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  1. Harry Pothead

    Bong Joon Ho should join DCEU😊Anyone else agree?

  2. Parag Gupta

    Funny, how the gender-reversed version of this would have a very different tone. Would still be funny.

  3. Just Somebody

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 2:00

  4. Sudarshan Poudel

    Instead of rich he pronounce LEECH and that summarize the Richs perfectly.

  5. Capitanul

    3:32 I think he’s dead.

  6. AnonymousAssEater

    This guy: *comes into studio to film video* The police waiting outside with an arrest warrant: ussel.info/video/video/q2a9aamLmWaAZ6s.html

  7. Midnight Fandoms

    This is the first time watching that Love Actually clip after watching The Walking Dead riCK WHAT ARE YOU DOING 😂

  8. Heyo Zup

    Great movie, great story.... I love how they portrayed everyone's character

  9. Ro/mina

    i wouldnt mind this being 30 minutes if she just got to talk more about Closer and Annihilation

  10. Kevin Lindegren IMYRKEEDAT19 363TEGY

    FoRmEr TeRrOriSt ReViEwS FaMoUs TeRroRist MoViEs

  11. Nikhita 2809

    I see andrew, i click

  12. Marion H

    Galella should have had his knees broken...what a low life.

  13. Karim

    Jesse is Walter's illegitimate child. That's why he also shows so many dad complexes

  14. armen 05/12/66

    Henry cavill wasn’t bad as superman that costume was bullocks and the movie was rubbish

  15. Ruby Marygold

    after this video Skeet realises how dumb and confusing the plot lines of Riverdale is

  16. Chaitanya Random

    That blue tongued skink was the one that bite brave wilderness

  17. Minjung Chae

    둘중 하나는 씨지처리 한거 같음

  18. HorrorCult

    I appreciate the nod towards Cirque Du Freak. I know that movie was god awful, but I still loved his role. for anyone who doesn't know it's a circus movie, but they absolutely obliterated it and was nothing close to the books.

  19. Landen Matthews

    Billie is actually the happiest person on the outside but on the inside she's depressed and its sad

  20. TheJjcczz

    There’s such a big disconnect here with the voice it makes the whole video really weird

  21. Night Knight

    is this Walter White ?

  22. Rob Holt

    did i miss inside man?

  23. yareth_lucioXD

    I saw this movie in pure korean and I barely know any korean like jgkskgjsn but I really liked it anyway even though I understood like 2% of what they said but the movie made sense to me :3

  24. PresidentialWinner

    10:30 you know the trailer for Kong did this in a way that was completely amazing. The reload, shooting and the rest of the sound effects in that trailer was just spot on. No one has done it better what she is talking about

  25. Junior Mechanica

    I misread this as ' Willem Dafoe Breaks Down In His Career'. Oh mercy, I was so ready to click the video.

  26. latinumbavariae

    The real Stainless Steel Rat.

  27. Junior Mechanica

    I'm somewhat of a scientist myself.

  28. Auro 82

    “Keira is just a babe” Emilia I love you so much😭💖

  29. manik anand

    David Puddy

  30. WaerssLive

    I had to take this guys class when I was 16 this is crazy seeing him here

  31. sombrance


  32. Butleration

    Joker. Joker. Joker

  33. James Ritz

    They both suck

  34. Максим Борисов

    - Мe fail english? That's unpossible =) Either Yeardley Smith has an excellent memory, either she a genius of prep. Both are acceptable.

  35. zammmerjammer

    I'm Jamaican-Canadian AND I live in Toronto. No idea what this person is talking about in this video.

  36. Xorn

    Hard to believe he had to fight for Green Goblin. He was a perfect pick just like he was perfect pick for Ryuk.

  37. Duane Quek

    He looks like AHS 80s Mr Jingles

  38. Swastik Swarup Das

    i think all the urdu slangs are also Hindi slangs.

  39. In A Minute Animations

    Ok cool but where is the Pontiac bandit?

  40. everybodylovesdevin

    How would one say, "Hello young Vietnamese man, may I have your two cases of beer?" in this Boston slang?

  41. bigjohn697791

    Messages in Southern Ireland 🇮🇪 too

  42. Severed_J Edwards

    Die Hard is the best Christmas film.....

  43. Dillan Sims

    The way he said Spiderman after they showed the first scene, it's like it was in the movie 🤔🤔

  44. Christopher Armstrong

    I’ve said it before, and will say it many times again - Bear for James Bond!

  45. Lopezg2

    I didn't even watch jackass seriously but this is amazing

  46. Music is my Love

    The ending got me

  47. milk

    How’s joker?

  48. Yash

    A minute's silence for those comic book fanboys who only see marvel movies who think joker should get best picture over this movie

  49. Thelise Moore

    Bill Hader was always my favorite SNL cast member, and this is proof

  50. Oscar C

    U forgot sheeshhhh

  51. Taters

    Where TF was Mr. Beans Holiday

  52. Calming Cakes

    I hope tom kenny is staring in the 2020 spongeb9b movie

  53. Hank J. Wimbleton

    Met him once after a show. Him and Teller just hung around and met with people, taking pictures and signing stuff, which is just an awesome thing to do because it means a lot to fans.

  54. Morgan C. Paige

    Why did I tear up when she asked if he thought their kids loved her mom more than her?! She bit her lip a little like deep down in her soul she was actually worried about it, awww honey you are their WORLD.

  55. Jason Dullow

    STOP MAKING TRAILERS!!! You are ruining movies!!!!!!

  56. Adam Mercer

    Love some magic. Love Penn and Teller

  57. gilgandra75

    What about "Triumph of the Spirit"...!!!

  58. dudebro

    The insane scene towards the end had my heart beating out of my neck. Intense. An absolute masterpiece of a movie.

  59. Warr Toast _


  60. Jyotirmaya Mallick

    She's really a very brave girl

  61. Enjo Servanez

    Willem Dafoe is such a sweet person, been a fan since Platoon

  62. Miles Lamden

    Something about her is really off putting

  63. Jade Fitzgerald

    I'd pay to see Lin forget his own lyrics... that just seems hilarious to me

  64. EliteSalvi

    She probably shows the whole movie. Ehh

  65. Run Platypus

    He played a major character in Beyond Two Souls by Quantic Dream. It's a video game.

  66. 『Lєlσυcн Vι ƁяιтαηηιαTM』 Ƭнє Immσятαl Dҽɱσɳ Eɱρҽɾσɾ

    He loved anti Christ as he got to bang a girl on it

  67. Mike Bush

    Make this when she falls off

  68. Ahalya Bandaru from Stmarys

    Not only her words .. but the background music makes it even sadder .... Godd..!!! Just a minute ago I was cheerful listening to some music having skipped the day's college ... Etc etc.. but when it came to the video .. I was stuck .. i really feel very sad ....😢

  69. Crappy_Ponies

    The FBI just testing how famous people act.

  70. Sercio

    My father was an armed robber at one point in his life and he gets genuinely offended if he's called a thief or burglar. The dude saying that he wasn't a thief but a robber really reminded me of this.

  71. J.T. Buttar

    So the cat is basically Jeff Goldblum

  72. Taylor Fausett

    "I've succumb to my addiction to my phone." Lol!

  73. El Tristé

    Margot Robbie really is one of finest out there!

  74. Dahlgren Data

    He made Platoon watchable - the character clash of Barnes and Elias was pretty powerful - i generally dont like directors that shamelessly try to push a broken narrative (Stone is one of the worst for this), Boondock Saints was a fun watch, Liked him as the villain in Spiderman.....When i see his name on the cast list of a movie i havent seen, its a deciding factor whether i give the movie a chance or not.

  75. supacoolkatz

    “ Did you like season 8”? Emilia “ aight imma head out”

  76. Preston Babey

    “I don’t condone crime” waits for the click “now here’s how you do it”

  77. Stoil Alex

    Some vodka required.

  78. Chris

    lewd thumbnail

  79. Anahat Sandhu

    why was john questioned way more than chrissy lmao

  80. SpywareEverywhere

    There are s few. But not many.

  81. Maya Kahlo

    It’s hard to realise they are the same person 😂

  82. musiclover

    Bruh how many hours does she sleep?

  83. musiclover

    I can't look at JLO without thinking about her in South Park lmao

  84. ElHandi 18.7

    Amazing Actor. THE NEXT JOKER.

  85. Karen Jewell

    She is ridiculously stunning 💜

  86. Ronan Helvey

    I love bong joonho!!!

  87. TheEpicGypsy

    An unrealistic faked 'survivalist' rating how *realistic* survival movies are... ...I mean, am i the only guy that sees the irony?

  88. MGR1900

    This is a brilliant film that will become a classic but not now, kind of like the Shawshank Redemption.

  89. Bruce Banner

    Siempre lo quise ver como el Joker :'/

  90. Bless Gillette

    Why did these stop

  91. Victoria Durrett

    Wait why are some profiles blurred out?

  92. Hong Drawing

    The Best jesus ever to me, one of my top 10 actors

  93. Malik James

    He really could’ve been joker🤦🏾‍♂️I could really see it

  94. Graphic

    The only thing missing here is the snake cup with cens**ed written underneath

  95. Anthony Brinkley

    I saw his show at the Rio in Las Vegas twice. Fun show, good showmanship

  96. Daniel Higgs

    U7877 7

  97. Lee SaeThao

    Needa watch this. I'd prolly watch it when its released on bluray

  98. AirBorneStaZ AG

    I thought there was gonna be a Billie Eilish Part 3

  99. II II

    Too bad Simpsons is so awful now... :-/

  100. Nlght188

    Uhh, john wick????