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  1. A 99

    Wtf was that whispering for ?

  2. Fiona Blech

    Tay is me

  3. DenviousMars

    So relatable holy moly!

  4. Akira Mahisaseru

    Oof, I really don’t like this episode. I consider myself an introvert and stuff but I’m like an extroverted introvert. I like being around people but still get drained as fuck if I’m out for too long. I like people but, you know, I want them away from me sometimes.

  5. Maya Seligman

    Once again the comparison of children and women wow I do not like this boy

  6. Lethal Scopezz

    i died when they voted nola out. it was hilarious

  7. Kiana Shula

    Being a huge fan of JK Films, I got so excited when I saw Antoine!!!

  8. Seanric Reyes

    Flat earthers are damn wrong

  9. Anytime Homeboy

    Video Ideas: - Who is not a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints? - Do All youtubers think the same?

  10. Pika Brix

    Did you realise how only 1 of the guys with glasses was chosen?

  11. Madz Bb


  12. SkyVector Aerial

    I have only one prejudice. And that prejudice is against dudes that wear caps like that one guy did.

  13. Jan  Hansen

    how did police become so violent and corrupt world wide ?? ohh they are not here for us 🤨they protekt the State ,not the people

  14. Dumb

    *Nobody:* Whole damn comment section: OmG jUbILlE iS POrtYaiNg InTrOVErtS InCCoRecTly, iNtRoVerTS GEt eNErGy fRoM bEinG aLoNe Like damn we get it okay introverts arn't socially awkward people, EVEN THOUGH THE DEFINITION DEFINES INTROVERTS AS SHY..

  15. hyjfjn

    Introverted people in the comments are so annoying and butthurt for nothing. If the participants perceive themselves as introverts than they are introverts. being an introvert is not a medical condition. This game is always biased and they eliminate people for nothing. chill you’re not oppressed

  16. Gina Khan

    I love the dad in the red 🥺🥺🥺🥺

  17. AtomicHunter

    It's a shame they didn't ask what right they are advocating for. I think this will give us more insight on each other's views.

  18. Dustin S

    The women were talking down to the men. While the men were talking down on the court system. Yes we understand that you have experiences with men but it does not justify all men. They would not take their points into account. The guys wanted to talk more about the girls points while the girls threw the guys points out the window

  19. Hanelye Mazariegos


  20. megan

    I just want to say thank you so much for this introvert representation. It made me cry. I am an introvert (INFP myers briggs personality). I never see people like me. especially at work, i'm surrounded by extroverts. It's just really nice to see this video and see that there are people just like me and it's okay to be who I am.

  21. Jillian Hulse

    Normally, I love this series. Odd man out is usually really interesting but this video was just awful. Who came up with the “silent round”. It was so cringe to watch and it wasn’t constructive to their observations at all. The best part of the whole video was that guy saying that no one on earth is 100% of either introvert or extrovert. The whispering and cricket sounds were cheesy and this video is so disappointing as a fan of this channel.

  22. omar sanderlin

    Who here looking at Antoine cuz of jk

  23. Kaylen McKinney

    this whole video was just stereotype after stereotype

  24. Rin i

    Anybody notice how the last five of them all stand with crossing their hands in front of them.... is that how introvert stand or what🤔

  25. amelia cool

    im very glad you brought a woman who was anti, and a man who was pro!

  26. Connor W

    Dude I've weighed 265 and I've weighed 180 and I can tell you it was 100% my choice what food I put in my body. Even the girl that LOST 60LBS said it wasnt a choice. Like what?!

  27. Danijela Kostadinovski

    Im an anxious introvert..,and my crush is an introvert too😅

  28. Delete this Nephew

    Ain’t even watched it yet but I know this bouta be awkward

  29. Jenna

    I knew who is was from the moment he stepped out!

  30. Cassidy A

    “Believe women” is not about taking their word as truth and gospel. It’s about believing what they say enough to investigate and figure out what happened.

  31. Mikayla Marie Bolilia

    i'm an extroverted introvert, having to explain to people this is exhausting.

  32. Maya Seligman

    Frickin Derrick

  33. jenn lopez

    who else knows antoine from jk

  34. Whattt Bailly

    “Still looks like a extrovert” had me DEAD 😭

  35. filmgirlLisa

    I was legit annoyed that the introverts themselves were judging based on stereotypes. I knew the extrovert right away.

  36. neodarkend

    Feminists: "If men want their issues heard and faced, they should make their own movement." *Men's rights activists exists* Also feminists: "Why do men need a whole Men's rights movement!?"

  37. Evelyn Mateo

    my guess is maya. i still haven’t completely watched it yet so let’s see.

  38. Shannah xo

    being an introvert does not mean ur totally incapable of any social interaction lol. most of us can be hella social when we’re in a space we’re comfortable in or with friends.

  39. Kaliyah

    I’m Extroverted and I like talking to people and I also get nervous when I talk to people. Also has anyone taken a Myers Briggs personally test? If so what did you get? I got ENFJ-T

  40. Corina Sadumiano


  41. Tony Romello

    Imagine insulting 5 introverts in the same room and then uploading that video for the world to see..

  42. Junaid Adil

    Why did you vote Alex off? Well I can see him in a party having a fun

  43. Mai N

    What a lovely episode! Great men, all of them! It takes courage to be open and vulnerable. I'm glad to see those men so supportive of one another! Every human needs friends they can open up to!

  44. Nora Kelley

    This was very interesting to me because I am an introvert and I don't act like any of the people in the video. It would have been cool if they picked people with more diverse Meyers Briggs types or something. For example, I am an INTJ and we are some odd people. I also hate the fact that people assume introverts never get lonely. Just because we enjoy being alone doesn't mean we don't ever want to be around people.

  45. Fia Durhuus

    this has really helped me understand furries. i kind of needed an explanation because i've just been so confused, and most furry art i've seen has been sexualized for some reason so i've just not really liked it. but i think the main reason i think the furry fandom is weird is because of the animal-like things, like animal heads. idk there's just something about it that puts me off. but this was a pretty good video.

  46. first last

    These aren’t introverts 😂 y’all literally don’t have a clue. Pretty sad honestly.

  47. Cyndi Liang

    The first round stereotyped introverted people as socially awkward, but that’s not true. Felt sorta insulted to be honest.

  48. Noureen Fathima

    I havent even watched the whole video and im cringing sooo hard. What tf was the point for the first round?! Like really? Do people really think that introverts are awkward and shy? Introverts can be the most confident and outspoken people its just that they need time to energize by themselves. As an introvert im dissapointed

  49. UnlawfulSomethings

    Christy on the KKK hit list. Tf?

  50. heliophiIiia

    why did the voice explainging that one is a liar make it sound like asmr

  51. Space Bro

    this was a weird af episode ngl

  52. Omar Adnan

    I'm an introvert but I'm great at public speaking and i have an amazing social life it's just that most of the time I'm alone and I don't mind

  53. Deborah

    This is 15 minutes of self proclaimed introverts not knowing what introversion actually is.

  54. Rachel Queen

    this video is set up strange. why is there whispering and crickets in the background??... i am introverted but am very confident and have a pretty bubbly personality and can be outgoing when I put the energy into it. i REALLY dont like people assuming introverts are insecure and shy and whatever tf

  55. ABEL

    I'm a simple man, I see Graham in a thumbnail and i just click the video.

  56. Aliyah Alexandrea

    tay is a queen

  57. Darth Buckethead

    And this, folks, is what happens when you spend over 8 hours a day online or playing video games. You hone every skill at every second, you become very good at the areas you spend the most time in. However, you will suffer in other areas you put no time or effort into.

  58. wolfepup5

    I’m an introvert and this seemed more like social anxiety to me. I love spending time with people and having good conversations, but at the end of the day I like to have alone time to recharge. I thought Maya was the best representation of an introvert

  59. Jacob Battle

    I know she's Lesbian, but Tay became super cute when she won and became all bubbly :D

  60. Sweet Princess

    Emma was like the only true introvert everyone else's answers were things about social anxiety, not introversion

  61. Temzy17

    Nice touch with whispering the intro

  62. hannie

    everybody gangsta til they learn how much bank furry artists and fursuit creators make. Yall don't even KNOW

  63. Tony Romello

    As an introvert I'm pretty disgusted with this video. Mainly the editing.. come on. Playing crickets on the background? Our entire lives we're told that we're "too quiet, and shy, and anti-social" and you decide to make a mockery of it. Come on.

  64. Bruno

    It hurts, it truly hurt to watch this video.. The cringyness and awkwardness from listening to that flat earth gibberish is unbelievable

  65. T F-I

    I knew she was the odd man out from jump

  66. viktoriavictory

    silent round?! wtf I’m an introvert and it was kinda offensive

  67. Tyrellz

    I knew it was her the second she described herself as an introvert as the DEFINITION word by word lmao. I just knew it

  68. Allie Cat 305

    The people I know who are a part of MeToo just want people to be held accountable for their actions and thus be more aware of the things they say and do and how that may impact those around them. I found it interesting that Sydney didn't step forward when asked if the criminal justice system treated sexual assault cases fairly but then told the story of how her case was thrown out over culture differences. Does she think that was fair?

  69. Skellyfish

    Jubilee, what's up with your last 2 videos? Not cool. This one was just contributing to the incorrect stereotyping introverts and socially anxious people already face.

  70. Ryen Thomas

    I highly recommend that folks review a theory known as Spiral dynamics. Within that theory we see how society has moved through different ways of thinking throughout time. Right now, we’re entering what’s known as the Green spiral meme which believes woke is related to outward things like politics. However the yellow spiral thinking is more post POST modern, about the individual and will replace Green. Imo the first 3 who were kicked off are yellow meme and most woke. They don’t believe in absolutes, but are open to the individual defining the experience. The last 3 were as open. They obviously subscribe to a standard that was more about the “we” and pushed out the others who don’t conform to the standard by 100%.

  71. Mia Hernandez

    people are mad that this reinforces a stereotype but these are introverts? the participants acted this way... it’s not Jubilee’s fault

  72. Tommm

    1:00 *when someone in class farted and no one knows where or who it came from*

  73. joe blanco

    Poor scientists, why would they lower themselves in debating these morons. These flatearthers on the panel already see themselves as the winners because they can say they were put on the same level in a debate with scientists who have phds. It makes them feel equal maybe even superior to these scientists without actually having the intelligence or the hard earned college degrees. They should be ignored because paying attention to them only strokes their egos and debating them will never change their minds. Actually debating them only gives them the idea that they are intellectually on the level of highly educated, intelligent people.

  74. Ella Phantom

    This episode is misrepresents introverts and emphasizes the stereotypes people try so hard to dismantle.

  75. Light Artorias

    Kyle really impressed me. He genuinely made me proud.

  76. alacarteno

    woah introverts are getting offended from this and i don’t understand ?? so they misconstrued what it means to be introverted ?? how does that negatively affect introverted people in any way ?? it’s literally just a personality trait ??

  77. Kaleb Brown

    Cant trust anybody

  78. Elcin Məmmədov

    This guy is a very handsome man

  79. ninjastorm540

    LOL I feel bad for Antoine. Just like in some of the JK games I feel like he probably was staring too hard trying to find who it was and that got him out early. He may be a introvert but he is definitely super competitive in games

  80. Jd Tham

    Jkp being represented by atoine

  81. mangoes are good for you

    Honestly these just keep getting dumber and dumber

  82. DJ Craniac

    Yay same day!!!

  83. dina

    Asmr edition?

  84. WolfShow

    How I knew that it was she?

  85. haloola

    That silent round was just reactivating my social anxiety (also the asmr stuff was just weird, I didn’t like this episode) Edit: gonna have to quit this episode early because the noises are making me uncomfortable and anxious :(

  86. Layla

    Everyone else: Talking about what a introvert really is Me: Omg Antoine! (Only JK fans would understand)

  87. Lekok

    Look at all these people talking about " that's not an introvert, get it right." They seem pretty introverted to me

  88. Kareisha Jean Pierre

    Being around certain people I don’t know or don’t like makes me an introvert. I’m an extroverted introvert

  89. Nepthu

    This episode highlighted out deep-seated liberal ideology has taken hold these days.

  90. Genaro Rodriguez

    30:55 oh ok I see you putting my religion to shame 🤬🤛

  91. Mateo Banda

    I Get My Energy From Being With Alot Of People AND Being Alone. I'm Both.

  92. Lilly S

    they all just assumed that since she’s such a “pretty girl” so she couldn’t be lesbian. she’s a femme !

  93. clara oswald

    bro between the silent round, the crickets, the complete silence in the background when they're talking or voting and the asmr whispering from the voiceover i'm like.... *what*. are y'all sure you didn't make this as a joke? which introvert hurt y'all?

  94. Andrew Lanier

    That silent round had me dead 😂😂💀💀

  95. Katherina Lazarus

    BAHAHHAHA IM CRYINNGGGG the first 1 min had me dead 😭😭😭😂😂😂

  96. Catherine U

    wtf was this asmr in the beginning i almost quitted the video

  97. M MMM

    I'm shocked this deputy's department let him do this.

  98. Laura Stokes

    So are there flat Suns Mercury Mars Venus Jupiter Saturn Uranus Pluto Neptune Stars Galaxies???????

  99. Murphy

    Idk if y'all are making up your own definitions or sumn, but introversion is in fact directly linked to social awkwardness. So for all y'all saying something like "oh it means they get energy from bEiNg aLoNe," you're incorrect.

  100. coochie destroyer

    okay but being an introvert for me is that you get drained from social interaction with people, while introverts gain energy by doing so, not how long you can stay in silence 😐