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  1. emily-sioux

    You will never tell my British brain that this is NOT a sweet Yorkshire pudding. I refuse to believe any different

  2. Blue boi Bruh

    “Enemy Stand Mixer”

  3. Ir3n3 Adl3r

    Today is the day I finally hit that subscribe button

  4. Artful Cooking with Dawn

    So underwhelming I can't stand it- the year 2000 called, it wants its styling back! Please keep more current with today's trends and aesthetic... I mean, did you ACTUALLY put a sprig of basil in the middle of your pasta? I can't

  5. Droolsial

    You could say that the ingredients were SiMpLe AnD cLeAn

  6. Concretegamer

    you should make the happy birthday cake form death stranding

  7. WhyDoPeopleUseYTInTheirYTName? YT

    Literally watched that the day it was uploaded, made to be

  8. Doge007

    no one: Babish: Makes pork medium rare The government: "wait that's illegal"

  9. mxp6466

    Couple right arrow clicks later and boom, didn't have to watch that ridiculous middle of the episode ad. Don't do that again.

  10. insane professor x zone

    When you eat ratatouille. Bring back memories as a kid😂

  11. Dylan Ulin

    Do big smokes order from Grand theft auto San Andreas

  12. Blue NovaRose

    Best pie recipe the blueberry tasted so good thank you 🥧

  13. Chris A

    the amount of pure cringe in those Philips ads was enough to make me buy one subconsciously

  14. Madeline Wallis

    I’m surprised you didn’t spend $2 million on the meal

  15. amy19902b

    These look really yummy but have you heard about savoury pies? That's the real thing and truly amazing

  16. Aaron

    I was thinking *maybe* the full size pizza ball would work if you somehow layer in more sheets of pizza dough, to create layers within the ball. Like lasagna

  17. T

    Anyone else have a weird intensity to buy that specific espresso machine? Wonder where that came from

    1. T

      I checked the price and sadly, college loans need that $800 payment more than I need that espresso machine

  18. Alexander Grace

    Looks more tall and impressive than typical fast food burgers

  19. Angelina A

    5:49 “cut the cameras..... deadass”

  20. Inèf K

    You need to cook stuff from Desperate Housewives !!! Like the pinapple upside-down cake, or the burnt and undercooked mac and cheese, there are so many options you should do a special !!!

  21. Cody Davis

    I wish all ads were that good.

  22. Oliver Coel

    I like your head

  23. Travis H.

    Best episode ever, bravo

  24. Despa Cito

    Any of y’all cry when Arthur dies He didn’t deserve to die he gives the players a real connection mostly because we have had relatives lot ourselves who has had it happen to us

  25. Christian Sanchez

    This is his best video yet IMO

  26. Kieran O'Neill

    Fucking great ads lmao

  27. Musa Aziz

    Too much plastic waste, couldn't watch beyond two minutes. A good chef does not waste a lot.

  28. Ryan Cranston


  29. Kasper Larsen

    Can you pls make Meemaws famous brisket from Young Sheldon, next time?!

    1. Nicholas Bøving

      Kasper Larsen could be fkn awensome

  30. ???

    Wait vodka heck yea

  31. Corbin Schleede

    Pecan> pumpkin

  32. Bret Draper

    This was like half commercial...

  33. PONKY

    Dropping that must have sucked. What type of plastic wrap do you use?

  34. jake moore

    Anyone hear the guitar and instantly think of you suck at cooking?

  35. GhostlordTV

    5:29 STEVE1989MREINFO!!!! Hahahahaha I lost it

  36. Aiden Gaming999!!!

    I just got your cookbook for my birthday 😃

  37. zorbratron

    I dont think the coffee machine was featured enough

  38. Derek Anderson

    You should do waffles from the old Disney short Chef Donald

  39. Jack Ermis

    Do a monster burger from spongebob

  40. ZeGypsy

    its wrong. this is not tiramisu

  41. yroohj gouy

    Babish: "We're gonna add a half a teaspoon of E X T R A C T" Me: 😮

  42. Matteo Campanella

    I saw this on my recommends and i thought "Oh boy, how is he going to piss of the Italians this week?"

    1. yroohj gouy

      5:43 I felt physical pain

  43. agorapng

    Bull testicles of course

  44. LiFE SuCKS

    the pickels turned blue becuz babish is gay

  45. Rick Gutierrez

    Corporate shill

  46. H Gru

    In my opinion I would have put the sauce on top of the hams so the bread don’t get soggy

  47. Waffle Productions

    1:54 two shots of vodka

  48. Mike Sklens

    Best cooking video ever shot in CinemaScope.

  49. Isabelle Ortega

    If thats already considered as carbonara horror wait till you see Filipino carbonara

  50. mageraine

    My soul cried when I saw the bottom drop out of that springform. ;____;

  51. DanSon352

    you forgot the egg

  52. Pizza_Rolls 12

    5:43 i felt my soul get slapped out of my body

  53. Just A Star

    Its crab meat dude not beef!!!

  54. Pluto28

    These commercial breaks are a terrible idea.

  55. Nate Watkins

    If USsel ads were as creative and funny as the ones in this video, I wouldn't skip them. If you do more ads like these, DO THEM LIKE THESE. Also, so sorry about the first tiramisu, but your voiceover had me cracking up. Love your face.

  56. Sir JAM1NATOR

    On a completely unrelated note I'm gonna buy a Philips 3200 Espresso Machine with LatteGo

  57. 8trigrammer

    Do a French omelette on a non non-stick pan, and you will have my respect until the end of days... By the way, you need to rub the French omelette with butter at the end, come on man.

  58. John Bainbridge

    But... but... is that Sea Salt... ... .. . Kosher?!

  59. Hoksworth Wipple

    This video has all the pretentious twattery of American Psycho, but sadly, none of the butchering.

  60. Brendon John Muschamp


  61. paigeotter

    Sorry, Babish, love you, but she’s terrible.

  62. bellbubsbooks

    Is it giving anyone else axsiaty the the knobbly bit in kitchen aid is nearly coming out. That *ish has happened to me before and I honestly thought my k-aid would die. Never know such true fear.

  63. Kadelo Black

    I’ll be damned if he didn’t earn that check though! My goodness is there anything you can’t sound amazing doing?

  64. Retro_WrathX13

    Steak in sunlight looks so fucking weird. *eats Gorey rare steak*

  65. EzeroxRold

    Patatas con Alioli are way better than Patatas Bravas

  66. ah ah agape

    i was gonna say, i have adblock on get rekt

  67. Brady Sikora

    In Wisconsin we say where’s my beer

  68. silverdragon61288

    Is there a reason why you didnt make the lady fingers like a flat buiscut the size of your spring form pan since you were making them from scratch anyways? Be a fun vid if you did.

  69. Warren305

    At least sear the guy first.

  70. Oginaka

    I died when he spilled the coffee at the pause screen. 😂🤣

  71. MagnetFishingKid CC

    "that is not Disgusting" The burger:💧 💧

  72. Pancake man

    holy shit he went all out on this sponsor

  73. Jack Renfrow

    Babish gonna eat him some *lady fingers*

  74. Esuom

    Blurs out the ingredient list and then tells us the ingredients

  75. Josh Heymer

    5:43 I felt physical pain

  76. dark zeratul

    better be careful Mr. Krabs might sue you for showing all the ingredients (joking) looks like you made all the food from SpongeBob except one and that is the Krabby Patty pizza

  77. ordinary thing

    the way babish says marscapone 'cheeses me off' , im italian and it just makes me cringe

  78. Yami Royale

    Hey Babish, looks like there's a bit of sponsorship interrupting your video.

  79. Katelin Palmer

    You make me hungry!

  80. SmellFunky408

    If youtubers made their own ads like this, I wouldn't skip.

  81. Jordyn Larkins

    This video.... No, no YOU are amazing!

  82. Angel _

    🤣🤣When he threw the coffee on the balcony🤣🤣, the longing looks while singing, Well done Babish. Well done. Oh and the tiramisu looked great too!

  83. Waffle Productions

    You made mini grilled cheeses

  84. Brandon Torres

    Make the giant cup of hot chocolate from ICarly

  85. The Saminater

    _huh, i could really go for some keurig coffee right now_

  86. MCPhatman

    That drop physically hurt me...Here's a like on me!

  87. Isaac Wide

    You ripped this from the Simpsons real original🙄

  88. The Saminater

    _sponsored by keurig_

  89. Gopnik

    Soo babish when you getting a sponsor

  90. öyvind wahlström

    Please! For the love of god, make the lemon marengue pie from fear and loathing in las vegas!


    I love superbad

  92. Richard Boyle

    that ad was an epic ad

  93. The Real Dirty Dan

    How long did it take him to make this whole video... the world may never know!

  94. Angelika Jäger

    Montréal is the other bagel paradise


    More like 'Busy with Babish' am I right?

  96. Oof It gacha

    who is here from Italianclub

  97. Jun Bug

    Feels like I missed a message somewhere in there.

  98. goblinoid

    These two are boning. There's no way these two are not boning.

  99. Brandon Grant

    Brah he makes his own commercial brands step ya bread up 😂😂😂😂

  100. Jonatan Fröberg

    0:44 lovely pronunciation