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  1. mnmnm780

    Controlled emotions,controlled jab,controlled counter punches, dec 21 give this baby another spanking SuperBad!

  2. mnmnm780

    Need to keep them emotions in check else Harrison will do the double..

  3. Ryan Gregor

    Fucking shades of Ali aye mick

  4. Ray Hernandez

    Angry fool

  5. Amit Joshi

    Radio raheem doesn't seem to have any common sense

  6. ThyKingSkillz


  7. Stewart

    Yes mick, you are better off without that sneaky rat fury, karma will catch up to that sly gyppo

  8. Sriskantharaj Jeevanathan

    ksi its the best hies in the sidemen vikstar its my brother

  9. Joe Louis


  10. H R

    When and What was you facing 10 years for?

  11. Anthony Sylvia

    He strait clowned charlo but that’s what he gets for ducking Demetrius Andrade!!!

  12. Joe Louis


  13. lb 75

    true, Hall vs Fearon was unbelievable

  14. Charles Killen

    Charlo be tripping... just run it back bro Damn.

  15. SegaDream131

    😂😂😂😂Not only is his name and face stupid, he got beat up and then wore his wifes sunglasses to the press conference......

  16. Dazza

    Fake really? Katie has won world boxing titles as pro level.At amateur level for Ireland she has won 5 consecutive World gold medals , She has also won 6 European Gold medals and 5 EU gold medals.She also has an Olympic gold medal in 2012.What has that woman on her CV?

  17. Nathaniel Akingba

    harrison a real one

  18. D D

    “He that is good for making excuses is seldom good for anything else.” ― Benjamin Franklin

  19. Liam Davis

    Lol give Charlo another L pls

  20. P 100

    I’m rocking with Jermell on this one 💯🤟🏾

  21. Whyare Youalllying


  22. Anthony Mcken

    Charlo needs to keep a lid on his emotions going into this rematch because he is going to need to fight to a strict gameplan to be Harrison. If he is unable to do this then the result will be the same.

  23. Liam Davis

    I'm happy 😂😂😂 looks so mad 😂

  24. D B

    Top guy Mick. Hope he gets a big break soon 💪🏽🙏🏽👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽

  25. Paul Keaney

    Seems as though his time in the business would make an interesting story/long interview. Questions asked here were good too.

  26. Korey Penny

    No fair this referee cheating he take 2 points way to Logan paul so he want ksi to win so we want a fair referee so we can see a fair fight

  27. king brian boru

    Tony is a nice guy , its hard not to be a fan of his

  28. Julian Esparza

    Jack paul is a fucking joke and a bitch

  29. Lesia Boykins


  30. David Martinez

    Passive aggressiveness is a sign of a p#**y.....feed one of them to canelo please they need to be humbled

  31. MrFinisher111

    F CHARLO,, forget that fake cat, TONY THE TIGER, GET EM BOIIII

  32. Ray Donovan

    Great guy man salute!

  33. Wicked Intent semi

    Harrison destroyed charlo in this presser

  34. Master Khaliq

    Charlo hate the god cause he won. 🤔

  35. Master Khaliq

    Detroit in the building!!!

  36. shakhir r

    18:11 'like like like like like like like like'

  37. Delfin Garcia

    At least thurman learn humility, go thurman i salute you!

  38. Papa Addo

    This brother hurting man.... we gotta pray for him...

  39. Kano Shelton

    Yeah it sounds good

  40. Roc Opulence

    This nigga nuts 😂😂😂

  41. Orlando Finnie

    Tony a REAL ONE, I can't wait until the fight happens..

  42. Alexis Ornelas

    This is last chance great fight and great opportunity Chavez needs to step up there Game

  43. Michael michael

    The host is cool to just let it all just flow

  44. Abdiwahid Kasim Idow 4 Solviksskolan

    hahaha lougan paul loses

  45. Make Boxing Great Again AP

    Hell yeah fuck the LDBC

  46. Steven White

    What? A man of honour Gypsy left him in the lurch when a better offer came along. No way their word is like an oak those people

  47. commander4465

    Jermell aint playing with anybody.

  48. Norcal1 Doimpossible1

    Charlo a living CORNBALL.. Epitomizes the male scrotum with a mouth. Tony better win again if not we gonna have to hear this scrotums quackery.

  49. Michael Rodriguez

    Tony straight SONNED this fool ! 😂 😂 #kittiesonly 🐱 🐱

  50. Boxing 101

    All that talk....charlo wont stop yappin, biggest pussies run their mouth! Harrison going to humble his ass again

  51. Hany Witney

    I thought Charlo won the first fight.

  52. Yishaii Dreamer

    “Punk ass nigaa”! Hahahah.. charlo blood pressure is higher than heaven.😂😂😂

  53. Antonio Ibarra


  54. bengolfs1

    Old school guys like Terry Norris and Julian Jackson would have smoked this guy properly. Even J-Rock and Jarrett Hurd would beat this dude. Protected.

  55. Yishaii Dreamer

    Charlo sound like my divorced neighbor.. why so bitter?!!😂

  56. studybeats

    how is andy gonna come in fatter than he was in camp

  57. Geno McIntyre

    Nigga weak as fuck!!!! He look like the mother from the Steven King movie Sleep Walkers.... Look it up!!!

  58. thelounge

    He obviously knows the answers as he's a millionaire who probably counts his money everyday in high numbers as if he counts it in 1s he'd be there all day

  59. Ricky

    “Im passionate about how i dress” - Charlo 2019

    1. H R


  60. Harry Tee

    Really liked Ortiz but hope he remains humble . Wilder didn’t need to give him a rematch . Doesn’t need him . AJ didn’t want the smoke , Fury etc . Wilder is about to fight him again . And still see wilder hurting Ortiz again . Bad

  61. Ethan Dunn


  62. Norcal1 Doimpossible1


  63. Derek Phillips

    I think Charla won that fight but Tony Harris I like his Spirit he laughing and having a good time you can't go in there and fight upset you got to go in there and do your business

  64. Lonnie Varner

    Devastating knockout. I said it here first.

  65. Whoxdatxdavid

    Thanks for explaining because I was confused.

  66. Lowell McGinnis

    Tony will out box him like he did Mc Calla , but don’t be surprised when Tony knocks Charlo out in 5 or 6 rounds.

  67. Lor T

    22:47 😂😂😂😂 harrison felt that shit he must of fake it

  68. James Lake

    ok so eubank has been talking recently about taking on the Charlo brothers but they are down at super welterweight and hes at middleweight. Strange thing to say

  69. Corruption City

    Ksi hair is crazy

  70. Lemi Greene

    Anesongib: i wanna fight u Jake Paul: anybody anybody at all

  71. Mr. Artis

    Am rockin with Harrison😂

  72. James Lake

    its like watching my two toddlers argue over who's gonna eat the last piece of chocolate with about the same levels of logic and english lol

    1. Bang4BuckPC Gamer

      it's nothing like what the fuck your toddlers do. Ain't none your toddlers about to put their life on the line so shut your dumb ass up.

  73. James Lake

    oh for goodness sake just get it over with and kiss already! 😁😂

  74. Lor T

    Charlo ready to kill this nigga 😂😂😂😂

  75. Mike Harry

    I will love to see a KO

  76. Ronnie L Brown

    Charlo tweaking that was akward.

  77. Ramy Tube


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  79. Dope Seed Sales

    What happened to keeping it 💯 it's now getting rough in that thang hurting ass keeping it 1000 rough riding your ass keepin it real time to eat your ass in a air BnB

  80. louis reniers

    Beat that MF and do the same thing whith his brother

  81. optimumpcyt

    This whole talk worrying about the white man meanwhile more than 90 percent of black deaths are from black on black violence. Statistics are not on your side.

  82. Owen Evers

    Deji is still a pussy

  83. Mr_Potato _Head2-

    You lost the fight but l still think you won because you don’t quit keep fighting don’t let this lose stop you

  84. Papie Mason


  85. Marcus Morgan

    Jermell is gonna beat the fuck out of him. Watch what i tell yaw. Not a huge fan of Jermell but trust me Tony Harrison is lame. And his Tony didn't even take a Tune up fight HUUUUGE MISTAKE! JERMELL IS ON A MISSION.

  86. New Vision

    I watch that fight at least 3 times it was very very close but I still think Charlo won. I didn’t see it as a unanimous win for Anthony.

  87. Mando Jr

    I have respect for radio Raheem and what he does, but he ask some stupid questions at times. "Were you surprised when they called you the WBC champion?" Wtf???

  88. Hassan Yemen

    Harrison is funny as hell😂😂😂, I feel like it’s gon b a repeat victory . Charlo a bitch . U lost 😂

  89. Clayton Wilson

    Wow RR is a great boxing interviewer ✊🏿❤🥊🇺🇸 I wonder if he bets on fights. I got Harrison despite the lay off he seems to be in control already. Charlo just seems lost talkin bout he almost served 10 years lol RR asked about professional adversity. Wasn't really up on Harrison before their first fight but I like Harrison and losing respect for this Charlo been being a sore loser since he lost lol acting worse than AJ.

  90. jayblades2011


  91. Melody Lashare

    Pobre Chávez pero no esta tan loco porque de seguro ba a perder pero se ba aventar unos cuantos melones ala bolsa

  92. Shan Majeed

    After this and the last press conference Harrison definitely one of my favorite boxers. I know it got under his skin when mentioned Jermall beating his ass 😂😂😂

  93. Prince Savage

    Something is off about charlo it really is he literally went thru every emotion in this press conference my mans bi polar still dangerous tho

  94. Melody Lashare

    Soy peleador Callejero y llo si me animo aventarme un round con Chávez de a gratis

  95. Joe Angel Vazquez Valentin

    Nobody realized that logan lost the fight by the two points because of a TAP at the back of the head?😂

  96. steve donahue

    wtf is with the size of jermells head

  97. Curtis Joseph

    Lions only

  98. Manny Rico-Garcia

    ‘shut the fuck up’

  99. gibsongoldtop100

    i like this dude, he spoke well and didn shout down he other guy. go charlo

  100. A Vaz

    Charlo you should start making novels or maybe a sad movie... underdog kid took you belt and heart