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  1. Carlos Moura

    Who's here after he got piped 😂😂😂😂

  2. Seaner boner

    Not anymore...

  3. Aryan Kisoenpersad

    Mike's voice doesn't fit he's achievemenst,body,power

  4. John De Quincey

    No sugar in his tea, what a legend.

  5. Ben Challinor

    Not any more😂😂😂😂😂

  6. Jimmy22Gibbo

    I’m surprised he didn’t pull Wilder out of his pocket

  7. ibrahim salim

    0:04 now you aint

  8. danny warren

    And my next essential is a packet

  9. DryGod

    He kept stepping into his shot, dont

  10. Max Carter

    Not champ no more lol

  11. Batmunkh N

    good time to post

  12. Thomas Hudson


  13. Lil bless

    Whos here after fury beat him

  14. wwh03v3r iplz


  15. Hans Müller

    It’s not Soccer! It’s football!

  16. Joe Mama

    The Gypsy king struck again

  17. Jliqz -

    He really said “you gotta believe it” and I forgot little naruto always said that 😂 lmao

  18. ThePuppetChannel

    What I can’t live without: 1)Water 2)Food 3)Oxygen 4)lungs 5)Heart 6)Blood 7) can’t think of anything else

  19. S _Zman

    0:01 Well that didnt last very long.......

  20. alec owen

    fury: no

  21. Fook mi boom

    Not anymore lmao😂

  22. Pavel Raiminius

    my man got destroyed

  23. Shahed Ali

    Phone bit so true, it's crazy what he said

  24. diana branch

    F*** this blood locker of human blood...a straight piece of abdominal foul sh**...what a black absent spirit...HW boxing died last night nite

  25. 8D CITY


  26. ADM Music

    "hey im deontay wilder wbc world heavyweight champion of the worrrllllddddddddddddd"...... not any more youre not.

  27. Tommy Hanquéz

    Listening to Fury makes me want to cough and clear my throat until he stops talking

  28. Raghveer Sihota

    I have the dame 5

  29. arashinho jr

    Out of all the good footballers on planet earth, it is very sad to see this is the only one i can see on this series Should've brought zlatan while he was in LA

  30. Mikdefish

    Easy stroke hahahahahhahaha

  31. Lauro Nava

    No way them shoes fit my mans tho

  32. Front light

    11th thing he can't live without is the WBC championship belt lol

  33. SNGaming

    Calm before the storm

  34. TheRealStuPot

    Took the L

  35. abugullo memes

    Who is here After he destroyed wilder for WBC title

  36. Adam Nunn

    4:34 This is a bag of cocaine

  37. Awespec

    That intro didn't age well...

  38. NormMacdonald Clips

    An average Joe vs a professional Joe.

  39. Matthew Berger

    Whos here after he lost to fury

  40. MegaOtakuWarrior


  41. Nick Meyers

    Who’s here after He bitched Wilder? 😂

  42. J Robinson

    Who dis?

  43. The Pro364

    GYPSY KINGG !!!!!👑

  44. Rich Sauth

    No longer a champ bruh

  45. Jig

    Why is this in my recommendation now

  46. Shoe Monster

    russ thinks amazing

  47. Doggo

    Imagine having a 7 ft. Doctor😂🤣😂

  48. Mark D


  49. Lana Khaimichho

    Much respect


    Why are GQ covers never masculine looking? IJS.

  51. Go-rd-on-15

    JJ is dope man

  52. Drdilan Hasan

    How is your ear?

  53. kingejiro

    The Champ is here !!

  54. Mohamad Ramjan

    Who’s here after fury won

  55. adam kowalski

    mike tyson eats your childreen

  56. krick_mufc


  57. Louie Rios

    Who's here after he lost

  58. Alberta Middleton

    He look just like my baby

  59. bread *whole wheat*

    No longer the champ sadly..

  60. Spiritual So In Da Building

    Whos here after his second fight a against fury

  61. AMIR Brockington

    Role model 🐐🐐🐐🐐

  62. A.E. Rivera-Weaver

    love this guy, who else wants a tiger??

  63. Legendary Skinman

    More like 10 most essential things i can carry to the interview.

  64. Breezy

    His grammar good doe

  65. Leo _lloy


  66. Jason Voorhees

    I love Tyson Sooo much but lmao imagine being homeless man chased by a massive 6’ 9” Boxing World champion and given prolly like a size 18 louboutin shoes 😂😂

  67. Frank Valle

    You never know when Tyson will reply your messages, Mikey if you interested to invest your money in fix and flip real estate let me know, I'm looking for partners, chill...

  68. Evan Power

    Not anymore bro

  69. Slamrice Official

    Who’s here after Tyson fury des- stfu no one asked

  70. Bustinurass Ok

    7 times a week is weak I’do it 7 times a day

  71. TheJakobe00

    7 times a day????

  72. Mad Fer it Rkid

    Introduction hasn’t aged well

  73. D C

    Not anymore you aint 🤣🙌

  74. Greg Tony

    Watching this after tyson fury smashed his face. Kinda feel sorry for deontay, but as they say with great pride comes great fall!

  75. Ciaranjack123

    Was the champ

  76. george rowan

    This aged well

  77. siep vw

    He took the L

  78. X-Z clan SQUAD

    You got knocked out by Tyson fury you bum 😂

    1. Jon Jones

      Doesn’t make him a bum fury was just the better man that night

  79. TYK Dawg

    Tyson fury laughing at this

  80. max k

    0:01 Lol

    1. Zion Jerusalem

      At least he was a champion, what have you done with your life except writing comments on youtube? L

  81. Jonathan Smith

    Great fighter. I hope he can hold onto his sanity. It's not an easy thing, and mental illness just plagues the world. Look at Donald Trump.(lol!)

  82. Jc

    Till you fight my boy Tyson fury 🥊

  83. james kelley

    The homeless man used his shoes to live in.

  84. OG Kony

    500k ?? its 35k my guy

  85. lil Bougie

    he needs to take his time when shooting

  86. Jack Micheal

    00:02 “WBC HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION OF THE WORLDDDDDDD” well that’s a sticky one still since Fury smashed Wilder

  87. Jade Reyes

    not anymore

  88. Ericthautuber TV

    This guy is hilarious af

  89. •Purple•

    I keep thinking this guys gonna be a massive douche but every time I’m surprised by how genuine and cool he is

  90. James Dean

    Got rekt!

  91. Qustion ?


  92. Benedick Punzalan

    Nope because you are defeated by fury

  93. christian King

    Gypsy king

  94. Harry Bricklebank

    Champ 💪🏻

  95. Luke DjProducer

    Why does this come up after the LEGEND TYSON FURY BEATS WILDERRRRR!!!!!! THERES ONLY 1 TYSON FURY!!!! THERES ONLY 1 TYSON FURY!!!!!! 👑👑👑👑

  96. Shaun O'Flaherty

    That last bit left me feeling a bit weird 😂

  97. Mitchell lawton

    I was **

  98. Naypacalypse Now

    I’m watching you on my mobile phone 🤣

  99. Name101

    He thought r/boxing was the username lol

  100. Official h4mcr

    No he couldn’t