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  1. Abdijibar Muse

    His music sounds like somali music 🇸🇴

  2. Charis Beaton

    this is wtf man its like elton john mikle jackson ant the weeknd merged is like tf man

  3. JJ Brendan

    Wrestle mania 36

  4. Bill Xen

    The 80s are back baby

  5. jayc playz

    he look like a gt online charater

  6. alsha caesar

    Ok we get it you guys are here because of Selena’s insta story🙄🙄🙄 who’s here because they are true weeknd fans and not cause Selena told them to listen to him🙄🤔

  7. Charis Beaton

    when he started i tought he was elton john

  8. Trantor -

    Mix of : // It Feels So Good - Sonique //+// take on me - aha//

  9. Nayimz_ YT

    This is the best form of the weeknd and Michael Jackson would be proud 🤝

  10. Juan J. P.

    Feel like a gta VI intro song without lyrics

  11. Tyler Aden

    Does this mean that the old weeknd is gone and now theres a new one? kinda like eliminating his past or being reborn?

  12. Trantor -

    Mix of : // It Feels So Good - Sonique //+// take on me - aha//

  13. Surha Power

    İ feel it coming

  14. Laruto fan

    Kind like stranger things 😳😁😍

  15. Laruto fan

    Kind like stranger things 😳😁😍

  16. Ridge frost

    he has a thing for making songs that follow each other where the first ends, the second begins, same visuals and all *its unique...pretty cool*

  17. Naomi Meme

    This song still hits hard 😭😭😭!! Never ending excellence

  18. Tima Baebae

    Does dis look scary asf or am jus high

  19. Małgorzata Kasprzyk

    Cała 📀 ❤️👌👏

  20. Notagenius

    This makes me want to grab an 80s Sedan and drive it in the night for hours



  22. Lucas Cordeiro

    His looks are closer to Él Wikén



  24. Gilberto Barcenas

    the Weeknd solto el covit-19 para poder hacer su vídeo en las calles de las ciudad sin que le estorbara la gente y los coches ?: )

  25. EmyLaurence Jean

    Omgggg The lyrics The beat The song in general Woooooo ❤❤

  26. Samaya Basey

    This song is great

  27. ArekGames TV

    Dr Disrespect, why you gone black?

  28. Adrian Vera

    When the weekend makes a song to be played on the weekends😳

  29. Gaini Gia

    all the dislikes are from Justin Bieber's fake accounts

  30. Isabella scarlet ruby

    when he said Cali was the mission it made miss his old songs

  31. Naomi Meme

    Who’s in the voicemail 🧐🧐

  32. Meams And music

    Can you guys check out this weekend type beat


    Who's here after Grand Theft Auto 6 Trailer?

  34. Pearl Weiss

    Without a doubt there is definitely M.J influence for this song. The army jacket the weekend is wearing is definitely something Michael would wear. 1:02 his foot movement is a thing M.J would do. I love this song, definitely gives today generation a sense of good music.

  35. kerry waters


  36. Emily Sophia

    This place reminds me of Las Vegas, because of the flashing lights. Idk if it is.

  37. Ιωάνννης Ντινιάς

    Wrestlemania 36 brought me here...

  38. Emily Sophia

    I LOVE this song. I wish I could go to his concerts. But they are too expensive for my family. :C

  39. HIGH KAGE_69

    Number 1 on Billboard good job

  40. AsapKarma

    Never thought id hear him use a Liquid DnB beat for his songs. At the same time i love it! <3

  41. iwilleatyopussy

    The Weeknd is probably the best mainstream rapper/hip hop artist as of now. Every other rapper wannabe specially with “lil” in their name is garbage

  42. leonbenjah

    Weekend have to be maxwell son he looks just like him

  43. Panda Legacy

    The beginning sounds like gta

  44. FaZe Slay

    Call of duty 5 trailer

  45. cant stop

    This music therapy I need this song It's my song to jade

  46. Ali Emir 1923


  47. Warren Lucia

    I feel like this song NEEDS to be in the new stranger things.


    Before I die I want to hear your songs😄😘

  49. Blake Rymer

    Deadass thought the intro was Mr. Crowley lol

  50. Henry Coleman

    Omg this is similar to the newest one 4/2/2020 so u don’t think I’m dumb in the future cuz of the elevator lol



  52. Kekoa kukui

    0:34 what every incel has said

  53. Mostafa dx

    31k pieces of trash

  54. Henry Coleman

    He almost got a golden play button lol

  55. jhonnys suarez

    Soy el comentario en español que buscabas UwU


    🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 Who is listening this in march 2020 This performance is fantastic 1:11 ❣🖤 👇👇👇👇👇🧡

  57. Mlk Violento

    this song reminded me of gta v 🥺

  58. Kayden Rubio

    at the end it sounds like the beat from starboy

  59. Ana

    It is Dakota???

  60. Kayden Rubio

    what is the thing at the end

  61. Лида Пиф

    красивая песня

  62. Kareem Kassim

    2015 had the best songs. Don’t @ me

  63. Ana

    1:50 - 2:12 if it were me, i would have had an orgasm just to see him like this

  64. Joe Longshore

    Gotta love that inner MJ

  65. Danyal Nadeem Chauhan

    01:13 Yes city is cold & empty

  66. Don Shin

    Blinding Lights now officially #1 on the billboard

  67. Wahyu Aulia

    WWE brings me here

  68. Cindy Guzman

    Listen to As I Lay Me Down By Sophia B. Hawkins... You're welcome :)

  69. Jennifer Pratl

    I just discovered this Song but damn!!!!

  70. Gucci Kitty

    Wonder if this is about Selena

  71. Dmitry Chernov


  72. Raj Gaming TV

    Sin city's cold and empty That damn virus....

  73. Crazy Average Asian Bitch

    Who else think Save Ur Tears is the best song from the album ?

  74. Umeru Mure

    Bringing back the 80s

  75. Jony's Music Vevo

    Is he on Drugs..?

  76. Jony's Music Vevo

    Is he on Drugs..?

  77. Ana Borjon

    I love the entire album, LOVE. every song is my favorite song this man is a blessing <3 XO forever

  78. Crazy Average Asian Bitch

    Grammy 2021 Album of the year : After Hours Record of the year : Blinding Lights MV of the year : Blinding Lights Song of the year : In Ur Eyes Best Pop Vocal Performance: Heartless Best Pop song : Save Ur Tears

  79. Moira Craig

    Bloody brilliant!! 🔥

  80. BruvLuv

    this song sounds good for a trailer on gta

  81. Theo Chatzi

    I cant believe that this masterpiece has only 123 mil.views😤

  82. Ayan Barua

    Welcome to Synthwave, Abel.

  83. Pansy uwu

    Esta canción es épica xd

  84. Miguel I. Reyes García

    Esta cancion me recuerda a una canción con un ritmo muy parecido de los 80's... Pero no se su nombre y todavía nací en los 90's :( . Si alguien me pudiera dar razón de la canción de la cual hablo, se lo agradecería mucho...

  85. Ana

    I fell in love with him as soon as I heard that song at the time of the movie. And when I saw him in this clip, there you go... XO HIS voice is so FUCKING PERFECT

  86. Crazy Average Asian Bitch

    Blinding Lights > Save Ur Tears > In Ur Eyes > Heartless > Faith > After Hours

  87. Joseph Medina

    Jason and Rose make a cute couple

  88. Plohoy O4enb

    Песня топчик!!!

  89. amy yewyin

    You can tell that Abel is missing selena gomez in his voice ;D plus what Abel meant "in your eyes" was he sees selena's burning love for him in her eyes and he knows she pretends to be happy everytime but he feels her pain and hurt in her eyes <3

  90. Plohoy O4enb

    Песня просто топчик!!!!!!

  91. Crazy Average Asian Bitch

    You can’t dethrone yourself with hits after hits Abel : You bet 😌

  92. psnCarpz

    As soon as I heard this all I thought was stranger things

  93. ElShowDeManu

    Gta 6 music

  94. amy yewyin

    Oh wow that girl looks like selena gomez when she had blonde hair!! ;D and Abel tried to find love in Bella too many times that's why Abella broke up many times sad story

  95. jösə sickö

    Only OG's remember the old thumbnail **

  96. Emmanuel John

    Send in the clowns 🤡

  97. vibhor vaish

    ok, who dislikes weeknd songs, comment below also if you be so kind, pls tell why , really fking why

  98. Lívia eu te amo !!! E sério !!!!

    nobody was caring about a loose head!

  99. Crazy Average Asian Bitch

    Can’t Feels My Face: Burnt on fire The Hills: Crashed in car Starboy: Kidnap by another weeknd False Alarm: Betrayed and shot by her girl In Your Eyes: Head off why so many disasters happen to this poor man 😂