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  1. Titon's World

    Almost everyone of EMINEM'S old songs, I know every word.

  2. Yoon Min

    The spicy sushi looks good tho

  3. N. Pippen

    She cant even operate a u push 6 mins instead of 1 min???🤨🤨🤨

  4. Jayla Bazile

    Brandon is so funny I am crying right now now I got the hik ups

  5. aghostwiener

    Izzys so fuckin cute

  6. Gigi Gisselle

    Izzy reminds me of JLo

  7. L Litz

    Can you do fetty wap pllllllzzzz!

  8. BTS World

    Keith: ~smells a pillow~ Also Keith: smells like a pillow

  9. Da Cheese

    Dubbed anime...4 real?¿

  10. Alese Marie

    I would rather play with the puppies

  11. Keisha Moonasar

    Wait, can Labib eat pork (bacon)?

    1. Keisha Moonasar

      Oh that makes so much of sense thanks! I was just curious 😁

    2. Superj6lime

      the staff bought a beef halal version of bacon

    3. magicbloo

      it's probably turkey bacon.

  12. XxGalaxystrikexX The Dank Memer

    6:08 this was already used in one of the other videos

  13. Valerie R

    Now I love Brittany even more 😍😍 costa ricaaaaa ❤️🇨🇷

  14. Lauren Poland

    that kid who flipped the cake would have gotten in so much trouble at my house

  15. kakatuibaka lol

    I only laughed at the cat...goddammit

  16. Jay'Ce Crenshaw

    Chelsea, Faith and Izzy are all so Gorgeous&Funny, I Love them. Faith my Favorite Reactor though...Lol The end they were each so Cute. Faith, I'm keeping this recipe, I know y'all made copies... Lol!

  17. I am allergic to negativity

    i’d really enjoy the punishment what the hell. spicy food and milk goes amazing together.

  18. Unicorn Blood

    Awww ive been hating on Sharon in other videos but i lowkey love her in this one

  19. Catherine Gentile

    That is a teaspoon of baking powder brandon not tablespoon

    1. Allies Beauty and Health Channel

      I tried it with one tablespoon of baking soda. It was NASTY.

  20. Annelle Scully

    7:35 is soooo cute!!! #zedissonforlife

  21. anjani maharani puteri

    pisang rebus itu wkwkkw

    1. Dodi Adimaulana

      Gue juga mikirnya begitu njir wkwk

  22. Jonathan Lee

    so was omelette bacon already cooked when putting it in to making the omelet?

  23. I am allergic to negativity

    who else is watching this while having breakfast and participating by not eating breakfast until you see someting you genuinely wanna eat? i failed on the 3rd one and finally get to eat my damn cereal edit: i regret. i regret. i love curry. i love curry. i love curry.

    1. I am allergic to negativity

      boba slurp oh thank god im not alone

    2. boba slurp

      I am allergic to negativity i felt this

  24. Ruby H

    I need the recipe for that cake thing!!!

  25. John Riddell

    I would prefer the sushi

    1. I am allergic to negativity

      John Riddell same tho. spicy food and milk are the best combo in spicy land. but i’d enjoy the other things too. especially the curry.

  26. James X

    Izzy is a goddess

  27. Kristin Kobayashi

    I suck at being Japanese because I don’t eat seafood... but I do love me some umeboshi!

  28. Marisa Scrocco

    I love Faith so much😂

  29. ツDoggy

    8:08 feels bad

  30. natalie Moore

    Love the movie and awwwww Meg leaning on zed there so cute together love that there friends

  31. Alexis Cirillo

    I only liked the strawberry fruit by the foot. and I hated the fruit roll ups and the other flavored fruit by the foots bc I always felt like I would throw up after eating them

  32. Lauren Colby

    omg all my favorite people in one video

  33. Jose Lopez

    Please do a Reaction video to !!!!!!!Dimash Kudaibergen!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. Demi de Meyier

    5:50 Is she okay? 😅😂

  35. Jose Lopez

    Y'all should do a reaction video to dimash kudaibergen

  36. Cait

    anthony rlly be livin his best sweet boyfriend ass

  37. sydney dawkins

    I’m glad they took the time to accommodate for Labib & bring turkey bacon for him ! Shows the producers actually care.

  38. Night Shades

    I hardly ever use the oven. Microwave and Toaster 4 Life!

  39. Sangeet Subedi


  40. xAlexKillerBR xD

    REACT to lil tecca

  41. Tyler Shereace

    My nana has been making bacon like that for years!! Never saw that one as a hack.

  42. Cinnab0n

    only one wrong lol

  43. Deku Midoriya

    I honestly wanna be in one of theses videos

  44. Barbora Macková

    I use microwave because I can't cook :D ... that means.. that I CAN cook :D yay!

    1. meanboy936

      Barbora Macková .

  45. Merve Sariyerli

    “I’m not gonna be measuring milk by table spoons, alright. My mom would disown me.” I CANNOT 😂😂😭

  46. Ooops ItsSpirit

    Anthony and Mykie had a cheat code to everything and no one even knew--

    1. Spoop Noodle

      What is it

  47. 中国辣条协会会长

    "I can hear feets."

  48. Eric

    Mugcakes are so bad.. how tf can they eat this stuff.

  49. Mia

    I love how tom never even tries not to laugh 😂

  50. Zanaku

    Chelsea the Hitman Hart

  51. Galaxy Critter

    I’m watching this and playing shield on my switch

  52. Adam Reilly

    It depends what era of Taylor your taking about. Most or at least a lot of her songs are break up songs, and I don’t think there are as many love songs in her earlier albums although not 100% I mostly listen to Speak Now onwards. Maybe some people consider love songs and break up songs the same 🤷🏼‍♂️ React to Miss Americana

  53. Pah Pwe

    Me watching eating spicy chicken nugget

  54. Pah Pwe

    Me watching eating spicy chicken nugget

  55. Kijahlovex

    Never pan fry your bacon. The oven is the best way

  56. RD Chrom

    *I hope y'all know y'all still cooking in a microwave*

  57. wdym

    I always wonder what happens to the food if they don't eat it

    1. Tofa refi

      They give it to the managers😅

  58. Mei Jian Yau

    FAITH IS A WHOLE MOOD!!! Love her!😂❤️🤩

  59. BigFat PatatoHead

    Try ramen noodles with mayo and Valentina

  60. Crochet & Tea with Marie

    Faith is cracking me up🥰

  61. jorbu1423

    "I Will eat My banana green" funny things is bananas are green before they turn yellow and You can cut them un slices and fry them like fríes. They go well with fríed Chicken btw but, You Will not ser green bananas un The US because they only import them not export.

  62. oscar

    did labib burn off his eyebrow

  63. Eldina

    are you guys hiring?

  64. Fort Knox

    Mug Cake 10:24 3 tbs all-purpose flour 2 tbsp granulated sugar 2 tbsp cocoa powder 1 pinch salt 1 tbsp baking soda! 11:20 (tsp?) 3 tbsp milk 1/2 tsp vanilla extract 2 tbsp vegetable oil - mix and microwave 1min

    1. Sham Kattan

      Thank u, I tried it, it was really good but I just had to mix it more and it will be perfect

    2. Sarehaand Venom

      Very noice man

    3. FaZe_Oogway

      Fort Knox YOURE A LEGEND

  65. createdtowatch

    The stew Brock made was Japanese cream stew. It's so good. <3

  66. Ariplaygames

    Would have instalost to the puppies D:

  67. Mattie 08

    With the first one just of-ripe bananas are better for banana bread

  68. Loco Lizard

    My microwave broke when I tried the bacon one 😭

    1. Loco Lizard

      @Darrius James Really but my microwave was kind of old so maybe it was just bad timing¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    2. Darrius James

      Loco Lizard really?or you joshingg us?lol I was just about to do it but I don’t need a charmander blowing fire out my microwave

  69. Camila Cristian

    It smells all banany y yy y

  70. Presley Taylor


    1. Sydney Daniel

      No descendants one two and three are, !!!!!!!

  71. Mike Gray

    I've been a pro cook for 34 years. You'll never convince me that MICROWAVING is COOKING. You can do TRICKS that makes it SEEM like cooking but it isn't.

    1. Ur Potato

      Yeah right

  72. A Harry Potter Fan


  73. lei paps

    Brandon messing and getting tensed made my day😂🤣

  74. Samantha Fike

    That gum commercial....all he was saying was that she had halitosis lol

  75. Emily Nicole

    I only got one right. The first one, when she said “stubborn” I was like LIBRA

  76. Jetzii Ophelia

    People vs. food from, The chilling adventures of Sabrina!.(=

  77. Meowiieh

    where can i see the recipes? tired of rewinding the video everytime :D

  78. Victoria Palmer

    I made it all the way until the end before i cried

  79. ima_ stranger

    12:39 *_me when I don't know what to say_*

  80. Comedy Oz

    Young JLo can cook!

  81. Vasilis Kat.

    Izzy marry me❤❤🤣🤣

  82. Fort Knox

    Recipes please! 🤤

    1. Fort Knox

      @A Harry Potter Fan 😂 lol btw I'm a lady, not a dude - no big deal And I'm also a Harry Potter fan 😉

    2. A Harry Potter Fan

      Jessica• • thats not.... He asked... He wanted..... Okay nvm you do u

    3. Jessica• •

      Fort Knox the heck 49 seconds

  83. shannon gilliss

    Brandon I am such a fan. You make me laugh every time 😂

  84. Jack Percy

    10:30 lol she fell asleep😂

  85. Rahma Ashraf

    :we got a system here : What is the system : Winning 😂 That's me everyday 😂😂😎

  86. Iman Iman

    react to roxanne music video

  87. Mikail Alkan

    Not impressed, they should've been as stoned as the "shazam" guy :D

  88. Draugen

    I remember I tried the microwave omelette. The egg rose out of my mug. :T

  89. Lonely Lion PUBG Mobile

    I dont even have a microwave and I'm watching this 👀

    1. the invisible me

      I don't have a microscope either

    2. Lonely Lion PUBG Mobile

      @koolk22 i dont have because one day my microwave stopped working i don't know why but then I bought an induction

    3. koolk22

      vv4000BG Not everyone can afford one or has space for one.

  90. nhihihi5

    Not gonna lie Anthony and Mykie sounds like a boring couple.

    1. Waffles UwU

      nhihihi5 thats the tea

  91. Fly-Orion

    Bring them back for Doom Eternal

  92. Tsubaki Love

    The egg is over cooked :(

    1. Lonely Lion PUBG Mobile

      @Chxro hehe

    2. Chxro

      Tsubaki Love ur crazy

  93. Cyver Elf

    3:36 what was that?😂😂😂😂😂😂

  94. Srinivas Ganta

    Today for breakfast I had microwave eggs

  95. Bruce Juice

    Yo Brandon can talk without being outta breathe jeez

  96. No Problems

    This is the perfect group to do it their funny

  97. Duc Toan Tran

    I hope you guy make The Last Of Us part 2 series after 21 February

  98. PGE Gaming

    These all sucked. Where was the banquet Gary mocked Ash with in season one. Or the deep fried fruits?

    1. I am allergic to negativity

      PGE Gaming bro the winning dish was actually awesome, and at least 2 of these were hard to resist also there might be a part 2 cuz theres so much pokemon food

  99. indade

    Izzy gyrating.

  100. Tsubaki Love

    *Gordon Ramsay has left the chat*