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  1. Alex

    Why is this on my recommended...

  2. SIMply Skye

    I wish they would let us vote on the expansion packs, then we would at least know what's coming instead of waiting for months only to be disappointed.

  3. Abdoo XP

    Thanks god the graphics wasn't like that

  4. Cookies and Cream

    And this is where the youtube rabbit hole has taken me today Anyone else here during quarantine?

  5. Summer Snow

    ME: we need sims 5 but sims 4 is fun like sims 3 😐

  6. Sebastião Rodrigues


  7. Bisc8

    Bj manda abraços com o Project Castaway ✊😭

  8. Bente Spiegelaar

    Need more trailers like these.. its amazing and is really showing what you get

  9. Big Cheese

    lol 0:40 XD why the face

  10. Pixel Marker

    i just noticed that they changed the style of the skins shading

  11. orii albaa

    the game is for Android?

  12. __

    well... EA does love recycling...

  13. Nabila Touahria

    Im here to see the reaction of the pepole when they see the sims 4 for the first time 😂

  14. Patate Galactic

  15. Patate Galactic

  16. J F

    Please update the weather in game to include temperatures, fronts, ice pellets, more severe storms that can cause damage and knock out the power

  17. txag07

    This is not a good expansion pack. Really.

  18. txag07

    Garbage. You released actual garbage, EA.

  19. txag07


  20. Sabina Irshadia Tanisha

    i played the full expansion pack and i havent see the stranger ville trailer so i got very scared when jess came to my house in the middle of the night and acting weird 😂 its scary...

  21. Sabina Irshadia Tanisha

    i played the full expansion pack and i havent see the stranger ville trailer so i got very scared when jess came to my house in the middle of the night and acting weird 😂 its scary...

  22. student Mika Escarcida

    This pack looks so cool, but I’m confused about what’s it about

  23. joe mask

    stand up

  24. Darth Sol

    Why can't you give us a horse expansion pack?

    1. Ryleigh Y

      Because then your game would start to crash

  25. Anastasi

    EA: let's build a tiny house Me, building a castle 64x64 with 4 flours and a cellar: 0_0

  26. Roblox Cat

    I honestly don’t get what u can do in this trailer

  27. Soodam YT


  28. Elisa Setyawati

    I just wish everytime sims travel didn't have to get that loading screen just like the sims 3 (except going out of the city) sucks when you want to go to near lot and you have to wait for the I rarely went to many places. just ride that yellow cab you know.....well idk maybe thats just me

  29. VeraGMS

    Follow meee

  30. it’s a big boy boog

    me: *only bought realm of magic when the big sale was on* maybe if my dad sends some more money i’ll buy it

  31. Caitland Dyke

    Is ladders the next step for bunk beds 👀👀

  32. Shayne Licayan

    Omg I'm already loving this pack. Super excited

  33. minari

    Why is this in my recommendations nine years later ? not gonna complain though, this was an and always will be an awesome pack!

  34. rose dishi

    When is it the next expansion pack sale ?

  35. rose dishi

    I wanted to ask when the next sims expansion pack sale will be ??

  36. Kitty Loda

    Look at this guys even the sims think that its stupid throwing trash on the ground! We need too make some changes or it will look like this 0:01

  37. Kitty Loda

    Murphy beds can kill people!

  38. Dayeng Lay

    i will never buy this thing even if i had a lot of money

  39. alcázar.

    i wanted a farm expansion and what i get? a worm that lives like a chicken

  40. Adrian Vargas

    They smoke weed 4 sure.

  41. Dignitey Keitt

    Does the eco-footprint detector is available in all worlds or just in this world?

  42. Ivan Amper

    This one of my favourite game packs

  43. LazaroAlex

    Of the new slimish here is the vest couple

  44. Nina

    What is the point of the surveys if ur not going to add anything we ask for...

  45. Enes Deniz Karagöz

    bullshit sims universe is our little prety universe i dont care eco life in sims >_<

  46. danielle jones

    i just bought this game pack, and if i’m not mistaken it comes with a world. however, i can’t get my world to show up. i’ve got all the other worlds from previous expansion packs and game packs, and i even got all the stuff from this game pack. however, i don’t have any new worlds. PLEASE HELP!!!! i’ve tried everything, i’ve restarted it 1,000 times but nothing seems to work. :(

  47. huoo seo


  48. Crissy Young

    Dang the comment section is 10 years ago. 😭 I miss playing in this town though I never discovered what was the mystery.

  49. Ava patey

    I feel as though they could of used this in the tiny living pack, and just make tiny living a full on expanshion, beacuse Tiny homes are used to go green and stuff like that, and it fit perfictely into eco living, But insted if you want both of these packs you have to pay around 70$ just to use eco freindly things and build tiny homes.

  50. Missa M

    Ugh Jill annoys me to no end. Am I the only one?

  51. Clerical_Errors

    Kinda lazy, tbh. Gimme some zombies in here and I might buy lol


    Corona virus

  53. Paige Seguine

    I like Windenburg because it is a European-inspired world

  54. RainbowPanda

    anyone else who was kinda upset when they saw the trailer actually excited now?

  55. Christian

    “Deeper and richer stories” oh what a lie that was. 6 years later, Sims 4 is still the most shallow and dull game of the series

  56. Maja Dykalska

    Sweet ❤🤗😍

  57. Станислава Терещенко

    the most terrible addition of all☹️☹️☹️

  58. עידו אלי

    I hope the new map will have more then 10 lots

    1. The Gay Agenda

      It has 15

  59. Ibukun Adelani

    if only places were packed like this instead of my sim and her creepy npc stalker wearing the most randomest stuff

  60. Catrollz

    This was the best livestream ! Thanks you !

  61. Ladyspud77

    so can't wait to get this and start doing some awesome builds

  62. destinnyx

    The game should add religions (going to church or the mosque, practicing their religion or being agnostics) You could travel to your kids school You could achieve more than one aspiration at the same time There should be werewolf’s You can have a treehouse More actions for babies Pushchairs Toddlers can go daycare with or without their parent on a school day and can level up all their skills when going with their parents Police job Credit cards Cars Flying in a plane? Idk I’m getting too exited

  63. Illidril

    I could not care less I really couldn't...

  64. Olivia Douglas

    Yea it’s soooo cool 😎

  65. Illidril

    I am NOT getting this one.

  66. claire b

    anyone else feels like it should be a game pack instead of an expansion pack

    1. claire b

      Ryleigh Y alright then just me

    2. Ryleigh Y


  67. Killer Valentine

    Sooo I'm late to the party for saying this, but eating bugs is not vegetarian or vegan, bugs and honey is still consider to be animal and animal products. My sim, personally to reflect my own lifestyle has been like actively avoiding all of the eggs and dairy products that other Sims players have been doing and custom restaurants and diners and retail stores. I mean a small counter argument to myself now that there's like plentiful amounts of vegan dairy products and Vegan egg products oh, I could just simply pretend as much as I pretend eating all this stuff and thinking that it tastes just like eggs and just like milk. But I'm not going to try out the insect Buffet, I most likely will use the console command to cheat in that aspiration

  68. Morgan Dubyts

    Love this, this is right up my alley, I’ve never been so excited for an expansion pack not even cats and dogs

  69. Jess Stubbs

    This is fun

  70. P a r ad i s e


  71. Elena De Wolf

    How the trailer looks like: 👸. How it really is:👩

  72. Ugly_ DancingChoclate

    I got this pack and I am none stop playing it I love it so much lol

  73. Cheese

    I'm sorry but this doesn't feel like the sims anymore What happened to the simlish musiv? What happened to packs improving quality of live and making the game less bland? Honestly I'm not a fan of where the sims is going

  74. Cheese

    Better love story than twilight

  75. Anissa Azzouz

    background music pls ?

  76. Princess Bri

    Why do all the good games have to be paid for

  77. Zuzia Gruczyńska

    nie moge sie juz doczekac

  78. Alex

    This is why l can't wait for paralives

  79. SaViya McGaughy


  80. Han .x

    Baby update coming soon ? We all needddd it

  81. k jenny

    I don’t wanna buy air pollution pay over 50$ for my sims world. I already got plenty of it in my real life. Who wants to clean the environment in game. If there’s someone like that, should clean the real world. I know you put a lot of effort but It’s too stupid. There’s no use being a environment activist in game. We should do it irl.

  82. Darko

    I am playing this during quarantaine bc i can’t afford a new wii u (?) and animal crossing lolol

  83. Heuwu Moonlight

    0:22 Walter is that you?

  84. katherine Giroux

    Yeah fireman wohoo 😁🥳🥳💙💙

  85. H

    Oh come on, still no cars?

  86. That one guy in the comments

    When is this coming out

    1. Facu Filippini

      next friday, june 5

  87. Ezgi

    I want my sims to look chic and classic. the sims: 31:14

  88. memebang

    the song in the background is called *shine a light* but sorta in simlish

  89. Sylwia Znamierowska

    Mi się bardzo podoba super 😍😍😍

  90. Kaila R

    Oh a off the grid homestead 👌 so many gameplay ideas, with this pack and outdoor retreat.

  91. Kelly Reid

    2013: 2014: 2015: 2016: 2017: 2018: 2019: 2020: *hey you know the game sims*

  92. DeLisha Toney

    *Its that Carona* 💀💀💚

  93. lola lane

    This guy is deaf lol I could hear Jill perfectly

  94. limitless orbit


  95. DDDdragon games XoX

    "life is better with pets"

  96. Big Cheese

    the sims 3 sucks but why this pack sucks its not a EP more like a free stuff come with a new world but this is voted? a lot people hate it

  97. Diala Alkaderi

    When it will be?!!

    1. Facu Filippini

      next fridayy

  98. up - on

    They didnt give us height difference, they didnt give open world, just seriously...

  99. Car Pat

    that moment that music feels familiar feels like you are falling down to los santos with only your underwear

  100. chris copeland

    I HATE YOU!!!!!😡😠