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  1. Happy Hufflepuff

    I love Hook!!! I miss Robin Williams. He was a good man

  2. Drew Horner

    I loved the absolute commitment! Glad you guys are doing OK. Thanks for brightening my day.

  3. Javen Samuel

    Damn kenan and Kel really saved babish from the corona virus life is weird.

  4. Sugarcane Baby

    You are exceptionally good at pantomime. And perfectly unraveling plastic wrap.

  5. 1ngenious

    Did I just watch a guy pretend to make a cheesecake for 6 and a half minutes?

  6. TaurusLife

    My favorite food to make

  7. Theselectedworks

    My whole heart is exploding and my face hurts from smiling. Thank you so much for this and may I say that I think Robin Williams would have loved this.

  8. Adrian herrera

    Only children can see the food in the beginning of the video

  9. Yamilett Ramirez

    The editing was cool

  10. Ismail Rhedhbane

    2:18 “into the corners of the pie plate” ok corners of the round place yeah okay

  11. SharktopusMilk

    The bread is all wrong. The iconic moment of this episode is that Liz two-bites her entire sandwich. The bread is clearly a super soft, pillowy roll - a fact that is confirmed by Tina Fey in the commentary track of the episode. I appreciate everything you do, and I love this series! But I have to stand up for the integrity of the 30 Rock Teamster Sandwich.

  12. Blight VonDrake

    So good to hear you're recovering, dude!

  13. Uritur Infelix

    Looks like the Emperor's new pie.

  14. FuzeQ 32

    I think the quarantine is getting to Babish’s head. Going a little cuckoo, if you catch my drift.

  15. Andophonyc

    3:55 If you're a vegetarian that's opposed to eggs, too bad because the gelatin is animal bits. C'mon, Andy. You know better than that.

  16. Wayne Joker

    whos here watching during quarantine?

  17. Daddy demonetisation Sama

    Deadass I thought I couldn’t see the ingredients in the first part 💀

  18. Dread Halfling 9

    This is why im subscribed, so why would i skip?

  19. Uhuk Man

    How abouth human meat??

  20. Sharla-Rose

    I made beignets because I never had them before. But they were quite bland tbh I'm just wondering if I did it wrong

  21. Vashti Riesenweber

    Imagine not know what he was doing and then walking into the kitchen

  22. gabrielle.s

    i'm high as fuck and i thought i was hallucinating for the first few minutes jesus christ

  23. Isaac Salvador

    hey what’s up guys, welcome back to bing bong with bang bang

  24. Bad Jimmy Stewart

    commit to the bit

  25. Amanda Rae

    This is one of the greatest things I've watched on the internet in ages. :)

  26. Cheren Kov

    Plot twist: He did the audio first

  27. Nicholas Haupt

    Oh my god thank you! This has been my favorite food in any film or show EVER and I watched it just the other day only because of that scene!

  28. Gwyn Baker

    The absolute commitment put into this episode is astounding. 12/10

  29. Tristan Alfi25

    Me read title Five minutes later : crying with babish

  30. Pricey Is Icey

    Afrikan kids be like

  31. Cucumber Watermelon

    April foooolllssss

  32. The minecraft/ Nightcore person

    Can you plaese make the dalgona coffee

  33. Basic Animations

    Do soy people from adventure time

  34. Purple Plum

    Instructions unclear, my imagination made the dough into a dog

  35. Giorne Manson

    Legit so proud of how successful your channel has become. Seriously one of the best channels on USsel!

  36. Joseph Ciaccio

    Glad to see you are feeling better!

  37. ZeV :P

    Im so mad it took me a full minute to realize there was nothing there

  38. Marche Royale

    He’s lost it. Like I have. I sit in my room rocking back and forth.

  39. Lynden Tullier

    This video honestly made my night

  40. Yuzuki Karai

    So glad you're feeling better!

  41. Oleg Loshkin

    ... is he turning into howtobasic?

  42. Julienne Albus

    So good to see you back, Andrew! Been praying for you. Loved this video, thanks for being you.

  43. MoonTrooper258 aa

    Your broke-ass cooking while in quarantine:

  44. Maria Kyle

    This is genius

  45. Ray Caster

    But how did it taste?

  46. Daniel Hertzler

    Ah that was fun....for about 15 seconds lol...

  47. Andrew Beduhn

    This isn’t how to make cheesecake pie Its how long can babish keep up this bit And wow you did not disappoint

  48. Anthony M831

    O I’m not even a subscriber and only saw the thumbnail and I know this is the shit🤟🏼🤟🏼🤟🏼Sick!!Throwin it way back..looks bomb

  49. Denver Suttie

    They're so cute together

  50. Toast Fairy

    Error 404: Ingredients not found.

  51. Psychevexation

    I miss this show soooooooo much 😔❤️

  52. Kiel Lamar

    This is the most absurd video, and I love it.

  53. dogables

    Glad you guys are on the starting to feel. Better thanks for this bit of childhood nostalgia. Hook was one of my favorite movies as a child. My dog's name is Ruffus and my dad always calls him Ruffio Ruffio.

  54. Log Nature

    WHITE WINE?!?! *Adam ragusea intensifies*

  55. Alex Snow

    Would be cool if Robin could have watched this. Caught myself hoping someone would tell him....*heavy sigh*

  56. Gee Whiz

    Very creative! We stan 👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿💕

  57. Rudy Santos

    BARBARIC?! The Kristy Krab is based on a Crab trap

  58. Daniel

    Almost in time for April Fool's

  59. Jason Keats

    "stick around after the commercial break." *exactly one second of black later* "alright so now we.."

  60. -Little Bunnie-

    him: cuts bunny me: grabs my bunny and cry’s

  61. anxious al

    i was disappointed that he did not pose at the end.

  62. Whatchu Lookinat

    he makes an ad tolerable and worth watching

  63. Nathan Douglas

    youre a madman

  64. Hector Cano Parizot

    I’m Mexican, I just had a panic attack because of this coronavirus shit. My dad is 64 and that is the major trigger for me. I’m just glad that you’re recovering and fine. My best wishes

  65. Ryan Williams

    im 2 minutes in and Im almost crying I needed this

  66. Commissioner Badgeface

    Bruh did the avatar kid eat bubble wrap?

  67. Kevin Heslip

    Gotta admit, I’m on an edible right now and it took me until 1:12 to realize what was going on.

  68. john Cunningham

    this is absolutely amazing thank you sir

  69. R a m i n

    thought i was tripping when i didn’t see any ingredients until i realized it was imaginary 😂

  70. The16th Hack

    Isn’t April fools tomorrow?

  71. Mozzarella Stix

    Gold leaf is cheap on amazon

  72. LynleyLooBird

    You and Jess are probably my favorite humans

  73. B Raw

    I just want you to use and therefore have to say the "Saucep'n"

  74. CandiLain

    This made me so ridiculously happy. Perfect episode. 10/10

  75. Adam Reinhard

    what was that vapor shooting off the stand mixer o,o

  76. Jessica B

    I will make the last one 😍omg

  77. dylan barrett

    Did i just finish watching babish pretend to make a pie? Yes. Did i enjoy it ? Most definitely!

  78. Kristin Grossman

    Is no one talking about how he used to say saucepan but now says saucepin?

  79. İlker Şahin

    Is puff pastry same as mill feuilles

  80. BeaDapper

    babish is too good at pretending to make pie

  81. Eliel Navarrete

    Do big smoke’s order from GTA San Andreas

  82. kay oss

    It’s a krabby patty, where’s the crab?

  83. princephrog

    His imaginary execution was really impresssive.

  84. YamiPoyo

    was working while listening to the audio had no idea for 6 mins he was doing nothing i noticed when it started in my mind a replay lol

  85. Tbone 1337

    Miming with babish

  86. TheRuuchanchannel

    I am glad you are feeling better this was an awesome episode.

  87. XFERD

    Sorry babish....gotta disagree with your assessment. In the is food.. What the food is not something that a sea creature would care about That is normally just a human inhibition I have spent many hours fishing in the sea for fish using the fish I was seeking as cut bait No species had ever shown the slightest remorse for eating parts of their own kind aka ..cannabalism

  88. Sebastian Crow

    Hey i think a video on the food from avatar the last air bender would be kinda cool, or at least the cakes you see monk gyatzo and aang throw !

  89. IcingOnThe Cake


  90. Victoria

    is there a substitude for sherry?

  91. WeekzGod

    The cheese is under the lettuce in the pic

  92. John Benedict Quizon

    is it april

  93. Grimcatnip CatnipGames

    I watched this entire thing.

  94. Shatha

    I thought it was gonna end much faster but he kept going

  95. Paul Wagner

    Chiffonade the basil and you can have a layer without the hassles of uncut basil leaves

  96. Mathieu Gaming

    Is this a April fool's vid XD

  97. Lanchi Le

    gelatin isn't vegetarian friendly :(

  98. amit verma

    The dude looks much better without hair ngl

  99. hjsclem12

    I don’t think I’ve ever commented on a USsel video before. But I gotta tell you, I am high as shit watching this and am dying laughing from your ability to commit to not being able to see the food! Thank you for your service!

  100. The return Of Big NiBBA

    Little did we know this was an April fool’s prank