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    1. Christmas tree In April 2.how does she act dumb but yet she is very smart like if u agree

  2. Carrot Queen

    I am so disgusted and upset, what the heck.

  3. e c c e d x n t e s i I a s t

    In 5th grade my class had outdoor school are and the others girl made our cabin into a strip club (we still had clothes on tho)

  4. Finding Happiness

    I cut my own hair 💖

  5. MissVicki Speakman

    It's a good thing I live by myself. Sudden bursts of maniacal laughter are disturbing to some people.

  6. Epiphany


  7. willow's world

    11:33 copyright abubu🍌🍌🍌🍌🐒🐒

  8. Shiv Wesker

    THE CAT CAFE ALMOST KILLED ME 😭😭😭😍😍😍 I want to go to one!

  9. Be Well with Michelle

    Ima be joe mama for Halloween

  10. Lily Ngo

    “no, you sexist piece of sh1t”


    I want a cat cafe where I live!!!!!

  12. taco vlogs

    2019 almost 2020 gang???

  13. Be Well with Michelle


  14. Jared Maples

    Ben's acting is so funny

  15. Lilly Dean

    Troom troom has run out of ideas and started copying Christine

  16. - -

    the last clip should be cristine's hand coming out of the graveyard

  17. d.estúdio arquitetura

    Love It

  18. PeachyButtCookies

    Someone change the definition of crazy cat lady in google to simplynailogical

  19. BirdieHouse

    conspiracy theory: the reason there are so many dislikes is because Americans are jealous their money doesn't smell nice

  20. Jesse Prupas

    i love your video ;D

  21. Ram’s Channel

    What do you call a cat on top of a mountain meow tin

  22. Moses Veerayiah

    Simply nailbolical umm whatever umm I sawww this slick pour on tik tok is like a powder and then becomes like water on your nails please try it can you do it pleaseeeee

  23. Sammysam1979

    What cat brush did cristine use to brush her own cats? It’s really good

  24. Saphirific

    Safiya should do this with you! You guys could water marble lipstick tubes 🤣

  25. sadpapaya

    Real backwards day would've been starting with naked nails, adding the peelie back and painting over her 🥺

  26. Madi .-. Smallville

    “Because smile, you’re dead”

  27. Hail The Hybrid

    The Y=mx+b was 7th grade math...

  28. BirdieHouse

    it's like if you put a bucket out before it rains. The rain isn't necessarily the healthiest to drink, but it's not gonna hurt you. Snow is literally the same thing except cold

  29. Ber / Amber H.

    Our Chihuahua came from a Chihuahua rescue center & her brother, a cute mixed breed, came from a shelter that took down a puppy mill! 💕 As for our cat, he was abandoned so we brought him to the ASPCA to see if anyone came forward as his owner and when nobody did we adopted him! 💖 We love our fur babies and they all loved this video! 😊

  30. Mariah Grinnell

    I wonder if Bed watches her videos?

  31. Mayura Valliere

    pin.it/qljz6lkbnezrww Please, tell me te secrets of this nails 😭

  32. Random Radical

    Simply: "putting nails on my nails" Me: What nails

  33. TJ ,thatsme.

    The cat puppets are Menchie and Zyler's replacements 😂

  34. Alannah Tabert

    extra cat fur? *ITS NOT A PROBLEM ANYMORE*

  35. Clodagh McPhelim

    Ive bitten my nails for as long as I can remember. It’s anxiety thing and I’ve done EVERYTHING to try and stop 😪

  36. Salma Mehany

    Wait now you say you lost your mind?!?!😂😂💕

  37. Alannah Tabert

    now give it to someone with a cat allergy and.. *let the games begin*

  38. xxx k edits

    post a video whole day in your office

  39. Edinson jahir Vargas Ruiz

    Español plissss

    1. Edinson jahir Vargas Ruiz

      Si español

  40. Yogi Han

    I want to try this. You look great! What a brilliant idea. ;)

  41. -Toasty Crum’s-

    Reaction vids

  42. Galaxy Pineapple

    I wanna call you :(

  43. WTF Moments

    make baby now.

  44. Chelsea Pekin

    I’m gonna do this tmrw lmao.

  45. K. Charrette

    This time last year you had your video donating to the cats while my oldest kitty was dying. I have since rescued another! The oldest is still very missed though

  46. Tomos Megan

    I need help simply

  47. K. Charrette

    So am I the only one thinking about Christmas ornaments made like this?

  48. Hailey Bargy

    100 bottles of holo taco 🌮

  49. Emma Michael

    My dad actually works in Richmond

  50. TheIntelectualnerd

    Google “Victorian hair wreaths” they would save their hair in special containers and weave it into elaborate flower wreaths.

  51. Lily Mercer

    7:13 I’m 9. I know that song 😐

  52. Lightbulb Sparkles

    The kind of content I signed up for. Also, holo. But mainly this tbh.

  53. MoreFirepower

    for the tops of those grab a rubber band and wrap around the lid. it makes gripping easier

  54. FoxyFame

    2:30 Isn't That the Armenian flag?

  55. Cookiegurl XOX

    Oooooooo my my my

  56. •Introverted Wolf•

    My cat has 2 baldish spots 😂

  57. Unicorn squad

    I don’t get it I just can’t get why people can’t respect people who love the same gender/lgbtqia+ it isn’t effecting you in anyway shape or form it’s just love so deal with it

  58. J. K.

    Did anyone notice that a simply-fan liked the ben troom troom insta Pic? XD THEY FOUND HIM BEFORE CRISTINE DID :D

  59. hasaheadachenow Shirley you jest!

    I can't get enough of this adorable child!

  60. Prissymissy

    scrub mommy's got a scrub daddy... just thought I'd put that here because I saw the infomercial in the darker parts of youtube once.... lol

  61. weird._. potato

    You should try bubble tea,i dont like tea but i still tried it,u should try it because u like Tea

  62. tiffanyblue36

    Stay Fresh! (does anyone actually get that reference?)

  63. Ady j

    This is the happiest I've seen Ben in a video

  64. Foxeye

    I like how christine makes drug jokes.. but she works for the Canadian government. People at her job watching her videos: interesting

  65. Autumn Scouten

    I know this is 2 years old but the reason they didn't get any art is because their milk wasn't foamy enough, you need to build a picture with stiff foam that stays in place, you can do it with lightly frothed milk. Just an ex barista getting frustrated with their technique lol

  66. Mya

    I was out at the mall the other day and someone had yelled “OKAY ITS TIME FOR SOME HALO TACO! WHERE IS MY HALO TACO?!”

  67. lol wat

    "isNt ThAt AwFuL?"

  68. Faith Mouse

    okay wait she flipped a pancake no hands holy guacamole she really IS a cook

  69. mariana b.

    tbh I really like birth charts. I think horoscopes are bullshit, but I find some aspects of astrology really interesting. However, I don't live my life by it, I just think it's fun. I like it but I don't take it seriously, I make fun of it too.. What I often see, is people who absolutely despise whoever mentions astrology, like treat it like it's something you are not allowed to like... man, I think as long as you're not hurting anyone, you should be able to like what you like. I think it's much worse to actually hate and judge someone for liking something, than to be the one actually liking the thing others find stupid. also, i'm shook that ben is an aries

  70. Ainsley Grant


  71. - OkxayPoppy -

    once the person who had a crush on me had salt so we put it in a line and sniffed it off the table...

  72. Zaibish Noor

    I live in India But not In Mumbai But in Rajasthan, Jaipur......❣❣❣ And I love you Simply😘😘😘😘

  73. Isabella B-C

    Cristine living her best crazy cat lady life

  74. Failary

    I want all those kittens 😍😍😍

  75. ItsPotato Bean

    My cat is balding

  76. Alaina Begley

    We have cat cafes in America too

  77. Micaela The doodler

    I’m from Quebec , I have to go to French school but I am an Anglo-Canadian Your representation of French people is sooo true! Bein LAAA LAAA!

  78. A M

    How did you lose so much weight? You look (and looked) great from the beginning but I was wondering if your weight loss was intentional or not.

  79. super sisters

    Don't worry I am not beautiful either

  80. Super Slimes

    C Cristine I have been going through some tough times and you helped me through this I just wanted thank you sooo much ❤️

  81. Toxsihk Zombae

    Just now watched this and legit cried because my family lost one of our cats today. 😭😭😭

  82. Aubrey King

    Bag of milk??????

  83. Reagun Dragon

    Is there number.........

  84. cassie chapman

    Why is the cat clock green

  85. Leanna Kekai

    I know how to achieve the flaming manicure because I did it once. You just have to apply long fake nails, go to warm some tortillas on the stove and not be careful.

  86. Andrea- Ex

    Cristine:Hi i am a 30yr old person and i am holosexual! Me first time watching Cristine: umm....Cristine are you okay and you are not 30 you are 29,what is holosexual...but?And....why,who..how.WHERE

  87. WeLike BURRITOS

    I am now going to be making cat hair ornaments out of all my boys’ kitty hair. This is gonna be litty kitty!

  88. kally price

    i just got a new cat his name is allister!!🥳

  89. Amy Leneski

    Troom troom has a messenger account