What would you do if you only had a year left to live? Would you squander the time you were given? Or would you make every second count?
Welcome to Unus Annus. In exactly 365 days this channel will be deleted along with all of the daily uploads accumulated since then. Nothing will be saved. Nothing will be reuploaded.
This is your one chance to join us at the onset of our adventure. To be there from the beginning. To make every second count. Subscribe now and relish what little time we have left or have the choice made for you as we disappear from existence forever. But remember... everything has an end. Even you.
Memento mori.
Unus annus.

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  1. Sunshine

    Mark: Have you seen Kale Chip? Ethan: Trying to spread the good word that is the cult of Unus Annus.

  2. soybean

    pee sauna on last day pls

  3. Marcus Cruz

    We all know that The people who show off their skills at the monkey bars in elementary are much better

  4. potaTOE zucc

    7:43 Another strait dude on his knees for James Charles

  5. Aiden C

    wtf is that energy bit

  6. Kiyomi kitty

    OMG DO THIS AGAIN BUT dress up and look different

  7. Christy Ramos

    The intro killed me 😂😂

  8. jasmine mcnair

    That glue hahahaha

  9. Rasberri Lemonade

    You could tell Ethan was scared and nervous, because he was moving around and twiddling with his feet. I do the same thing when im nervous.

  10. Strwbrrie Dog

    Are u ready to obey? Mark:....no Are u ready to obey? Ethan: I was 😂😂😂

  11. haley lyons

    Can we get a buzzfeed unsolved feat. unus annus?

  12. Bama_Girl_13

    The MCU cast is the reason for my high standards in men 😳💕😍(I mean like have you seen Sebastian stan)

  13. Black_ Shield_719

    *I feel stupid, especially when I literally have a vagina!! XD*

  14. homey bro

    Happy bday chica

  15. the true doom slayer

    I have a pet king snake My dog shasta recently past away I want to swim with sharks

  16. Blue Jay

    Mark looks like he didnt care for the meets lmao

  17. saved tiktoks ;D

    The end tho Ittttssss aaaahhhhh peeeennnniiiiissss

  18. Joshua Centineo

    Lol I love how mark just holds that random head😂👌

  19. Magical Pink Strawberry Jelly

    *mentions jeffree star* Jeffree: it's cancelling time

  20. Conner_The_Esquire

    I think I’d like to be turned into a vinyl record. I don’t know the song yet, but I will one day ☺️

  21. Collen Thompson

    I actually liked that they should more stuff like this

  22. Casey

    4:52 Fifty shades of Mark lmfao xD

  23. No

    When mark started running all I could hear was," FLINT LOCKWOOD!"

  24. Chelsea Samantha

    *eughh fuck*

  25. Anna Bishop

    I’m so glad this was my birthday video

  26. Ekaterina Kouznetsova

    Does anybody know what the new monthly challenge is?

  27. Nathan Walker

    The instructor is bad guy... but this doesn’t not make him “bad guy”. Fr tho he sounds like the dude from wreck it Ralph

  28. Sam Johnson

    Please do another one of these I cried laughing


    close your eyes at 12:10 and let your mind wander.

  30. TheNBX

    ngl I totally wanted to see where the 'ready to obey' thing was gonna go for both Mark and Ethan if the other person hadn't hung up cos "muhmuh only want wamen no dudes muh"

  31. Susan Omega

    Ethan is pretty good at replicating the halo theme

  32. Nick 0131

    Happy birthday chica

  33. Avery Palka

    this feels like a simulation

  34. Disqppointment

    the girl with the heart pillow is a bts fan lol.

  35. Chaotic Neutral

    I can't tell if they're serious or not xD

  36. Ethan Sailer

    0:43 Ethan touched his chin

  37. Corey Deatherage

    I remember the days when they let a line of kids hold a giant snake

  38. the beast

    Am I the only one who was hoping for Brian brushwood

  39. YaboiPatty


  40. kris

    8:28, i so badly wanted that to be one of Arin’s rage moments.

  41. Xestril

    I'm not even in California and this video has me wanting to go over.

  42. sienna Moore

    Hot dog water

  43. BHG Bubtown10 m

    there is no number that fucking big

  44. SoccerPlayer341

    That first kid Ethan got can rap!!

  45. Savvy Clees

    I relate with ethan so much in how he plays with highlighting things n pulling them

  46. psycho anime girl gaming

    I am in high school I'm not a virgin I have a pet Figure that one out

  47. that one asian dude

    I am ethan too

  48. Chase Jensen

    Aw, those kids had so many memories made today.🤗

  49. Nico Thompson

    I have accidentally clicked on the unmonitored section and it’s scary

  50. Gaby Mulet

    Ethan is slowly becoming more and more like Peter Parker in this video.

  51. The Multigamer

    Mark looks annoyed when talking to the girl

  52. El Shaph

    *kakashi vibes*

  53. gacha goof

    The thumbnail just made my day

  54. SabrinaDragneel

    I loved this so much please do more😂

  55. chase morales

    Next you and Eathan should play pavlov in the vrs

  56. Kyleigh Miller

    I mean would this hurt see wax pulls so like the tum nail why did you put it in your mouth? I mean just dose not seem to be the smartest thing to no but there kids at Hart and I can see them being 78 and still laugh about these things ♥️🦋

  57. SKY WALKER 01

    *And yet here I am trying to find the comments of those people in the video*

  58. Budy_TheRonin 2008

    Do you guys regret this at all?

  59. Curran Wesley

    My favourite part was one the girl was so chill “you haven’t seen the dicks yet”

  60. BTS Army

    me only paying attention to the body in the background

  61. Anikanari a

    dont be shy show us more

  62. izmela

    ethan talking down about himself makes me wanna cry because hes genuinely like really attractive dhgsfhg

  63. Chloe Potter

    Excuse me Ethan, The heart pillow actually has a name.... Tata is a BT21 character

  64. Ranen Kim

    Stand With Hong Kong

  65. may !

    my entire body shriveled into a ball while watching this video

  66. Pringles Koira

    Ok can someone really explain me what unnus annus is?

  67. Leana Pelagio

    You both should go to Omegle again

  68. Kate Miller

    unus annus: risky boogaloo me, an intellectual: TAG 2: ELECTRIC BOOGALOO

  69. Logan Reano

    Ethan: gets kicked in the nuts Every male watching and in a 10 mile radius:(flinches and squeezes their legs)

  70. Hectic Hive

    Are you ready to obey?

  71. Strwbrrie Dog

    Omg this video is probably one of my favourite Unus Annus video, there was so much laughter😂❤️

  72. I can't change my profile picture

    Damn if only I did omegle the same time they did

  73. Scarlett ofthenight

    That tata pillow though

  74. mostly gacha life stuff

    Random person on tiktok: FIRE EATING CHALLENGE *eats fire* *dies*

  75. Kira Beauregard

    Kale chip if you see this Fish is looking for you

  76. Student, Federico Solaroli

    3:24 lick lipping?

  77. Plopdop 3

    is it just me or does mark fit the role of the smartest kid in class in an anime because his attitude reminds me of one XD

  78. Gray Fullbuster Jake

    Why don't they put don't try this at home im going to find a stick outside and do it .... I figure out in the description that there was i did it any way it was fun i watch the video silent in did not breath in the fire i blow it with it got near my mouth

  79. Sionnanful

    Ethan just demolished that, meanwhile Mark is just trying to help James along lmao

  80. Hyper

    i got a 141 not to bad

  81. Abby Crowley

    But he never found kale chip

  82. Maddie Townsend

    ethan you’re a 10 to everyone but mark and yourself luv

  83. Just a Fangirl

    they go on omegle and have fun taking with people, but i go on omegle and get made fun of for liking Green Day

  84. MoonWalkingMew owo

    Is Mark's hand ok

  85. BumbleShock

    Mark gives speech Ethan sings halo theme song

  86. compilationguy

    Philli D (Defranco) vs Captain D (Disillusion) Pewds vs T-series Matpat vs Wade

  87. stupidedgykid

    They never found Kale Chip 😞

  88. Sebastian Vargas

    What’s the timer for

    1. sir bacon yum

      Sebastian Vargas 😐😐😐 are you serious

  89. Zakaria Amira


  90. Brenndan Walton

    I love that kid. He was so genuinely excited to talk to both of you guys, and that's a dream I think most of us have lol

  91. ArterialNeptune

    I personally would have added some headless Agnew noises while masked

  92. Strwbrrie Dog

    I love Ethan’s reaction to the first one that was sooo funny and cute his face went red😍❤️😂

  93. Sam Bernard

    that outro tho

  94. Allison

    Within the first 30 seconds you already know which one of them has ever even considered becoming a dad

  95. box_monkey_214

    I feel hurt that they said a fiery 12... thats... not .... nevermind

  96. Dominic Hoover

    The way I see it Amy's gonna end up doing two things: - wonder how she ended up dating this man - fall in love with this man all over again

  97. Corey Tran

    Basically Unus Annus is the bandwagon for us to all kill ourselves.

  98. Ratail Man

    No he thic thic

  99. jsaenz1024

    I just liked and sub