and their contributions to the sport.

  59. Dutch Dooley

    Michael was responsible for his father's death... His father was killed due to gambling

  60. Christopher Jackson

    Jordan is the G.o.a.t. because of his drive but lebron and wilt are Goats because of innate ability to dominate the game in every aspect if they had Jordans drive they would've been insane

  61. C-lo Mx

    So Shannon you jealous of Mike I wonder what happen.

  62. Charles Fell

    Did u compare ton brady to a penguin. Come on man get off Brady nuts

  63. Charles Fell

    Skip gets more and more annoying every day . Most of the time he is wrong

  64. Ashen One

    Shannon saying Carmelo is entitled to his opinion like his opinion is controversial. Melos opinion is obvious response because MJ is the goat. This is seriously getting old.

  65. vambo13257

    Dak is about the 10th best QB in the NFL. I would take Mahomes, Brady, Brees, Wentz, Jackson, Wilson, Rodgers, Watson and Stafford over him, given the same talent around them.

  66. Alexander Jackson

    Mine is Tied 1st. kareem, wilt, mj, Tied 4th. Kobe, Duncan, Lebron, Bird, Magic, Russell Tied 10th. Shaq, Hakeem,

  67. Diao Barry


  68. Michael Gillinger

    Shannon Sharp no offense to you but you need to just stick to talking about football sir. Jordan is the GOAT. No and or but about it.

  69. Eazy

    Shannon Sharpe needs to stick to football.

  70. Donavan McDabb

    Anyone in that locker room hating on Dak for wanting to get paid. Needs to be traded.

  71. Joel Brown

    Come on Shannon lol, Melo think Bron good just not better than Jordan that’s a good analogy about Melo seeing him as a regular guy lol but he didn’t mean that

  72. Allen Pinkay

    BUT SKYUP, you've never been right about anything, why would you be right about this?

  73. DeeTv

    That actually goes to Russell Wilson

  74. Christian Joseph Reyes

    We all know shanon knows MJ is better. Its just a nature of the show for him to argue

  75. Don Belenger

    Most don't care..he's gone.

  76. Spread Love.

    Melo is signed by Jordan.

  77. mel val

    Skip...close ur mouth.

  78. Mr Wright

    The media has been disrespectful to Zeke since he came into the NFL. He's played four years and should have won the rushing title in 3 of those years. His rookie year it was said that David Johnson, Jordan Howard and Leveon Bell were better than him. Then it's been said that a rookie who never played a down (Saquon Barkley) was better than Zeke. Zeke just continues to plug away and put up big numbers. Zeke is the best RB in the game until someone overtakes him. Derek Henry had a great year last year but that's one year out of 4 and people will say that Henry is now better. Well if Zeke is on the decline then isn't Henry? They've played the same amount of time.

  79. Marty Lovell

    Shannon...who does your brother think the goat is??jordan or Labron..I know people would like to hear what your brother thinks

  80. eternalselph

    Don't let this distract you from the fact that d Wade thinks it's ok for his pre teen son to be a GIRL!!

  81. loopson1

    I think Shannon meant he didn't win "Many", true..... just the one......

  82. Michael Coles

    This MJ/LeBron goat conversation is boring. How does Lebron even go before KOBE is mind-blowing? It's MJ all day!!!!!

  83. Chudi Nwike

    Big media keep treating fans like we're stupid and independent shows like Jalen and Jacoby will take over. I started as a fan of these shows but this is getting ridiculous

  84. Ruler of Worlds

    He was never in the Jordan conversation

  85. Thomas Neal

    How many championships do Clyde have again??? Did he ever win any championship/gold medals outside of the dream team and with Houston during the Jordanless NBA??? Shannon stop hating on MJ. You looking bad. Somebody must be paying you to do this.😂😂😂

  86. mrpzpdx

    This was epic!!

  87. Shawn Goodine

    Skip is one of the most obnoxious people on earth and he's in his 60's. Unbelievable.

  88. iGotSpaceLikeNASA

    If we can agree basketball is a game where you’re supposed to beat the other team, then how can you take anyone other than Michael? He’s an alien unhealthily obsessed with winning in a way that no one else has been before or since. Oh yeah AND he backed it up by winning too.

  89. Jay EM Holla

    😂😂😂😂😂 Skip smile on his face at the start... I’m screaming you know Skip couldn’t wait to speak on this

  90. cedric holt

    I'm a ravens but kyler will have the best out tua and joe

  91. GantzIsSloppy

    I been known this, why are people so surprised?

  92. Shaggy Lick

    Ouch....this round goes to Skip. Still team Shannon though. I think MJ put people under some kind of spell or something. In a few years I think James takes the title like Shannon has been saying. Sharpe vs Gronk? Sharpe is ahead by a country mile. Not even close.

  93. Hoodie Macc

    Idk but the GOAT can't shoot close to 60% from the free throw line...just saying...