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  1. david foulkes


  2. John Duck

    Holy loves his momma and the fans love Holy too. ❤🥰

  3. Shin Dahyun

    i wanna see Charlie zelenoff and AB boxed together!

  4. valory

    Loved it

  5. Heanly

    When you are the one doing your hand wraps shows that you really are passionate about the sport. It's like changing your baby's diapers instead of the wife.

  6. K Monique

    Spence 😍

  7. Keegan Hayes

    I still watch the sopranos till this day TILL THIS DAY! TILL THIS DAY.

  8. Erroll Fabie

    i just became Thurman fan because he took his L like a real champion and he fought pacquiao clean.

  9. steelers86ization

    Circle of Discipline impressive organization building men of character including Jamal James. Encouraged hearing you Jamal. Jeep up all the good work!! In the gym and out!!

  10. Oscar Pick

    Shame he had to retire due to financial reasons, wish he could’ve made more of a living from the sport. Maybe frank warren wasn’t paying him what he deserved!

  11. ITzV1TAL

    Logan who's excited to see me knock this bitch out. gets beat 😂😂

  12. Bob

    Price was fucking funny in this presser. 'Get back in the leisure centres'

  13. Beast BLTR

    2:36 i hate jake paul sooo muchh, fuck man

  14. guracha bati

    Andy, bring your old manager back.

  15. aeryl vales

    Two thousand fiteen I was fiteen years old .i was a monster 😂😂😂💥 Thats Errol for you

  16. guracha bati


  17. Doc's Channel

    Till this day.... still laughing at his loss

  18. Him Same 1ne

    Still watching this... til this day... caz its facts

  19. Ali The GOAT

    Shite Fighter

  20. Crimson Dawn

    The way he copies him and thinks hes sick

  21. Aj Lacey II

    Wth has Adrian broner doing

  22. Nino Foxxx

    Why do you guys support drug addicts??. he can't pass a drug test... He should be banned and shouldn't even be fighting

  23. Jason Boggs

    How long is it going to be till decent white folks get fed up with this racist crap? The only time it's racist is if the person is black. David Dorn was murdered yesterday and CNN didn't say a WORD about it! We're getting tired of this liberals! You keep bullying us and pushing us into a corner....what do you think is going to happen when we get fed up? I'm SURE you will all be shocked when our president is reelected in a landslide and you will have no one but yourselves to thank for acting like insane people with small minded values that only appeal to the liberal Hollywood oligarchs. Imaging the hell Trump is going to reign down on you people. NOTHING is more dangerous than a president who has been unjustly attacked repeatedly for 4 years....unless he's a lame duck and got nothing to lose. Good luck after the 2020 election. I feel sorry for you once he's got his "last" 4 years in office. God help you people.

  24. Darkwolf_Sn


  25. Darrel Tagod

    To fight toe to toe and defeated by a legend is not bad at all.congrats kieth.

  26. Philz Law

    You had some good ol scraps John all the best

  27. Twisting Dervole

    I'll miss him

  28. eded cabadbara

    3:08 haha that reaction of manny i thought he was just joking

  29. David Anthony

    And y’all sit and laughed at this man now y’all want to get serious when another black man killed

  30. Reubarb Animations

    Who else is here bc of Alex Clark and odd1sout and searched "chess boxing"

  31. Germany and bayern

    Ksi sit next to mayweather how cant read

  32. Nisha Ahmed

    No one: Logan Paul’s trainer: YeAh ChAmP

  33. aeryl vales

    Still he is thrash talking . I thought Pacquiao shut his mouth forever' .😂😂😂😂

  34. m

    4:16 So Fury was a Bronze bomber once lmfao

  35. Rob Harrington

    Joshua thinks he can go in and dance around and run off like he did Vs Ruiz!! Won't happen Vs fury. Aj saying if one of these uppercuts land yes IF u can actually hit him. Fury schools AJ hands down whenever they meet. It needs to be soon.

  36. Mr Bombastic Mr Fantastic

    TIP.. Get in the bath and put your head under water and this interview sounds like HD for the ears.

  37. binky boo

    B-Hop punch drunk from all them wars in the ring.

  38. Jason Hart

    Cannon: “HE AINT CHAMP” x 10 Ksi: lol

  39. lil nippa

    Alex Ariza is a punk hitting and old man.

  40. Colin Middlemas

    Class interview. Chris beats Benn if fight happens.

  41. sorted65

    who's the talking corpse ?

  42. Trinity

    Haney would destroy Garcia. Bernard and all the Golden Boy guys want to groom their boy into a superstar but they won’t let him fight any real game opponents. That’s why boxing fell off but it’s coming back with guys like Haney

  43. roc2eazy

    I'm right back here june 2020. Same energy!!! Till this day!!

  44. RB

    Your gonna shake on the floor...

  45. Tawsif Rahman

    Who is here after the rematch

  46. BoonkGANG Sosa

    I wanna punch Shannon Briggs, that dudes a boomer

  47. dempsey 95

    Fury is the better man

  48. mensa reports

    Bernard hopkins is 3-faced, Joe smith crushed all 3.

  49. Steve Cj

    Well done David

  50. Jc Lalap

    Saunders will beat canelo steroid alvarez easily..👌

  51. Mar Ayres

    Fury playing mind games again.. He is going to fight AJ for sure

  52. Wonderboy 97

    To this day 😂

  53. Michael Agholor

    If logan had won. He would have Bragged a lot,I'm glad he didn't win

  54. It's Me

    Tough shit. No matches for nobodies

  55. Logical Caveman Don’t be a sheep don’t let the MSM control you.

  56. Zoey Doll

    Oooo he’s so yummy

  57. Night Fly

    why not rematch? where's the B-Sample?

  58. MajPsch83 W

    That smirk on ol' buddy face as Deontay walked away never sat right with me....

  59. Luis Delgado

    Pauli corny af. All disrespectful at the end of the interview. Glad he lost!! Bum ass!!!

  60. slat slat


  61. Z06guy03

    " you still haven't talked to your crush?" "TILL THIS DAY, TILL THIS DAY!!!"

  62. Raymond Djojoseparto

    Don't do drugs

  63. Truth Seeker

    Too biased

    1. SecondsOut

      In what way?

  64. tsigr

    Bhop has a Allegiance to Golden Boy which can be in bad taste. I do respect the OG though. Devin Haney is no joke. GB might not want smoke.

  65. Roy Suico

    He's a legendary

  66. Wayne Pharell

    She should stay with boxing this is when she's gonna loose

  67. chasin chiken

    You mean Mike money? Or u mean Mohammed Ali money? U ain't earned shit boy.

  68. Will Rickerson

    Logan Paul is a joke of a clown.

  69. attilathehun0

    As long as Usyk ain't careless he will beat Chisora. Derek already has 9 losses and he ain't no world beater.

  70. TwinKikz718

    Who else is here after seeing or even participating in all the protests ? To me this was never a funny meme or Gifs this was worlds of wisdom and years of experience. A strong message from Deontay Wilder was telling us #BLM #JusticeforGeorgeFloyd

  71. 480Valley Boyz602

    Come on this is too much of laila to come back against a prime claressa we should be getting hyped for Shields-Braekhus not Shields-Ali

  72. Clark Sikorski

    Can’t stand Dana white inside he’s a coward I’d love to fight him beat that ass real bad take his heart make him look bad. For a man that never competed he’s the baddest man on the planet. Kinda like the president of war dogs morrow enters non punching competitions beat that ass also

  73. attilathehun0

    Dillian Whyte did have a title shot last year and he turned it down. I hope AJ beats Fury so Whyte still has to go through Joshua! lol!

  74. attilathehun0

    Dillian Whyte has been mandatory for 7 yrs lol! That's a good one.

  75. Ishak Alivodic

    Who else wants to see Viddal fight Logan just so Logan gets knocked the fuck out

  76. Soldierbyheart

    Haney asking who Ryan beat? Who the fuck Haney beat??? 🤣🤣🤣

  77. tommie willis

    strictly dumpling

  78. Sheeple are Lame

    Of the heavyweights of today Fury is the only who may be able to hold put 12 rounds against DDD <<< FTW

  79. Deer Phoria

    Bernard got owned!!! He knows Haney can beat Garcia.

  80. ẞæç4ēd Flæmëß

    The thumbnail looks like Logan and Ksi were about to kiss

  81. AbPlayes

    Jake is just a pussy

  82. B.A.

    A year later and I’m still watching this video TIL THIS DAY!

  83. the Rifleman


  84. Alpha Q

    Logan’s such a dickhead fam I swear

  85. Truth Charity Loyalty Courage

    I came across Boxing News magazine recently, recommend it 👊

  86. Declan Swift

    How many bottles of water are needed in the background

  87. Rayden Al Andalussi

    All the greatest in boxing were Muslim. Muhammad Ali, Mike Tyson. Become Muslim and you will Be one of the greatest 😂 may Allah protect you AJ you Are a good guy and it is the most important

  88. Efu Edmond

    How many top ten has wilder fought? Wilder will lose to Whyte, Rivas, Parker, Ruiz and Chirosa.

    1. attilathehun0

      Efu Edmond you will never know.

  89. AbdulStyle

    It’s crazy how he gets so much hate for saying the truth and now look. Everyone’s silent about this smh🤦🏾‍♂️. Deontay wilder stands for something!

    1. Anthony Berry

      Til this day!! R.I.P George Floyd

  90. Gooner Westlondon

    Whyte is a big guy but a average boxer makes the top ten but the bottom end of the 10.

  91. Damian Tymiński

    shit i don understoood what price is saying

  92. Josh Lee

    Most of those American support Logan bcz he's white

  93. Tony Jay

    That was one hell of a suit BHop had on

  94. Jallil Hasffa

    Hopkins great boxer .legend

  95. Aaron Whittington

    Bernard needs to quit with that bullshit. Devin Haney knocks out Ryan Garcia bottom line.

  96. Pio Pius

    I think he was about to knock him out

  97. SANCHEZ !!!

    Sounds like PaPa needs some Money! LMAO

  98. Darren Wilson - Boxing /Fitness/Comedy Sketches

    Good interview 👏, Chris is a good man