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  1. c unt

    what about john wick?? dude was great in that

  2. Virgil Rose

    “[Jebus is] what Homer calls Jesus, because nothing is sacred on our show.”

  3. Lexa Donnelly

    Those are almost all such general Southernisms 🤣🤣🤣🤣 I think there’s a country album called God Willin’ And The Creek Don’t Rise, but I heard it so much growing up-almost always on my cousin’s farm 😂

  4. logan ogilvie

    I would love to be an actor

  5. Pinkie Love

    see we all get old.

  6. my many names

    he will go down in history

  7. emrie murphy

    Cheryl: 2 4 6 8 why does everyone think im straight

  8. racer exile

    can ya FEEL It...!!!?!

  9. M Pendleton

    So charming

  10. Omitted

    I trained my girl with a squeaky piggy toy. She loves the thing I need to get her a new one.

  11. iLeon4k

    She sounds like Bart without doing the voice 😅 wow

  12. Darko

    Cant trust you Went fed

  13. Luna Roja

    Dang that free fall was crazy!!!!!

  14. Brendan Sánchez Bishop

    Omg, I keep hearing Puss in boots, this is hilarious

  15. Kainoa Askerlund

    Lmao, he basically dismissed every theory except the craziest one

  16. Samantha O'Dea

    Personally, Can't say I like it when she swears.

  17. Jessica Chadwick

    Is it me or is Billie voice is becoming more softer? (And it’s beautiful)

  18. Nashanta Stanley

    Probably don't have veneers on

  19. EVER 957.000

    *Guy in impression 2 trying to do Spongebob's voice* *Deadpool tattoo on his guns* *has flashbacks to CBB* *WELL WHAT A COINCIDENCE*

  20. Biggie Cheese

    bro i miss the old spongebob, it's so bad now.

  21. Peppers4 zeze

    I literally didn't spect much of him, but god he's talented

  22. Yasser Boumediane

    They all look like a weird version of their cartoon characters (main character in the case of nick)

  23. Galactic MoonS

    now I wanna watch spongebob-

  24. Rafael Garcia

    This is literally the greatest video I've ever seen.

  25. Zhareena Cathelea

    it's " CGI " . Thanks for many likes . Ulol

  26. Canal Sr Flash ツ


  27. Jhester Dungo

    Why do u have no collar or u have one I don’t know I can’t see umneck

  28. nahuel

    I like the intention of the video but it's kinda dumb. Of course fiction's gonna have inaccuracies. Otherwise it would be a pretty dull scene.

  29. MGX909


  30. Kay Harris

    If your a true twilight fan then you have read the books. I’m saying this because in the books Isabella Swan(Cullen) is a plain simple girl that Edward fell in love with instead of if me. But anyways that’s EXACTLY how she played and slayed her role. And that’s on what ladies?? PERIOD!!

  31. lPZmatic mania

    Don't know about the last guy... the thumb... looks more like a hitman mobster with a don't talk to me all business attitude loaded with money but lives in a small place doesn't flaunt or buy anything fancy probably picks up a prostitutes every night and does hard drugs to forget the murders he commits daily

  32. Tamanique Franklin

    So love this show and all its characters. Can't wait for season 4

  33. Sunshine4

    No one is talking about the hair helmet girl?

  34. Ew SteppingPoop

    This is literally the definition of cringe

  35. Chry. .salxms

    Is it bad that I know all of these

  36. Anime Lives On In My Heart

    Billie Eilish is just a beautiful cool awesome person

    1. Traneice Proctor


  37. Samantha Ford

    Omg her laugh at 8:23 is GOLD I love it! this lady is wonderful! Bless her with long years and happiness ❤️

  38. Yorzen Gaming

    90's: 2020: ITS A GIRL?!

  39. LapisGoBlue

    he has a lot of confidence now

  40. Gacha_ Wølf

    0:17 Iconic moment Lili - ' I dont want to see it like that '

  41. Outrageous Dreamer

    I am soooo excited for this year

  42. Epically Awesome Gamers

    Does anyone else find it ironic that she only plays boys?

  43. Nick Bro 97 Perales

    I really really wish he was my uncle

  44. Cheyenne’s Days

    Casey: You guys have nice lips Madeline: thanks Cole: What about mine Casey: There fine

  45. Luis Lopez

    Oprah thank you so goddamned much

  46. Samantha Rose

    Waiting for October 19,2020! 😊

    1. Traneice Proctor

      Hopefully not via zoom🤣

  47. Damo 007

    Oh she sang(Lisa its your Birthday) Happy Birthday Lisa ! Michael Jackson wrote that for 'Mad Dad' and they Dropped it ! MJ is Innocent and it's a DISGRACE that they Censored that Episode out ! That's why MJ Fans will NOT be subscribing to Disney +

  48. Shaine Alferez

    Kristen Bell ❤️

  49. Beatrice the theatre geek

    The first guys shout was actually close to it, but the rest of them weren't..great.

  50. Khola Modi

    Best friends goals!!!



  52. Liezl G

    Taika Waititi is quite handsome

  53. Sealborg

    Nancy Cartwright is a devout Scientologist

  54. ʞuıԀ D҉i҉a҉m҉o҉n҉d҉s҉

    Talented but stereotypical smh

  55. Hellbound Wolf420

    Jesus bro, this dude was destined to be a voice actor.

  56. Daniel Ochoa

    I loved it

  57. SynestheticAsylum

    Man she talks with her hands a lot Like a robot

  58. Pessoa '-'

    Basically jojo characters

  59. Matthew Porter

    I'm surprised David Heinemeier Hansson isn't in the comments rage defending Ruby on Rails

  60. Let's be Honest Official

    2:39 Thank f*ck he did holy sh*t

  61. Gustavo Gonzalez

    🎉 🇲🇽

  62. Anna Adkins

    My mom just told me I should watch gravity cause it’s good lmaoooo

  63. Mr.Flare

    Wasn’t he on word girl

  64. agaragar21

    Amazinggg !!!

  65. My Harry Lauv and Niall

    I’m Scottish and I love watching these coz they’re proper funny 😂

  66. Thee Jr Austin Podcast

    It kinda makes me a little nervous how calm he is. Lol!! Love Mark Wahlberg!

  67. Akhter Syeda

    She has the most gorgeous eyes

    1. Traneice Proctor


  68. joebro391

    Congratulations. You showed how to ruin a film with CGI while trying to copy its far-superior predecessor

  69. Jem's Stories

    Chamba in filipino means you got lucky

  70. Aaron Carroll

    LoL 😂

  71. Bexx Chin

    Kumail... bae

  72. Peri Pari

    okay so hear me out .... she look like white beyoncé

  73. yung_ jer

    Wait.. wasn't he British?

  74. David C.

    Magic Conch: “Nothing”

  75. Caroliné Gordon.

    I see cnco has lots of fans English speakers

  76. George the boi

    1:07 usin this for later

  77. Kurotekken

    The old man was OP. Did not expect that.

  78. Metacognition88

    I have never watched a reviewer dump on so many movies I enjoyed but still loved it.

  79. Chloe Stokes

    Gosh I’ve always wanted to go to space but what he said at the end made me want it so much more… too bad I’m not clever enough

  80. edbEduard

    70's were weird man

  81. Rachel

    You have to be in really deep with the John Mulaney & Bill header fandom to understand why John's joke at the end is so iconic."Who had more #1 hits than any female vocalist? The answer...Mariah Carey."

  82. lydia Verte

    Omaha Nebraska?

  83. Chico Cardenas

    "Praise Jebus" 🤣

  84. Jacob Williams

    The girl that does the second Chuckie impersonation. I've seen her other videos and her Chuckie is so similar to her real speaking voice so, it's like she's not really putting on an accent at all

  85. ALice Carl xvi Gustaf

    It is him Alexander skarsgard

  86. Tom1996

    “Wow, you can tell she’s having fun” is a legendary burn.

  87. Yung King

    6:50 is killing me

  88. ALice Carl xvi Gustaf

    My husband woman iam not here


    Whenever i see MGK i see tommy lee

  90. Grenville Nash

    They always forget to do the Right Stuff :(

  91. Elijah Peterson


    1. Elijah Peterson

      and who is thumbs downing this video lol???

  92. Magical Megan

    My mind is still blown that she is close to Jojo Siwa's age....like omg.

  93. Tama Samoa

    He looks great

  94. Straw Hat

    He needs to be the voice for ODEN!! The man who was born...

  95. A crazy cat Animations

    😁 I love your voice

  96. Mud Man

    Yo on this subject, he's got a huge schwang

  97. marley goodfellow

    I’m disappointed that a 10 year old boy doesn't do the voice acting for bart simpson

  98. Tiara Nichols

    The chain omg....

  99. Stephanie Omwenga

    david is literally a child😭😭