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  1. JustinBernardiYT

    wrap the supra some kind of blue, and congrats on the sponser!!

  2. Myke Hawk

    Your video descriptions still say builds of my "Ferrari 458"... Update it mannnnnnnn

  3. Christian Little

    Do a collaboration with NOS and wrap the lambo like a can!

  4. Nathan Hill

    Teej we’re gonna need something exotic if you’re going to wrap your supra. Some chrome or something gnarly

  5. Samy Couja

    satin frozen blue

  6. Ian Connor

    Wrap it the same color as the brz

  7. Nahum

    9:18 😂

  8. Skyler Shea

    Damn thats crazy, my family and I just walked through the model homes a week ago hahaha

  9. Jack Finley


  10. James Cline

    I never realized how long I’ve been watching tj until I saw that intro 🤯🤯

  11. Blurry Gaming

    You should wrap the Supra NOS blue

  12. blytzace

    The purple you did your brz

  13. Dalton Bryden

    wrap the supra something similar to British racing green

  14. Moices Corona

    Wow how I’ve missed you these types of vlogs❤️

  15. Albin Domazet

    For a color, I would go for a Porsche light blue

  16. Victor Cruz

    where is the link to the only fans?? 😂😂

  17. Igor Castro

    ferrari tp em

  18. Allwoodyy

    like if TJ should wrap the car red

  19. Nicholas Da Silva

    The t I’m tj stands for twitch 😂

  20. Michael Hutlet

    Do the NOS can blue and orange

  21. King of August


  22. Andre Blanco

    Army gloss green plsss!! 👌

  23. Frazer Strutt

    Anyone see the wall glitch in the window between 9:51 and 9:56 👀👀👀👀 wtf

  24. gustavo hernandez

    like if tj should bring back the red from miley

  25. CogNoRic

    wrap in the orange of paul walker supra or the lime green of the eclipse

  26. Wybe Posthuma

    Congrats teeg! Been here since the beginning of the channel and have seen all the FTB’s! Just have been waiting for this and it makes me so happy to see you finally did it!🤩🥳❤️

  27. Braddah Josh

    Where’s the only fans

  28. jonas baert

    A green or yellow rap would look awesome

  29. Antoine Dawnson

    Skip the wrap and do a livery

  30. Nytrex

    Wrap it neon purple or make it like a nos color scheme

  31. Shred NW

    *cough Chris Forsberg cough*

  32. Jack Finley

    Low key need more teej Sabrina vlogs😂👌

  33. SkullHead

    baby blue supra!

  34. Hard Rock Relics

    Nos wrap the R34 🔥🔥🔥

  35. Cars Plus1220

    Congrats on the sponsorship and I love the house hunting! Stayed till the end.

  36. Colin Doucette

    Always stay till the end TJ! Hearing keep moving forward coming from you does more for me than anything! Supra in a candy apple red!

  37. Tyler Nguyen

    Tj, wrap the supra in the Og mk3 color "Deep Jewel Green Pearl" or "Imperial Jade Mica"

  38. IV_HYPER

    Wine redddddd on the Supra

  39. Senpai Kasual


  40. Matthew Gurrola

    But I think that you should do red Camouflage

  41. localblackman25

    This was awesome you and Sabrina should do more of these

  42. WhiteRhinoceros420

    Of course we stayed till the end!

  43. Matthew Gurrola

    You wrap your brz grey and that is a color that you can get with the car

  44. AndroTech

    Lime green Supra ...

  45. SamuraiSniping

    Wrap the Supra baby blue !

  46. Elegant Mess

    Congrats on the sponsorship, so just so cool ! And I actually watch a lot more Twitch than I do YT so nice to see ya stream again.

  47. Mizzy S.

    Wrap it red and black iridescent by KPMF, I got it on my G37 and I love it.

  48. Hotdog Man

    Damn its been 5 years

  49. Jakob Caplinger

    Wrap the Supra Pearl Blue Metallic

  50. Mr. One Hand

    matte red

  51. Robert Wolf

    So when are u going to ask Sabrina to marry u?

  52. WhiteRhinoceros420

    Wrap that mf gold!! Or platinum!

  53. Saul Morales

    O MY FUCKING GOD LETS GOOOO, bro all the og like me are so stoked about this because we know what the monster represents. FTB

  54. Mtz Garage

    Congrats brother! Love your hustle dont stop! Respects.

  55. ploza69

    M3 purple

  56. Brandon M

    Stayed till the end like always, keep up the awesome work, TJ!

  57. Arno Hautekiet

    wrap it mint green

  58. 1ddrizzle

    Check out poway lol

  59. DizTv

    I would pay for the of account even though her instagram is getting pretty close to it! Love the vlogs recently dont catch corona!

  60. Nicholas Holmes

    Stayed till the end

  61. Dennis Rife

    Go crazy lime green 😎

  62. 5ociopathic

    How are your insides still intact?

  63. Th3Bazaras

    Wrap it navy green. It will look insane

  64. Big Tim's Trucking LLC

    Pearlescent green 😎

  65. Tyler Dreisbach

    Congrats brother on the partnership with NOS. Proud of you! P.s. we want that only fans

  66. Ian Fraser

    Seen more monster on collettes channel just now, never got one out her hand either. Well done tj for the sponsorship

  67. Stephen Estrella

    Stayed this long

  68. hollywoodcheremonkey

    Wrap it Baby Blue! 🤙

  69. Abrey Scheets


  70. Garrett Cox

    Crazy because these houses are probably a couple mil each, for that price in Texas you could have a 1000 acre ranch with one of those houses on it lol

  71. Khalifa Alromaithy

    orange best cololr

  72. Ryzzhan

    Would love to see it wrapped in like a Candy Apple Red. with gold wheels (which is my fav color combo atm..) but that will prob never happen.

  73. Nathaniel Vallejo

    Why TJ look like he hasn't been sleeping

  74. Robert Poudrette

    That's it, Chevy designers dropped the ball on the C8's wheels! These are way better!!

  75. King of August


  76. Malik Davis

    Always stay to the end of the videos

  77. James Seely

    Do it in a purple or pink

  78. Damien Stein

    Stayed to the end teej, that’s dope about the monster/nos sponsorship

  79. Vicente Escalera

    That is300 thooo 👀👀

  80. JR. Bru

    Blue wrap bronze wheels for the a90

  81. Equinox

    Wrap it blue raspberry!!!!!

  82. Dr. Jason Fielding

    You should put dark metallic eggplant or plum purple wrap on the supra, where it looks almost black except when light is shining on it. Just my thoughts. Similar effect to the color Jerez black that was on E90 BMW M3 and was a dark blue when light shined on it but black otherwise.

  83. Raymond Maravilla

    A OEM Honda championship white, with a splash of carbon? 🤔 but the Z and 7 is already white.. 😅

  84. Thomas Goddard

    Baby blue

  85. James Smith

    What about a pearl white wrap?

  86. Stefan Høi

    matt purple

  87. Bryan Garcia

    Blue wrap it blueeeeeereeee

  88. keegan mclean

    wrap the supra in a deep blue

  89. Poskey Productions

    Wrap it a midnight purple with black accents

  90. Shaka Antoine

    Wrap it orange. It looked sick in the Fast orange just not with the vinyl.

  91. ThatCBR Guy


  92. MR.HYBR1D

    Congrats tj! It’s good seeing others achieve their dreams 🔥

  93. Will The Gamer


  94. ulicess cervantes


  95. Javier Vlogs

    What’s up TJ hunt I think a cool color for your super would be a smoke green and keep making awesome videos

  96. Stijn Smoes

    daytona mat grey it is. give the widebody the clear lines, its different and stealthy

  97. Leo Tellez

    I thought I was the only one who would go to nice neighborhoods and dream of living there for fun lol

  98. zach hoffman

    Ford focus rs blue

  99. NEROJAN Ravichandran

    A dark orange wrap for the Supra!

  100. Josue Lynch

    Just had one today and yesterday! lets gooooooo!!!!! brooooo!!!! TJ!!!!! so hyped