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  1. Cereal_killer4586

    Game 1 was tense

  2. Robux wolf The part wolf part dragon

    Pokémon game used scary It’s super effective

  3. Schlanvlcore Dude

    Nessa: I will win today’s match Me: say that to my feraligatrs fist... wait no swsh feraligatr? Fine say that to my obstagoon

  4. Schlanvlcore Dude

    Random photographer: you really are the water type gym leader! Well duh, why would you think she wasn’t

  5. Larissa Mallard

    How do I get into the tournament

  6. TheDeathmail

    You know a way to improve these remote raid passes? Allow us to put a notice that we are willing to join them, and only if enough people join can we finally join so that we don't have to waste money and join a raid nobody else will come too...

  7. Skerries Skate Park

    Me: -comes to comments to talk about the game- Literally everyone in the comments: *bRo He diDn,T eVen CalL uNo*

  8. Benny TV Gaming

    Wooloo is love Wooloo is life

  9. Riley Woods

    It’s 3AM and this is what I’m doing. I question why. I do not hear an answer until I slowly turn around and see behind me a smiling blue blob, and hear “Wynaut” Quite horrifying is my imagination.

  10. orange starlord

    Mr stark I don't feel so good...

  11. dandaman9890

    These commentary people just discovered pokemon before top 8

  12. Raddie Cat

    excuse me am I late to the party... is this still funny?

  13. Syafrizal MMS

    So sweet men

  14. Vikas Sonavalay

    Is she new rival of Ash Ketchum???

  15. Allan Vang

    Bea is gonna be my favorite gym trainer this gen. Acerola was last gen.

  16. Wyatt's Gaming



    Pls help me mine won't load any episodes or movies..

  18. Mhm It’s Jasen


  19. Sargent Furret

    0:59 hey JJBA fans this bring back any memories Hayato?

  20. Hunter Latham

    Where's the accent 👏🏼

  21. Z. Toast

    Guys what if I told you the chairman is actually Speedwagon

  22. MrSlurpyBoiPokèmon NGL

    The music sounds like davie504 made the music

  23. *Porygon-Z Carlos, GL, RS and Pokémon*

    Check the fire monkeys on Mercedes.

  24. Jule Knight

    Pretty much the entire episode: Nessa's outfit is red and black 5:59:

  25. Jule Knight

    I like how each slice of Nessa and Sonia's cake is like the size of their hands, and yet they each down the slices in one bite. Like how aren't they choking at all?

  26. XL B

    Pretty sad that D/G maxing decides every fight. Well, back to watching OWL where there is skill.

  27. Jule Knight

    They ate that cake thing WAY too fast. Each piece is bigger than their hands and yet they down them in one bite

  28. Jule Knight

    0:58 you a little too close there chairman

  29. jhlords2 2020

    Ok now much is wooloo on ?

  30. Hugo Pitna

    can you make a ice puppy name snowblow evolve to glazon or glacezon ;( i appriciate if you do it i mean lucario is already the best but if you make it ice thank you so much ( i like ice the most :) )

  31. Plasma Productions

    Cinderace and Inteleon are the only ones that look remotely good

  32. Sanjay Rishi

    shoma needs to calm down. Damn nigga chill, it's just a game. Try to be respectful of your opponent. He doesn't need to keep being distracted by your flailing.

  33. Mestawot Giday


  34. XxSpyroX

    Damn Lorelei 😳😳

  35. ChocoBrawler 01

    I feel like I’m in a fever dream... and I don’t wanna wake up.

  36. Rick Brick

    No Hop the way you become champion is to make a team of powerful Pokémon and make their move sets be able to handle their weaknesses well This is first grade stuff