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  1. Jordan Wolfe


  2. De Luboya

    i've never really understood the process of MVP voting like in an Era where you have Shaq, Kobe, Wade, Duncan, LeBRON, Iverson you have a guy like steve nash winning back to back.

  3. Kenrick Gonzales

    Haha.. Eat those words now..

  4. Jacob Crow

    lol the Bucks!

  5. Z Clip

    No one cared about Brady. Look how that turned out

  6. connor farrell

    Lmao the butthurt packer fans in the comments 😂

  7. DeShield Enterprises, LLC

    $6M PER YEAR: Colin 'run your damn mouth' cowherd doesn't deserved that

  8. Down-n-Out in BC

    Instead of saying why he doesn't deserve 35 million ask why does he deserve 35 million

  9. Dimarko02

    Talk that SASS Colin

  10. Z Clip

    Mahomes is more accomplished then Russell Wilson right now and hasn’t played as much as him. Micheal Thomas has been the best wr in the nfl for the past two years it’s not even close. Brady is the goat obviously but he’s not even a top 5 qb right now and it’s not even close mahomes Wilson brees rodgers Lamar wentz Watson are all better than him and That’s just off the top of my head kittle is the second best te in the league. You could argue he had one season better than Kelce but the nfl is about consistency and kelce has been the best te for the past 3 years. And nick bosa is a more value able defensive player than jamaal Adams so he shouldn’t even be in the top 10. Probably the worst top ten list I’ve ever seen in my life.

  11. MagicGTurtle

    Colin pretty badly “misquoted” Dame for what he said about who should win MVP, “Of course its Lebron” he never says anything close to this, he does pick Bron but he also says it could go either way and hed be fine with Giannis getting it.

  12. Lopez Renatojr.

    He dont watch the last dance for sure,,,about passing the bad boys piston😂😂😂

  13. Lopez Renatojr.

    ne Lash 2008 nba finals-paul pierce 2009-kobe 2010-kobe 2011-dirk nowitzki beat the big 3 of heat 2012-2013 -lbj 2014,kawhi 2015- iguidala 2016-lbj 2017-durant 2018-durant 2019-kawhi beat warrior Lebron dominate in what?😂😂😂

  14. Nicolas von Hamm

    First time I heard facts from this guy 👊🏼💯

  15. Bryon Letterman

    Joy is looking amazing

  16. Yasin Güner

    This blondie is the sexiest

  17. Joel Vance

    Preach Colin!!

  18. tottenham123mh

    Relates everything to money prototypical American lol

  19. Nicholas Frank

    With colin not shitting on the cowboys makes show much better

  20. Kishon Moore

    “Not even close”😂😂😂😂😂 ur an idiot Giannis is mvp

  21. KD Walker

    The rockets best chance ! Fisrt Round: Rockets vs Jazz Rockets win 5 or 6 games Semi conference finals: Rockets vs Bucks Rockets win hard 6 or 7 gm series Conference final: Rockets vs Lakers Rockets win in 7 thanks to Westbrook cooking davis Finals: Rockets vs Boston P.S. Boston Beats Clippers Rockets Win In 6!! 🎉🎉🎉

  22. Michael Baby

    He pick clippers🤣

  23. Wulf Man

    Offense is boring - defense is fun

  24. Andy Cohen

    When Colin Cowherd first started out, he was still moonlighting under the Queensborough Bridge jerking punks for $15 a man

  25. Leslie Robinson

    Ryan Hollins is STILL the all time IDIOT NBA commentator of all times!

  26. Professor Professor 2

    I agree

  27. Reggie Samuel

    As much as Colon loves to hear himself talk he didn’t give the MJ story no love because he knows MJ full of it!

  28. fox bud

    he needs to shoot the free-throw tho

  29. Enoch Unholy

    Oh its RYAN "the clown" HOLLINS long.time no see😂🤣😂

  30. Sandra Mumford

    Colin-the biggest strike against Marino is the way HE played in his 3 championship game losses. Forget that he didn't win a S.B., it's all about how bad he played when he had a chance to win some championships.

    1. Sandra Mumford

      Rodgers over Marino-the icing on the cake-Rodgers was named MVP while winning his S.B. Aaron definitely Reached The Pinnacle of His Profession while Marino could never play good enough to do the same.

    2. Sandra Mumford

      Here are Marino's stats from those 3 championship game losses-4 TD's BUT 6 INT's, a Comp.% of UNDER 50%, an avg. Passer Rating of UNDER 60, and he led his offense to an avg. of only 12 p.p.g. How can a TEAM win championships when their QB is playing like that?

  31. HoffDawgWithMustard

    Wow its like his takes get shittier and shittier. He has the Chargers and broncos over the packers lmao

  32. Jacob Cardwell

    His criteria for the award is off

  33. Led istic

    Is this the guy who psaid Greg Oden is better than KD. Isn't this the guy who said LEBRON is too old to win another championship in Cleveland with Kyrie 😂 the credibility is just not there. BTW has to win UNANIMOUS Mvp or one of the judges will experience what happened to Shaq's MVP season. That one judge who counted him out or D-Wade giving a 9

  34. MrKarter HuH

    Before I had money... I stood outside a chipotle as soon as they opened for 2 hours to get tickets to see the raiders. I want the organization to do better because I want to see them back in the playoffs but this still hurts. This does not feel good at all.

  35. Smurff Oo


  36. justin f

    Green Bay gets no respect

  37. Richard Giardelli

    Dallas didnt address their Defense? The brought in Dontari Poe and Gerald McCoy, both better than anyone they lost in the interior D line. They drafted Neville Gallimore for Def interior, signed Aldon Smith(who knows, but could be good), Randy Gregory coming back. Byron Jones is avg at best, any Cowboy fan will tell you he was good, but not great. They addressed Secondary in the draft, they took Trevon Diggs in the second and Reggie Robinson in the 4th and signed Ha Ha Clinton Dix and a few other FA for secondary. To say they didnt address the Def is flat out wrong, and only repeated by people that arent paying attention to what Dallas is actually doing.


    I’m so mad that the Pacers snuck in front of the Sixers at the end , Sixers would beat Nuggets in 7

  39. Braeden Dykstra

    Collin: If you told me JOE ROGAN would make that much money 3 years ago, i wouldnt have believed you Coronavirus: Am I a joke to you?

  40. Tmc Afc

    As soon as lebron beat the bucks and the clippers back to back it was game over! Clearly the mvp hes unbelievable

  41. Femi Alex Williams

    Clippers are tricky. I don't trust Paul George in the playoffs but damn I trust Kawhi... I think they win it

  42. Dereal Man

    LeBron has to be the most hated player in NBA history. P. S. Usually evil hates good.🤔

  43. Karl Madl

    I mean i agree LeBron is MVP but to say it’s not close is pretty dumb

  44. Jake Waterfall

    The best 16 teams only works if everyone plays each other the same amount of times

  45. Thomas Lequesne

    This take is terrible on so many points... LeBron didn't deserve the MVP other players won, there was always a narrative or a level of performance making their run special. LeBron's teams don't desintegrate when he leaves just because he leaves; when he left Miami Wade was a shell of himself and half the team left as well. Also, he asks for the team to be built around him, to fit his playstyle, and then leaves on short notice. Of course it won't work! Take the engine out of a car and it won't work anymore. And the eastern conference didn't desintegrate when he left, in fact it's better than it ever was when he was there. And then to give him credit for "making it work" in Miami when LeBron himself said they were going to win 8... before choking and being the reason they lost to Dallas.

  46. Corn Pop

    Cromartie beard has its own defined line of scrimmage 😂 why his beard look painted 💀

  47. Jack O


  48. Skip Pruitt

    Penny is a class act!

  49. Andrew Everson

    Wow, Colin's NFC Predictions were practically spot on almost a year in advance. Gotta commend him for that.

  50. Young O

    I think Colin has gone senile... what alternate universe is he living in? It’s Giannis and it’s frankly not even close

  51. justin f

    The one year Rodgers had a top ten defense, he won the super bowl. In NFC championship games, the packers defense averages 34 points per game given up.

  52. Cedric White

    Lol crazy everything everybody was saying at the time lol two years in now what lol

  53. Ninjachickenfingers

    Colin actually freaking nailed some of these hard ones... props

  54. Jack Graham

    I wonder what the excuse will be when the clippers take Lebron out in 6

  55. Bukobol Legend3377

    well Colin, if MJ mouthed all of ur words then no big deal I guess ... but that he had to lie for years says sumthin else ... unexplainable how the toughest gutsiest man in sports wud chicken out on not tellin it as it is

  56. Robert McIntosh

    Rob is a joke we ran him out of Detroit cause his act got old, he's Mr. Obvious

  57. Babajide K

    This is a non sensical take. It's not best human being award, or the best career, or best facilitator, or who's the best player in the world. IT'S WHO"S HAD THE BEST SEASON, hold all that other noise. Colin is basically saying steal Giannis's MVP season because LeBron doesn't have enough. WTAF

  58. Matthew Rogers

    Does this idiot know what he’s saying, notice how stats don’t matter to him

  59. Sandernista

    Case keenum could never throw the ball like Baker, theyre nothing alike besides their height

  60. Carter Maury

    Packers deserve to be on there

  61. Carter Maury

    Broncos are not on the bubble...


    Does anyone think the writers don’t give LeBron his 5th MVP so he can have less than MJ?

  63. Rexy Flexx

    With no visual defense nowadays. It's just no way anyone who saw the 80's and 90's days would compare the games today with the 80's and the 90's. Say whatever you want but I ain't watching this marshmalllow games

  64. Nick Rael

    Of course Colin Howard already counts out the Raptors in their second series. This guy is such a joke

  65. Jerry Pecks

    Chiefs are the most exciting team in the NFL by far. Good luck to the Bears though too.

  66. Gerardo Mata

    I cringe everytime this guy talks

  67. Christopher Kalafatis

    To those saying Tom knew it was a free play with Dee Ford offisfes that's ridiculous. The flag didn't come out until late. It's almost impossible to tell that a player who's 3 inches offsides, is offsides for sure to the point you can take the free play. Also if it's a free play, why not air it out? Just another dunk to Gronk that was a huge miss lmao

  68. Johnny Ali

    Giannis is MVP. Come on it ain't close.

  69. Christopher Kalafatis

    Belichick prob voted for Russ lol

  70. Juan Camilo Velasquez

    What a great comment!

  71. D 416

    Privileged complexion folks make up soft society...

  72. Christopher Kalafatis

    Russell Wilson is the magician Tom Brady wishes he was lol. Not gonna get into why bc you know why. Maybe that might make you feel better Colin ;)

  73. Donald Lofty

    I have no subscribed to the channel because of this. Yes I'm a LeBron fan but appreciate greatness. Jordan was the GOAT of an era. King James is our GOAT and for sure the MVP.

  74. Christian Archambault

    God this guy loves Russell Wilson

  75. Sensai Vers

    Oh man. I hope they at least simulate the crowd noise. Smh.

  76. Christopher Kalafatis

    Sorry Nick Wright is just out here speaking facts and using the eye test and some stats as well. Also all your reasons why Brady is great in all aspects in life is why you and Brady shouldn't be losing sleep that there are so many Brady detractors. Brady isn't a freaking victim. He's got the highest grossing super model wife and tons of money and every accomplishment he could ever have (which he deserves by the way because he knows what he had to do to become great in the NFL). Rodgers is just a better football player. Doesn't lack any football IQ, if not he has even better football IQ than Brady and that's what's supposed to be his strong suit. And he's got a Jay Cutler arm (lmao terrible comparison) and the legs to run, evade, and has great balance and a very underrated playoff resume while Brady's had so many bad playoff games as well to go along with those great comebacks which did involve a lot of dinking and dunking, but I digress... Rodgers is better than Brady and a couple others are too and he is probably only behind Peyton and that's if he doesn't get a 2nd chip. Sorry not sorry.

  77. James K

    “I want my money! I want my money!” They offered to guy 35mil per year for 5 years w 110 guaranteed. He and his dipshit agent said that it was an insult and they’ve been demanding 40 a year. Is anyone grateful for anything anymore???

  78. Ben DC4L

    Isiah Thomas was a champion who beat all the 80s greats plus MJ 3 straight years.. Stockton didn't even come close to that. Isiah makes perfect sense to be on the Dream Team.

  79. InfiniteIdeas

    How is Saltalamacchia not on here

  80. Men Carlo

    Thurman’s mouth is faster than his arms.

  81. Shreyash Palresha

    No way no how this guy is gonna give LeBron the credit he deserves

  82. Fred Perez

    People don’t appreciate greatness lebron James best I ever seen

  83. Kirk Morris

    But u know LeBron is on drugs

  84. Kirk Morris

    College is why mj is a business man the way he is now.he don't need advice or to pay ppl for it.he has an education.LeBron doesnt

  85. CuHK1

    I gotta say your wrong about this won

  86. o griss

    I love this format too be permanent

  87. Donovan VanErt

    This should happen every year more competitive

  88. Henry Corey

    Rob hasn't made one legitimate take since he was first on tv

  89. Oliver Crespo

    Tua name can be sounded out super easily. TA GA VAI LO A

  90. Marlow Stanfield

    So Giannis has better stats his team has a better record and he has less help but lets give MVP to LeBron? How?

  91. Mike Miller

    I’ve never seen a guy so hot and cold on Dak 1 year he’s great next year he’s not Collin is so wishy washy

  92. MrGalgalanda

    Wow this guy sound's like a b

  93. Joel Edwards

    Colin has serious mental illness.

  94. Shrihith Talapaneni

    As a Lebron fan, his bracket makes me happy.

    1. amd 127

      It makes you happy seeing him pick the clippers over the Lakers?

  95. cruzboy 27

    I offended he had Green Bay out the bubble and yet we got to the NFC champ game last year and nobody had us even making the playoffs we will could easily win the north again We'll see