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  1. Matt Wayman

    I absolutely love donut media! Throw me some swag man! I NEED THE SWAG! #pandemicprices

  2. Mr. Dmitri Ravenoff

    I get that this is his personal car, but his delivery is like James if he had a stroke.

  3. sk8mafia1O1

    I'm actually pooping right now 🤣🤣

  4. Not Abrar

    socket jumper

  5. Emil

    for anyone wondering: "Ur" is pronounced "Oor" source: am German

  6. Robert E Lee

    Rich elites, we must all pay more taxes for socialism as I step over this homeless person on the sidewalk.. same person, must use my resources to cheat the system and pay less taxes.. stick it to the working class . Life in the US

  7. Big Boss

    There’s a Ford Mustang GT Stryker 1 of 1 made in 2006 about 100 miles from me. 5000 miles. 500HP and only 39000

  8. Strahinja Mirosavljev

    3:29 they want to turn your windshield into a screen so they can run ads on it. just what i was looking for.

  9. Seophilplays 123

    It look weird when Nolan don’t wear glasses

  10. Marc Wenzel

    Luckily I just bought a JZX100 Mark II before it gets legal in the US and prices explode :D

  11. Jack Strood

    Only 10 minutes worth? Where's Pumphrey??

  12. Aniruddha Suryawanshi

    Where was that disgusting car they kept talking about. All I could see was piece of beauty.

  13. spencer ellis

    Think this was my last donut I know why Jessica ran off with James dad

  14. Matthew Morales

    I got Raycons before you guys got sponsored

  15. Lindsay Smith-White

    You should do valiant or ford Australia now

  16. Rysio Wąsik

    Where's the lotus eleven

  17. Lord Raive

    Scion tc 2.5

  18. Woilock

    There is no point in electric cars when the electricity come from fossil fuels

  19. おざき。


  20. sathishkumar s

    2:58 It's hilarious😂😂(what happened to your eyes?)

  21. Eric Ramos

    Lol! This dude is "I want to be his buddy" funny haha good video man, I enjoy your videos 🤙

  22. Ivan Serna

    Were is the dodge daytona

  23. Pietrek L

    This is the not the right way in some cases. In some models even if you drop your car by 30mm (about 1 inch) you will mess suspension geometry so much that it will handle even worse. The most ideal way for lowering your car are drop knuckles/spindles or if you don't have that possibility coilovers with taller ball joint like Whiteline sells or roll center adapters/spacers to make your control arms parallel to the ground. For fixing your body roll issue you just install thicker - stiffer sway bar.

  24. Dharma

    6:34 🔥🔥🔥

  25. AMX M4 45 100

    I bet shipping fee for this Peel p50 is the same as washing machine.

  26. deABREU Tattoos

    1: it wasn't a rules change that allowed 4WD on rallying, it's just that nobody thought that 4WD would be reliable or light enough for it to be competitive; 2: the number of cylinders has no relation at all with displacement - you can have 8L 4-cyls and 1,5L 6-cyls just as easily, cylinder volume isn't constant among engine designs. I had to stop watching after that

  27. Jordi-san

    I like the music in the background, what are the songs?

  28. Phillip Atkinson

    I'm thinking about doing another chassis after this epidemic is over with a cosworth motor in a 03 bmw 325i

  29. itmeGaBe

    Just noticed the title changed

  30. Phillip Atkinson

    Dude I had 2 xr4ti one with a cosworth motor one with the ford forged inline i absolutely pulled on most anything with the cosi

  31. Primate

    Dudes looking fit, well done man

  32. Matt Misanthropy

    9:30 Don't kneel on an old leather seat like that dude! Or any old seat in general. So much pressure on such a small surface area is what tears them or stretches the fabric Also, 7:20 Moon-roofs are transparent, while sun-roofs aren't. So that's a sun-roof! You're welcome 😅

  33. SuperBurger999

    My volvo has another 5 cylinder

  34. ZKev1

    now at the end of the video and you mullered it, that engine needed a warm up and a serious good rev , that didnt show the sound of that 5 at all....sigh, ahh the memories that brings back

  35. Scott Parramore

    I have one I bought new in my garage that hasn't run in over 5 years...recently got her back on the road...187 k miles and she is doing well...but never heard it called a catfish

  36. Daniel Orešković


  37. ZKev1

    I had 3 coupe gt quattro's 1 ur quattro 10v and one 20v quattro, one of the best sounding engine's and exhaust notes, horrible nose lift on full throttle, great locking the diffs in snow and having fun

  38. Lord Tachanka

    GT500’s are nice but the new ones don’t whine. So I’ll stick with my Hellcat. Cause if it ain’t whining.. is it really supercharged?

  39. Fajar Indrawan

    wait, a dont hear sound of engine

  40. yu zu

    フェラーリエンジンの86とかバケモンやん でも、すぐエンジンダメになりそう

  41. iHacker007

    In my opinion, worst is buying a brand new sports car, hot hatch or anything similar, and there is no feeling at all while driving. You don't feel the road, everything is electrical, nothing mechanical.

  42. Andrew Snyder

    Tell me, where is Pontiac? For I much desire to speak with him.

  43. ameer haider

    Damn that BoostCreeps shirt is looking mega clean

  44. Megexy slovak

    TVR cars like TVR cerbera and TVR sagaris have their own unique pearlescent grape-cyan colours and sometimes purple colour

  45. Pietro D'Angelo

    Mk5 gti all day. Probably one of the most common cars at a car meet

  46. osman zeeshan

    Can we get an episode on Spada Codatronca?? btw love your videos ❤

  47. AsuraJk

    Who actually expect them to fix the mechanical stuff. They are pimping so I thought it was just about looking cool.

  48. WhiteDwarfVR4

    Are we just going to ignore the fact that Pumphrey isn't covering this car.. I don't know who this guy is and I really don't care. He doesn't have the spark. Beautiful car though.

  49. sultoon craft

    man this is the second time you change the title and the thumbnail it excites me but then i realize that this is the same video i watched yesterday

  50. webnothing

    I like this dude over the fat dude

  51. Nico Lopez

    i miss bay area rapid transit

  52. Fuego DeNegro

    I miss my mk4 1.8T so badly.

  53. David-Stefano Stancu

    You could try some bmw for the next Hilow season

  54. Jake plays

    3rd person view in real life

  55. TheShortBoi

    Isn't that area they are in GTA 5 in real life?

  56. Pierre Fouquet

    The Transit is the king!!

  57. Dark Menma

    I think the new concepts are actually awesome but way too ambitous in terms styling and body design, fenders that completely cover the wheel wells are a dumb idea if the wheels had to be aligned or if the tires would need to be replaced, you would have to go to a BMW owned shop and leave it there for months just to get new tires.

  58. medicus1963

    I miss Bullit!

  59. Jospeh Stalin

    Man needs a ball in his hands, #bringbackJames

  60. Makke

    Lol that Toyota birds eye view looks soo shitty when compared to BMW and Audi

  61. Brownmangaming

    Still think the Mach e is a terrible ideas and won’t sell comparatively to its Tesla counterparts which are cheaper, have more range, look better, and aren’t a ripoff of a 50+ year nameplate just for a marketing scheme.

  62. Harris Choudhry

    No one: Ford lighting: hold meh beer

  63. Brian Jones

    Try "SPEEDTRAP" from 1977 , a little seen film starring Joe Don Baker , Has some great Car chases in it.... (ps) I thnk you need to expand your list to Top 20 or even Top 25 for this subject.....

  64. TORTIAS the gamer

    What about the citi golf

  65. Ryan Walden

    I couldn’t hear the exhaust hardly. Can you guys start mic-ing them? Please!!!! Only annoying thing is the way this dude says button. But other than that it was good!!

  66. Straight Six

    torques up the sump plug but dosent change the washer

  67. Chuckie17

    New corvette will be part of this list

  68. Carlos Sotelo

    2:31 did he just call the charger a challenger

  69. Luukionius voorn

    Oof that mazda lit af

  70. Boris Mitrev

    Can you make a video for Audi/porsche RS2 avant?

  71. Luke Ott

    The audio in the exhaust department of the videos is lacking. Moar mics, moar mics in front of the exhaust

  72. feral kitten

    7:04 James: reliable Image: Datsun Me: Ha!

  73. vinciroth

    They had that BMW at the high museum in Atlanta. Thing looks sick as fuck. Got a few pics to show off too.

  74. Brian Jones

    No 9 ... director william hill ? What = the Driver .... Director WALTER HILL ....

  75. Lone Wolf

    You're lucky you didn't suffer serious, serious burns! You realise the LFL (flashpoint) of that product? You're using a spray gun with a sparking ignition source for gods sake. You have totally proven you are absoloute amateurs who have done nothing but botch a job, blame a product, and in turn proved how ridiculously hap-hazard and stupid you are.

  76. ARAGON __05

    We have aturneo custom

  77. Bance Wiko

    run the world? i dont see this in my country.

  78. maxxon99

    WTF? Higher insurance for different color???

  79. Michel Savary

    We need the E-lorean 🌈

  80. bynahelemaal

    Me: *sees this vid in recommendations and thinks, okay here we go a lot of pushing and wrestling instead of an actual punch* Also me: *sees first guy kicking in a window* :O

  81. Heliyum

    Dude. I don't give a shit about cars but I've spent the late 3 days marathoning Donut videos & now I'm crying.

  82. Sam Ingle

    Megan sport acting real Thailand made it police car,

  83. My Soup


  84. りょうが


  85. Edoardo Pierucci

    The only white car I'll own is a Countach while I'm getting a roadhead in Miami Beach.

  86. Divine Wrath

    I'm not much of a modern car guy. But I won't lie, that car is one hell of a beast.

  87. 燃え子ギューン


  88. AuraLiveWax

    wow that welding is top shit

  89. trial

    Bring back the Datsun nameplate! Bring back the 240Z in modern form! Please!!!

  90. Brandon McKenzie-Nozari

    Do the USA's best roads.

  91. hayman taylor

    I drive a Fahrenheit GTI. It draws a *little bit* of attention.

  92. Alex Herrera

    With ar that means the cars are driving themselves , so there would have to be some kind of communication between the cars, not necessarily the drivers those eliminating traffic... Right?

  93. DatAustralianMatt

    0:07 land down under reference

  94. Ben Fisher

    Really like your hosting style but Haudi??? That’s unforgivable 😂. However if they ever release a model called a Partner I’m all behind you saying it

  95. Veer Jangid


  96. Cemalettin O.

    We have mini coopers in Istanbul

  97. Kristian Bowitz

    How the hell do you change tires on that scaly BMW?

  98. Shawn Shaju


  99. Joe Conway

    You had to censor cockpit? Wtf is up with USsel's kid friendly algorithm.

  100. Retro club

    boost creeps music ??