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  1. Daniel

    4:29 vape god Babish

  2. Cocacola Garlic

    how do you deal with frying oil? save it? toss it? that part always stresses me out

  3. Orion Prince

    Okay but donuts fresh from the microwave are the bomb

  4. Jakanto Genie

    Well now we know what’s in chum

  5. itakru

    This is truly a refined, dignified treat.


    Saw how happy that guy was after babish blew 500 bucks in store? Lmao. "Have a nice day guys!"

  7. pieisnotreal

    I'll say the best time I had tempering chocolate was when I was in school and we had these like 10lbs slabs of baking chocolate. you could basically reserve a big chunk and then when the rest of the chocolate was melted you would use the chunk to stir the chocolate until it was melted. everytime I've seeded the chocolate got to temp before everything was melted.

  8. anonymous bosch

    8.07 seems we’re not the only ones doing a little nipple-gazing! Lol

  9. kennythek1ller

    I made this yesterday and am enjoying it today however I made the shortbread a bit too thin and the caramel a bit too think nonetheless its amazing

  10. Line Ravnsgaard

    That feeling when you have a cast iron skillet and a blender, but no oven.

  11. Loks Out

    Binging with BABEESH

  12. magicallyawesomekids

    I got an ad for Joshua Weismann right before the video

  13. Chris Brown

    6:10. Nice vocal chops! I haven't heard an outro like that since the ending to the current JoJo series! Lol

  14. LEHLucas40

    4:12 Jevil When He Hears That And Practices Enough *I C A N D O A N Y T H I N G*

  15. Veronica Sawyer

    Morimoto: You have life insurance?

  16. Dan Fedorov

    this video should be demonetized for promoting suicide

  17. Carlo Romualdez

    Ohhhh he says blue box instead of KD cause of the sponsorship

  18. TheGrimDemon

    Andrew could you have a go at making your version of Baconnaise sos? I would like to see your version of it (idea for it came from a Wetherspoons pub that I visit once in a while that serves an "Ultimate Burger / Ultimate Gourment Burger" with this sos and the sos itself is great, it's not usual style Baconnaise but one with sliced gherkins/pickles and from what I manage to taste a bits of onion)

  19. Vitu N

    Who ate all the other pancakes?

  20. mkvenner2

    The cake was a lie

  21. John Andrew O'Rourke

    If Babish had returned after 24 hours with the same shirt, I'd a been worried 🍕.

  22. A-man1998

    Why work with bananas if you're allergic??

  23. Ex Peely

    There are 3 pancake styles: The standard The crêpe The blin All very tasty

  24. Iangamz

    Make transforming rice from food wars

  25. King Peggy

    Please make Ram-Don from Parasite!!

  26. Mr X

    Return of the Mac...

  27. Engrish Muffin

    fun fact: Banoffe pie means banana coffee instead of banana toffee.

  28. Box Of Army Men Productions

    very cool its my favouite movie

  29. Martyn Sarfas

    This is truly the best and most humorous cooking video I have ever seen.

  30. Doorstep Mushroom

    your dad sounds like old podcast narrator

  31. Cole Havernick

    Wegmans squad

  32. Kelsey Lewis

    You..... You removed the foil from that one corner piece before someone ate it, right? I'm genuinely concerned now.

  33. Mikey

    Wait, each time you took duck eggs, it was from a full box!?

  34. Azharie Raemy

    heh 1000 grams,thats cute

  35. Andvir W

    Should've used the "le festin" music when you were making it

  36. Harold Gay

    He didnt put any tomato paste in the pizza sauce 😦

  37. kazutoIDK

    Make a cookie cat from Steven Universe

  38. Aditya Kshirsagar

    This is the way

  39. fake fake

    Capezzoli De venere (nipples of Venus) from Amadeus. Dying to learn how to make these

  40. Ben Nunes

    he forgot owl meat

  41. Kyle

    Babish measures a quarter cup in tablespoons? Chaotic good confirmed.

  42. Tim Sianides

    whats these first two spoons you put in there ?

  43. Melike K.

    Oh no... you forgot human meat... 😂😂😂👀

  44. lyn rose

    when he doesn't let the rice soak first...

  45. HaeiFive

    You're.. my.. little duck carbonara.. *that didn't work*

  46. chris ince

    Yeah, I’d be questioning my life decisions too if I’m tempted to make these hideous yet extremely tasty creation...

  47. Sans Pikachu

    Baby Yoda!

  48. Bartosz Piórkowski

    This looks like a huge bowl of unhealthy mess... i-i love it, it's perfect.

  49. Papa Stalin

    Why did I just get a notification this came out, I wasn't even subbed to babbish 10 months ago

  50. IronRain 15

    Who else got a food boner?

  51. Gustav Bruun Kjær

    7:57 such a cute smile haha

  52. Ryan Coulter

    Fonzie’s burger fries and choco shake milkshake from the episode where’s too afraid to go to the dentist.

  53. Eykonic YT

    I wish I could taste his creations after I watch the entire videos

  54. henk barmans

    Hol’up, he put vodka in that bitch?!

  55. Eykonic YT

    That’s not what ratatouille looks like

  56. SniffersMc

    This was probably the most wholesome episode ever. The length he went to for that dish is amazing

  57. drunkard103

    i recreated this i didn't use beer batter tho it was surprisingly good and kinda sweet would never do it again for a while tho. i could feel my arteries screaming xD

  58. KaraCarsafliGelin

    Eggs Benedict with spinach is not Florentine

  59. Kathy Kishanto

    😂so sad we couldn’t make our own chicken

  60. Striker VZ

    i think i got diabetes and it is not from the banoffee pie (by the way that pie is a sugar bulldozer)

  61. Ben Flanagan

    iv'e visited family in dubai many many times in my life and had a Shawarma two or three times a visit. but i can safely say this is not a shawarma although it does look delicious

  62. LexiLove777

    You should make some Cochinita Pibil from Once upon a time in Mexico.

  63. pixar1995

    This guy has the calmest road rage ever

  64. Noah Gignac

    i can feel my arteries exploding

  65. birdy 553

    How much bread flour for the last brownie

  66. Swede Alien

    Good job mate :)

  67. Zenobia Ai


  68. sachem31

    this is Haram City

  69. Wetnoodle


  70. うな

    7:57 spices and ingredients

  71. Cody Gates


  72. Willy 2K

    Filled burgers are called JUICY LUCY'S

  73. itsthatboy

    this is the best thing I’ve ever seen in my life no contest

  74. Anna Ross

    Its a fricking aubergine not an egg plant

  75. Okami-Rose

    I would of used Terry's chocolate Orange for this.

  76. Xander

    Carbonara primavera Try it

  77. KRÖMA -

    this looks amazing but it also looks wasefull

  78. Inferno burm

    I had this when I was in Japan at the square Enix cafe. Man that was good, but it was more like a frozen yogurt popsicle with sea salt at the end it was amazing

  79. Anaxyleri

    HowToBasic is like When you started cooking and don't know wtf you're doing and "The Binging with Babish" stage is when you finally know wtf you're doing

  80. Eddy Herrera

    So you didn't make your own stock? Amateur hour.

  81. Beary Barry

    Having a marathon with some snacks and vegetable soup so my ass wouldn't be hungry and mad.

  82. itchykami

    I pour my coffee boiling directly from the metal pan on the stove directly into the french press. If I'm feeling fancy, I'll stir it up a bit. My coffee has a thermometer allergy so we don't use them. I then let it sit for whatever time period it takes for me to remember that I was making coffee. I don't have a coffee grinder. I use my $10 Target spice grinder instead. It doesn't have coarseness settings, so I eyeball it and grind until it looks like ground coffee. My whole setup costs $25.

  83. Xavier Rack-Melton

    I just want to know how Bart didn't spill his hot chocolate rapidly getting off a tree. I can barely walk the space between my table and my kitchen without emptying half the contents of my mug on my arms and floor

  84. Filtiarin

    Dutch still needs one more bowl

  85. paperbackwriter1111

    The pronouncination ofTaboulet fucks me up.

  86. Angeline Tan

    hazelnut soup from tangled? or any of the food from food wars??

  87. MalcolmCooks

    what are these measurements in grams?

  88. Tom Badger

    Thanks Jim Gaffiagan, I just turn on this video to watch a cooking demonstration and now I've snorted tea all over myself.

  89. Jon Fox

    Shortbread is not a cookie. **cries in British*

  90. Patrick A

    Ramdon from Parasite next? 😊😊

  91. ok im done

    Babish : salt rice Asians : so you have chosen death

  92. christian murray

    Can you change your name from babish

  93. Fly 83163

    This was the chance to have a Matt Stonie and Babish cross over

  94. Like Police

    1:55 You’ve exposed the recipe!

  95. Moon Kissed

    I'm eating something with that much sugar

  96. freightliner pate

    1:26 that's how you beat your meat

  97. ふじわら明菜

    Babish make a tuna sandwich from the fast and furious.

  98. Seán McGovern

    What can I use as a substitute for cornsyrup?

  99. Burgerbeast101

    That was cringey tbh

  100. Thomas Platt

    This episode is the best argument for vegetarianism I've ever seen.