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  1. Muhammet Efe

    Don't click this.

  2. Alexander Dingle

    Sony is dead. Ugly design.

  3. jessica gutierrez

    Planning to buy this phone today!upgrade from my s7 edge 3yrs of using.

  4. gamemästö

    Erst mal Sony werbung

  5. Raiden Catcheway

    I have a iPhone XR right now but it is black

  6. IDFK

    please saf all i asking for is ID social security number credit card and family please you are my hope don't break my hope

  7. Iain Stevenson

    You think they will be a fold 2. Or this is the only foldable of the year?

  8. Wasim Khan

    Samsung lover's


    From jerryrigeverything


    Samsung mis leading the glass claims as it scratches from pic 1

  11. TimmyK916

    Where are the photo comparison for this phone??

  12. DEATH

    I would definitely take the fold

  13. Story wa

    for shared S20 or Note 10 because is able to buy me HHHH

  14. Keanu Alexander

    iPhone XS Max far better , there is a reason a xs max used is the same price as the s10 plus new . Specs aren’t everything, s10 will last u like 6 months lol

  15. burro romo


  16. Scarlet wizard

    The notch is old now,come on

  17. A Hùng Và Những Người Bạn - Real Glass Cover by plastic screen protect layer

  18. Mitchu Choden


  19. Luiz Santez


  20. Mike lucas

    that screen is fuckin plastic, samsung scams the market by saying its a glass! better then motorola razer

  21. Tsemm NL


  22. Fathimath Ali

    please give me samsung s20 ultra when it comes. I hope you don't let me down.

  23. Avinash Kisseur

    Which of the three S20 devices would you recommend?

  24. Asif Sayed

    Other _ waiting for s20 Me _ mi 10 pro waiting ♥️

  25. Asif Sayed

    Mi 10 pro . S20ultra and iPhone 11 pro comparison

  26. Norbert Mayer

    It’s good that you mention UFS 3.0 at 8:09. But you don’t mention that iPhone has superior nvme. I thought this was supposed to be an unbiased vs video.

  27. Norbert Mayer

    Funny how all phones are compared to iPhone. Says something about which is considered to be the benchmark.

  28. Joal Blo

    Supersaf, why are you all doing these comparison videos still? People who buy iPhones aren't going to buy an Android phone and vice versa. I think in 2020 these videos are pointless. Two different phones for different people... Just saying🤷🏾‍♂️

  29. Ruel Wright

    Who here knows how to transfer money from PayPal to your personal account please??

  30. Ruel Wright

    Do a video on galaxy a20

  31. the0master200

    Guys, if I buy a phone off of amazon and then use the phone in another country, will I run into issues?

  32. the0master200

    Serious question, i have s9+ and I am finding that it fulfills all my needs. I use it to chat people on whatsapp, watch youtube and play some casual games here and there. I also take some notes and use it to share pictures related to my work mainly using cam scanner and other apps. And it is still new for me since i had it for a year only. The question is, for someone like me who really doesn't care about cameras, like, at all. I hardly ever care about taking pictures and i don't really bother too much with the quality after taking the pictures. I find the s9+ to take wonderful pictures in my standards, in any case, should I get note 10 or s20 ultra? I think the pen would be useful to me, and I like the squared shape instead of the usual round shape that i had since my s7 edge. So i need anybody's opinion on this.

    1. the0master200

      Or should i save even more money and just go note 9+

  33. chad Baca

    Samsung is number one than i phone

  34. Fred

    Galaxy flip doesn't have glass. Do a simple scratch test...

  35. Sal -El

    It`s sad that you pay that amount of money and not get best charger for the phone :/

  36. Aman Deep

    Samsung s20 ultra


    Giveaway it to me bro

  38. S L

    Who in here owns the Galaxy Fold? I have one and I'm gonna pass all the S20 line and Z Flip and wait for the proper Fold 2.

  39. first on first

    متابعين التكنولوجيا العرب لايك 👍

  40. HomerJ Simpson

    Isnt a glass its plastic ...... such a shit watch others youtubers reviews ....

  41. Pedro Jorge It's not glass :(

  42. Yoyok Life

    so, what is your answer? when iphone always looks warm, why is in this picts comparison, iphone looks cooler?

  43. juanito allan Marcos Jr.

    jerryrigeverything durability test showed that the screen is not glass, it scratches at level 2 and 3 like plastic.

  44. Dyl Apple

    I’m an Apple sheep and admire Samsung but I don’t like there phones much, but this phone is impressive and I think I’m gonna have to try to maybe save up all of my money and maybe I’ll be able to get one as a back up phone in a year or two

  45. isayan4u

    70% of people waiting for price cut....😅😅😅

  46. Jessey Games

    My Note 10 + white is great 💪💪💪, I would like to see more videos comparing with Samsung Galaxy S20 ultra

  47. Alauddin hossain

    33000 mah battery, 🤣🤣😝😝 Never mind they are human too Love you supersaf Love from India 🇮🇳

  48. Distressed Mystery

    Anyone watching on your s8+ Me :)

  49. Ktri Gaurav

    My wallet 😢😢😢😢

  50. Antonio Toni

    I used to have Samsung at freeze all the time Samsung still doesn’t have the smooth software that iPhone has.they never updates ther phone Samsung is trying hard but is never going to be like n iPhone that is a fact.

  51. youknow978

    iPhone se is affected as well

  52. Luk

    Lol dont ask girl what phone their like, all girl will choose apple

  53. Ikhwanul Hafizi bin Musa

    I hope new version of Samsung Fold come with S Pen. Imagine a bigger screen to write your note or drawing

  54. Bijendra Parmar

    S20 ultra jas 2x more stronger material than aluminium

  55. Randomness

    Damn Samsung copying again

  56. Avi Ramesh

    really? amazing people out there.

  57. Bijendra Parmar

    *iPhone is wrecked*

  58. memoktc

    I hope s10 can get the new single take mode. Supersaf can u ask Samsung to fit the update in?

  59. cheon jae

    smart phone users should accept that Samsung releases great phones nowadays

  60. Sky Lee

    @SuperSaf, we're waiting for the camera and video test :)

  61. Vladimir Derun

    Thanks for a great review!!

  62. Shelly Kucskar

    I’m happy with my iPhone 11. I also have the galaxy s9+ and I love that phone also.

  63. Scott Rudon

    In all honesty, I actually don't mind the lack of a headphone jack, I charge my phones wirelessly anyway so I'm always using the USB-C port for my headphones. 🤷🏾‍♂️

  64. Rahul Pradhan

    What is it's screen to body ratio.....????? Please let me know.....!!!!!

  65. KESHAV G

    Pixel is boss

  66. niloy rahman

    U have become soooo lazy

  67. M2M ...

    Please stop comparing the futuristic Smartphones with the historic apple phones

  68. King

    Samsung brings out too many damn phones. Note 10 plus just came out in August. Now here's another phone they're pushing hust 5 months later. That's one thing I liked about Apple used iPhones. You had one phone you picked for the year and that was it.

  69. Golden Giveaways

    I’m giving away a Samsung galaxy z flip! (Free and reliable) 🎁😝

  70. AyyanBeast Raix

    Apple goes in Samsung store do feel like I’m getting a virus

  71. Shabbir Khan

    Samsung Galaxy Note+ comes as a king

  72. Brett Davis

    Does this have a 120 hz display?

  73. Rayon Williams sports tv

    Endless money pit .. when you plan to upgrade a next one roll out .

  74. Debra Dukes

    Saf I was waiting for this even though I really like both but the geek in me really knows but to me they are both Awesome devices.Thanks so much for sharing Deb 👌👍✌

  75. Keb8907

    They fold glass because it's not glass lol. I have the fold and flip only feels better but still scratches just as easy. I love the fold and have no regrets

  76. Thejelanimiller TJM

    Can I get one

  77. Wonder Pam

    How much?

  78. Blue Guy

    SuperSaf: Galaxy Fold Enobong: Galaxy Fold David: Galaxy Fold Khalifa: Galaxy Fold and iPhone 11 Pro Jenna: iPhone 11 Pro Jon: iPhone 11 Pro Ashwin: iPhone 11 iJustine: iPhone 11 Pro Austin: OnePlus 7T Marques: OnePlus 7 Pro Dave: whY vErY uNiQuE vIdEo!!

  79. Jake Wade

    its not glass its plastic

  80. It's just Me

    I hope they add that refresh rate and some cameras at last close to this on the next Note. Maybe a couple more little goodies too. They can't give the Note the backseat like they did this last go round. Gimme more, I want it now Daddy! "Veruca"

  81. kanishk uday

    Iphone camera is better

  82. Motor City Dre

    Warning: The display on the Z Flip is NOT glass, proven by jerryrigeverything. So check him out.

  83. Aayush Rana

    Apple selling donuts now😂😂

  84. Aayush Rana

    Just give me s9 it will be my s20pro pro pro max double max😑

  85. JP II

    Watching this on my 512GB Note 9. Still loving it with no plans to upgrade yet.


    Who's watching this from S7edge?


    Can u compare the ultra to the s20 plus doest it really worth it to go to the ultra or that 108 camera is just marketing

  88. Joanne C

    I’m still in love with my note 10+ 💕❤️

  89. blink10111

    why does the note 10+ slaughter the entire s-series lmfao

  90. Mary Cottrell

    I'm going to get Samsung galaxy z flip its amazing phone

  91. revanbh

    Just got my Note 10+ and very satisfied with the device. No regrets whatsoever on account of not waiting for S20 Ultra. S Pen was a big factor for getting this phone. I really enjoy the precision it offers.

  92. Raffey

    We need a camera comparison!!!

  93. Don Draper

    this phones TRASH

  94. Ken2it

    1300 is not so much if u think about what some nonsense extras in a car cost and never will be used... and a phone is 24h a day at me. Greets from Austria

  95. Jules Michael

    Beware the screen is NOT glass, JerryRigEverything scratched it with his fingernail and it scratched at level 2, not level 6 as glass would do. Don't be fooled. Shame on Samsung. See his video.

  96. Aditya Amraotkar

    Isn't the s20 ultra stainless steel?

  97. Leo Angelo Malinao

    My iphone 5s too

  98. Eesa Nabi

    Watch JerryRigEverythings video and you'll realise that it's not glass 😂

  99. Ibra Kapaj

    2020 and i say Note 8 for sure

  100. Isaack Festo

    I think the next iPhone will be the one to compare with s20 ultra not this one two different world