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  1. stefan mukoski

    Love this movie.

  2. tommythefilmmaker

    everything directed by Gore Verbinski is either great or at least decent

  3. Landyn Lyerla

    You should do a kill counter on Schindler's list, titanic and saving private ryan.

  4. exQzme people

    Hollywierd put a target on his back... Along with gubment fks... Despicable people... That's what happened to Randy Quad... There but by the grace of God go I... Until you've walked in a mans shoes... Best not to judge...unno

  5. TheRussianLondoner

    Completely agree, I love this movie because it fuses comedy with drama and sadness of the struggle of that timeline... future classic for sure

  6. Pearl Last


  7. Dave Schilling

    Never saw it, might have to now. Thanks. :)

  8. Erik B

    I grew up with the '81 LEGEND OF THE LONE RANGER, and I perhaps judged this version of the story too harshly based on the trailers, hence I haven't seen it yet. Based on your review, I may well give it a chance.

  9. CJGTrain

    I loved it then and I love it now 🤷🏼‍♂️

  10. Sean Gordon

    Jokes on you Sonic is great. You didnt see that coming.

  11. John Ashley

    You must have never have seen Tombstone or 3:10 to Yuma.

  12. Braden Flowers

    I was in my early 40s for Last Action Hero, watched it on VHS, and hit rewind as soon as it ended to watch it again.

  13. Darth Vader

    These kills are disturbingly hilarious.

  14. gosgood1973

    I thought it was fine. Good add Joe blow

  15. Victor Creed

    I have never got far enough into this movie to see him put the mask on.

  16. Vujnovic634

    But I like this movie!

  17. joe young

    Entertaining movie w some good actors but very far from the best never seen.

  18. Gordon Haire

    I loved The Lone Ranger. Maybe I enjoyed it so much because I wasn't expecting it to be so damn good.

  19. rockinchimp

    Awful film. Overlong, squandered its huge budget, tonally inconsistent, Depp was miscast and the script/plot was boring.

  20. zan w

    Wild wild west was great

  21. James Roberts And they shall not teach every man his neighbour, and every man his brother, saying, Know the Lord: for all shall know me, from the least to the greatest.

  22. Constable 1976

    What a great series on this channel...I appreciate contrary opinions that aren't spoken just to be different, but delivered in a well thought out and interesting set of arguments. Clearly a channel with videos that a great deal of time and effort are spent on and I look forward to more!

  23. Daniel Delsanno

    Great movie and I never understood oh Depp is wrong as a Native American. Ummm he's part Native American so wtf was the problem. For real loved this and so did my son.

  24. poorly paws happy hoofs & funky feathers

    This is heart breaking. I was involved in m.k Ultra programs. It is a very big bad dark secret in most of the world. The 27 club of music, 2 and 7 =9, Masonic numbers. Most were ready to tell the world. Please just love x

  25. Vincenzo Pollice

    Mmh... Okey

  26. mackstertube

    This movie dissapointed me really badly. I wanted so much more than what e got. I hated Johhny Depp in this yet I normally like his characters.

  27. McKay Hatch

    This movie was great. It was so fun to watch. I'm sad that it didn't spawn a franchise like was planned but what can you do? The Western is a great genre and I would love to continue to see more popcorn flicks like this in future.

  28. Jeffrey Tackett

    The impression has got to go.

  29. Subverted Expectations

    I liked this movie and was super confused with the hate at the time. Its essentially a reskin of Pirates with a western set. It was fun.

  30. wstine79

    The climax on the train was worth the price of admission.

  31. Alek Skot

    i love that film

  32. Preston Owens

    I remember seeing the Lone Ranger while flipping through channels on a TV in Italy. It was a fun movie, even though I couldn’t understand any of the dialogue and I still don’t really know what the story is since I don’t speak Italian.

  33. John Regan

    wild wild west was an entertaining movie. people need to fuck off about that

  34. David DiRusso


  35. Oscar Villegas

    Caught Lone Ranger at an early screening with a couple of friends, and we all loved it. We couldn’t stop singing it’s praises and I was so shocked at the amount of negative reviews when it was released. I expected it to be huge.

  36. Adam Sternberg

    Another great video analyzing this film:

  37. Craig Wood

    This is, was and always will be my favorite action comedy of all time and is far superior to Jurassic Park IMHO.

  38. Adam wiggins

    I thought Johnny Depp was Awesome in this role‼️ Wtf happened? Is it all this cultural appropriation B.S he was funny, fierce and respectful to the culture🤷‍♂️

  39. MizerisMoney

    I think this is only the 2nd video of this series i have agreed with him about. This movie was a lot of fun, and was never boring. I think critics were extremely unfair to this movie. Johnny Depp was great.

  40. Adam Sternberg

    Funny to see this as I just saw another video touting the same thing from another youtube channel recently. I ALWAYS loved this movie and so last night I watched it with my wife and she liked it too. It truly is a very underrated film with some outstanding editing and directing. I think it got bad reviews because of the whole "cultural appropriation" PC nonsense but Depp did a very good job with the role. An all around good movie!

  41. Daniel Freestyle

    I Know Hes Secret Just Search On USsel : Jim Carry Secrets

  42. Travis K

    Great video! My unpopular opinion is Andy Dick’s 2011 comedy “Division III: Football’s finest” is insanely hilarious and extremely rewatchable!!!

  43. murphy

    he's the only white guy in the movie who isnt a scumbag. ive always figured thats why it bombed

  44. Incog 0

    I love this movie and never even thought that people could dislike it lol

  45. Mr. Pete Channel is 75٪ away 2 the big time!

    Most people assume over budget = bad movie so they skip it.

  46. Richard Gonzalez

    Kevin sujihara is to blame for all of this shit!!!!

  47. Valrock Mograth

    I love this movie and I wish it was given a sequel.

  48. Invidente7

    Yes! One of the most criminally underrated action movies outhere!

  49. Rock Universe Gaming

    Great movie. 👍

  50. Kenneth John Kelly

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    1. Kenneth John Kelly

      @Mad Max exactly

    2. Lady Cheyne

      @Joseph Van Der Merwe Start paying attention when the radioactive weasels kidnapped the evil barron and demanded a ransom of 53 walnuts.

    3. Lady Cheyne

      @Kenneth John Kelly That's a sh*t ton of hell no. Have a great Monday and stay safe😚

    4. Mad Max

      I can't tell whats reality from satire anymore. 😭

    5. Sam Barrera


  51. Joseph Van Der Merwe

    Awesome, love this series of your vids too. Thanks guys

  52. sladekiske

    Don't forget Married With Children dissed on this film too. I recall Marcy Darcy was losing her job at the bank as it was going out of business, when asked why, she sobbingly let out "We backed Last Action Hero!"

  53. The Horror Seeker

    Say what they will, this was/IS a bitchin' movie!

  54. Florrie Morrie

    quite possibly the most underrated movie of all time

  55. FujinWater

    Feel like WWII, more like Vietnam.

  56. Jankic 123

    Pro gamer move: punch the shark in the nose Fun fact: Megalodon was actually a dinosaur way back millions of years ago

  57. Robert w

    Arnold's better at comedy than jesus!!! he said hi we are out catching drug dealers today are there any in the house!!! he said hi sir are you a henchman we are out killing drug dealers today we are wondering if any are in the house that's the funniest thing in cinema history you pussy

  58. Joe Smith

    He saw what happened to Bill Cosby and decided he better lay low. There. Saved you 19 minutes.

  59. Christian Roth

    I learned a lot from you about Solo that I wasn’t aware of.I rented & for me it was the worst Star Wars movie.The Droid got on my last nerve.I am glad there are many who enjoyed Solo.I wasn’t convinced that the actor who played young Solo was the same one as Ford.

  60. Christopher Parker

    The guy is just amazing. He got old and he decided to stop. Enjoy life

  61. Ryze1982

    I am 37 years old and this movie along with The Fifth Element is still my two all time favorite movies. God I love them! 1997 was a good year for movies!

  62. Carlos. Posada

    This guy is fucking cool.

  63. Ts Bs

    Watch Dumb and Dumber 2, it's great!

  64. Chris Branham

    Okay, thank you

  65. Nick Mandara

    A movie way ahead of its time.

  66. Matti Kunnas

    My ranking: 1. Age of Ultron 2. Infinity War 3. The Avengers 4. Endgame

  67. George Garcia

    Totally underrated movie. I wonder whether it did better abroad.

  68. Matti Kunnas

    I think the McDonald's reference is pretty accurate but I don't think that enjoying a McDonald's meal is any less valuable experience than enjoying a five star Michelin restaurant meal as long as you enjoyed it. Sometimes we all just want that Big Mac, even or especially the academy.

  69. Olyphantastic

    I bought this on blu-ray a few years back and liked it, but 14 year old me wished he saw the Jack Slater film instead.

  70. Кристиан Тошев

    Dude Sigourney Weaver is so sexy what a woman !

  71. John Doe

    You're review sounds more like press release notes

  72. Media Sawdust

    When Laurie and Annie continue on from seeing Michael behind the hedge, you can see a crewmember or local resident stand up on the stairs to see what's going on over the hedge.

  73. rofyle

    Have you paid your dues, Jack? Yes sir, the check is in the mail

  74. Hansie's Ma

    Thanks for this. Renee is an extraordinary talent and I hope she never stays away for so long ever again. At the age of 50 she looks closer to a 50 year old than anyone else I can think of in Hollywood; hopefully she won't do anything else to that beautiful expressive face.

  75. Churble Furbles

    Drove his ex to suicide, got woke, got creepy, and got disgusting.

  76. Poetic Justice

    It's still a seriously good Sci Fi movie.

  77. Poetic Justice

    Free speech America with its childish censorship. Those cut Sigourney scenes are gold. Hot gold.

  78. Matti Kunnas

    My unpopular ranking of the SW films from best to worst: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9.

  79. professor

    i know what happened to him he got old. WHAT NO WAY!???!?!?!!

  80. The Bullfrog

    What happened with the clap?

  81. Cappy Larou

    How did you fail to bring up the many bothans who died that were just ignored by this film? Bothann Lives Matter!!!

  82. andersdenkend

    Great movie!

  83. A&R Farms

    There isn’t anything wrong w Randy. He’s trying to wake you sheep up. Keep on Baaaa’n little sheep 🐑

  84. family plan

    This movie is laugh out loud BAD.

  85. stevestryker

    Thank god you mentioned Witness. A really underappreciated gem. It's pure Harrison Ford with some real heart at the core of the story.

  86. Cut The Beard To Watch a Movie

    24 :D so much bllloooood

  87. Larkfeast


  88. Crescendo Waves

    The dude isn't crazy and people identify with him. This video review was obviously done by a typical leftwing moron.

  89. scooter Dave

    he made his girl commit suicide. now he's a hypocrite Machiavellian assmunch.

  90. geraintwd

    "Well respected conspiracy theory scholars" yeah, cos those exist.