This is my life :)

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  1. Ali Alkhuzaei

    F12 engine. / 458 engine

  2. Absem Saed

    whos look like asian guy?

  3. zack40472

    build an sti motor and put it in the brz

  4. Nate Martin

    Double sided 3M tape the radar mount to the glass if you’re looking for a permanent solution

  5. Google Nice

    Don't sell the 458 and do a bbk for mk4

  6. Brian Sowers

    Move on. But don’t do a Lamborghini, too many you tubers have done them now. Just sayin..

  7. Kevin Hill

    com'on teej….I don't get it.....why build a car, fall in love with it, and just when you complete it, you sell it.....I don't get that part of the car community.....its so off-putting....why say you love cars when you see cars as money?

  8. Aldi Karalliu

    Twin turbo lsx

  9. Big Chungus

    Do the Ferrari motor boys

  10. K L

    Volvo B5244T5 5cylinder swap Teej!

  11. Alpay Hosgor

    go full send and 4 rotor it

  12. JDS 344

    Do a lamborghini swap into the BRZ

  13. Anthony B


  14. J_Carlile1

    F1 car engine swap for the BRZ

  15. Dann Zaky

    A k20 would be interesting on the BRZ

  16. Turtle King

    Man this video was honestly depressing and nostalgic. I’ve been here every step of the way, and I don’t know what to say about the Ferrari or anything. It almost feels like the end of a great era. You’re one of my role models. Just keep your head up and keep moving forward like you taught all of us without knowing. Love #1 fan Turt.

  17. gabgab 312

    Tj:a 488 engine 🔥🔥

  18. Robert Gulyat SABAK

    Hi bro, congratulations for all your builds, specialy for the 458 GTIII, i'm verry glad to follow you from France. I think that you haven't got german's cars like Audi Wolkwagen or a Mercedes or english cars like aston martin's or bentley, it can be a good project for rebuild. Best regard's , Robert


    Gorilla double sided tape will hold your radar

  20. Eric Wright

    RB26 BRZ WOULD BE 🔥🔥🔥

  21. Tait Spain

    Tuercks gt 4586 never really worked properly

  22. AzorDazor

    So RB swap is expensive so maybe sr20? Or Ka24?

  23. kingpancho TV

    Rotary 13b #13brz

  24. alfons boberg


  25. Kai Bateson

    Billet 4 rotor.

  26. andrew smith

    Sell it if the other is good and move on put the 458 in the b r z that would be amazing to watch keep up the great work

  27. Artan Ismaili

    Slap in a 458 engine

  28. jacob hoffman

    Ferrari motor swap the brz

  29. Justin Blake

    Rotary swap wrx engine or even an evo engine!! Make it awd Do something crazy!!!!!!

  30. koen rypens

    Noooo don't sell the 458

  31. Jabari

    Damn that Supra is loud

  32. Kalym Bayes

    3 rotor lol

  33. Diego Jiménez

    Don’t sell the Ferrari it’s one of a kind

  34. Toutafait Le Burgonde

    You should do a french car for fun XD

  35. its jacky

    i bet DDE wants to buy it

  36. Samuel Ferreira

    Don’t sell the Ferrari !!! That car is so rare and gorgeous

  37. MrWolfman727

    TJ you need to check out Blend Mount for radar mounts. They hard mount to the rear view mirror. No more suction cups to fail.

  38. Poptheboss302

    The 3,6 6 cylinder from that Subaru SUV. The same MCM put in mighty’s mom mobil

  39. Troy Gagliano

    Don’t sell it 😢

  40. Devin Davis

    Hellcat motor


    2jz would be lit

  42. Josh Aiken Crucero

    458 motor would take alot of time😂

  43. Comet

    Aventador motor in a brz? You will need to sell the gt3 just to but that engine

  44. R.J Lyons

    How about a EZ36 from the Subaru legacy More pistons, more displacement, more power Some custom turbo work And even may work with your transmission thats already in the car

  45. Vebjørn Matre Fosse

    Do something special for the BRZ A Barra engine or an RB

  46. Nathan Gravys

    Barra swap the brz!

  47. Car Guy

    Ferrari motor in the brz just do it 😂

  48. bbeckford90

    Well hey, take it out for a spin and see if you wanna keep it. You and Calvin fixed it with both your work sweat and money so it's totally fine to enjoy the car. If you wanna sell it as well, up to you. The real question is do you wanna keep a car like that around? Just take some time to think on it off of USsel and get clear on it. I'm here for the content either way.

  49. Nuno Ribeiro

    Why not sell the 458 and do a ford gt build? 😍 love from Portugal tj 🇵🇹

  50. Javier Flores

    Lexus ISF MOTOR

  51. edgar munoz

    gorilla glue it to the glass thats what i did with mine. my radar had a clip on cup tho so i can glue it and take the radar off and on when i need it

  52. Djangos

    5.0 coyote swap the world

  53. Hunter Kaufenberg

    Turbo K24 swap the BRZ???

  54. Kasper Zawisza

    om606 mercedes

  55. jarret querimit

    Ferrari 458 engine!

  56. cleverfox1960

    Tj, push the passport closer to plain glass vs over the textured area you had it on. just my two cents.

  57. justin94block

    Velcro tape your radar onto the shield.

  58. Sanc Tank

    Not a ferrari but a lamborghini

  59. Jeffrey Mabbe

    Put a 2 stroke in it.....

  60. IFlameHD 19G

    Dont sell the 458

  61. Humbly Driven Media

    To many people bitching about it being a lot of power and him not knowing how to drive stick. Not everyone is irresponsible.

  62. Tr Vlogs Car Life

    So proud of the dude but would have been cool to win still and meet the fam. His voice is so cute lost. Yes, more chill vlogs. You give away the FD I will cut your legs. Do every other day vlogs if it's so much.

  63. Joakim Petersen

    You need to buy a Volvo 240 2 door and engine swap to a b5204t5

  64. MichaelAAlbanese

    3 rotor, rb25, 2jz or maybe a vr38dett(r35 gtr engine)

  65. BrothersFromDenmark

    BMW e60 m5 V10 motor in the brz the Sound of that V10 😍

  66. RYAN C00P3R

    Engine swap for BRZ? ok... RO TA RY!!! RO TA RY!! RO TA RY!! RO TA RY!!!

  67. IFlameHD 19G

    LS V8

  68. justin94block

    do a charity meet

  69. Luke Slater

    By the thumbnail I thought that u were selling the 458🤔🤭😳🙄. Glad that’s not the case🙏🏻.

  70. Aaron S

    I bet some dude from Dubai offered him a million

  71. Greg Chase

    26 b pp

  72. Balyeet

    Put a Ferrari motor in the brz

  73. Marius Timis

    I’ll make u an offer pm me

  74. LookLasagna

    Be proud of what you built, cherish it while you can. But selling it would be a smart move, money wise

  75. Gaming Beast

    Keep the ferarri

  76. Trevor Nieman

    Dont sell

  77. James Jonklaas

    13b or 20b 2JZ R35 motor AWD swap

  78. Joshszz Vlog

    Teej, do that Ferrari 458 engine swap on your Brz that would be crazy and lit👌🔥 and please dont sell your Ferrari gt3 458 keep it teej😉👌. Oh and by the way please say Hii to Calvin for me im From Philippines🇵🇭😇 hope you saw this😜👌🔥

  79. Maiken Pham

    1j the brz

  80. l Gooley


  81. sam_thfc_87

    Don’t shoot me but Tesla motor swap for BRZ??

  82. Gaming Beast

    Give the rx7 some love

  83. Gaming Beast

    Supra interior all black?

  84. Ahmad Ismail Cajee

    458 motor

  85. Gaming Beast

    Rx7 contentttt

  86. joydrive

    Barra swap the BRZ. 😎

  87. Radman TV

    LSA engine ! Stock supercharged and easy reliable power !

  88. Damngun

    Put a bmw v8 or v10 in the brz

  89. Angry chinese grampa

    Let go and time for new builds😁 cough cough >>r33<<

  90. RUTK_562

    LS motor please. #Merica

  91. Jamon77

    Texas speed ls swap

  92. Jose Gonzalez

    A coyote or a voodoo

  93. Mihin Ratnayaka

    Rotary swap it

  94. miho productions

    a rrari motorrr

  95. TheGt500joe

    buy a superbike bru!!! widebody and bag a GSXR lol but seriously i would love to see a daym superbike nd hear some screaming bikes on the channel would be awesome seeing u react to the acceleration of a superbike after all the fast cars u have owned. DO IT TJ !!!! DO IT FOR THE BOYZ!!!! SUPER!!!! BIKE!!!! SUPER!!!!!BIKESUPER!!!! BIKE!!!! SUPER!!!!!BIKESUPER!!!! BIKE!!!! SUPER!!!!!BIKESUPER!!!! BIKE!!!! SUPER!!!!!BIKESUPER!!!! BIKE!!!! SUPER!!!!!BIKE

  96. Azz Coopz

    Rotary engine in the brz

  97. Luis Seichter

    Coyote engine in BRZ V12 in 458

  98. Mynamejeff

    Rb26 motor

  99. Russell Performance

    Coyote swap motor 😁😁

  100. Sebastien Bradshaw

    1GZ swap.