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  1. M.A.D.PandaGaming

    My boy got more bangin' tracks than literally every modern rapper

  2. Edam Sanchez

    so happy ur back humphrey 🥳❤️

  3. D L

    Jason Fenske is the man. Fantastic explanations as always. This is a great team up. Donut and E.E

  4. Shahjaun Naqvi

    Gt 500

  5. Flight Man 001

    I would use a pal v 1 to get away.

  6. mohindar jagnarain

    Why tf does it look like a charger

  7. Brandon L

    i can't tell if this dude's having a seizure or talking about a car.

  8. Gearboy (Official)

    That fucking blues clues notebook 🤣🤣

  9. Blitz Säbelzahntiger

    I’ve loved chargers ever since I got into cars (to be fair I’m not very old and I’ve only been into cars for a couple years) but! Ever since I was about 16 or so the name charger has been bouncing around in my mind. Now that I’m kind of a Motorhead I fucking love chargers. God damn they’re so amazing

  10. Theguy Eye


  11. Floating hat


  12. Floating hat

    Eveything you need to know Škota

  13. Gaming With Splash

    9:52 which movie is it ?

  14. Mall

    I like the 1969 Because it.. it just looks awesome

  15. Erin Golan


  16. George Denbrough

    I really wish they would start making small trucks again. I miss the old Dakotas, S 10s and Rangers

  17. Kanaritz

    7000 rpm Go Like Hell!

  18. Lil Vortex

    Ppl be like... W8 the Dinoco car was a real thing?

  19. Michael Douglas

    "To commemorate the old Daytona pointy boi"🤣💀💀💀

  20. soulassassin0g

    Please, for the love of god, do an episode about the infamous LADA!

  21. Mr4.6513 Jones

    My first car was 1989 240sx it had a notchback body i paid 1200 for it in 2007 passed my license test in it 4mths later engine died ...

  22. The Aiden Yoshimura Show

    Truck my truck Is sick af

  23. Random Frog

    the taillights look like the ek civic hatchback's taillights

  24. Theguy Eye


  25. Industry Killers

    Where can you find cops cars for sale?

  26. 240pixel

    My kind of car.

  27. Buggy 287

    Some weird stuff

  28. Sfm_ Ferguson


  29. Darkmatter dtom

    I'm a proud owner of 1965 el Camino. A beauty of a car. Still has original fresh 327 heavily rebuilt also with a munci 4 speed. Yeah she hauls ass lol

  30. Aadi Pawar

    Who's the one with that cowboy hat?

  31. Creative Z33

    Is it weird that the company I work for used to have one of these Holden VL commodore with the RB30ET to deliver stuff with? 😂😂

  32. mik brousseau


  33. Dakoda cole


  34. Lamboking702 1


  35. Šmrki


  36. Kaylen Dinesh Moodley

    Kind of want one now lol

  37. Dina Aljorani

    the kitchen is killing my mood, why the kitchen???

  38. Jelle Wemmers

    Everything you need to know to get up to speed on the opel manta ??

  39. Haider Safraz

    Mona Lisa at 84? This guys fucked

  40. Cowboy Bill


  41. raju seth

    didnt hear about mahindra

  42. Interesting Things

    Like always good job , best part 4:50 !! Watched it over 10 times .

  43. Jyotiraditya Deka

    I prefer to take off one of the cable connecting the spark plug to the alternator

  44. Ben Winkfield

    What about the DODGE DEMON

  45. Ben Dover

    Car mechanic simulator be like

  46. Markie

    My all time favorite muscle car.

  47. Nazz1964

    Dodge is a p.o.s.

  48. DanceGeekRob

    Who gives a crap when Enzo's birthday was? We aren't playing Trivial Pursuit for car fanatics.

  49. Reduxzion

    Somewhat living my dream, Good at maths, Owns an RX7, is featured on a show.

  50. Parth Joshi

    Dude,where's the demon??

  51. Do The M.E.D.S

    This thing was the best thing ever to watch when u r high, you'll end up fticling your eye on a pink dot zones out

  52. GamingGoose

    2:17 shoutouts to simpleflips

  53. tjayf

    What about the 840hp demon or the 797hp red eye

  54. wesley martin

    Much love james! Hope you get back on the show! Stop with the energy drinks!

  55. FiveSidedTriangle #2

    4-4-2 Up-To-Speed please, it's a good car.

  56. joey drums

    *literally 4 sec. After I set on the toilet* "I know most of you are sitting on the toilet right now"

  57. Birki gts

    Lifted, engine swapped 4-runner.

  58. Tyquelle Thompson

    I’m glad you’re back, I was scared seeing you had heart problems and I was thinking “no!! Not the homie” take care of yourself man, the page won’t be the same with.

  59. CradeX

    you should have bosuzoku'd it!

  60. Stephen RAMSEY

    Can you do a episode of up to speed on Porsche as a hole company cause you have only done the 918 and 911

  61. Ryan Travis

    Buick has the Buick Regal Wagon

  62. MaNemUmar

    You forgot to mention that they are endless money pits as they age.

  63. Mark Muratov

    Donut Media should do budget track battles, might make for some serious entertainment 👍

  64. venom 35

    You showed the f5 not the gt

  65. CradeX

    I would love to do that!

  66. Harvard Ford

    Kinda made me giddy that he called Quebec a nation. It’s been a long on going trope here in Canada for a while now lol

  67. LMacNeill

    It was April of '64, not August, when Ford introduced the Mustang. 😊

  68. Keye Haze

    mentioned NOTHING about it sharing mercedes eclass platform/chassis or the magnum being alongside it

  69. Caleb Carlson

    More of an UP TO SPEED on the Wrangler than Jeep as a whole, don't you think?

  70. Nerfgunner 360

    Crazy Charger or SUV or Truck for Dodge?

  71. Tony MTA

    the most unreliable car now !

  72. The Feral Tribble

    I was listening to this when I got pulled over for speeding

  73. Jyotiraditya Deka

    Time to watch another 30's video

  74. Alan Husky

    Wow i never saw the original charger concept till this video, looks so much like a challenger and i love it

  75. Tanner Thompson

    Very Torqueless Economy Car

  76. Vincent Sluga

    4:43 what is happening

  77. Spider Jerusalem

    R5s are nice looking cars, too bad the normal models had some bar reputation of how unreliable they can be. my grandma owned one, said that car was like a classy french girl that could work good as long as you didn´t touch her in the wrong parts.

  78. Vincent Sluga

    They released the DartGT Charger with calf shit yellow paint. Ew.

  79. michael coston

    1000 likes on this comment and I’ll get the same dodge tattoo James has

  80. Colt Allman

    Do a first generation Lexus IS300/200 episode!

  81. Hassan Shafiq

    accord please

  82. Chris Dunlap

    You should do up to speed on caroll shelby, Lee iocca or other huge car gods

  83. Adam Fernandez


  84. Cookiezi

    this is the best up to speed episode

  85. Daskec

    Feels bad Europe dont have Chargers!

  86. Jose Hernandez

    My dad has a little nissan 🥺😭

  87. Miles Patterson

    I ASKED!

  88. A_ե_0_M_ C_A_ե


  89. Aeron Celestine

    Up to speed on Nissan Cefiro

  90. technews Malayalam

    TATA 😍

  91. Umh Chud

    inside voice.

  92. Mohammad Osman

    1:41 thank me later

  93. ReAp_Yoru

    What happend???

  94. Erin Bragg

    A hellcat outran a helicopter

  95. Nelson Lindhorst

    That song was a banger. It defiantly could have gone on for longer...

  96. Lorenzo Scott

    Good to see James is doing better


    how about an episode on the bigger brother Challenger?

  98. Mr.Artemiy

    I’m laughing every time captions make mistakes captions: game in bitch 10:20 Edit: he said “can’t even pitch”

  99. Its Me

    Ying yang spinny thang

  100. Craig Jones Jr

    Fuck James slow down buddy. We want you around forever. Love you man stay healthy! Maybe idk.... Lay off the NOS? No offense to your sponsor