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  1. Mélìsse Grimaldi

    Non mais, ils tous parfaits !

  2. Astle LyGo

    Idk why but Happy Ally is such a cutie.


    YES love your dances

  4. valentina quiñones


  5. BitchPlease YouStank

    I’m getting flash mob vibes

  6. gizdonk

    This is so boring compared to team treat

  7. Common Sense

    People please vote for him!

  8. Адэлина А


  9. Beatriz Montaño

    Eso no me música de samba..... MALISIMO

  10. Ange Tety

    Normani is the best

  11. Eva Cecilie Rieber-Mohn

    I love her, and usually think she is great, but this "salsa" was poorly executed, and the song was all wrong..

  12. Iarina Sebea

    And the movie didn t even appeared

  13. Liz Bu

    With the fan base he have and how good he is dancing. I believe he will win!!

  14. Chad Goodman

    I didn’t like him when he worked for the White House but this is gold 😂

  15. jessica Cloud9

    I sure hope he wins! He deserves it 🙏🏼😁🙌🏽

  16. jessica Cloud9

    Man Whitney is like soooo lucky👍🏽 she gets all the good celebrity partners. A couple years ago she got Alfonso and now Kel. So jelly right now!😫😫😫😫😫😫

  17. Dagmar Sigrid Manon de Nijs - Blake

    Again remembered the moves does not understand how to move.

  18. Dagmar Sigrid Manon de Nijs - Blake

    He knows the moves by memory. Does not no know how to move!

  19. Dagmar Sigrid Manon de Nijs - Blake

    He a actually did an outstanding job with this dance🤣. Good going Spicer!

  20. Diana Parker

    So sizzling it's hard to believe Laurie was only 16!!! Her and Val were amazing together ❤️

  21. Kelly

    Why is this bully (Lauren Alaina) still alive? I mean Lauren Alaina. Why is she still breathing? just find her guilty for bullying the boy, and just put this waste of human skin to death. And don't keep this demon too long before killing that tax payers' money won't be wasted! This bully must be destroyed asap. No reason to keep her in jail, save tax payers's money! Execute her as soon as possible, is this fuck dead yet? Fry her

  22. Person’s Name

    Wow, how is this chic still on the show?

    1. Rodney Boyd

      Because she can dance...DUH!

  23. Emilitta1246 & TDWins6

    I knew Len wouldn't give him a ten at all this season.

  24. Emilitta1246 & TDWins6

    Personally I love Witney's hair in this dance. Reminds me of Bindi's in season 21 on Halloween Night.

  25. Karmen Jackson

    Who knew he could dance? I see Dawson in a whole new light. Lmao. But seriously. Well done.


    i sad because carlos died

  27. Kristy Manson

    The worst dancing couple. She sucks

  28. Maury Fuentes

    John cena

  29. Claudia Kenik

    Wow this dance is amazing

  30. Iam Zach

    Stop the hate the judges know more than you all


    they use the same streamers as when minneapolis hosts a college national championship

  32. Yesenia Vinalay

    Descansa ❤️ en paz cameron

  33. Yesenia Vinalay

    Te amo Cameron y sofia

  34. Hongjoong's Mullet

    Any ARMY'S here?

  35. Eduardo Carbajal

    Its a excelent actor the best

  36. Str88te Musiq This is amazing wow!!

  37. Str88te Musiq

    This is absolutely awesome

  38. Cayden Coco Pan

    Ok Carlin past so last year you bi*ch

  39. Paula Ault

    That little hoop on the nose.. cute!!

  40. Carla Garcia

    That fierce J-Lo look before she starts the drumming portion. 🙌👏👌

  41. Astrid Peeples

    On fire!!!

  42. Emma P

    Wow... that ending... just wow


    This is some of the most heartbreaking I ever have seeing and a the same time incredibly beautiful and amazing done. That little girl are so wild that she can holde the position for so long!

  44. stunner1 stunner1

    Never avoids a way to disgrace Latinos.

  45. stunner1 stunner1

    Sean Spicer isn’t a star, he’s a Trump dick sucking disgrace.

  46. Bruno Felipe

    Isso nem é samba

    1. globalcoupledances

      Yes, we heard that 4000 times. As Samba de Gafieira is s a fraud then it means that only a fraud is samba

  47. Mehrdad yektaparast

    A 75 year old man can dance better than the old fool

  48. KC _101

    I don’t watch this show but I voted for him just to piss liberals off.

  49. mandi4886

    This was super cute!

  50. Katherine Reyes

    AGT: You couldn´t fill a theatre Lindsay: Hold my violin. She proved them wrong, damn it!

  51. Samra Khan

    Sean Spicer! 😂🤣🤣

  52. Samra Khan

    😂 He is awfull!

  53. Eleonora Clark

    Who the hell is Hannah Brown?😒

  54. Steven Rice

    This. Was. Brutal. 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️

  55. Jose Lopez

    A mi hija le encanta

  56. fba90130

    This is what it means when someone can literally dance circles around you.

    1. Nella J


  57. Nataly Sepulveda

    Me en canta

  58. marykate and Ashley fan

    OMG littel lev

  59. Sergio Retamozo zegarra

    Evil is cool

  60. Vinicius Gomes

    0:12 I love that smile

  61. Saffiya Abdul

    #lovedescendants #wishIcouldsing #EVIL

  62. Allie Evans

    So proud!!!!

  63. Amar Amitola

    Jenna is sooooo very bad in choreo that's a shame that sharna or artem had to go and jenna Not...... What is wrong with dwts? Pls Go back to the old times

  64. Team Bensettikonomova

    This is actually the best opening we've seen😍👌

  65. Thomas Harvey

    DWTS uses so many stars with professional dancing backgrounds and other stars with some sort of athleticism associated with dance just for publicity reasons, so many stars were eliminated when they clearly would’ve won, and here is a prime example of one

  66. Amar Amitola

    I think Dwts get down since 2 years so bored and i see no stars. bad songs too

  67. Amar Amitola

    Lindsay is so pretty and the best female dancer on this show.... so every dance Partner looked good next to her xD i thought they bring sharna back for her

  68. Limore Shakar

    When the celebs /stars can keep up with the pros and they get eliminated before semi-finals. DWTS you got a problem 😂.

  69. Anna Marie

    I love the passion and intensity they danced with! I can tell Alan is a passionate , caring person in general.

  70. Amar Amitola

    Here was Val Happy and funny he lost his Humor a bit now

  71. Billie Valerie

    Looks like the music cut Milo mid-conversation at the start haha

  72. Amar Amitola

    What a bad Choreo...... jenna is better as a troupe member

  73. Amar Amitola

    No hate but Jenna is rly bad in choreo i have a Lot cringe moments in her Videos. He need Sharna, Lindsay or Emma the best from the Females

  74. Alexis Torres

    I’m so proud of Ally. She has grown so much since Fifth Harmony ended. I am so excited for her future 🥺🥺

  75. WeloveEnhle Xulu


  76. Eder Alonso Mancillas

    And good to be bad

  77. Eder Alonso Mancillas

    Rotten to the core and queen of mean and ways to be wicked

  78. Hazil Rivera

    So anyone else noticed that they reused this song from when Mark Ballas and Lindsey Stirling was on the show!!! Mark and Lindsey did it better too.... sorry not sorry

  79. Eder Alonso Mancillas

    Im sad becase Cameron is dead

  80. Coffee Please

    This reminds me of a father daughter dance at a wedding.

  81. Victory Rising

    This actor actually transformed into a dancer...he better win

  82. fun with katie kendall

    Why did Maddie have to be in it? Mackenzie is amazing by herself I feel like Maddie try’s to steal her spotlight

  83. Kasandra Burgos

    Val step the fuck back. This isn’t your dance. Stop trying to make this about you. This is James’s moment. You were eliminated for a reason.

  84. greimalkin


  85. Nikki Beacth

    I got second hand embarrassment. Cringey AF

  86. Trese TZ

    How the freak did he make it so far into the competition? I am mystified.

  87. CarNation Luv

    I love it when a young guy can dance his ass off like Milo did here 💕🥰

  88. Grace Wetklow

    The man is trying, guys. Give him some credit, dancing is not his forte

    1. Nella J

      Lol He sucks. Glad he was eliminated

  89. Nathan Smith

    A perfect samba is so hard to achieve it’s probably the hardest dance in the show... and this is not complex enough for a perfect score... sorry

  90. Ally’s dolls And more

    I hate how she still calls her self hunny boo boo like ur names alanna

  91. Janelle Silbs

    Kate my favorite!!! Love her!!!

  92. Polly Punani


  93. Polly Punani

    song is terrible remix

  94. th0ts !!

    I can’t be the only one that ships these two

  95. ChinkieBlonde

    Idk if its the song choice or genre, but I do agree with Carrie Ann she does seem disconnected from this dance. To me it looks like any pageant routine

  96. Beautiful sporty woman doing exercise

    Korean part of the song sounds different~! It seems like they used someone else voice

  97. ComeAtMeBro

    I don’t even know who these people are

  98. Debbie Driscoll

    :23 to :28 was perfection. He couldn’t have executed that any more flawlessly.

  99. katattacksweetheart

    Why...why does he keep dressing in this terrible color

  100. Terri Bright


    1. Wellington Lago

      Terri Bright I know!!!!!