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    Hell nawll dude fugly


    The lookalike had fun making this ,

  3. Ash Bash Sneakers

    Another dope episode Ak

  4. Steve L

    This guy is a fucking asshole how he treated Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift. Rot in hell

  5. trip6ix

    Kap sucks and any team that chooses him will suck ass😭😭😭😂

  6. LVB Dinh

    I'm not a sneaker head, but I just want to ask something. Does the community think the exclusivity and prices seem fair for what it is? Having manufactured shoes fetch $1ks-$10ks. I just wonder if everyone understands they are doing this as collective and inflating prices and demand causing things to be much higher than their material worth.

  7. Zach

    i am blitzed out of my mind. im happy i found this sean evans rabbit hole @[email protected]

  8. kevingates TV

    That's the ok dude.

  9. Chupvme Lapijv

    Matip hahahahahhaa

  10. Jay 223

    Wayno does not fuck with Dave East and it shows lol. Not even an album review.

  11. HSB Faamily

    ak you gotta lose some weight bro

  12. HAZZA Mc

    We’re filthy frank

  13. Blizz

    Not going to lie. This content is wack. The idea is unique but it doesn’t really work for me

  14. Gs Roofing

    That t-shirt is so ironic for a demacrat to wear ,I know for a fact wayno has no fucking clue how ridiculous and stupid he looks rite now .

  15. KhalilKTA

    She really eats Cole’s dick all the way to balls

  16. Jim Loughnane

    What's real about going prison tho ? I spent most of my teens and 20s in prison what a waste of life now I have two properties in two different countries

  17. Ger Vas

    I know he is rich but those shoes and hoodie are still a rip off.

  18. Drip Overseas

    Friday night lights put me on to Jcole I played it back to back for like a year

    1. Drip Overseas

      It’s not a party type of tape tho

  19. pedro gates

    I always wondered how & why wayno and Dave East fell out like why did Dave East feel he didn’t need him anymore...also that album dark twisted fantasy album was so dope and Ross dropped Teflon don that shit is a classic

  20. Greg Beck

    You've awesome Sean!

  21. TheSweetVillain

    Just like someone was saying, " stop dressing like a cowboy if you ain't one " goes for the basketball shoes. In the shoe industry there are so many brands that offer sneakers with great design and quality at around 150 - 200 $. I really don't understand why all you white folks are copying the afro american community and wanna look from the hood !

  22. Godspeed

    I didn’t think anyone noticed but the whole episode he wore shoes with the shoe tag without socks

  23. Yamikani Kalinde

    Wayno saying Fuck pigs while dressed as one

  24. louis smith

    Shit blows me after listening to kanye for so long and his old music the truth he was speaking and has been speaking dude dropped bombs of truth before being hospitalized, i refuse to turn my back on em and call ye crazy. How do you listen to Kanye old music and think that man is just gone yall have painted this man like a complete fool who has never made sense cut it tf out already with this mob mentally of cancelling him. Actually listen and you might see maybe his messages haven't been expressed properly and he is just highly misunderstood.

  25. aj5752000

    Impractical, you've hit bottom of the barrel, shows trash.

  26. Mateo Smereciuc

    "Joe: Tyga's house Tyga: What's poppin bro Joe: What's up Tyga: *yessir *



  28. Derek Trotter

    Say no to drugs kids

  29. FreeFormPrafet

    Listen to cody.mp3 by owl-cry on #SoundCloud

  30. Pablo Az

    Get annoyingtv on this

  31. Anh Minh Phạm

    Honestly, I completely changed my mind about him after the scandal with Taylor Swift, How could he do such a nasty thing

  32. Ashley Carmichael

    Just the smile on her face in the thumbnail made me instantly tap that like button 😁

  33. Cesar Cabrera

    Damn homie why you wait till we winnin to wear a Lakers jacket

  34. Wan Nixon

    "if he get sued he lit!" LMAO

    1. Theil Antonio


    2. Aaron Alston


  35. jojoconcep

    Somebody needs to strong arm akademiks because he definitely does not favor the hip hop culture he’s public views on artist are not realistic at all .... people have to stop acting like the like him to be lit lmaoo it’s comedy and he shouldn’t be opinionated on reality he is not in

  36. John Choi

    choppa looks like he jus wanna play the game

  37. Scooby Z

    Love you

  38. Jesus Aguirre

    Wat nle ain’t acting childish

  39. Ya Boi Tom

    Bruh MGK looks fucking corny in that get up feels bad

  40. Jimel Quann

    I see you AK

  41. S B

    Watched a few mins of this and got bored....ak gonna get slapped one OG these days watch

  42. Dboy Z

    I have a big fkn crush on nedeska . Is she single?

  43. TheChemi

    Man idk i think this might truly be the Demise of Kodak unfortunately, he's going in for a while and i don't think it's gonna have a positive impact on him. But who knows though, maybe it will lord willing. #FreeKodak

  44. Brandon Wallace

    Wayno a Kanye hater. Wont give MBDTF props fam WOOOOWWWW

  45. Nilesh Saha

    it was a great interview. most of the interviews in this show have gone to the shits. Omari's stories were great, both personal and professional.

  46. ZiggyACEZ15

    How many people were "close" with Nipsey? I really need to know lol

  47. lil Draco

    American love Soccer yeeeeees sir

  48. Kornaboygo Ttg Support me please 🔥🔥🔥🙏💯

  49. Ketsen Boy

    Big love for The game!

  50. Jessy & Jackson

    I’d love to do the hot ones with Sean after a nice smooth bleezee 🙋🏽‍♀️🌬 Cuz this breezy can get down 😤🤘🏽

  51. DIZ EM

    AK THicc

  52. DeLorean Crenshaw

    Whenever Wayno is feeling lonely he plays Jay-Z Kingdom Come Album.

  53. DeLorean Crenshaw

    Wayno plays Meek Mill's Draams and Nightmares intro when he's jacking off.

  54. Dion G

    Kodak hit the Komatay on that officer’s nuts

  55. Buddy Scott

    The Kanye hate is lame

  56. Josue Mejia

    Nadeska is annoying asf. Why she even there

  57. Law Tha Dragon

    I love nedeska in Jordan's 😍

  58. Chich_Danza

    AK is such a mf troll mannn lmao talkin bout In The Morning is his favorite track on FNL Im weak

  59. SkelliBones 223

    I hate girls sneakers to lol the guys ones are cooler

  60. Luce Life

    Am I the only one that noticed the Horrible misspelling of the word SENTENCE on the first topic about Kodak black. Wtf is Senetnced.

  61. Luis Sauce

    Doesn’t this mofo beat up chicks"¿

  62. Taraine Thomas

    You motherfuckers are just some fuck niggas academics u have always been that way hating ass nigga

  63. 1 000 000 1 Chief

    That Lil Wayne Auto is🔥

  64. K S

    No one: Cristiano Ronaldo: but everything at Shopee

  65. Ghazi Re

    As soon as I hear them say Dave East. My attention goes straight to Wayno. Damn, I wonder will they ever make up.

  66. That Brinch

    Okay but why is mans so thicque

  67. Sway jr FaZe

    He FaceTimed me

  68. Sway jr FaZe

    Yo I’m Walters son he was behind the scenes

    1. Sway jr FaZe

      I’m done

    2. afutla qian

      Is this dud wearing two watches

  69. Erika AppleKings

    This guy seems so natural and real as ever. Little Wallace all grown up 👏

  70. gamers malvin

    _--Why in this Video Bilie eilish look so Fat?-_-

  71. Jared Frye

    No wonder why these dumb fucks go broke all the damn time

  72. HennDawg 4L

    Jay-Z got 99 problems but Wayno ain’t one

  73. sydneyt.789 -

    Em with his crumpled two dollars, net worth is only 100,000,000 times that 😂

  74. Cali Dahvid

    Dude wasn’t even phased when the cashier said his price he we like aight

  75. Milestone Records

    akademiks be stuttering like he lying

  76. Kevin0135 Morales0135

    I'll probably be on this show but its me shopping for sketchers or used nikes

  77. kid_From_Lowell, MASSACHUSETTS

    Anyone notice he has a black card

  78. The Goat


  79. Everton Dankuru

    Wayno and Nadeska annoy me. Bring Joe back.

  80. Matios Nebiyou

    why is the trainer on.

  81. Marto Dimitrov

    Typical adidasers :P

  82. Pink Donut

    yg moves like a 80 year old man

  83. Ragga Chat

    I don’t fuck white man only one time from the top floor sushi 🍣

  84. Jennifer Anderson

    I hate DJ whatever. Such scum. I liked watching this just to confirm that he is still worthless.

  85. Maronator K

    Nadeska looks like Steve Jobs' secret black love child

  86. Andy Gonzalez

    That’s a dope Nipsey Hussle painting 🔥

  87. ycscrappy15

    Wayno acts like he has beef with Dave

  88. ycscrappy15

    Notice they don’t talk about Dave at allllll, and when they do wayno don’t say anything or it’s a tad slick

  89. David Lewis

    Kodak had a second run with zeze and messed it up

  90. mike ables

    I can't get on the Iverson train. If I dribbled like that in high school I would get called for it every time. His crossover didn't create as much space as his paused dribble did. It just looks illegal. As far as talent and hustle goes, 10/10.

  91. Pink Donut

    i ain't know akademiks was this fat . i seen the fat jokes on insta and USsel comments but they weren't kidding. he fat fr fr

  92. David Lewis

    Yal will wear anything up there

  93. raheem mcclashie

    a recently turned 17 year old that born in 2002 talking bout when i was growing up 😂

  94. Jack O'Donnell

    Those better be the most comfortable flippin shoes ever at $1000

  95. XxDarknessx NoxMorexX

    Sean said "show that you have some nuts" at the end and DJ didn't even realize it was a shot at him. Ugh lol

  96. Greeg Davis

    You tube should get rid of the comment section completely. Shit is ridiculous

  97. Alan Garcia

    Wait he bought the same pair he had on already ????

  98. Khalifalix Shedblood

    Great show today. Keep doing your thizzle Ak.

  99. Ivan Drago

    AK thinks his shoes are cute so he keeps tapping his feet 😩😂

  100. Well Connected

    Nadeska act so White ... it’s cringey