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  1. Crystal Walcott

    I just asked my Mom if I was already dead and she gave me a look and said she didnt know 😭😂😂

  2. Christopher Garcia

    Only in California

  3. Kebber

    7:05 new ringtone

  4. angelcapebjjj Angel alves

    Imagine being Italian and watching this... can relate 😉🤣

  5. Em

    Mark: Sorry all, our channel died a little earlier than predicted...

  6. Colorsplash996

    This is the most painful video I’ve ever watched

  7. Harry Coulson

    The blessings

  8. TrDickens

    Goat yoga looks super annoying

  9. Rytsuryn Gaming

    That does look awesome, but I've been told my massages are pretty awesome as well. i should do a tandem massage with a goat!!!

  10. Emperor Chaos

    did i miss it or did we all forget that mark has to shoot ethan with the paintball gun

  11. manny bobanny

    "green is the pussest of colors" *sad jacksepticeye noises*

  12. GayBoi BlueMan

    Is it bad that I fully expected that Ethan bought Mark an etzy poster of septiplier porn for “inspiration”?

  13. Jacob Henderson

    Ethan has so much more power than mark when it comes to deleting each other’s videos

  14. Abiageal Hopper-Tracy

    anybody else notice that mark has a fantastic ass.

  15. Sarah Nicks

    Ya know, I don’t think either of them won. I think Felix and Gigi won because they were both such majestic babies. They were always present and goats don’t even have the chance to take life for granted.

  16. Apollo Slader

    Raising chickens sucks :( They are beautiful but NOT for everyone. It's just like any other pet. So a world where everyone has chickens would have to be made up of only responsible, stable people.

  17. sniffier medal

    Mark got that DUMP TRUCK

  18. Just Yoss

    The trolley problem is a thought experiment in ethics...... in reality, you have no reason to mess with anything.

  19. The God Emperor

    Have the goats ever pooped on anyone?

  20. Cain's Brain


  21. Maddlynn Kagami

    THANK YOU!!!! I am working on training a service dog right now and so many people just try to come up and pet her. It gives me more anxiety. So thank you. Thank you so much!

  22. Vanesa Ferrari

    It triggers me to know that they are doing yoga with all the namaste and budha vibes while they're practicing it with goats *that are the s8ns living image* I know they're cute and all but I can't stop thinking about it while watching the whole video :d x.x

  23. Alexis Wyles

    I feel like they are painted with their d*cks out 🤣🤣

  24. Leviathan Yang

    I have a chicken turning 10 this year!

  25. Katie Kibbe

    When did Mark get that cake? Damn boi

  26. Jimin-ssi

    I once had a chicken. My dog killed it by snapping it's neck a week later

  27. ItsTrifi

    Mark dummy thicc

  28. PunjabiKudiUK

    Lol what did I just watch??

  29. kVI Aak

    I smoked cigarettes for 17 years, last 5 of them I barely moved and ate junk food EVERY day. Quit smoking, and after 3 months ran 1.86miles in cooper test without any training or practice beforehand. Those times on 1mile run are pathetic (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

  30. Th3R34lDragon

    Madison because he got blessed first

  31. Camila Belen Nuñez Noguera

    This was Ethan's revenge!

  32. GenericGriff

    The instructor is super attractive....just wanted to say that cause everyone is talking talking about the goats lol

  33. King Ali

    Ethan: Goats so cute & caring, they always have a positive attitude blahblah..... Mark: ( Getting Goat simulator Flashbacks)

  34. Kai The non-binary guy


  35. alec mcneese

    Im 14 and i weigh more than Ethan, thats kinda sad ngl but mark is a true rolemodel


    Ethan won 😂

  37. Ian Bijvoet

    This is just sad

  38. Lady Red Gallery

    Even if they were slightly disrespectful at times martial art is not always so serious. I took taekwondo which is a Korean art and while we were serious we could joke around with the master it wasn’t all serious it’s forming a trust between master and student. But when she asks something or gives a command the “correct” response is always yes mam it teaches respect and you acknowledge they are your teacher and you are their student. You both did well and had fun which is the most important part though to a teacher. :). I’m so surprised Ethan actually told mark not to touch him that is a first! XD

  39. Lawren Elaina Cruz

    Imagine a Germany man Me:-flashbacks-

  40. Sir Shabaz


  41. P G

    Mark getting shit on by a goat was probably the funniest thing I’ve seen in a long time

  42. KindaNorespect

    The gong says Wuhan on it, it’s got corona

  43. Gavin Drain

    Mark:*gets hit in the balls* me:oh his kids will not be normal. :/

  44. TheDragonFromWales

    ethan wins

  45. Davitron Rudolph

    This video makes me realize that I'm severely lacking in the "likes" department.

  46. Dakota White

    Mark-“Is there any sign of that radio demon?” Alastor-“...”

  47. aaron lopez


  48. Angela S

    it’s almost been 100 days since unus annus began. 😳😱🤯

  49. One Conn

    Oh my god I’ve never seen her videos.... I’m going to watch all of them

  50. Steeff Edelenbosch

    The bite of 87

  51. Ismaeljr Cigarroa-Silva

    Me love this problem it causes good conversations

  52. Lulucoll462 !

    i really want them to go to a gymnastics class and a wrestling class that would be so fun

  53. Damian

    i vote mark

  54. mufficals or muffin

    Unus Annus, Unus Annus, Unus Annus, Unus Annus, Unus Annus, Unus Annus, Unus Annus, Unus Annus, Unus Annus, Unus Annus, Unus Annus, Unus Annus, Unus Annus, Unus Annus, Unus Annus, Unus Annus, Unus Annus, Unus Annus, Unus Annus, Unus Annus, Unus Annus, Unus Annus, Unus Annus, Unus Annus, Unus Annus, Unus Annus, Unus Annus, Unus Annus, Unus Annus (Imma see if I can add onto this each video with another Unus Annus, day 29) (Got behind sksks)

  55. andrew jenkins

    I have never been so entertained in my life 😂😂

  56. Andrew Palmer

    Okay but Why they got CAKE

  57. Lady Seashell Bikini

    I just can't get over how cute those goats are!

  58. Zayn the Lynx

    "in the beginning" Chica: Daaad? Why're you naked? Can I come in? It's kinda hot out here... Kay nevermind Ethan's doing it too... "walks away"

    1. Zayn the Lynx

      Did anyone else see her through the window looking?

  59. EpicPeen

    Why did I get a notification for this when I've already watched it hmmmmm

  60. Sarah Weisters

    My parents keep chickens in NW Scotland and they're oldest is 14 years old. X)

  61. Youtube Awsome

    You don’t realize how THICCC Mark is, until he starts doing squats

  62. JayKub Wilcox

    it took 18:43 to make a pewdie pie joke...

  63. Zeπ-Pie D RightHere

    Instructor Won because she had Y'all guys there to bring that place to Light.!. & Also because she's Pretty Thick! 😁😉😋

  64. Daniel Vazquez

    5:46 me when I was a kid. I did the exact same cartwheel technique

  65. Tempo Accla


  66. Zayn the Lynx

    How do you not get aroused whilst doing this? For me, it's fucking hard! "No pun intended..."

  67. Suren Osipyan

    12:38 *WAS THAT THE BITE OF 87?!*


    *"Your markipliers?"*

  69. Oh Heck

    alt title: dad teaching gorilla like son how to use tools

  70. LadyGrelka

    Man, if Mark and Ethan had tried that crap at a traditional Dojo the Sifu would have knocked them down about a dozen pegs, they would not have even been allowed to pick up the bow or arrows until they showed the proper respect and discipline. They would have been doing pushups, sit-ups and bag work until their arms and legs fell like they would fall off. I get that they are doing this for fun, but the Martial arts student in my cringes and demands punishment for how they acted and the disrespect they showed Sifu Mokover really was unnecessary, however the Markiplier fan in me just shook her head and laughed at how stupid they both acted lol.

  71. Kade Whitman

    When your goats are named after the most popular youtuber and a dead daughter 💀💀

  72. B4shar

    19:05 mark has been blessed by the goat poop balls

  73. inbal

    5:35 intertwining fingers like lovers while headbutting like idiots, prepared to battle to the death. *their relationship summed up perfectly in one moment*

  74. Ryezun -

    3:49 *Don't worry Ethan we love you!*

  75. Staby

    W h a t is my money?

  76. AnxiettyAttackk F U

    I wanted to buy the merch but it's too expensive for me so 😭😭

  77. Malithion

    but why, why, why, WHY DIDN'T YOU HUG THE GOATS?!?!

  78. decaffinated hearts

    honestly i'd try to sacrifice myself to save everyone else in some of these situations lol

  79. Tabbycat 429

    Why did yall wear jeans to this shit

  80. Allie Black

    Best thumbnail is the one for Ethan Will Be Kicked In The Balls.

  81. Digidraws

    17:13 is more real than most actual WWE fights

  82. Noel John

    clearly Ethan won😉

  83. TheGaming Clan

    Thanks for uploading this on my birthday best birthday gift from a USselr for me

  84. Dijin Tivela

    *I'm sorry but that Yoga instructor...has got a really nice butt.*

  85. Yai Loaner

    *I have been waiting for this...*

  86. Rockster King

    9:41 Markiplier becomes a thwomp

  87. other wunderland

    ALEX <3

  88. LimeLightDim

    So I don't know why, though I do have a idea, this gave me a bit of anxiety to watch. My ex's dog is super anti-social and attacked me not too long ago. He grab me by the front of the shirt and pulled down, I assume to get at my throat, though his family stopped him before it came to that. My family owns two pit bulls, so I'm not adverse to dogs at all, but it's something about seeing the look in their eyes and knowing they're on edge and about to jump up.

  89. Night Lord

    Alt title: Mark and ethan get beaten up by goats

  90. Kebber


  91. mufficals or muffin

    Unus Annus, Unus Annus, Unus Annus, Unus Annus, Unus Annus, Unus Annus, Unus Annus, Unus Annus, Unus Annus, Unus Annus, Unus Annus, Unus Annus, Unus Annus, Unus Annus, Unus Annus, Unus Annus, Unus Annus, Unus Annus, Unus Annus, Unus Annus, Unus Annus, Unus Annus, Unus Annus, Unus Annus, Unus Annus, Unus Annus, Unus Annus, Unus Annus (Imma see if I can add onto this each video with another Unus Annus, day 28) (Got behind sksks)

  92. angelcapebjjj Angel alves

    I am German as well 😂

  93. Gugu Fuzien

    As an Indian, I am half dead now after watching this new yoga practice. Baahmaste everyone.

  94. GrayLight


  95. MonstersInsideMe

    What's this timer for

  96. Jasmine Sanchez

    I personally think Ethan won 🤷‍♀️

  97. Daniel Vazquez


  98. toxictempist the 2nd one

    Ma4k totaly won

  99. B4shar

    Probably would've been a good idea if they wore clothes for yoga

  100. Annika Oehlenschlæger

    In that first dilemma it's easy to say you'd save the most people until you hear this version "would you push a fat person in front of a train to stop it from hitting 5 other people? The train is guaranteed to stop if you do it." It would be an easy choice if it was a matter of pushing a button to make a random unknown person die to safe 5 people. But it becomes much harder when you get that physical contact of actually pushing an innocent person in front of the train. It's quite fascinating how our brains work actually