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  1. Tommie

    Disrespected him when he said “little” Wayne ...

  2. Pink Glitter Crayon

    Martin Lawrence’s Christian Louboutin shoes. So classy!

  3. Sonny Yang

    Props for referring to the lady at the counter by her first name.

  4. Kurt Richardson

    Langston# More money appraisal

  5. Eva Liu

    me: cries in poor

  6. aman jaman

    bring khabib normagumedov

  7. Michael weaver

    Wayne Not Playing With That Coronavirus😂😂 He Was Standing Far As Hell When They Started Talking Lmao

  8. BearBoy LikesCowTeats

    did the title really say post Malone 😂

  9. keve alex

    We need romeo santos on there

  10. Jah J.H

    Seven racks 💸..counted how long did that take? Is the ?

  11. Lakendra Jones

    O Lord my baby did it u bitch lol

  12. Trend Ternyata dj terbaru

  13. Marc L

    Is Joe actually calling him "little" Wayne?

  14. adam power

    Her name should be Gillette, The best a man can get

  15. Lakendra Jones

    Kendra how u know he telling the truth

  16. Lakendra Jones

    MoMA thank u o we ok we save goodnight

  17. Lakendra Jones

    What's wrong with u it's 2:32 it's time go man wake up baby I got get u safe dad I'm telling u I want sleep here

  18. Lakendra Jones

    Dad I'm packing I'm gone I'm sorry Biopar well it's time find the real holy Ghost

  19. Killucifer Almighty

    I love Nadeska she seems like wifey material. Other than that this show has become redundant

  20. Richard Leishangthem

    Ae... cut the music out.

  21. Pink Glitter Crayon

    You know they old skool when it’s cash only. 😂

  22. Lakendra Jones

    Man what u doing u fuckin it up man they talking about everything me too naw I don't her think I'm the bad person

  23. save us all please

    My dudes that price was like 7 dollars to lil wayne..I'm dead..I would have gave weezy all those shoes for free..weezy the g.o.a.t

  24. Lakendra Jones

    Tina Miller see he think I'm a drug dealer I'm tring help

  25. TheRainbowWoomy Oof

    My sister keeps making fun of me for liking Billie Elilsh and saying mean things about her she made me cry it makes me sad whenever I see anything with Billie in it 😭

  26. Lakendra Jones

    Ricky rush this who again man naw man ok ok ok lol lol lol lol

  27. Elow Twin

    He paid with cash you no his bank account is crazy smart man

  28. Pink Glitter Crayon

    Greatest Lil’ of all time. The legend. The GOAT. 🙌

  29. Alan Pesoa


  30. majestic melly

    i love joe with younger features s'cute

  31. Juugman Jonez

    Nadeska don’t even skate

  32. Alan Pesoa

    Yo the flex was real on this episode!!! 😳 Both Kevin and Langston brought that fire! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  33. Chytown74

    Damn I never knew SB meant skate board!! .. duh... lol

  34. A.J .L

    Nobody: Lil Wayne:

  35. Tony Williams

    Did he just buy the same shoe but in like 7 color. Wayne is the 🐐

  36. anthony morales

    What about da perk 30

  37. Scott Holt

    lil wayne had the audacity to go shoe shopping in camouflage puddle boots.

  38. Forbes723

    Mmm reminds me of an alligator 🐊


    Post malone is a fucking singer. I will not consider him a hip hop artist or rapper.

  40. Trendzy

    The guy teaching him how to roll kinda look like lil uzi

  41. Cinematic Summer


  42. Liam’s channel

    If people here want a good wayne interview, check out the nine club lil wayne interview, its a skateboarding podcast but imo probably the best lil wayne interview I’ve ever watched!!

  43. Joseph Daniel Batino

    aint gonna lie - the Balenciaga Speed Trainer has actually become classic and timeless. It survived the chunky shoe trend. Crazy that it aged better than the prime knit sock shoes that Adidas popularized.

  44. rina margarena

    The fact that he pays CASH... wow

  45. Lil Benz

    nadeska look like a pale widow

  46. Spencer Moore

    Why Wayno look like Danny brown 😂😂

  47. DFH

    I like watching Joe's hands. He's trying to mirror lil Wayne but lil Wayne has the pyramid pose with his hands and so Joe is trying to copy that but it makes the energy off

  48. Cryptic Dan

  49. Robert Aguirre

    It’s Rad he respects skating and loves it 🖤

  50. Elias Cruz

    Cruz ✝️.. Nigo Speak English is not going make poor.. you thing

  51. KR

    The 🐐

  52. SamaRoshi

    I've skated a long time and Wayne confirmed that the bigger shoes were better and more comfortable. I'm not a fan of those S's but I would like to see skate shoes get beefier again instead of all being slim.

  53. LittleA323

    I love lil wayne with my whole heart

  54. whatsyurprob ?

    Who funds these people? Luciferians Everywhere "GAME OVER" Q, sent me!!! WWG1WGA

  55. Yvng Trill

    Complex went shopping with Lil Wayne.

  56. musa manjlai


  57. Lil Benz

    wayno recording on the toilet with 3 new ports floating in the the toilet with some logs

  58. funker mgr

    lilwayne brush his teeth with .....??????

  59. Dark Prince

    Lil Wayne has the best normal voice for real! shit they could even make a hit using his interviewed voice

  60. Jesus Mora

    His girlfriend’s monthly allowance is $135k 💀

  61. Tristan Davis

    Paid With Cash..... Real OG Shit....

  62. Avei Lafaele

    Langston hands down. That was actually not

  63. PappeTV

    I can’t take Wayne serious with those tattoos on his face

  64. Jesse L

    Lil Wayne sounds like he’s talking into a fan.

  65. Javiar Maulana

    Everybody now what is the name of kofi's nike dunk name

  66. Slime Donut

    Man I want those spongebob kyries😫

  67. Noah Caldwell

    roddy ricch better than travis😱

  68. Pitbull Pitbull

    Always thought it was space jam gardens.....

  69. PappeTV

    Guest: kjdshnkklgfzvngdc Joe: got it

  70. Seth

    Mans said skating in Triple S is helpful. Bruh... no wonder you ain't getting that POP. Lol

  71. G Plays

    my buddy once got a fake yeezy from stockx

  72. Hamdaan Jawahir

    LaVar: What’s small in the word “big”?! Me: The letter “i” 😁

  73. uzo ihem

    Damn!! Quincy Jones fucked a lot of men in Hollywood

  74. Zhizhong Zhang

    Basketball slide

  75. Chanya Muller

    Cash Money

  76. J The Mag

    Shannon Sharpe 🆚 Tunchi!!!

  77. Land of the Dread Heads

    dude face look like a truck stop bathroom

  78. Israel Ralla


  79. Israel Ralla

    Stupid ass

  80. Israel Ralla

    Trav top 3, ak stop playin if not #1 no cap

  81. Israel Ralla

    Be careful w Travis name

  82. Universal Love

    To my Libra brother looking good 🙏💜🐐#WaynesWorld

  83. Zhizhong Zhang

    He is right

  84. Lucid_ Smok3z_

    Next king of rap. Uzi been that

  85. William Picchiarini

    If Juice and X were still alive they would be heavy in this convo And we all know it

  86. Deshon Fraizer

    They over charged him for the Travis Scott air forces. Those should be 150$ 😭😭😭😭😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  87. Sqwooker

    He looks like a burn victim with those tattoos...

  88. O. Joei.B

    So true...that's why we shouldn't have nice things...people get or machines get robbed

  89. G D

    About time 👌🏾

  90. Quilll

    50 said he fell in love w/ Pop , that's ya son 50

  91. Ian Gonzalez

    You shoud invite bigboycheng in sneaker battles

  92. Frankie Russell

    I don't see Travis, Uzi, and Post Malone as rappers. They're more so melodic autotune singers.

  93. Jose Pantaleon

    Kevin got that heat and DS he won this one. we need pj tucker on and Trinidad james.

  94. Lukas Connolly

    Vans small dick energy 😂

  95. Anthony Bohnet

    They live Joe off of this. Because he’s probably just going to start arguing with lil baby about his music

  96. Jay ar Alimao Jr.

    Get LeBron James and PJ Tucker men to show who's the real sneaker king of the NBA haha

  97. MJJSmoothCriminal


  98. MIFNP

    What the hell is wrong with his face?

  99. Rick Dude

    Below hadid what?

  100. Joji Farjana

    Kris: There are many fake one's in china. They exactly look the same. Me: well i don't doubt china's capability on that! °.° [No offence]