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  1. C4shewLuv

    Colin Logic: 4000 decisions x 45 years = millions of decisions

  2. Adam Ismael

    What did he do during the game?

  3. Carolyn Adcock

    If Dallas sucks, it's because of the Coach. They have the talent. Just give them the RIGHT CALLS to play. How can a team play with such play calling. My suggestion is do your own thing you do best out on the field. When Troy, Emmitt and Michael won Superbowl's in the 90's, the coaching of the team was super just like the difference between night and day. That HAS to change. What happened in the past with Dallas. I want it to happen now. Dak. just do what you do best! They can't fire you for trying to win a game!!!!

  4. marvinshenk

    Brady knows what he's doing by taking less money than he could from the Pats. He's winning Superbowls. He will enjoy the rest of his life after football treated like a god and getting numerous endorsements equaling hundreds of millions of dollars while Kirk Cousins will be basically remembered as an ok QB. Jimmy G will be forgotten. It's kind of like being elected President of the US. The position only pays $500k per year, but you cash in hard after with books, speaking engagements, etc. You have libraries and streets named after you. You are someone who will be remembered. And besides all that, Brady's wife makes an enormous amount of money on her own. Must be nice to be Tom Brady.

  5. ads ___

    Peyton Manning didn't miss his first game until his 14th (!!!) season. Sam has already missed 3 games per season (6 total). Also: Just b/c Peyton and Sam both started bad, doesn't mean Sam's trajectory will mirror Manning's. Some people start bad b/c..... They're bad.

  6. marvinshenk

    And yet Pittsburgh lost to the Browns. That's the NFL for you.

  7. Henk van der Gaast

    If Nick was worried about Nick he could have retired years ago... Its clear that the man wants a succession plan and a legacy. He is good enough to get it.. I dont think he will retire unless he sees it

  8. Cyrus Farid

    If Kawhi was on my Bulls I’d be cool with lm. Clippers fans aren’t going to be complaining in June when they’re celebrating their first championship.

  9. Shady C.

    Colin will never get over Baker Mayfield body bagging him on national tv.

  10. Michael C

    Browns are a NATIONAL embarrassment. Might as well just drive down to skid row and pick up a couple of enforcers to take out a few more quarterbacks. Leg breaking, helmet smashing cowards...

  11. Spacedawn Productions- Gaming Clan Archive

    No respect for maxing out your body for a ring

  12. Shurchil

    Without having watched it yet I bet Colin still puts the Seahawks at something between 10 and 8 even though they just beat the undefeated 49ers.

  13. Shurchil

    Seahawks end the undefeated streak of the niners. They played so well. Colin still finds ways to make them look bad with now 8-2 somehow...

  14. chrisizq

    Packers vs. Lions, yeah Packers rely on the refs to bail them out when they can’t win on their own.

  15. makeitdeuce

    I would love to see Nick have a Goat debate with Max Kellerman.

  16. Daniel Spinosa

    Brady is a year and a half past being a year and a half and still going. By the way he’s been to three straight Super Bowls since this and won two

  17. AssassinatdAPE

    They are complimenting the Bears offense too much. Oline needs 2 new starters and a new TE at the minimum outside of Qb. -Bear's fan

  18. Gabriel


  19. Efi Brilovski

    and thats why Brady played in 9 super balls and had the privilege to reach a master level in football knowledge..... that and he played for years with many players who constantly are ignored, unappreciated and made fun of when in fact they were are group of amazing players especially on defence. There is a field in engineering called operation research and in it a sub field called maximization of resources and utilities. His coach is doing exactly that but when you son't know where to look or understand what you see you can't appreciate success

  20. Aaron Long

    For the record, there are two players who have been voted MVP as defensive players. Alan Page and Lawrence Taylor. Ray is right, though, defensive players don't get nearly enough recognition.

  21. chris paul

    that 6-0 deal is only reg season., he's lost at least 2x post season to teams 8+ Pats and Panthers off top of my head

  22. Adventure Rehab

    I have watched russ destroy my cardinals for it feels like years now lol.

  23. Ahmed Moubarak

    Russ Westbrook will give away alpha position to Harden this season for the sake of winning the title. Next season I am not sure

  24. Chris Rood


  25. Marq Hendu

    Listening at Gregg Jennings talk is like listening to finger nails scratching a chalkboard. Sorry I cringe when I hear him.

  26. Isaac Gordon

    Betting against Auburn at home in a rivalry game is dangerous. I'm not an Auburn or a Georgia fan but I'm not putting my money anywhere near that game.

  27. Philip Nunn

    AHAHAHAHAHA............. FAIL!!!!!

  28. Lewie_ 242

    How does that crow taste Colin?

  29. it’s just youtube tho

    needless to say.. *FADE THIS FOOL*

  30. Rocky Versace

    this aged well.

  31. Matthew Belamont

    Browns are won tonight beat Pittsburgh

  32. it’s just youtube tho

    this did *not* age well 😂

  33. Turbo BaconTM

    The clippers already outscored the lakers buddy

  34. AkaGlide

    Who’s here after the Browns won?

  35. Shane Lizard

    Anyone with a brain knows Georgia is not beating LSU. They drop Bama moves in.

  36. Bailen Ganeshappa

    Looks like the loser son’s loser son just beat his successful grandfather. God bless Colin and his analogies

  37. Ryan Mccafferty

    Dak through all over the vikings 400 yards and one pick one last Hail Mary cowboys fan but no one Better in league than dak and coop since coop joined last year facts!!!

  38. Ben Hansen

    Did you see Colin's face 11:39 when Greg spoke the truth about the Saints? He was trying so hard to figure out what stance he was going to have on the situation. All of a sudden the thing he has "always said" came to him. Ah yes, it will be like a divorce. It will happen if the Saints are okay with Drew winning somewhere else.

  39. Zach Raimy

    Dallas can't win with Vikings without Theilen and their 1 corner out? At home? blehhh

  40. Zach Allen

    "Normally what happens:" *Browns lose a game in the worst way possible* *Colin rubs hands together* "What happened after Colin's prediction backfired horribly" *Cleveland fans vigorously rub hands together*

  41. Ben Adek

    Kyler throws ways better than Lamar

  42. David Fisher

    Scylla. Don Self stole Scylla.

  43. Boring Hassan

    Is colin on coke ?

  44. JimmyFoxhound

    Brownies win!!! Nice take, Cowterd!! lol

  45. Atrain Iron-tracks

    Maybe Baker and Trubisky were drafted for a culture thing? Cocky guy might improve self esteem and the quiet guy won't make mistakes with the media and on his days off. That is the only excuse I can think of with those teams

  46. BB

    On Wilson: "Last night he threw a pick and he's like alright. Goes to the sidelines. Lets go. Lets go. 30% of what you are paying a QB is leadership. I've never seen anything like it. I mean Brady occasionally shows emotion. Not a bunch but some." Brady doesn't show much emotion? Brady literally has a nickname...Psycho Tom! Great win by Wilson and the Seahawks.

  47. Nicholas Shaw

    All those reasons you listed for not doing commercials are the exact reasons you should do commercials.

  48. Zach Raimy

    49s win with a field goal tho

  49. Ace Daddy TV

    Jesus Joy! 👀

  50. TheUnatuber

    Colin, you're a prophet! The Steelers' absolute *_owning_* of the Browns tonight was nothing short of spectacu---wait. . .what? Never mind.

  51. TheLongDark

    3:56 "You shouldn't go to Cleveland and win tonight, but Pittsburgh will win tonight" Umm ...

  52. Atrain Iron-tracks

    I'm with Greg, put in Teddy. Brees is quality but it's time

  53. Aaron Brown

    This didn’t age well lmao.

  54. HemanParkFilms

    Kyler Murray and Baker Mayfield got drafted because of Russell. Now that's real talk from Colin. Pundits can talk all they want; Russell Wilson is a WINNER.

  55. Stephen Shortt

    I'm not surprised and this is EXACTLY what I predicted prior to the season. I am on record with several comments and texts out there that tell exactly what I expected Baker to be. History over the last several years has shown that he will turn into being a nobody in the league. Give it 3 years max and Baker will be out of the league and most of it is his fault but the rest is he just isn't a good QB. Great in college but so was Tebow and the guy from A&M which I can't remember his name already.

  56. DCUPtoejuice

    I hope for Cowturd's sake he does not actually believe anything he aays.

  57. Mantiss Toboggan

    I dont know who I hate more, colin or skip

  58. Herb Young

    Nick is the only logical one about LeBron on FS1. Keep grinding Nick.

  59. DCUPtoejuice

    Hahahah blown out and embarrassed. Rudolph so frustrated he tried to rip off Myles helmet.

  60. Joey Huber

    Who’s here after Myles garret bashes mason Rudolph’s head in with a helmet

  61. Boi Boi

    Well the dad lost by the red haired step son’s son?

  62. 811chelseafc

    My new favorite Cowherd analogy. Also: 8:02. Lmao

  63. S. Mesut

    The Seattle Sounders win the Major League Soccer ( MLS ) championship cup against the Toronto FC . ... " My Crazy 48 Hours! | MNF Win | Seattle Sounders MLS Cup Parade | Russell Wilson " ...

  64. Randy Talltree

    SoCal has done Colin's skin real well. Bristol don't give you that year round.

  65. MIke VanDyke

    Collin is honesty so stupid sometimes 🤧

  66. Daniel Mocsny

    I wouldn't shed too many tears for Tom Brady on the compensation front. While he's not paid annually like some lesser QBs, through 2018 he ranked third among active players for career earnings according to Spotrac, at $235,166,804, behind only Eli Manning and Drew Brees. By signing team-friendly contracts, he's probably extended his career and increased his wins, thereby allowing him to make more money from endorsements. If it takes "psychological strength" to scrape through life with only hundreds of millions of dollars between you and the poor house, I wonder what it takes to survive actually being poor. And while Brady may lack weapons this year, he can't complain about his defense.

  67. Alene Shepherd

    Now what do you have to say with that big mouth of yours genius?

  68. Miller Time


  69. Hmong Shaman

    First one here after the Browns DESTROYED the Steelers who was ranked top 10 by Colin

  70. John Roper

    There is NO WAY Tom plays 2 more years much less 5. Stop it. I looooove Brady, but he isn’t the same guy.

  71. Dan Miller

    "Pittsburgh WILL win this game" lol. Pittsburgh may be the successful father of the AFC North but the browns were their daddy tonight

  72. William Deemer Jr.

    Miles goes full caveman. Freddie in control.

  73. Ethan Tinklenberg

    Is it just me or has Colin eaten his words within a day or two every week this year? Vikings last week, Browns today, I mean my god man this year is unpredictable but dude, bet better.

  74. Viking Blood

    The 🐐 still doing it 6 Super Bowl rings later and most likely gonna get his 7th this year or next.

  75. Andrew Goldin

    Thank God there are intelligent black men out there who can call it now it is. I swear sometimes I feel like every black person out there just automatically sides with their own no matter what. Kaepernick is just a cry baby with a victim mentality. He didn’t kneel til his career was on a downward spiral. This guy doesn’t want to come together and resolve social issues, he wants to play victim and have someone to blame. His heart is not in the right place. He’s lying to himself and will never face the truth - he is not good enough and its his fault.

  76. Gilbert Aragon

    Wilson did what?? The defence scored 7, and put them within FG range for both their offensive TDs. And he was down 10 and did nothing, D got them down by 3. Come on

  77. Bobby P

    No elite weapons this year but has been blessed throughout his career with elite weapons around him : Moss , White (rb) , Gordon , Gronk , Vinatieri , Brudchi , they even sent players to Revis Island and many more. He has benefited plenty from a wide array of hall of famers who wanted to chase a ring with the Patriots.

  78. Ed Henson

    Auburn by 3+. Iowa is gonna loose, your thinkin to much, maybe your sunburnt

  79. avvocato

    Browns 21, Steelers 7.

  80. Hakyhm Kauffman

    whos hear after browns win vs steelers just to see what he said wrong !!!!!!

    1. Desco

      Hakyhm Kauffman I knew I wasn’t the only one😂

  81. Chief Q

    Colin coward your an over opinionated big mouthed assclown! How u eating those words now?they just dominated the Steelers

  82. Josh Taylor

    Well this didn’t age well 😂 good job Colin 👍🏼

  83. Rocco Tufano

    Aged well

  84. Joe Smith-Davies

    Steelers pick aged well...

  85. nopoliticking1

    Mason Rudolph is hot trash..poor pocket awareness, low IQ, slow decision making, holds the ball and pump fakes when being blitz by 8 defenders, and has the accuracy of my grandma.

  86. Cody Johnson

    The Steelers look like turds guess you really are the expert colin😂

  87. Mason Monroe

    8 team playoff.....

  88. Russell Westbrook Fan since 2010

    13 Georgia Auburn 40

  89. Sun Forrest

    Seattle wasn't even talked about until Russell got there..truly underrated

    1. S. Mesut

      Seattle wasn't even on the map and sometimes even referred to by east-coasters as somewhere out there on the frontier. No I am NOT kidding. I even heard it, not that long ago, on a Sunday night nationally televised game in Seattle by an east-coast announcer.

  90. Isaac Robinson

    I think Jaromir Jagr died amd came back as Tom Brady

  91. John Williams

    This guy is just making a big deal out of nothing. But when the browns beat the Steelers what will they say? When the browns win the division I cant wait to see what they say

  92. Buffalo Rideshare

    Cleveland just won with their whole secondary depleted

  93. Aaron Wack

    "In life, general rule, you slide, I'm in" - Collin Cowherd

  94. Awsome Ipad Gaming

    0:00-0:07 someone please explain this logic

  95. Munoken 23

    Get this motherf'ing fool off of the airwaves please. Letrash sucks and so does Nick Wrong.

  96. I am Delicate

    🤣💀 damn Colin you a savage

  97. mezzy Jones

    It's only because his shoes look better it has nothing to do with Jordan now trust me

  98. Greenblood 52

    Ravens winning the division

  99. Ben Hansen

    That's what makes Bill GOAT. He keeps people's egos in check on his team.

  100. Logan S

    It’s funny how Joe Thomas is LITERALLY the greatest OL of all time and he was a slow B1G tackle 🤣