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  1. Youreverydaymemerm8

    Calling it rn Theres gonna be a whole scene for giga charizard

  2. xd Joshua


  3. Pixieneo the veemo

    *just show eternatus already*

  4. _ Wraith _

    Wich one did u guys buy? sorry sword or shield?

  5. ViewtifulBeau

    Doesn't seem like a true jump to gen 8. Feels very samey to gen 7. POKEMON ULRTA, HYPER, COMPLETE, BEEN THERE DONE THAT SWORD AND SHIELD 2: COMING NOVEMBER 15TH 2020!! WHO CARES? WE KNOW YOU'LL BUY IT!

  6. gianpi

    Pok § mon

  7. GoriestPunk

    I gotta catch them all in the Region! Raise New Mons & Battle Them All!

  8. KeyDragon 86

    No thank you

  9. CheesyBacon

    #GameFreakLied Diamond and Pearl remake is my last hope for a good new Pokémon game

  10. Noah Nectro Studios

    *Who's waiting for the Anime?*

  11. Cherles Fa Oust

    It really said game fotage not final

  12. Lil Naps

    Game footage not final Me ha ha ha

  13. Max


  14. Jose Calderon

    These games are on the same system as the breath of the wild 😂😂😂😂😂

  15. The Spirit of the color Blue

    3DS Pokemon Entries: We keep adding to the ever growing roster of Pokemon! Sword & Shield: I'm going to end half of these Pokemon's Careers

  16. Andrea Acquaviva

    Look at the quality of the animations! Nintendo 64 still looks great!

  17. Younes :/

    wait guys if Pokemon is forced to be annual then technically we can skip this one and act like Gamefreak never made such a rotten rushed game! Nobody will mind waiting a year if that's to make a more complete version of this with everythin'! Something ala Ultra Sun/Moon. Do le right thing y'all, 60 is alot when the previous ones r better with a lower price

  18. elFacho

    I liked the part when Game Freak lied to all of us and decided to become Japanese Bethesda.

  19. Alex vasquez


  20. babygothix


  21. DeviljWheat

    Game footage not final? It's two days until it releases lmao. I guess it makes sense they'd reuse footage since they also reuse models, but don't like to admit it.

  22. The very Last korok

    You are a liar Masuda.

  23. Dunder-P

    You gonna explain why you lied yet or no?

  24. Sparky Boi


  25. Butter Slice

    *P* *O* *K* *A* *Y* *M* *O* *N*

  26. Boi Ethan

    Remember how Fallout 76 sold poorly? We can do the same thing here if we put our minds to it.

  27. Eric Ferraro

    The game is good if you are not a PokeBoomer 😍

  28. FrostieFlakes 76

    P O K E G A Y M O N

  29. Craig The Meme God


  30. иiитеивоу

    OMG I CANT WAIT!!!!!!

  31. Astrological-squad

    And... BTW... Gen 9 was already announced.

    1. Astrological-squad


  32. Lollo Calderoni

    7 minutes 200k visual.... ok bro

  33. Tjb 246

    Welcome to the Rushed Region! A whole new place pumped out for the holidays to make a quick buck! Catch battle and trade new and familiar Pokémon! Many of which you won’t find anymore because there’s been a mass Pokédex extinction! Are you ready to waste your precious holiday money? (Psst! Put your holiday money to better use! Buy Xbox Game pass instead! You’ll thank yourself later!)

  34. N

    I always laugh when I see the shield dog.... It’s legit a shield dog 😂

  35. Ana :3

    Lolol :Uu I don’t have the nintendo switch T-T

  36. Rob


  37. Emilio Perez

    Commerical needs a different Narrator.

  38. Hugh Janus


  39. Stephen Veerasammy

    Can someone explain how a wolf with a sword is more mighty than a machamp?

  40. atomixfang


  41. Schadenfreude

    I'm not buying this.

  42. Oscar Menéndez


  43. Not My Fkn Job

    Not this time...

  44. TurtleBeans

    I am a brit me likey

  45. StoneXL

    Wow so lazy they couldn't even think of a title for the video.

  46. Life Changing

    Still won't show the the evolutions to the starters. 😑

    1. Noah Vega

      Lol Google them

  47. Chris Akane ASMR

    Was this the private video?😒😒 we need smash challanger pack number 5.

  48. darkwind2127

    "Gameplay footage not final" lol

  49. John Douglas

    This game is worth playing!!

  50. FadedPhoenix

    Funny how the leaks did what the trailers couldn't, convincing me to buy the game



  52. L2G2ND

    Looks terrible Thanks

  53. Starthing 125

    I'm getting this game. Not only because I want it or because it looks fun (to me, at least) but out of spite for the person I live with who won't stop talking about how 'awful it is' while i'm trying to speak to someone.

  54. JG Games

    Qual a música? What music?

  55. Ken Gold

    early access ? it doesn’t look finished?

  56. Brawl Memes

    Starters evouton pls

  57. Jacob The god gamer

    How much dollars can

  58. In GOD Jihyo we trust


  59. kuroakikitsune kuro

    Lets catch Pokaymon

  60. WeebStuff 64


  61. Rodrigo Silva

    Hi Nintendo, could you please put Flipnote Studio and Browser back in DSi Shop ???

  62. TheLightSilent

    "ALL NEW POKEMON ADVENTURE" id say different considering its taking some features and stuff from the worst games in pokemon history which are pokemon sun and moon.

  63. forward slash

    I can't heckin' wait for these games, although I will need to avoid spoilers for at least 40 days...

  64. Jim Poiorga


  65. AdamMasterBuilder

    Behold, the definition of laziness!

  66. Sukellusmies


  67. Silent-Assassin

    When are they gonna release the starter trailer

  68. Rock Vault

    Yeah but if I can’t add them to my pokemon lifetime collection then I’m not interested. Include all pokemon or patch it later on and I’ll buy it for sure. Excluding some Pokémon was a huge let down for me. I’m skipping this time.

  69. Jacobdacucumber

    Can't wait for Friday

  70. Videos al paso

    Is called Sword and Shield because Game Freak cut the heck out of the game and now they are just using their fanboys to protect themselves.

  71. Grim Peeper


  72. Lazy Venusaur


  73. Tridentgreen 33

    Hey GF and Nintendo, please check R/Pokémon on Reddit. We're currently a firestorm because of what we've currently seen and the blatant lies that have been told. Everyone who wants to play it is ok and has fair reason and right to play it, but a lot of us are extremely angry and aren't going to give you sales unless you really fix this game. Thank you and good night.

  74. MachHeart Eleven

    I can’t wait to make my Eeveelution team! 😍

    1. Dath

      One of them will cry in the corner lmao

  75. Tree

    Nintendo switch direct today?

  76. ICY

    #GameFreakLied not saying the game will be bad but the fact they lied still stands 400 Pokemon cut for nothing. Pokemon Stadium from 1998 has better battle animations. Some reported it to be short. Its a 14 hour game and is very easy. The rabbit hole just doesn't end..

  77. Angello The Great


  78. #Lucas SS


  79. PhoenixKev


  80. Rusty.Jaguar

    I feel very mixed about this game. I don't hate it but don't necessarily like a lot of things either.

  81. Kai


  82. Spider Bro

    How bout we make em BIG

  83. Jevil CAN DO ANYTHING!

    I still want to know what the song Toby composed will be for.



  84. Brendan Barr


  85. GravityTheGhost

    Release Brand New World as a song 👀

  86. Astrological-squad

    0:18 Fix that bracelet!

  87. Max K

    Let's go Pikachu was old news

  88. [ PixelTV ] - Pixel Legramante

    Pokémon, Pokémon, Pokémon, Pokémon and also Pokémon.

  89. Tomonster


  90. The Grey Goblin


  91. Ralsai

    Me:damn that Game sucks Also me: *buys* *It* Im weak

  92. tonto

    All cool but where's the starters evolution or some new eeveelution

  93. Lana Poke

    Are you ready to give us the starters evolution yet!?

  94. giratinas wrath

    "A completely new region to explore!" Too bad there isn't much to explore there anyway.

    1. alfasilverblade

      100 new pokemon and 200-300 returning preexisting pokemon with preexisting 3ds models with a hd paint job. And N64 trees in a very small opened map.

  95. Kadrimos

    I wanna new true Sonic Games, please. Kadrimos.

  96. ValiantWake

    Can’t wait to see the comments comparing Zacian’s turn to all of botw

  97. Turndown4hwut

    These games aren't as bad as I thought they would be, but they're still pretty horrible.

  98. Leandro Oliveira R

    Where are eeveelution??? 😡😠👎👎👎👎👎

  99. Brandon P.

    I'm excited for this game despite its issues, (which I think are overblown to some extent, doesn't help either that some of the "gotchas" were also fabricated by some guy streaming hacking the game to make it look worse) But I really do feel sorry for GF. They're a small team and they put out the only Nintendo IP I can think of that is pressured to be put out faster for Merch and to release alongside an anime. I do think this game would be even better if it was even given a delay, but that obviously couldn't be done. I hope the next time around GF either gets a another director or some more hands on staff to lighten the load