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  1. Kátia Marinho

    Amo a Alana!! LOVE YOU 🥰🥰🥰 Brasil

  2. amaranta lopez guzman

    Que gorda

  3. Kimberly Gardea

    Milo no no no You are Pink

  4. Golnaz Momeni Deh

    wow i miss cameron

  5. Anna Reingold

    Kenzie danced way longer than Sage.

  6. Dayla Keith

    I hate Maddie! She always tries to outdo Kenzie

  7. Antonia Maria Penzes

    Wow 👍👌👌👌

  8. Lucy Biederman

    Cheryl Burke! Anybody recognize her as a season 7 dance moms choreographer?

  9. Team Bensettikonomova

    Still one of my favorite routine of this season, I would never have picked this song but Alan did an amazing choreo where the song feel great

  10. Berfin Belge

    Milo manheim yok göremedim ya

  11. Payton Loves Pancakes

    i wanted to be on dancing with the stars until i saw that everyone is fricking WELL KNOWN AND EVERYONE KNOWS THEM!

  12. Lopa Chaudhuri

    Simone is good gymnast no doubt about it BUT as a dancer she is not very graceful... less execution..

  13. Marian Hastings

    I personally think that Miles and Rylee should have won. No hate to Sky and JT they were really good too!

  14. Francisco Soriano

    Ese es mailo

  15. Arianna Emilee Marie

    Maybe it's just me but I would love to see Phoebe Tonkin be on dwts. I feel like she has such great movement that dance would just be like a nice challenge to her.

  16. Noemi Martinez

    Why those clothes with that song tho .....

  17. Batman Rocks

    Is it sad I found him a better dancer than the winner

  18. Brianna Scollon

    Ok soooooo was I the only one mad she didn’t do the Maddie face?

  19. Adeline Borgmeyer

    Everybody is saying Kenzie has an advantage because she has done dancing before but she hasn’t done ballroom before

  20. Oriella

    Mackenzie could be a pro and elliana could be a star lol mackenzie had a HUGE advantage

  21. Gabby S

    Its looks like he is dancing with twins till in a certin direction u noticed Lindesy idk how to spell it is taller

    1. Gabby S

      I suck at spelling

  22. Abyjane Rima

    Bikas milo has a green hair now

  23. Abyjane Rima

    Are you sure that's is milo

  24. Ramin Nouri


  25. მარიამ მუქერია

    Best dance ever

  26. Akram españa malaga coin

    Now this nikki

  27. Candy Star

    love you milo aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa que lindos se ve tierno

  28. Теодора Стоянова

    Kenzie and saga should win

  29. Inara Coleman

    Little did she know she would be dancing to her former band mate camila cabellos boyfriends music.

  30. Megan Daugherty


  31. Melina S

    I ♡ Milo ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  32. alondra jg

    it is insane that this season was 2 years agooo!!! I totally believe milo should’ve won

  33. Pickle Vegetable

    I love it

  34. Sylvia Allison


  35. Sely Viana

    Lindo!!!! Amei os Brothers Scott

  36. Michelle :D

    I’m the 4000 comment 🙃

  37. sereen yafi

    Addison who Addisonrea

  38. Anna Reingold

    Elliana and Kenzie were both on Dance Moms! I hope that they got to talk. I know that Elliana and Kenzie was also on the same season and now Elliana is on season 8 on Dance Moms

  39. Domingo Sanchez


  40. Mom Le

    Dancing star Junior s

  41. Almendra Mora

    Abby: Melissa no quiero que las chicas bailen en DWTS Melissa; mis hijas nunca bailarán ese programa Also Melisa...

  42. Lauryn Elaine


  43. Shayla O'Rourke

    Is it just me or is Eliana just as famous as Jason

  44. Kaitlyn Tucker

    God bless everybody and stay safe!! Remember that you are loved! ✝️😀😇🙏🏻❤️

  45. T J

    June2, 2020, I'm just in here to get my kind off the virus, and rioting

  46. Kaitlyn Tucker

    God bless everybody and know that you are loved! Stay safe! ✝️😀😇🙏🏻❤️

  47. Maddy Lenhardt

    awsome dance what a surpise on tv

  48. Marcela


  49. Oriella

    was kamri a backup dancer in this one???

  50. Oriella

    I can't even stand up in high heels i-

  51. Shayla O'Rourke

    Any one else notice Maddie zinger when the boys were turning by the stairs

  52. Queen Elsa

    im still trying to learn pros names whos the dude in 1:09

  53. Kaitlyn Tucker

    God bless everybody and stay safe! You are all loved, remember that!! ✝️😀😇🙏🏻❤️

  54. Eva Valles

    The fact that they are doing this in heels 👏

  55. Eva Jimenez


  56. Lois Chance


  57. Zosia Zuba

    There should be Meg Donnelly and Milo Manheni

  58. Rupal Thakkar

    she is 12 😲😯😦😧😮😵🥴

  59. Pxstel_ Doughnuts

    Omg, I watched this A MILLION TIMES OVER! Mackenzie’s super pretty too!

  60. Marrit Hiemstra

    Watched this so many times and I’m stil impressed

  61. Emma P

    OMG! I think that this was perfectly executed and there were no mistakes. This is probably the best dance of the season! Bruno and Carrie Ann both gave the team a 10, but I think that Len should have also give them a 10 too! When I first saw this, I thought it was one of the dances that just the professionals did because I saw that the pros did there own dances without the celebrities. But no! HALF of the team consisted of celebrities! I'm still shocked the they didn't get a 30. But does it bother anyone that all of the female dancers (including Evanna) have very similar skin tones? All of the females this season and all of the others seasons have the same skin color?!

  62. Karen Hernandez

    We’re is sky brown and jt not together

  63. Marisa Tamayo

    imagine tom cruise was there to witness this. he would've been so proud of how his legacy has changed the film industry.

  64. arvin jobi

    what happend to nikki bella she is avoiding john cena hhrrk

  65. Smoove Talk

    Sophia is going to be tall, so modeling will be perfect for her.

  66. Angie Morrison

    I LOVE YOU Zed

  67. Fiona Dizon

    Watching this bc lev's here 👇 | |

  68. Eddie Genotivo

    Dfwfa ffa fefacvw faefa drta rayareto oipo si

  69. Emily Fothergill

    Lots of people are saying Val and Jenna take away from her dancing. UNTRUE!! This dance is about Victoria and her parents, how they helped her through all of this. That is who both of them are portraying, and obviously Victoria is herself.

  70. A̸lmo̸nds H̸o̸n̸e̸y̸

    Maddie is still the best at dancing even after dance moms lol

  71. Clementina Viazzani

    Lev looks so cute when he was young

  72. Dallas Barnstable

    Please come out with zombies 3

  73. Mariam Mosashvili


  74. Emilitta1246 & TDWins6

    I think I'm saying this again but I don't know why but I love this dance and it's just powerful

  75. Kylee Yang

    Jordan and the guy who play Hamilton singed to

  76. mimfung limbu

    Meckanzi:I m a singer Me:you are from Dance moms right you are dancer😕😕

  77. Deborah Barros


  78. melanie tianzon

    Cameron Boyce did good well yeah and dove Cameron well she did good for now

  79. mike rotchburns

    that’s one way to break an ankle

  80. McCalister Moore

    Omg it’s lev pipers boyfriend!

  81. Michael Anthony

    The song though. ♡

  82. Gillis Frosst

    what is the song

  83. Analee Grimm

    it is so sad camaren dided 😭

  84. Bryana Vera

    That’s sooo cute

  85. Bryana Vera

    Ewww the little girl’s smile its gross

  86. Kailyn Schwede

    oh my god how old is he he awesome dancer work it on go levi my boyyyyyy

  87. Rein Billins

    I can’t believe it you are so amazing at dancingFrom rein

  88. Maddy Lenhardt

    one of my favorties

  89. Maddy Lenhardt

    I singed that song in my choir concerts

  90. Mac brown

    The boy is spost to hold her not she hold him DUH

  91. Sophia Rosario

    She is a star dancer!!!

  92. Annie Ch Nazario

    Did anyone else notice Olivia Haschack at the end of the video screaming and clapping?

  93. CalRailFan90208

    Probably the best she's ever sounded performing this song. LOVE IT!

  94. Chi_ Sandcrackers


  95. Shea Mulready

    As much as I love Kenzie and she has always been my favorite on dance moms this is not really fair. She has been dancing with Abby lee miller since she was 3 years old is and she is already older than her other competitors.

  96. Zae Ethereal

    Yeah she did

  97. Gevona Hills

    Y’all I know ya y’all know ya ya boo ya man 👨