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  1. macarena mora

    Tail movilll

  2. Miss Panda Angel

    You came here from this video: didn't you?

  3. khazanys

    So if there is a crossover between Bird Box and this...that would be fairly entertaining

  4. Sergio

    sonic needs a NECK

  5. Brad Fred

    There just making everything better animated Still good movie

  6. xzombiex gamer_430

    Name the price.

  7. Digital Addict Design

    Thanks Tyson!

  8. sub 2 PewDiePie

    Keanu Reeves now legend in 2 movies

  9. Katrina Casim

    Is that Goose's son Mav's having a scuffle with? 😳🤔🧐🎞️🎬🎥

  10. Me Yeah

    My mom is forcing me to watch this for no reason fml

  11. RIVEX [GD]

    Great job!!!

  12. Snowy diamond the hedgehog snow

    Thank you paramount for redesigning my brother sonic the hedgehog you guys rock! GO SONIC THE HEDGEHOG MOVIE!!!!!! THAT'S MY BROTHER!!!!!!!! 💙⚡⚡⚡💙

  13. Pumpking

    if they release these shoes, they would win too much money and that's a fact

  14. khubets 38

    I'm sonic!!

  15. Ralnoups

    This movie was the best. 10/10

  16. Dima Lite

    I will wait for Sonic 2

  17. Kitty Girl


  18. 1PeterBenjaminParker

    Sonic doing the floss

  19. Rayhan S

    This movie terrified the shit out of me

  20. Korpo Tenny

    Whatever you people say will I say sonic is one of my fan

  21. Chow PlaysYT

    What happen to the gold things on his shoes(Which Sonic is this)

  22. Void Shen

    Thank you for making the movie better

  23. Cora Molmisa

    Spongebob is Smart

  24. Cora Molmisa

    PatRick Is Not Smart

  25. Cora Molmisa

    Wow I never watch The Spongebob Movie Sponge On THE RUN!

  26. Ant Man Does Things

    Is no one going to talk about sonic naruto running at the wall of China?

  27. Kathryn Webb

    I haven’t seen this yet and i was very conflicted to going to see this and then i told my dad i wanted to go see it and i know my dad wouldn’t be into going to see it with me and i was expecting him to go ‘why?’ and instead he got so nostalgic about how he got the game on the early Nintendo game boy and is fully encouraging me to go see this movie this weekend

  28. EmmE

    Literally no one: Robotnik: *GOOD MORNING MY RURAL CHUM*

  29. Joey Rivera

    So this went to a really bad trailer and design, very low expectations To a redesign and another trailer that’s better Then the movie coming out Everyone liked that

  30. MC Borris

    For the love of pete make these retail! Why dont you want our money!? Shutup and take our money!!!

  31. ismael galeana

    Sonic The Hedgehog (2020) FULL MOVIE CLICK LINK >> equipped with all languages

  32. Luis Hernandez

    How do I buy this exact shoes?

  33. Tai Hoang

    ( ̄▽ ̄)ノ

  34. Haj Plays

    Gunna watch this today can't wait!

    1. Chris M.

      Enjoy the show! STAY AFTER THE CREDITS!

  35. radiohead68

    1 hr into this thing....1 to go dont think I'm going to make it. Could they just made it 1:25 minutes? Wheres the rope

  36. Geniuss Videos

    Fuck is tails? And nuckles?

    1. MJ Truth

      Geniuss Videos Post credit scene.

    2. Chris M.

      In the sequel

  37. Devin Davis

    The riders and adventure 2 design are the best I’ve ever seen sonic.

  38. celebrity ok

    see movie review and synopsis here

  39. White Alliance

    You can still throw the gangstas paradise on this bich

    1. Chris M.

      I hope they play Gangsta's Paradise in the sequel as a joke.

  40. supee sanic

    If u didn't watch the movie,it a sonic game and u should buy your ticket to play and watch it

  41. Стас

    shut up and take my money

  42. Whiteninja Alex

    Who here has sonic advance 3

  43. The F0x

    The government is now actively trying to cover up all evidence of the old design

  44. Digi General Vex

    This Guy Snapped Away The Evil Manhog The Sanic with The Infinity Gauntlet!

  45. The F0x

    First step: erase the sonic you have already drawn.

  46. Tinkering Butterfly

    TiMe To SPoIle The MoVIe At THe End Tails game to EarTh!!!

  47. Caniloko 03

    My city Almeríaaa

  48. JG

    Tom Cruise is a fucking stud! End of credits....

  49. HercMerc

    They fly now?

  50. cinefala

    This movie could have been much better. The special effects are so fkng fake that can be easily noticed, unless you are blind or dumb.

  51. Rafal Klamka

    i like sonic so much

  52. Harfull Singh Rathod

    Indian community attendance time

  53. Erwati Er

    Is it like a background story why a quite place part 1 happen? So Should i watch this first or the part 1?

  54. Zeric14

    The baseball court scene was kinda hard to watch, i felt so sad for Sonic

  55. Amk çocuğu Look!

    year 2008 ? cars soo old

  56. Leung Cyrus

    Please, please let me buy this shoes!

  57. MagicalConch89

    This movie was fantastic! Thank you for listening to fans!

  58. kenpachi465

    They should stop trying to reboot the series and make a final installment where John Connor lives and defeat Skynet.

  59. no boom

    Is this film disrespecting Hillenburg's legacy?

  60. Elif Yesilbulut

    The Best Family Film of 2019 and this year soo far! 🍿!! It was brilliant

  61. {•???•} Hi

    1:44 YO MAMA

  62. King asbigh

    Anyone who hasn’t seen the movie and are going to watch it wait till the end of the credits

  63. Kxtten

    Is this on netflixv

  64. Mike

    I just hope they take the same care and consideration and apply it to the TMNT reboot

  65. A F

    Who is here from the game Sonic Dash

  66. Mithul Bhalaji

    What is the background music

  67. Soumya Ranjan Khatua

    Mormal of the Story is - Stop Sound Pollution . 😷🔇🔕

  68. Phantom Lancers

    Here after sonic kill bird of prey

  69. Phantom Lancers

    Sonic: i fix my mistake Star Wars: let push SJW again and again, so 'minority' will watch our movie, REEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!

  70. J. Luis Pineda

    Deseando verla!!🎥✈🏍🔝

  71. LP OLPM

    as a 90's kid im happy to see jim carry goofing around again

  72. Ariel Arias Petzoldt

    This Movie Deserves To Have A Sequel When They’ve To Find Their Parents Of The Kids

  73. Nilza Santana

    O que!!!

  74. anton ppt

    mojon sub balik

  75. Boom Sonic halo 06

    Love the sonic

  76. marksgroove1

    This movie was made for those who did not watch all the non profitable movies that came after T2 and u guys still don't get it. This movie got Arnold and Linda almost 30 years later and no one is talking about that. Shame!

  77. Daniel Powers

    Idea for sonic 2. Sonic makes it back to green hills and robotnik finds a way to follow him. Then robotbik turns all the animals into robots to help him capture sonic. Also introduce miles tails prowler!

  78. Alex Gabrielian

    Everyone at Paramount Pictures who was involved with this, especially the rework deserves a big fat RAISE along with hugs <3 Love it when a studio listens to us the fans xD. CAN'T WAIT FOR THE SEQUEL !!!!!!!!!!!

  79. Lukasgamer310

    1milj like and only 20k dislike. Just Wow

  80. RoboTom

    Wtf, why not make these shoes retail?? They look good and they're real life Sonic shoes. I don't know what y'all are thinking making this some super limited run...

  81. Rima Bartkute

    Do the sanic meme

  82. Rima Bartkute

    Sonic is lapis lazuli

  83. Avicenna Trazani

    Sonic:i dont have any idea

  84. ironblk88

    So what are these things I watched the 1st movie and still didn't say what they were or where they came from..But just the same I will be watching this one to just the thing...….

  85. Pruthviraj Makwana

    I am very excited 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

  86. amune

    I was getting deaf while watching the triler

  87. Ultimate Ctt Show

    Sonic forces the movie?

  88. Anomaly 401 - J

    2:40 dog

  89. Asian Duh

    will there be "Danger Zone" play as background music in this Movie ?

  90. Alice Delgado

    i'm watching the movie right now and it is literally making me angry. i never want to see a movie from this director ever again

  91. Severinus Ngali

    Now i see why Bird of Prey movie can't win against This movie.

  92. Gibbs Playz

    make a Mario movie

  93. Jacob Negrete

    Stop making sonic do fucking fortnite dances

  94. study girl

    походу я одна русская жду 2 часть 😝

  95. derrick brown

    Sonic is very cute

  96. Rhys Wells

    Kids will be 🎵running around at the speed of sound🎵 with these shoes.

  97. Dave9k

    sell the shoe, bigot